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What a funny Leach joke though right?!?!?!...let state keep paying that idiot large sums of money for his funny quips and corky antics... Maybe he can coach a special Olympics team for "Chair Flipping"
Asked how Mississippi State can close the gap on Georgia, Leach jokes he'll ask every other team ranked below UGA how to do that and choose the best answers. "You just keep doing what you're doing and doing it better, is the short answer," he added. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and EXPECTING different results. News are NOT doing anything better! Please for the love of god ? this idiot sideshow! For fellow state fans, stop talking officiating...its a distraction...and start talk about what needs to change...maybe you will see the light when the other mississippi team beat state for the third time straight :(
See, this is the only value this side show (Leach) brings to any program. Candy corn and dinosaur hands click bait.
Dump Leach and go after Prime Time. This is the best it gets with this idiot sideshow named Mike Leach. Literally, anything is better! ANYTHING!
6 wins!?!? Come on now, State did beat Notre Dame...or Green?...or whatever...yeah Notre Dame Ok so for the sake of all the blind, miserable, idiot fan base out there, how many wins do you, in the non blind, miserable, idiot camp predict?
Mike Leach historical points scored averages: 10 years at Texas Tech 37.11pts, yr3 = 38.4pts 8 year at WSU 32.31pts, yr3 = 31.8 18 year = 35pts (34.977) Let's say 35pts :)
Now, can State's "prolific" offense do that against an SEC Team this year? No need to reply, two words... Show me...
Well that is implied at the grown-up table...thanks for stopping by