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I know enough to say that UF cannot take any team for granted - and they certainly know that's the case with Mizzou especially given the history we have vs them. I think Mizzou is far better than their record shows. By the way, the NCAA's actions vs Mizzou as far as taking away bowl eligibility and then failing to make/publish a decision on their appeal has been really poor. Last thought - d*mn glad this isn't a night game and that the temps look like they'll be warming up a bit for Saturday. This game could easily be played in temperatures in the teens or twenties (even during the day).
As pointed out, I recall UF had a seemingly inordinate number of injuries during the Muschamp years.
Best chance of Mizzou getting good news from the NCAA on the appeal is this week before playing UF. The NCAA will be conflicted about who they hate more. You’ll likely get the good word just in time to motivate the Tigers vs UF. But maybe they can find a way to hurt both of us...
BTW, this was for those dogs who are talking smack. For the reasonable, decent Dawgs, you have a solid team and Fromm is a Dude.
You know what else is rare as hen’s teeth in Athens? Nattys, pups. And I’ll bet y’all won’t be seeing any in a long time.
To all the dogs talking smack, Mullen didn’t lose to an unranked team at home in a game that good coaching could have won. I also believe UF has no 5 star recruits playing, so good coaching has elevated our game. Conversely, Kirby has a much more talented roster. So yes, when it comes to coaching, Dan IS the Man.
Agreed. Liked Muschamp as a recruiter and as a defensive coordinator. Good person too. Hope he lands on his feet.
Thanks Boxster. Very kind words. It’s better than an L or a kick in the teeth. Mizzou is a concern especially at Mizzou because they’ve had our number and they have played well there. We hope for the best. I’ll be keeping an eye on UGA and how they do tonight. I don’t expect any letdown from UGA.
If the facts recited in this article are confirmed to be true (that the money truly came from a family friend and not a booster) it would be a shame to base a suspension on it. Hopefully the NCAA will make a decision quicker than they have on the Mizzou appeal or UF trying to get the UGA transfer Cox approved to play.
Agreed. This would be fabulous for good & decent people everywhere. F$U would get the death penalty in a matter of months under Deion. Please let this wonderful news come true.
I hope the rumors are true and F$U hires Deion Sanders. The NCAA would open a field office in Tallahassee, and have their hands full.
I’m sure there are many Bama fans who are not letting “history” play this game. Anything can happen, but I suspect this version of LSU will be a different animal than what has shown up in the recent past. I expect a very tough, physical defensive game with some explosive plays/turnovers that will likely decide the game. Both teams are certainly solid and deserving.
Agreed. Would have liked to have seen USC and UCLA take up Stricklin's offer. Those would be great trips and games. Great for recruiting as well.
And while we're at it, Burt Reynolds (RIP) is listed at 30/1, Loni Anderson at 32/1 and Sally Fields at 35/1. Mudragon comes in at a respectable 40/1.
The issue I have is that the Committee currently thinks 4 teams are better than Clemson (and I agree) yet Clemson will likely move up because of who they play (no one), and two of the top 4 will likely drop because of who they play (more top rated teams). Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to get around this.
Gee, I’ve negotiated a lot of employment agreements and I’d love to be “set up to fail” like this anytime. Willie had better talent than most of the teams they played over the past year and a half. Way more talent than UF or Miami. This is all about his ability to coach - and clearly he’s not very good. He may be a nice guy and a gentleman and all that, but he’s also a bad coach. Please set me up to fail by guaranteeing me $17-18M. I’ll take it.
Congrats to the Dawgs - especially Jake Fromm who played an excellent game, certainly as far as doing exactly what he needed to do each time he had to make a play. Very clutch performance. It is clear that UGA has a better roster (everyone knew that going in) and their superior play at the LOS on both sides was evident. When you play a better team and go in thinking you can win, and the game was up for grabs until the last couple minutes, it says a lot about the UF team. No shame in losing to LSU and UGA. Likewise, UGA did what they needed to do under pressure. If we played Clemson's schedule, we'd likely be undefeated, and a lot of other SEC teams could say the same. Should be an interesting run for the playoffs this year. I have no love for teams that are in a 1 or 2 team conference (ACC and Big 12).
This will not be a concern in the least bit. When payments to student athletes based on NIL gets rolled out, it will be highly regulated, monitored and controlled. The NCAA and universities will not suddenly become stupid and allow this change to turn college sports on its head. scUM will still be scUM even if Jose’s Cafe con Leche stand on Flagler wants to put a kid’s face on their pastelito wrappers. 25% of UF’s grads work in that area and have a sh*t load more numbers and money than scUM. By the way, people who run car dealerships are notoriously some of the cheapest business people on earth so y’all need to find a better real world example of a business willing to give anyone $. By the way, good job recruiting this receiver!
Most of the politicians who initially pushed for this have the mental capacity of an gnat. They haven't thought through the myriad of legal, tax, practical and impractical, but real-world, implications this will involve. All they care about is popularity (votes). I suspect no one will be getting paid cash for autographs at a strip mall in Bumblef*ck, Idaho. All income based on name, image, likeness for college athletes will be highly regulated and likely will flow through certain strict channels and the player won't see a dime until either end of year or academic eligibility - or even longer thereafter. Income will likely be capped, certainly taxed and very highly regulated. The infinite consequences this will have (a vast majority of which will be neither intended or anticipated) haven't been explored or thought through yet. This "sausage" is going to look quite a bit different when it comes out of the grinder. I wouldn't blame the schools if they get a significant portion back from the athletes based on the value of what the athletes get from the school that tuition paying students don't get. Bottom-line is that they will need to make sure it is applied uniformly so as to not allow recruiting improprieties. This will be one huge cluster-phuck for a long time.
Yep. He was named after Pope Urban. Hard to get more Roman Catholic than that.
True. I'm fine with showing some love for unique and interesting games with teams that don't get the spotlight very often - but don't forget that what makes it College Gameday special is focusing on the best and most meaningful matchups each week. If that means the SEC gets an inordinate share of those games, deal with it. I still think Gameday will be in Tuscaloosa next weekend for LSU/Bama over Penn State/Minn. It's just this week that they'll be kowtowing to SMU/Memphis over the much better and more meaningful UF/UGA WLOCP game.
UGA's greatest weakness and UF's greatest strength is UGA has Kirby Smart. No one does less with more than Kirby.
This is simply more BS from the politic*l correctness warriors who believe the SEC should be ashamed for having so many top 10 or meaningful matchups. Their feelings tell them that this cannot be tolerated and must be stopped and buried immediately. It's not fair to the others, they cry. Next, they will get rid of rankings and perhaps stop keeping score. This BS would not have happened even 10-15 years ago. Now this thinking creeps into everything. Sad but true.
The biggest advantage UF has is that we don’t have Kirby. No one does less with more than Kirby.
Let me be honest too. We were up 18 points on your *sses at your home stadium midway through the 4th quarter. You can blame the zebras for your loss all you want, Did the zebras also cause your team’s collapse in Gainesville last season in the 4th quarter?
Let me be honest too. We were up 18 points on your *sses at your home stadium midway through the 4th quarter. You can blame the zebras for your loss if you want. Enjoy Coach Lumpy and your perennial mediocrity.
D8mn, that really stings coming from the AD at Iowa State. Please remind me when was the last time they won a Natty in football (or anything for that matter).
Iowa State's AD can shut the h3ll up. Big12 teams might play 9 conference games a season but they won't face any quality opponents more than maybe once a year (and you can forget about seeing any defense). Like the ACC, the big12 is loaded with mediocracy from top to bottom. Crawl back under Oklahoma's skirt Iowa State.