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Taint was a perfect match for scUM. What a shame.
Agreed. If A&M was in fact kept out of discussions that all the other SEC teams engaged in, I’d have a big problem with that. You don’t do that to a member institution.
Buckle up boys, this one has the makings of a real goat ride.
Nope. Big fat nope. You really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find anything positive to say about F$U.
LOL...and who the F is this Cowsh*t a-hole and what has he accomplished?
Taint is an @sswipe who fits in perfectly at scUM. What a d-bag.
Let me get some popcorn & bourbon. This could get very ugly and entertaining. By the way, Counselor Lyons, if you hadn’t realized it, your client sucked as a HC.
The problem we seem to be currently facing is with the bowl games outside of the 4 playoff teams and players deciding not to bother playing. That will destroy the current bowl system. The UF team that played Bama was not the one we saw vs. Oklahoma. I don't think that was just UF's isolated problem. The non-playoff bowl games are being marginalized and likely will never be the same as they were in the past. As a college football fan, that's sad - but it's reality.
The Buckeye’s greatest strength this season has been the big10’s shameful willingness to bend and break the rules they created in order to favor this team. I think their luck may have run out.
Nice article Neil. Best wishes to Keyontae and his family on his health and recovery. Truly a difficult year.
Very nicely done. Thankful for the great care Keyontae received in Tally and thankful for his progress. Best wishes to him and his family.
Sounds like the NCAA just made Florida a very strong *ss offer.
Yep. I don’t think Dan had anything to do with what color the end zones are painted or the uniform choice - unless he thinks it might impact the score.
The ACC will be tough - they’re planning to ask for hundreds of Dollars for each team.
Beautiful site for college football - too bad so many of the elected officials of that state lost their minds about 50 years ago. Now they’re all afraid to show any signs of moderation and reasonableness lest they be attacked.
The ACC: It just means less. Another ACC football powerhouse that doesn't give a sh*t.
After all the "rah-rah" excitement used to usher in this news by ESPN, I'm not so sure this is really a good thing for all fans. I could be wrong, but the pessimist/realist in me has doubts. We'll have to see how this goes. I'm hoping it's as great as the fanfare used to announce it.
Idiots. I hope Northwestern beats their @sses. They should just crown the Bucknuts as big10 champs - that's what they clearly wanted all along. If OSU had played the requisite number of games but anyone else they'd be competing with hadn't, they tell that other team, "Too bad. Rules are rules".
Off-topic a bit: The coin-flip determines who wins the game after the 5th OT period? This is probably the worst rule these idiots have ever come up with. Man up you p*****s!
I get it, but how can an All-SEC schedule be deemed “weak” when compared to the ACC schedule which also includes a cupcake game outside their division? This season, the ACC bent over to accept ND. But for that, the ACC would once again be a 1-team conference. Tell me what are 1-loss Miami’s signature Ws? Clemson’s signature Ws? Same with the Big10 - they’re another 1-team conference. Big12? PAC12? All filled with mediocrity. So why shouldn’t the SEC get 2 teams in? I’d take Bama, TA&M, UF and UGA over most teams.
I can imagine. As I’ve said before, I’ve always had a lot of respect for LSU. UF has had a great competitive history with the Tigers for years. The Will Wade debacle is something I just can’t understand. They’re doing a lot of harm to the school. Someone needs to step in and provide intelligent counsel to whoever is calling the shots.
LOL. They’re really, really serious about compliance. Look at how they promptly and sternly did absolutely nothing about shameless cheater, Will Wade. Whoever is advising LSU on legal, compliance & public relations is either a complete buffoon or secretly hates the school.
From what they've shown us thus far, I'm not impressed by "The Committee".
I'd love to watch A&M crush the Bucknuts. Sadly, it's not happening.
Great points. I don’t trust this Selection Committee at all. Eye test this.
This has typically been a competitive and interesting game for years. Hoping for some breathing room this year. Geaux Gators.
If UF goes to the Cotton and TA&M goes to the Orange, that would suck on so many levels. Imagine Trask vs King with UF and scUM in the Orange Bowl. Keep the teams close to their fan bases - especially this year.