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It’s OK. We all need to stand up to and fight scUM. They are despicable pr*cks I was pulling for UGA vs Texas, ND and many other times. It’s all good. SEC!
D*mn right on all points you made. Looking forward to another solid season.
Agreed. The scUM boards are filled with giddiness about the waiver being granted and some are even proclaiming that they'll go undefeated for the next 3 years. At least the Golden Knights played a full season and a bowl game before awarding themselves their bogus Natty. These cretons think "The New Miami" is back. It is comical to read that crap. This game is huge for us in so many ways.
The only good thing about this completely BS decision is that UF may (unless Ta8nt gets another hardship waiver because he finds it "really humid" in Miami) get to face this arrogant twit in August. We need to destroy him.
In really exciting news, looks like we may get a chance to see Tate Martell in August - unless he gets another waiver and transfers again due to another BS "hardship". This makes it even better. Never has someone said more and done less than Ta8nt. Ok, Dawgs of War, back to your insightful comments.
WTH was I thinking? Totally spaced on the LSU numbers. Must be my hatred for the sips.
I was thinking the same thing. This will be a much closer game - and I wouldn't be surprised at all with an Aggie W. The other one I'm not buying is Texas over LSU.
That will buy him a truckload of chicken-on-a-stick and then some. Good for him. I like Coach O and I'm glad he's "home" at LSU.
Congratulations to Auburn on finishing a great season. Good luck to all the SEC teams in the tournaments (NIT included).
I hear you with the back and forth and I'd prefer not to see that either. However, it really is about how our coaches think the player will fit and, if we want him, getting him in. I'm also not as enamored with the number of stars. Give me a solid player with heart, determination and work ethic over pure rankings by some steel desk jockeys. No disrespect to steel desks or jockeys.
I've tried posting a response several times without luck. I'll bet this one shows up.
Not to discredit what you said, but have you read up much on MS13 and the incredibly violent sh*t these criminals have been doing here for years? However, I suspect that the 2 Texas players were victims of some of the homegrown local charm in Miami. I lived there a long time and each year the few "nice" areas left are diminishing and being infiltrated by crime and eyesores. I would NEVER live in Dade County again. Best of luck to the 2 players.
...and of course this one above decides to post. WTH.
I give up. Tried to post commentary on how great so many of the games are between LSU and UF in so many sports. It won't post.
I don't like Aleva, but always had a lot of respect for LSU as a rival in all sports. We've had GREAT games for years. This decision is very surprising.
This article and the comments raise some very valid points. Just a couple points I wanted to make: UCF is essentially a community college with a lot of students due to low admission standards and a wealth of kids in the state who can't get into other schools. The campus is a glowing example of strip mall architecture and people who think 2 years is a "really long time" historically. They don't belong anywhere near the SEC or any other respectable conference that values tradition and some level of academic integrity. Perhaps the Big12 can take them, but that would be mistake for them as well. The ACC taking ND in some sports but not football is pure BS that allows ND to survive in what should otherwise be a difficult situation for them. ND should be left to rot by themselves as an independent as long as they refuse to join a conference in ALL sports. They have a situation that's unlike any other school due to their arrogance. Lastly, I value and respect Mizzou and the Hogs. Glad they are members of our family.
I feel your pain. This season can't come to an end fast enough for me.
You're welcome. I hope it isn't true. I have no ill will for LSU. I thought Wade was a good young coach.
Correct, not “my LSU” people. What I heard concerns Dawkins and a New Jersey recruiting connection with LSU. Are any LSU players from NJ? Paying Smart is bad enough. Dawkins is in jail for paying players and your coach isn’t talking, so we don’t know. I certainly don’t know, but I’m simply commenting that it could get worse. My point was simply that you have to get Wade and Smart away from the game (and I think you agree) since there is evidence implicating them.
The evidence looks really damming. If Wade had anything plausible to say, he would have spoken with the administration instead of turning tail. I've been hearing from LSU people that more than one player was likely paid and that it's going to be worse than what we know. However, I suspect that will come out soon enough. In the meantime, allowing Wade to coach or any player who was paid to play is only making things worse.
I have great faith in our coaches, but am a bit surprised that weren't more aggressive filling our immediate needs better through the portal. It seems that many teams are taking great advantage of the existing rules to do so. I know that Coach Mullen believes in developing talent through recruitment (the old fashioned way) and I know he explained why he didn't believe in filling up through the portal (I'm not recalling the details now). I think we will be in great shape in a year or two - but one or two more upper classmen bodies to plug in and play on the O and D lines now would have been nice. We will see.
Exactly what I thought when I heard the name of the hosts. This has bitter failure written all over it.
This is shameful. Reminds me of socialism - where only those deep inside the party have curry favor and it good while living off the backs of the impoverished masses. Eventually it all comes crashing down, but only after the buzzards have fed. Scott, you're a disgrace.
This is great, but we need him and others now. Next game is coming real soon...
Whether it's in athletics, college admissions, employment or politics, we all deserve and want an even playing field with integrity. We know that's not the way of the world, but it's what we fight for. The people who violate the rules we live by need to be exposed and held accountable. Something good may come from this. Hopefully. But I won't hold my breath.