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If he flips to Bama he'll get to play in front of more than 6,000 people for home games. scUM (otherwise known as "La Universidad de Hialeah") is a sh*thole.
There has been good momentum and I expect Napier will get a solid class - including immediate, experienced talent via the portal. We won't know the numbers will be until it happens. Anything else is just a guess. The key is getting quality players who fit Napier's plan and who fulfill the needs. Regardless, I think we will be in a much better position going forward than what Billy inherited.
LOL. Definitely a pun intended. You don't get to say that too often.
LOL. Covington, you and a handful of other UGA fans here (JTF, Boxster, etc.) are DGDs! Thanks for being reasonable and knowledgeable in your posts. Best of the Holidays & Bowl Season to you. Cheers!
Fantastic! Glad Jack Miller is ready to play and pound the Beavers in Vegas. Thanks Buckeyes, and good luck in your next game. Go Gators!
The "exodus" or "bleeding" via the portal is necessary in order to sign the current class and pick up talent through the portal who can make an impact immediately. The result will be that Florida will have much more talent for the future, starting this coming Spring. This is exactly what Napier said he'd do. The commitment from Lagway is a great step that will be well-received by recruits. There will be plenty more coming. Exited for the bowl game vs. the Beavers. Love that it's in Vegas at an awesome stadium. Go Gators!
Good venue and great opportunity against a very good team. Time for Coach to get those players who want to be on the team going forward and who care about UF to represent themselves & the school. We have to hit the portal hard and close out with a solid recruiting class. Those who aren’t 100% in - good bye. Go Gators!
Good riddance. Fat gummy bear adds absolutely nothing to any college football show. Typical scUM alum - a Nu Yawk degenerate gambler.
Thanks to Justin! Class act who added much to our team. Wishing him well going forward.
Man, I miss Rickles, Carlin, Pryor, Dangerfield, etc. - back when comedy could be fun & funny.
We think so Tidefan. It’s going to take time, but I think we have the right coach. Good luck in the Iron Bowl.
Boxster, your measured and reasonable comments & responses are always appreciated. Every team has its ups & downs. It’s the nature of the game and of any competition. Nothing is permanent. Enjoy the good times and hold on through the bad.
No excuses - cold weather, injuries, etc. This was an inexcusable step backwards that never should have happened. Vandy playing better should not have surprised anyone. The game plan was questionable, but this team simply failed to perform as they’re able to. Regression on penalties. The game this Friday at F$U will still matter. How the team responds will be huge. Time to step up.
Fingers crossed, but great things are happening in G’ville! Is it even recruiting season yet?
Always enjoyed watching him play. Best of luck to him and many thanks.
Well said YP! No one does less with more than Mario & Co.
Fantastic decision young man - and great get for Coach Napier and UF. The UF coaching, facilities, fans and the quality of the university itself are heads above scUM's. Playing in front of 6,000 fans in an empty stadium at scUM just doesn't mean much. Rashada will love UF and the SEC, SEC, SEC!
Very well said YankeePig. A good example of this is Cristobal leaving a good job at Oregon where he had it made and leaving for the cesspool known as scUM where the fans are ready to fire him. Sorry to see the Hogs go down today. Time to bounce back strong.
Fantastic! This young man made the right decision. This Program is going to be on solid footing going forward. Great to be…
Well said, AFan. That’s exactly right. This is going to take some time, but we’ve already seen a lot of solid progress on the field as well as in recruiting (except according to a few members of a rival fanbase). Good luck to your boys this weekend - it should be an intriguing game. RTR!
Fantastic! This is great news for us. Thornton & Johnson are solid.
Thankfully I don’t know any Florida fans who are negative about Billy Napier. The ones I know are very pleased with the hire, the recruiting & the direction of the Program. I also think BK is a good coach who will do very well at LSU.
Lol. Dom Brown. I remember hearing that on a couple Michigan game broadcasts. Then thinking, OK, I guess he must be one of the best DCs in college football. Nope.
Very well said, YankeePig & DixieDuck. I detest every single thing about scUM and love watching them sUck as their fans proclaim them preseason champions every year. I’m sure Manny Diaz loves seeing this almost as much as I do.