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I like what I'm hearing about the focus on practice and game preparation and how it is being handled. However, what concerned me about the second half of the Tennessee game was how UT came out with a fire burning in their run game and on many plays they seemed to have bulldozed their way to several first downs. I get it that this played into our hands as far as taking as much time off the clock as possible, but you never want to see that happen. I did see us respond after a couple of those "pile-moving" plays by making concerted efforts to quickly get the runner on the ground - and most importantly, UT wasn't able to strike quickly or put up significant points in the second half. Offensively, it seems Billy acknowledged that the plan perhaps became a bit too conservative in the second half, however, you have to think the hand injuries to Graham likely affected our willingness to pass more later in the game. All good. We got a huge W that will yield countless blessings across the table. Billy has already addressed how last year's huge win vs Utah was obliterated by several losses that followed and we never recovered from that. I don't think that happens again this season. If we lose games, it won't be from lack of focus or effort. Looking forward to the rest of the season - starting with this weekend's game vs the Carolina Panthers (wink-wink). Go Gators!
MDog, that certainly is interesting. Hopefully the Ls start piling up and the over-the-top media & network lovefest that he's been getting dries up. Then it will be just about football like it should be. I'm certainly going to be keeping an eye on this.
Well said, Boxster. He certainly has brought attention to the Colorado program. Whether that’s good for the Buffs long term remains to be seen. My guess is “NO”. Perhaps I’m just a tad skeptical about his actions and motivation. Opposing coaches will very likely share my disdain for him.
Followed by another L the following week when they play USC. But the hype train will continue to roll behind the most egotistical braggart in college football, Deion “It’s All About Me” Sanders. His crashing failure and blame game can’t disappear soon enough.
Against top level competition like Colorado State? LOL. Check back in after the next 2 games vs teams with a pulse. Deion is a loud-mouthed braggart who does everything to glorify himself. As far as being a role model for young men, he’s the one who bragged about never attending a class at F$U. No surprise.
This should be a very good and interesting game for both schools. Both need to show up and win this one - it's huge for many reasons and will be a marker for how each team is doing versus an SEC rival. This should have been the site for College Gameday - but they chose what the media has hyped up and made their new shiny thing - The Deion Sanders Show. A man who proudly bragged about never attending a single class while at F$U (no surprise there), is somehow now the best possible role model for young men. Go Gators!
Correct, Nash. But let's not forget that the F$U "Plan" primarily is to play in a weak-@ss conference like the ACC. They ran away from any possibility of joining a real conference because they knew that would end poorly.
Best wishes for this young man, for his Mom and family. A very, very difficult situation.
Greg, don't you think Wisconsin emphasized the run game? The Badgers certainly did that. UF should be more balanced offensively and should be a lot more QB friendly - which should help Mertz. Key is Mertz not feeling like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. He will do well by being a game manager and taking what is there instead of forcing things. Excited and hoping for the best tonight. It certainly is an intriguing game with everything going on and with the nail-biter last season. Go Gators!
Perhaps if UF played in the ACC or some other conference where 52,000 fans in a stadium is somehow “impressive”, I could understand. This just isn’t the case. Sure, UF would rather be playing at home, but just about every SEC away game presents more challenging circumstances. Stop it.
Exactly. Pretty amazing medical advances over a relatively short period of time - with many more to come. I'll bet Rising will not only play, but he'll play well, and we likely will not see a significant difference with his performance. Same with their TE. This is a tough team with tough players.
Gator fans know that Billy Napier has undertaken a huge rebuild in players, coaches and culture with UF football. The Administration recognized this and has vowed to give Coach Napier the resources and the time to accomplish a difficult task - especially when you play in the best conference in America (and this season facing the second most difficult schedule in college football). He inherited a team with glaring deficiencies (putting it mildly) at many critical positions. Then on top of that, after taking over the helm, a bunch of players hit the portal (bye & good luck!). Recruiting the right players seems to be a priority again as well as instilling the right culture on the team and doing things the right way. It seems Coach Napier adheres to the philosophy (similar to Coach Spurrier) of recruiting "good citizens". Of course, I want to see progress on the field this season (W's matter), but I know that we're on the right track with the right man leading us. Patience is called for, but I can't help but being very excited about the season. Regardless of what the record is after the season, I'm proud to be a Florida Gator! Thursday night is almost here.
LOL. She's just very busy spending her money lavishly.
Refreshing to see this. He sets high standards and follows through with what he says. Coach Napier is building this team the right way. Respect! Go Gators!
Beat the living S out of that low class, poor excuse of a school. As far as the Holes becoming part of the SEC, heck NO. They and scUM don’t deserve that. Let them rot in the conference they both chose - the ACC. If that dies, let them go to some other sh*t conference.
LOL. The Big10 is as boring as their member schools. Adding West coast schools won’t move the needle - just more mouths to feed. I lived in PAC8,10,12 & Big10 “country” - they don’t compare to the SEC which is and will remain King.
Congrats to Kahleil! Way to stick with it and get rewarded for your efforts, hard work and perseverance. Kudos to Coach Billy Napier for his role in helping this young man. Kahleil's dad and grandad bring back so many memories for me of Gator football during such meaningful days for me as a student and fan. So nice to read this article. Go Gators!
Well said, AFan. That’s my hope as well. I think Bapier is doing it the right way. There’s no easy way to the top, but I have faith that this program will make us proud. Go Gators!
What a worthless d*ckless wonder of an an “umpire”. These idiots have serious mental issues and making bone-headed calls like this seems to be the only way they can do anything to try to stand out.
Horrible. Prayers for all involved and affected by this tragedy, including your sons and your family. Life can take brutal turns in seconds.
I think Charlie recently left scUM. He’s available and likely would be very solid as our DC.
Well said, LSUSMC. It’s difficult to be “overhyped” when NO ONE who follows the program is hyping Florida. UF fans know this is a rebuild that will take time. However, Coach Napier is doing the work needed - and doing it the right way. Good to have you back, Marine!
Agreed 100%. With each change recently (mostly NIL & the Portal) the sport we grew up with and love is becoming more like the NFL. What I loved about college football (and collegiate sports in general) was the notion that "the team and the student-athletes represent my school" and the strong affinity and passion that has always created. I'm hoping this isn't completely destroyed by the pure money-grab that college football has become.
NIL today is simply pay for play with a mask. It's an inducement to sign and an inducement to keep players. All NIL laws are simply trying to put a good face on legalized bribery. The best that we can hope for is to have a level playing field for all comparable teams at a given level as far as the applicable rules and their enforcement. I'd love to see something else brought about to replace NIL with a system where all kids on a team are paid a fair & reasonable set amount based on the sport, the Division and other factors. Kids shouldn't have to worry about having enough money for all their meals or for their clothes, gas, etc., while participating in a sport that benefits so many. I don't know how much would be appropriate, but I'm sure a fair system can be developed. Then we'd just need to try to keep cheaters from plying their trade - like back in the good old days, except more fairly and effectively. No system will be perfect, but current NIL is a sh*tshow.
Well said, 303Dawg & Cojones. I'm fine with things at UF and certainly with Billy Napier (and so are the vast majority of UF fans). Haven't many journalists been telling Gator fans to have patience and let Billy rebuild everything? That's what most UF fans are doing, myself included. I'm also fine with Graham Mertz and our QB room. Excited to see how they do. Go Gators!