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I’m thrilled that it was’t just me who noticed how pitiful the Clemson Mascot looked. Just terrible.
I happily stand corrected. Congrats to Vol Nation for pulling off the win. SEC East perfect in bowls this year!
I consider the loud boos from the Vols’ fans to be a compliment, and he had success against them when UT was actually good and relevant. Of course, leave it to the modern day Vols to ruin the SEC East bowl record this year.
Burrow and Stingley are easily the MVPs. They’ve been playing unreal.
UGA and Blankenship are cursed today. I was hoping for a closer game.
I thought I’d be rooting for UGA (I did for the past 2 years), it ended up rooting for LSU ever since we lost to them. They’re just so good this year. Tho I’m rooting for LSU, I just hate seeing all these UGA players get injured.
Statistically, you almost never want to face the same team again in the same season.
Forget benefit of the doubt. We’ll see a lot more on the field. Both Bama and UGA have to deal with Auburn. November almost always ends up clearing up confusion for the playoff committee.
Missed calls happen, and often it’s hard to see things in real time. That’s just part of the game. What I can’t accept so easily is blatantly terrible rulings by the replay booth. One really can’t predict what those guys will decide. They need to be more like the NFL when it comes to replay officiating. They have way too much influence in college football.
Mighty impressive. Glad we won’t have to face them again.....sorta. Watching a team just be THAT good, is fun. Now UGA gets to enjoy facing Auburn and LSU.
Thanks, now they need to focus on next week. That game really has me worried. Way too easy to underestimate Mizzou right now!
Good luck Tigers! Here’s hoping you guys go all the way undefeated this year.
Good luck Tigers!! I’m really hoping you pull it off, even tho it won’t be us representing the East. This has the making of an exciting offensive battle. Not another 9 to 6 game.
I don’t get the hate directed towards him. He’s always been so solid.
It was a terrible call, true, but the call didn’t give them 6pts....or maybe I should go on a week long rant and let my head explode b/c of the refs.
Congrats. The better team won. I think your O-line were the MVPs. Our defense never could get off the field. I can begrudgingly accept being owned for 3 yrs by great UGA squads, but I CANNOT accept being owned by Mizzou! We gotta bounce back!
That’s what I counted too, thus far, but UGA is just playing soooooo much better. Their O-line is a brick wall.
I may be the only Gator fan that’s not mad about the Dawg’s end zone stomp in 2007. It was a good call by Richt. I was tailgating outside the stadium that year, and no doubt, the UGA fans in the stadium were unquestionably louder and more hyped up throughout that game. They were just better that year. Fortunately for UF, Spikes set the tone at the beginning of the 2008 game. I’m never gonna forget that hit on Moreno.
A great first opportunity as a married couple, for one person to be happy for their spouse, even if their team loses....priorities, right?
Even if he is (and I do hope he is 100%), the game looks to be a tossup. It’ll all come down to which defense can slow down the other offense, with 2 defense-minded HCs.
Rankings really only matter near the end of the season, but they’re more pointless early on b/c they’re influenced by preseason opinion. That being said, LSU should be #1, and looks scary good.
I can’t see him being successful in the NFL. The only college HC job that he’d take is ND.
It’s okay, I got the joke. But no, we wouldn’t take him back.