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Miami is not back. Sorry, but beating UAB and Louisville doesn’t mean sh*t. You can add F$U to that group.
Yes Sir. Not to mention a horrifically weak “Strength of Schedule”.
Well, we’re playing ball on Saturday. Go back to El Barrio, chingon. Don’t you and the boys from Compton have another riot or shooting to plan for?
Oh look - a cheater. Isn't that special? Let the Trojans have him. He can wallow in mediocrity at U$C if the the PAC12 ever decides to play football again.
This game isn't happening the way I (and most of us) envisioned at the end of last season. I was looking forward to my first trip to Oxford and to catch the happenings at The Grove. Would have likely been an amazing experience - as a fan of college football & college town atmospheres. Hopefully "normalcy" will return again during my lifetime. In the meantime, sure am excited about this game and so many other SEC battles. Oh my, my. Oh hell yes...
Coach Pittman seems like a quality person. Agreed that the Hogs got a great coach with him. WPS!
Lol. In their first game Norvell was in huddles with a bunch of players and assistant coaches without wearing a mask. I wonder how many others he infected.
Don’t forget when The University of Central Florida Golden Knights (they want to be called “UCF”, but scr*w that) backed out of a scheduled game vs Florida and they had to pay us $100K to get out of their contract. They got their butts kicked by us 42-0 the year before.and didn’t want anymore of that. Any good things they may do on the field vs typically less than stellar opponents promptly gets eroded by what comes out of their mouths.
King should try playing against a real defense. Not happening again this week. (UAB, Louisville & F$U suck).
I was going to say this is yet another opportunity for scUM to show off their degenerate, criminal and unsavory fans - but fans aren't involved this season. Maybe it's to fascinate us with the thuggish turnover chain? This is a real miss by ESPN. There are far better and more interesting games to showcase.
So why is this miraculous new test not available for us insigficant folks?
^^^^^ Well said again, LSUSMC! And yes, Gov. Newsom is a very special kind of idiot. Bless his heart!
^^^^^^^ Well said Class of 98. So true. Meanwhile, the big10's little sister, the pac12, is just letting their students and fans focus on what really matters to them - peaceful arson, hating America, marxism and other SJW classes & causes.
= They know they stepped on their d*cks and are now conveniently trying to control the damage. Screw the Big10. The "Progressive" PAC12 isn't even worth discussing.
That's rich coming from John Elway. The hypocrisy is abundant with this one.
By "joining" the mighty ACC for one season, ND's strength of schedule dropped from 13th into the mid-thirties. That says a lot. I don't think ND saved anything other than their own hides by making this move. I also think the ACC is spineless by letting ND do this. But then again I don't think highly of ND or the ACC.
Every season they come out acting like they're some 4-time repeating National Champion, instead of a team who lost to FIU and La. Tech among other notable embarassments.
Hell yeah! scUM can eat sh*t & die. There is no other team on the face of the earth that I detest more than those degenerates.
Yep. No surprise to see Joe rise as a leader this early. Wishing him well. He knows the O-line is key to success & longevity.
The scUM fanbase thinks this "game" (no disrespect to UAB) will kick-off yet another championship season for them. Every year, scUM thinks they will run the table in search of their first ACC title and some relevance. Even Spurrier has won an ACC title. Go UAB!
Yes Sir, AFan. This is the greatest country on earth and a LOT of people have given their lives to make it so. There is no confusion in my mind or in my heart about what is right and what is wrong. God bless America! And Roll Tide!
Well this Rowdy Reptile & his friends will NOT be watching MNF or any NFL game - ever. Haven’t watched pro football, basketball or baseball in several years and don’t miss any of it. My time and $ goes to people and organizations where our country is respected and loved. You don’t like that, you’re free to leave.
Put any of these Group of 5 teams through an SEC schedule and see what happens - decimation. Of course there will be writers pushing for one to get into the playoffs if at all possible, but that’s where it would end miserably for the Group of 5 team. I don’t buy the BS.
Some people choose to love and respect our country (and the state and counties we live in), focus on the incredible number of good things we have accomplished and work hard to improve those things that are unjust or wrong and strive to make them better. Other people choose to hate, disrespect, denigrate and seek to destroy the greatest country on earth and the very system that sets us apart and makes us great (our right to the precious freedoms we enjoy as individuals and capitalism). People are willing to die in order to come here, yet some people want to destroy it. Coach Leach is absolutely correct in focusing on the good and the positive things that Mississippi has to offer. He's not ignoring the negative, and he is not praising those whose only contributions to society is to destroy and disparage. I'm with Coach Leach on this all day long. The Pacific Northwest used to be a place I enjoyed visiting often. Unfortuantely, the very same "some people" I'm referring to are destroying it. Instead of critizing a man who chose to praise the many positive and good things Mississippi has, perhaps you should focus on solving the problems we hear about and see unfolding every day in cities like Portland and Seattle. These cities once were good places to live. Not anymore.