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You right, this taken out of context. He had just got into a heated argument with a ref.
How does one get a job writing at SDS? Asking because if you’re gonna write about what’s most pressing for a team, shouldn’t you atleast know and have watched that team??? Because EVERYONE saw in the Florida game that the biggest issue is the trenchs. Both lines got destroyed in that game. So no, dude. The most pressing question is can Pruitt get the big guys to protect the QB and get after the other team’s.
Bates was horrible last year. He only played because of injuries.
You're out of touch. I didn't even read your whole comment cause you lost me... Jones was a last second hire because Strong back out last minute at big money to take a little more at Louisville. Schitno is getting anymore. All people required to sign MOU to make it binding had not signed it, so it was still just a piece of paper. Currie will be fired with cause because he went out on his own with haslem to hire Schitno. The school nor the the rest of the admin signed off on him making that offer.
All these "Tee ain't ready" comments...well how you know? "He's never had HC experience"...oh...well...check this: A tidbit about Championship Weekend. 8 of 14 HC’s in conf champ games were hired as HC’s w/o being a HC before. Helton Shaw Norvell Frost Patterson Riley Swinney Smart Malzahn & Harslin were HC 1 yr at ArkSt before moving up. Richt to UGA from FSU as OC.
Reports I'm seeing (even on this site) is that Schitno (yes, spelt that way on purpose) backed out after seeing the fan, former player, and TN legislation backlash.
Y'all can take this with a grain of salt but my buddy (close to the workings of the program) has been dead on the money ever since the FL game. He said its a done deal. Harlem, Fuller, and Peyton have made it happen this time.
Versa? Thanks for letting me know that.
So CFB fans can't be NBA fans and vise v
It's really not that bad of a hire. Sure LSU misses him.
Coming the worst LB on the team. Sit down shut up. Will be surprised if this team wins another game this year. Yet Botch will still be there next year.
I take it none of you watched the App State game, there was ALOT of I-formation in that game. Yet he barely squeaked out 100 yds...against and 3rd tier conference team. This all started after he was benched for showboating and losing the fumble in the FL game. Kamara is and has been the better back, hell check last years numbers. I'm happy for the guy, but good riddance. I'm happier the Kelly II is FINALLY getting his chance.
I take it none of you watched the App State game...they ran ALOT of I-formation in that game. This goes back to being benched for Kamara in
This is a big a deal as some would like to believe. First off, star ratings are, well, overrated. Second, it's rare that one single player can get you a championship...must less a WR. Now would I like to see him in UT orange? Of course, but atleast he's not going to another SEC school.
If you hate it so much and think 0-0 is an acceptable score go write for soccer.
You guys really think he hasn't been working with the UT QBs the last few years? And Jones comments about the assistants echoes that. Why lose an assistant that's good or has a cheap price tag when you get Manning anyway...FOR FREE.
Is that all you know how to say? You clearly love UT because you're constantly commenting on something that involves UT. This seems and probably is all about money. I'm sure she saw where the girl got all that money from Florida State and she think she can get some from UT. This is clearly why women (reporters, trainers, etc) should not be allowed in the locker room. As for the OL that was arrested dealing with the porn and under age girl, if it's true (which it seems it is) he should have his nuts cut off with a spoon. No need to bring every one into your accusations, you're only mad because your team at its best couldn't beat UT during some of Its worst.
Yes, and what gets me is the people (mainly bama and ol' piss fans) posting their top 5 teams. Did everyone forget that UT had Oklahoma down double digits then blew the game late...or how UT had a late lead in BAMA? That's plus the returning STARTERS is why they're ranked where they are. I believe it's wayyyyyyyyyyyy to early to be hyping up my Vols, but what this team starts the season with that they didn't have/know is how to close a team out.
I believe what happened was the coaching staff offered him a chance at starting because they felt Maybin would leave. After he decided to stay they may have called him and told him that he may not get that opportunity. Yea, horrible communication, but it happens when you're waiting on a kid to make a decision.
He was a grad assistant there and met his wife (who was a cheerleader) there. He's publicly (since the talent is a lot better) said UT is his dream job. Why not take the DC position, help win or compete for a natty then when CBJ follows the money he can take over the job with talent he's recruited. Plus it would be a great way for him to learn the recruiting process and how to beat out Saban...just a thought...
Guy is a Northwestern fan but goes to Mizzou. Tells me he's not smart enough to get into Northwestern... That's all I need to know.
Where's that guy that everybody and SDS said was the 5th best player in the WHOLE conference?
I have one of those crazy feelings that if he is fired Georgia will fire Richt and hire him. Sorry Missouri, and South Carolina. I believe that's the only thing that kept Richt a job at Georiga, them waiting on a proven great coach.
Or a UT saying "2016 is our year" lol I figure every time in the SEC can pick a year like Alabama and just claim it. Hell every team will have 25 championships in no time. Just remember 2016 is already taken lol
9-0 in his FIRST he's good enough to win with someone else's recruits? That might work out for the real USC for the first couple years but then what if he can't recruit? Really don't want them to go through what UT has (leave that for Florida and Georgia). I think the Memphis guy is the top guy for the job, better snatch him up before someone else like does.
Hmm, and if you could spell you'd probably be a Texas fan.
Yes the pass interference call was ridiculous. The roughing the passer one I can see how it wasn't called. If you re-watch it he was going for the tackle before he released the ball. I cut the game off when they gave Oklahoma that catch where the guy's knee came down out of bounds first. I knew after that call that Oklahoma was gonna win no matter what. I won't blame the refs for the loss though. Should have put them away instead they kept going 3 and out. Gotta get a better offense gameplan before SEC play.