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Come on down off that high horse of knowing nothing. You might fall and hurt yourself.
When he signed it, if I remember right, Stafford was among the highest paid players in the NFL. How things change in a few years.
More importantly... how does anyone anywhere miss the "this was a satire" printed right there on the page?
The difference is, Auburn is where they go when they're cut from their team.
Why is it ridiculous? As a 4 star athlete I'm sure he was given plenty of scholarship most for classes and living expenses. It's not UGA's fault he wasn't good enough to get on the field. They're hundreds of schools for him to choose from
Some are less horrible than the others, but horrible none the less.
Very cool story. I'll be watching... But good lord the lack of editing in this article is astounding.
Well at least we know winning isn't his top priority.
Notice these are the smaller bowls? The major bowls have been down right boring.
First off, Bennett is well know for saying the stupidest crap. No surprise here. Secondly, bitter little man who was swept by a bad Rams team is bitter.
Funny, I must have missed the articles showing Kirby two heartbeats away from an aneurysm. I also missed where Kirby went into a powerhouse SEC school and completely laid an ostrich sized egg. I'm not saying Kirby's going to tear it up, he's too much of an unknown. With Muskrat, you know exactly what you're getting...a ticking time bomb who'll get a couple years of failure before getting fired.
There's a fine line between passion and full blown insane rage. Guess what category he falls in. It's OK to be passionate, it's not ok to harm your team by getting personal fouls from the sideline.
Well at least Georgia is guaranteed another couple years of beating SC.
We don't need Tennessee as a cautionary story. We all remember Ray Goof.
Showed his appreciation for the play calling? Riiiight. Don't try to sugarcoat his intention. More like a backhanded swipe at his own team.
I feel sorry for GT fans. The triple option is kind of boring to watch. But georgia need to learn how to defend it. GT's QB was holding the ball extremely late with UGA players standing in front of him waiting to see what he does. They need to blow him up if he's going to hold the ball that late. It'll be perfectly legal.
What idiot decided to put those tarps on the sidelines anyway? Georgia Tech's QB was shaken up slipping on one in the Georgia game.
Wah Wah. If you don't want to watch the games then don't watch them.
The problem with that is he WAS being tackled. Yes he threw the ball back intentionally but with defenders on him, that could be considered an act other than those you listed from the rule book... ie being tackled.
Man, the people at football scoop must have had money on the game. Lol
That was my thought too. If a backwards pass hits the ground, it is live (and not a dead ball like a forward pass) but does that make it a fumble? I think that's really where the rules need to be explored. Is that act of the ball hitting the ground called a fumble because I'd it is, the refs blew the call because you can't advance it. If it's not considered a fumble, merely a "live ball" then the refs got it right.
Late for breakfast? What a loser!! Go ahead and lock him off the team. He's going nowhere if he doesn't eat breakfast.
Ads? What ads? lol one of the first things I do when I get a new computer is install adblock
Judging by his size and the fact he ran out of gas 15 yards down field, he'll probably end up on the line. Defensive or offensive.
"shoves"? Nice click bait there SDS. There was no shove...not even a tiny push. He merely put his hands on Saban to stop the TO. The whole click bait thing is getting out of hand around here. You should be above that if you want to be a legit site.
Oh, how I've missed seeing that stupified look on Harbaugh's face every sunday.