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LOL. For sure Eason should be on the original list. Yep, everything about Martell rubs me the wrong way. The fact he's now at Miami is just icing on the cake. I have no doubt he'll be on the wrong side of the law in no time. A SoBe fixture.
For the Loudmouth Braggart category, we know Martell would easily be #1 on that list. No one comes close to saying more and doing less. First he dumped on another QB recruit when they were both interested in playing at Texas A&M. Ends up Martell didn’t go to A&M. Then, Martell warns Fields not to “swing and miss” again by transferring to OSU while guaranteeing that he’d be the starter there. Follow that up with his transfer to Miami. Seems Martell has never met a challenge he hasn’t run away from. He’s a perfect fit for Miami.
Since you're visiting and commenting on an SEC site, jbattle77, let me ask you - do you wonder how it's possible that your community college has such a poorly ranked recruiting class after being just 1 year removed from your self-awarded Natty? Is that someone else's fault also? Is that part of the conspiracy against your team? It seems the SEC is living in your mind. Go away tool.
Glad this news came out showing a UT grad (a "sip" as I have learned) wrote the letter. Gig 'em!
On second thought, I'd pay him to go away.
I just don't get it. Even if he doesn't burn or spill any.
Good points Marine & Eric. The player who took his spot as the starting center after TJ's injury is also a RS Junior. TJ will start somewhere. He's a solid player.
Thanks TJ for all you did. Sadly, it seems that more and more players who get beat out simply choose to leave rather than to stick it out, fight for the job (and add the depth that is so vital to teams). The OL rarely ever remains static with injuries over the season and players are always getting plugged in to play.
This is a very bad look for Hardaway. It doesn't seem like anyone - except perhaps some Memphis fans - are buying what Hardaway is selling. You're No 1. Enjoy it. This dude can't take anything away from you.
LOL, that's what I was thinking - who is this dude? Takes a lot of CO-Jones to say some of the cr8p Miami puts out there. But talk is cheap. I'm hoping the Photoshopped poster of this dude hurdling over CJ Henderson and the Miami AD's public "countdown to beating UF" is going to be on every Gator player's mind all Summer. But it's still early - I'm sure Miami will give us many more bulletin board gems.
"Right back like we never left". Canes are acting and yapping like they just won the Natty - but they seem to do that every year. Miami hasn't won a Championship since leaving the Big East. Even joining the ACC has completely stifled them. The first game next season vs UF should be very interesting. Canes are already in mid-season form with their mouths and posing for photos. I think that is part of their woes. You have to earn respect on the field
And with that news, it's time for the Central Florida Golden Knights to throw another parade, fly banners and give themselves Natty rings. No need to play the season in their make-believe world.
...and when the Socialists take over the country, you can get back to doing things like: giving $150 BILLION to Iran as they shout "Death to America!"; making sure the government takes from those who work hard, save and invest - and give to the maggots who don't; make sure we have a society of sheep who are "insulted" by any word or thought that doesn't fit their agenda; and put America and its interests last because you're so ashamed of our country. That should make you very happy. But, in the meantime, you can complain about what food the President served to the Clemson players.
Yep. Looks like a good time to me. The President did a great job with Federal workers on furlough. Man, I’d certainly enjoy that meal. I hope the team enjoyed.
And stop using the photoshopped “We want UCF” sign from the end of the Michigan game. Krull wrote “This is the SEC” on the board. If you’re going to use it, at least mention that this isn’t what the Florida player wrote.
Because we all know that if Cody has made that kick, the Bears would be on their way to winning the Super Bowl. Piss off Bear fans. You suck. By the way, enjoy paying some of the highest taxes in the country to support your filthy political dung pile of a city. There. Now I feel better.
Why don't you remind us how many Final Four appearances and National Championships the Tennessee men's basketball teams have over their long illustrious history?
Diaz is undefeated as a HC at 2 schools so you have to give him some credit. Plus, he held Wisconsin to 30 points as the DC in their bowl game. Very impressive.
Given how important faith is to Jalen and his family, it seems Miami is probably not the best fit for him. The U fans ripped Coach Mark Richt’s faith constantly, calling him a “f**king bible thumper” and much worse. This was prior to this last season, so I can imagine it only got worse. Maybe the players and coaches there are less critical of people who profess and value their faith, but I kinda doubt it.
Screw Clemson and their 1 team conference. And of course, screw Kanell.
God please no. Not Miami Jalen. You’re too classy to play for that fan base.
Always wished him well and for a full recovery. No ill will to him based on their fanbase. However, just like the Central Florida Golden Knight fans (yep, I refuse to call them what they want to be called), he ran his mouth after the bowl games. His choice, though I expected better from him. At this point, I'm hoping he has a full recovery and returns to his school as the QB next year. Although it may mean we have a crappy season, I'm also hoping that Florida gets a chance to play him. I can promise you we'd destroy that team. Get well McKenzie.
Lol, I’ve been thinking the same thing Kirby. But Tim seems to be doing just fine. Plus, he’s just given all the haters plenty more reasons to hate. Congrats Tim!
No player died here thankfully, but apparently at least 3 players (including the plaintiff) were in danger of very serious injuries including organ failure as a result of the workouts. Interesting to see if this scenario is similar enough to the DJ Durkin situation at Maryland. Not sure how much discipline Taggart has instilled at FSU, but it doesn’t seem it’s working. I wonder if Taggart and his strength coach that came with him to FSU from Oregon continued doing the same punishment tactics at FSU?
Sadly we’re once again in the off season and although no games will be played, articles still get written. I get that it was a rough last 2 games for UGA, and that things have gone relatively well for Florida - especially with the bowl game and with improvements to the recruiting class. Nothing more, nothing less. While I’m certainly optimistic about next year, I’m not “Golden Knight” delusional about anything. UGA will be UGA again next season. They’re not going away. Same can be said for Bama. I’ve already seen the projected “way too early” SEC bowl games for next season, lol. Taking it all with a grain of salt, but still can’t wait for August...