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I have only good things to say about Feleipe Franks and much respect. I wish him the best at Arkansas. The man did everything he could for his team, Razorbacks are getting a great person, player and teammate. WPS!
King seems like a “me first” (perhaps “me only”) kind of player. Perfect fit at scUM.
King seems like a "me first, team last" type of player. Actually he'd be a perfect fit at scUM (Miami). As usual, the scUM sites have the fans predicting another undefeated regular season with the addition of King - just like they did when Tate Martell transferred there. Delusion is alive and well there.
Incredibly poor judgment being exercised by a supposed adult. First of all, you don't touch a cop - much less slap one in the butt - ever. What bothers me more is the incident with the cash to the players. That action, besides being a selfish and complete "look at me" attention grab, may possibly jeopardize (if any of the money was real) the eligibility of players who were enjoying a great accomplishment and didn't ask to be put in this situation. Hoping nothing bad happens to LSU or the players from this - but remember, we're dealing with the NCAA here.
Tragic loss. Everything I’ve ever heard about Ed was so positive. Talented and kind young man. It helps in a way to know that he didn’t just pass away from pneumonia. He likely avoided a lot of suffering. I lost a good friend (my best man) to Hodgkins Lymphoma recently. Terrible. Thanks for providing this information Katy. Continued thoughts and prayers to you and your families.
Great game for LSU. Congratulations! Incredible season and team. Happy for y’all and especially for Coach O and Joe B.
Reality is Clemson plays in a pitifully weak conference. Most top teams would go undefeated playing their schedule. Clemson is very good, but don’t lose your mind. Geaux Tigers.
No doubt that what Odell tells the team will be better received than whatever Lebron spouted to the Ohio State players before their last game. Geaux Tigers.
Nice! Hopefully Bully doesn’t get replaced by a parrot.
Boxster, we can always count on you for rational thought and analysis. You’re a good man (and Dawg).
I'm not surprised that when college coaches are discussed in connection with an NFL vacancy, one name that is never mentioned is Kirby Smart. Y'all should tell that dork that they make visors for men.
Only Tua and his doctors are likely in a position to know what his physical/medical outlook is at this point - although not enough time has likely passed for them to be certain. Difficult decision for sure. Whether he returns or stays another year, I hope he avoids further injury. Seems like a great, gifted young man with a bright future. Best wishes for him.
Amen, Gig’em. dbtexas should move back to whatever cesspool he came from and leave the great state of Texas.
Nice! This class is closing in on meeting all the needs. Great get.
Well said Chittwood. No hate from me for State. It is a very difficult challenge and you have the right attitude. Moorhead wasn't the right man (I don't have a crystal ball either) but you're making a bold move at this point. Shows the desire to get it right. Wishing you well with the next move.
One thing is coaching and developing a player. Another thing is the actual decision-making, instincts and judgment by that player on the field. Like speed, it's tough to teach some things. Franks certainly got more than a fair chance to make it work. He did a lot right and we appreciate his effort. I certainly wish him the best and hope it works out for him wherever he goes.
Last year when the Meat Chickens were down 41-15 late to UF all they did was try to pass the long ball when there was no hope of them getting back in the game while UF was only running the ball on our last several possessions. But that was Okay? STHU and play football. Bama ran the ball a ton at the end. And yet, M will end up with an undeserved high ranking to start next season.
And 5 star WR Pope from scUM May also come over. They know scUM is a sinking ship under Mammy and his lisping handmaidens.
Plus a couple other scUM blue chips are considering coming over to UF from the sinking ship guided by the brilliant Captain Manny Diaz. #TNM
Great player and person. It was our honor to have him for one season. He definitely played to the Gator Standard and I would say he set the standard for his position. Big thank you to Jon!
Heck of an ending (clean language to avoid censorship). I’m going to miss football season big time. But for now, way to go Vols and let’s Geaux Tigers!
Good luck today vs Indiana, Vols. Get another W for the SEC.
Good game for UGA. Score didn’t tell the story - Baylor looked completely overmatched from the beginning. Likewise, prayers and best wishes to Charlie Brewer. Seems like a great kid who’s had too many concussions.
Great. Now hit the portal and keep recruiting to fill out the few remaining needs. We’re in a good spot for Dan’s third year.
Agreed on all points Neil. Strides are being made. The new football facility will help. You don’t rise to the top by flicking a switch. It takes time, resources and hard work. Having the right coaches in place was a first step. Remember the McElwain and Muschamp days?