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I've lived in many parts of the US, including PAC12, BIG10, ACC and SEC regions for decades as an avid college football fan. scUM is by far the most degenerate fan base in America. The reputation they have is well-deserved. It's not even close. The sh*t I have seen repeatedly from these classless cretins is amazing and jaw-dropping. It descends below all levels of civility and common decency. The scUM fan base is uniquely comprised of a very special blend of the worst of former NuYawk, Jehrsay and other sh*thole transplants, melded with the worst of South Florida reprobates. What a special group they are. Add to that criminal element the fact they've been irrelevant for years, and you get what you see. By the way, I have a degree from scUM (which always comes with a heartfelt apology). Like I said, I know these low-lifes all too d*mned well.
Very poor on the part of Enos. He's selfish and wrong - looking to help himself for a head coaching job in the future. You don't criticize a young player like that publicly. Do that away from the media and the cameras. Hopefully a lot of recruits saw that. I thought Jarren played well under extremely difficult circumstances in his first start vs a hated rival. I do think he's their best option at QB. Franks performed poorly with horrible decision-making - but Mullen praised what he did well publicly while acknowledging that there's a LOT of work to be done - and it will be addressed in practice and in private. Penos is an idiot who's just looking out for himself and his next stop. Maybe scUM will win some games vs their ZERO remaining ranked opponents this season, and then Penos can take credit if the offense does well. Sorry this young man ruined your offensive debut at scUM.
I generally liked what Foley did for us as AD for so many years across all athletic programs, however, the hiring of Urban Meyer was due mainly to the connection that Bernie Machen (the President of UF) had with Urban from their time at Utah, and he pushed for Foley to hire Urban. The McElwain and Muschamp hires were steps backwards, to put it very kindly. All schools have regrets about certain coaching hires.
You can usually count on these feckless reprobates to get it wrong. Good point that Coastal Carolina and VTech just don't move the meter in their minds, and obviously, they put a turd like Martell ahead of this young man, his mother and their family when it comes to decision-making.
I'm counting on that as well Boxster. Personally, I'm not a fan of doing this. I prefer to at least show respect publicly for other teams (or say nothing at all) and let the play and coaching do the speaking for you. But, this is why I'm not a coach. One thing I do like is that Mullen can have fun and keep things light. I think having that balance is important. I like having a little Leach to balance out the Sabans, DeAntonios and Harbaughs.
Lane trying to bring attention to and congratulating himself under the guise of complimenting Jalen. It’s all about Lane.
Well-deserved rings. Winning the SEC is a hell of an accomplishment, IMHO. Congrats to the team.
Nailed it LSUSMC and UGARMYRet. This is a prudent decision by LSU (before the matter has been fully vetted and investigated) and is a step in the process that must be allowed to play out.
Thanks Boxster. Just my guess based upon general employment/contract law and what little I know about the situation. I do not see this as LSU deciding to reinstate based on them being convinced that Wade did nothing wrong.
Agreed. This kid needs to keep his mouth closed. I'm sure the coaches have "addressed" this with him. Let the play on the field do your talking, til then, work your butt off getting better. Period.
Agreed. LSU made the correct move from a legal perspective. The evidence that comes out (or not) at trial and from any investigation will dictate the school’s next steps.
Translation: “We know you pulled some sh*t, but we don’t have the evidence yet. Since you and your lawyers finally decided to meet with us, the only basis we had for claiming and proving a contractual violation has been temporarily eliminated. Accordingly, we have no choice but to reinstate you for the time being. We look forward to chatting with you as soon as the evidence of your wrongdoing has been obtained. Go Tigers! LSU probably had no choice but to reinstate Wade in order to avoid being in violation of their contract with him once he met with officials from the school. Once any evidence of wrongdoing is gathered, that will likely change. Seems like a legal move that will be well received by certain LSU fans who were upset by the suspension. If and when the evidence of wrongdoing is gathered, they will rely on that to declare a breach of his contract and terminate same. Just my take on this.
It's OK. UCF can just pretend they got paid, throw a parade, award themselves a trophy and rings. They're really good at make-believe.
The NCAA has gone lower before - this is just a different kind of low. No surprise.
Not a wise thing to do IMHO, it's just a bad look - especially coming from Orlando. Let the League (or what's left of it) decide how to handle it and whether to "declare" a Champion. I'm sure it means more to the players and Spurrier, but since not enough people cared while the League was playing, fewer will care at this point.
Prayers for her and her family. This is frightening. God Bless.
Paris 10, are you referring to me or LSUSMC? Just wondering since I've never said any of those things.
From what I’ve seen, the A&M facilities look very impressive. Hope to visit someday. Please be sure someone cleans whatever Jameis touched really well. Sorry, but that dude is bad news.
It's nice that some people have that kind of money. They can afford to take chances and, as a result, a lot of people could have benefitted from its success. Sorry it didn't work out - mostly for a lot of the players who were given some hope (and some decent cash) by the AAF. I was looking forward to the Championship game. Not much going on for me in sports after the Final Four. By the way, it is crazy that the Orlando team managed to do well having to hold their practices in Georgia due to Florida Workers Compensation laws ($). Not ideal. Get in a van to head to practice... Not even pee-wee football teams have that headache.
Big congrats to the Wildcats. Great game. Strong showing for the SEC. Too bad they play Auburn - but enjoy the W!
Big congrats to Auburn! Well done. No doubt Carolina thought they had this - at least before the game started. Nope.
If Jameis Winston was able to be drafted and play in the NFL, so should everyone. However, things don't seem to be going well for Jachai. Dude was a stud on the field and had no off the field issues - so someone will be able to overlook the poor performance at this time (assuming the "injury" is minor).
I thought the same thing - but I think it has to do with Janoris' brother allegedly killing someone in the home. I can see how that may be an issue for some people.
Funny you should say that - I feel the same way. I liked LSU from way back - before attending UF. Always a great rivalry. Respect.
Typically this is a great game. More often than not, it's within one score (at least I remember so many like that). I like seeing this for HC games - although we're no longer in the 1940's or 50's when HC was a little different. UF plays Auburn for our HC this coming season. Both games should be very interesting. Now if we could all just get rid of playing directional schools. Those are just embarrassing. Oregon State and so many other PAC12 cannon fodder schools are likely itching for any $ they can get and perhaps willing to schedule 2 for 1's. At least they are still Power 5 schools (and offer about as much resistance as TN Martin, The Citadel, etc.
Supporting our fellow SEC teams when we see them being treated unfairly is key to fighting the NCAA. I think our voice is louder as a conference. None of us want to be treated this way, and we shouldn’t stand for it when it happens to others. The enforcement history of this organization is suspect to say the least.
Plus look at their transfer waiver decisions recently for a really good indication of what a feckless, hypocritical bunch they are. They have to keep the reasons for their decision-making secret under the guise of “student privacy” otherwise this would be even more laughable. Complete lack of integrity.
Nice, but seems like an even better way to get injured. I guess being prudent doesn't get many hits on social media. Yeah, I'm old - but with age comes some wisdom. One of these guys is going to f himself up bad doing sh*t like this.