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Kyle, I think your play on the field spoke very well for you. Best of luck to Weaver on his recovery. Sorry to hear he was injured.
I'm sorry to hear that. Wishing him well with his recovery. Injuries are a part of the game - but they still suck.
That’s cute JJ. I remember Kash Daniels running his mouth too. Just play the game and try to keep it clean.
Awesome! This is a huge get. Welcome to the Gator Nation, Chief!
Tragic. I can’t imagine what their families are going through. Prayers to them.
This dude is very easy to hate. So glad we caused him some pain. Very glad.
Thanks Diesel. I’m not delusional, so I’m very much aware that Bama is at a higher level than all other teams. However, it is a blessing just to be able to line up vs them. Hoping for weird things to happen. I was hoping we’d get 8 teams in the playoffs - but just as easy as it is to ask “why not?” this crazy season, we know that Covid has made playing just a regular season very difficult. I do expect we will get to an 8 team playoff soon.
It’s fine. A&M is a deserving team. Playing an all-SEC schedule should be meaningful. Interesting that the ACC teams (who after Clemson and ND are putrid) all play an out of conference cupcake to count as one of their wins. Funnier that a couple ACC teams lost to their cupcakes.
Humper, I'm not bothered by how Coach Dan Mullen handled the development of Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask. Feleipe showed a lot of growth and promise with some disappointing mental/decision-making regressions. I also am not bothered how Kyle Trask developed for the day he was put in as the starter. However, it's funny for any UGA fan to try to slam other coaches for QB development. We know Kirby has a lot to learn in that regard.
Kyle Trask is an amazing person and player. Best story in college football - especially in a year we're only playing SEC schools. Definitely a top Heisman worthy candidate.
How can LSU keep Will Wade as their basketball coach? Regardless of what the NCAA does or doesn't do, how can LSU keep this man as the head of their BB program knowing he was recorded talking about making "strong @$$" offers to recruits? Not asking this to troll the school - just asking as a fan of the SEC and as a person who used to respect LSU as a worthy and honorable opponent. I find this to be utterly shameful. This could really bite them in the @ss with the NCAA given the new allegations of them turning their heads on Title IX violations. Lack of Institutional control? Who the H is advising them?
Teams like BYU and Cincinnati have schedules that most other Power 5 Conference teams in the top 10 (or even top 25) would salivate over. It also means we'd have possibly 25 undefeated teams. Beyond the obvious strength of schedule disparity, it also means that these "pretender" teams and their weak schedules avoid the physical beatings that teams take when playing, for example, an SEC only schedule (just ask any UGA fan about that). Even the mediocre schedules of ACC or PAC12 teams make the non-power 5 schedules look like a cakewalk. Unless you put BYU or Cincinnati through the same schedules that teams in the SEC, BIG10 or even the BIG12 play, pretending that a "win is a win" isn't fair to all the good teams from real (most Power 5) conferences. Sorry, I'm not impressed by your Ws, BYU & Cincinnati. You may indeed be good - but you're not elite.
Race? No. My comments had absolutely nothing to do with race. I just poked some fun (truth) about the political biases in PAC12 country.
Bama looks like the best team in the country by a lot. Ohio State and Clemson are not all they think they are. ND always has a large group of people claiming they’re a championship caliber team. Playing a weak ass ACC schedule this year could make anyone look better than they are. While Florida has improved on offense (at least in the passing game), the defense seems to be the worst I’ve seen at UF in decades. Because I’m a fan, I hold out some hope for them to “play with” Bama, but there’s no getting around how much better of a team Bama is. Hoping we can play a competitive game in the SEC Championship (also hoping we get there with only one loss), but I’m not delusional. Lastly, I’m hoping the Playoff Selection Committee realizes that BYU and Cincinnati are good teams who would have multiple losses if they played an all SEC schedule. Also hoping the Committee tells the PAC12 to focus on protesting and social upheaval - and that they're a weak conference who doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs with their BS 6 game schedule.
LOL. The NCAA must be getting ready to issue a strong word of warning to LSU basketball along with a glass of milk & cookies.
Very true. Indiana is just one of those media driven feel good stories. They lucked out on the last play in their game vs Penn State (Indy QB didn't get in). But for that lucky break, they'd be a mediocre 1-1 and no one would give them a chance vs. Ohio State. I'd love to see the Bucknuts lose, but it's likely asking too much as you said.
Screw the Bucknuts - while we’re on this topic, screw ND too.
All white is a clean look, but give us the Italicized or Fast "F" on both sides of the helmet. The orange & blue really pop against the white. Slow week so far - so this will have to do. In these times, that's a d*mn good thing.
Yes. Passing, you know... Oh, wait - you don't know. We had our second and third string QB, receivers and linemen in so they could get practice in game situations. Perhaps you should be giving tips to Kirby on how to coach and develop players. Lord knows, he needs it.
The Hogs can hold their heads high. They are a tough, resilient squad that will win many games. This wasn't about getting a moral victory by keeping it close. The Hogs came to win. Much respect to the team, the coaches and to Feleipe. I watched the game on TV, and did not hear boos for Franks. I may have missed that, but I would have been standing up to give Feleipe a warm welcome. I know most Gator fans feel the same way. Good luck to the Hogs the rest of this season. You have a very solid foundation to build on and from. WSP.
Yep. I see the desire by many to bring "diversity" to the college football playoffs by putting teams that don't deserve it in the top 4 spots. If they had their way, it would be Oregon, Cincinnati, ND and BYU. That would be diverse for sure and an absolute bunch of shyt. While I don't think that will happen, I do think there may be a strong push to get one of these cinderellas into the PO.
It’s never good to rejoice in the firing of a head coach because of the domino effect it has on so many people and their families - especially during this time. Wishing Will well. He’s a good person and a good defensive coordinator. Best to him and his family. Because of the money involved, I think he’ll be fine.
I was thinking football for some reason...expecting to see a big ol' country boy playing somewhere on the line. Good luck to him and best of health to John.
It's the SEC - better bring our A game. Play tough, hard and with emotion for Kyle Pitts.
NO. We're talking about mostly white, coddled children who were never disciplined and never learned the value of respecting other's property or of having a work ethic. These idiots have learned (thanks, Dims) that if they disagree with something, a proper response is to destroy, burn and take what's not theirs.
There's no reason why there can't be some flexibility involved in the scheduling of the conference championship games and the playoff games. They've already determined that live fans aren't important at any of these. All you need is a little pre-planning and establishing some possible coverage windows. If the networks want to cover a "mostly peaceful" protest that just broke out in LA or some other shythole demanding an immediate end to "systemic toxic masculinity", we know they'd find a way to get it televised. These college football games have big $$$$$ implications and huge tv audiences who want to see the games whether they're on a network channel or a sports channel. Besides NFL games around that time there isn't much else on TV that would generate that type of revenue. They can abolutely make it happen. What they can't do is get stuck on a particular date and time and be unwilling to change it.
Wishing you well with the procedure and recovery. Go Gators!