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And if Tua was sitting on his butt and not doing the things he's showing us on these tapes, these idiots would all be saying, "See, he can't move or throw", etc., etc. Analysts my *ss.
Cute how all the Socialist Democrat trolls love to infest sites that allow public commentary since that's not allowed by their DNC controlled media out of fear that someone may say something that's not in accord with their party line. Get ready for 4 more years of President Trump, b*tches.
If people don't abide by the guidelines and stay the h*ll inside away from others, I suspect that not only will there be no football this Fall, but that this would be the least of our problems.
CNN: "Let's send Kaylee into one of the known hotzones of the Virus in the US. There's plenty more dime a dozen reporters we can sacrifice with impunity - but tell her to keep the f away from us when she returns..." Surprised they don't ask her to get real close to the President.
Well said, Boxster. I find that other than staying reasonably informed about public and personal safety relating to the virus (just common sense), the news will make us all extremely depressed (no surprise there). To maintain my remaining sanity, one show that I've really enjoyed watching is "Bosch' on Amazon. The 6th and final season is scheduled to drop sometime in April. The show is essentially detective fiction based on the books written by Michael Connelly (UF grad). The series is compelling, and well-acted and filmed mostly in LA. It has more than served its purpose as far as entertaining and keeping my mind off the news for many hours. I think a lot of people would enjoy watching it. Cheers and best wishes for good health to everyone.
SEC prohibiting any recruiting at all, while teams in other conferences continue? What about taking reasonable measures such as allowing contact with recruits by phone, text or email, etc? You know those recruits we are pursuing and are still undecided? They are on campus visiting u of Miami this weekend. Fair?
I understand the need to keep the virus from spreading but our Commissioner also needs to protect our league from being put at a competitive disadvantage since it appears that other conferences (like the ACC) haven’t curtailed recruiting or visits by recruits to their schools.
Well said Yankeepig. This dude sounds like an absolute idiot. Good to know before anyone else wastes time, money and effort on him. There are plenty of real college students who would welcome the opportunity to be in his shoes - even if that means just being a student. Prima Donna.
That was the worst commercial I've seen in a long, long time. Shamefully bad. Give us a $50 budget and 15 minutes and we'd all come up with something far better. That was putrid.
All fan bases have their bad apples. However, with relatively few exceptions, typical Miami fans are ill-educated, S. Florida degenerate criminals, dullards and losers. Just attend any scUM activity and it will all become abundantly clear in a few minutes. I've lived and worked in many parts of the country and I know what college and pro rivalries entail. However, scUM fans are in their own detestable league when it comes to their behavior. Seeing is believing.
I remember scUM fans saying they were going to "run the table" before the season started last year. Soon they were calling for Diaz and Enos to be fired. This season, they again think they're going undefeated and that D'Eriq King is winning the Heisman... You can't spell delUsion without The U...
Cowherd and his sorry ilk survive by trying to create drama by taking positions like this. Sadly, they get too much attention and continue to be on the air. If he was to say something reasonable, no one would notice (or care).
The $90M football facility that will soon be under construction should help recruiting, along with the success of the football program under these coaches. The academic ranking of UF doesn't hurt either. OK, trolls - the floor is yours.
Screw the NFL. Do what you want Joe B. Contracts are meant to be renegotiated. Bottom-line, if Joe ain't happy, Bengals ain't gonna be happy. If the Bengals pay big bucks to get Joe, they will not want a QB who doesn't want to be there. Other teams will line up to get Joe and the trade will happen. Both sides will be well represented.
Wishing Feleipe well at Arkansas. I appreciate all he did for us. A good man. WPS!
UGADawg78: What did I say that you honestly believe isn’t accurate? Most rational fans - putting aside your hate for UF for a minute - are likely to think that choosing Miami over UF was not a wise decision. Do you think that Miami is a better football school than UF?
Not a smart move by Williams. You have to wonder who was advising him. Perhaps they will be able to beat the likes of FIU, La. Tech, Duke and GT - someday. In the meantime, get used to playing in front of empty stadiums, my dude....
Agreed. Kirby is not a 3. Should be a 0 or 1 at worst. Same with Mullen. Neither coach is going anywhere soon. Muschamp and Mason on the other hand have a lot to worry about.
I don't think most teams want to hear this type of fluff from the media - especially at this point. Certainly in UF's case, it is pure "rat poison" to quote a pretty darn good coach. The media could be saying that UGA will be the "next LSU" and they'd very likely be better justified in saying so. I'd prefer to hear, "Florida has a chance to be very good next season". That would be fine by me.
While I'm certainly optimistic, I'm not buying all the hype from the talking heads. Do the work and let's see the results on the field where it matters. Shut out the noise and earn/prove it.
“Manny is thrilled”. LOL. There is no stronger indictment of a head coach and his staff than having to do a PR move like this.
Very true, Boxster. Well said and much respect. Except of course if that player happens to be someone like Jameis Winston. There are exceptions. You’re a DG Dawg.
Agreed. I loved Perine's 88 yard TD run vs Auburn - the team that told him he was too slow to be an SEC RB...
I can’t wait for the day til we never have to hear anything from this man again. Ever. About anything. Go away.
Fantastic news. I'd have an aggressive litiGATOR ready to jump on this. There seems to be no common sense or fairness with the NCAA rulings on waivers (or much else). I don't mind it when rulings are fair and the rules are applied equitably to all schools, but it doesn't seem to be the case. If a favorable ruling doesn't come forth promptly (within 45-60 days), sue the bast8rds and do discovery into all that's been going on behind the scenes to throw some much needed light on the matter. The NCAA is on very thin ice right now mostly due to the impending NIL issues, and they know they're losing control of their previously unchallenged domain. The NCAA will be lucky to be intact in a few years.
The answer is, "No". scUM's only history of winning was ages ago when they were either Independent or in the Big East back in the days when even a team like BYU could with a Natty. scUM hasn't done squat since joining even a weak football conference like the ACC.
The vile scUM fans wasted no time cr*pping on Jarren immediately. It is amazing that anyone wants to play for these degenerates. With their worthless schedule, it is almost impossible not to win every game they currently have to play - yet they will find ways to do so.
I think Newman will definitely give you a boost offensively. Big strong dude. He did really well at Wake which isn’t an easy task. Good N.Carolina kid. We should definitely enjoy some cr8pes and cafe au lait next time we’re at the cocktail party. Bourbon makes it work.