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I'm now a firm believer that you guys leave errors in your articles on purpose, just to give the public something to talk about! My last time falling it! 2015 not 2013
It's funny how ole piss fans talk so much with two losses! Look at Florida st. Y'all had a big lead and pissed it away. We are not hitting on all cylinders yet. We are missing 3 defensive starters. So give us credit for finding a way to win. This is conference play. It's supposed to be tight. This is the SEC not the Big 12. Congratulations to all the winners and good luck next week to all the losers! You guys sound like seven t! Go Vols!
I would love to keep this young man in state!
Sorry for your loss coach Fulmer! Praying for you!
This would be awesome! Except I would prefer to beat Oklahoma to reach the title game and of course beat Bama! That would solidify SEC dominance! Nice and wishful thinking!
I agree with Mountain Dog this could be a trap game, although with a senior QB in Dobbs and a stout defense I don't see any issues. We should take care of business.. 45-14 sounds about right! 7 of those 14 should come from second and third teamers.
That is not in question PDADawg. He is just making a comparison of the two teams. Stop hating that Georgia is not getting the hype! Hype means nothing. It's how the player's play and the coaches call plays! Georgia has been on the hype train every year since you guys broke our 9 year run over Georgia! Stay on a UGA page with the hate. They start tomorrow so all the talk is over! Time to put up or shut up! Go Big Orange! VFL
Sad to hear the truth hurts! Yes every race has dealt with slavery. Yet none had to deal with institutional slavery based on your race. Yes more whites are killed by police, yet when compared with the ratio of the population breakdown you are more likely to be killed as an unarmed black man then an armed white man! People in my family fought for the right to stand or not to stand for the national anthem. That is his right and most military men from ww2 and Korean war have told me this from their mouth's. So stop the hillbilly rants about his stance and how he chooses to convey them. The same rights that allow a person to waive a rebel flag of treason! Educate yourself instead of falling for the Fox news trott!
Georgia has been playing football longer then any SEC team and only managed 1national title. Potential is all Georgia will ever have. A bunch of underachieving yellowbellies!
I know that I will sound like a Homer, but how is UT not a blue blood? Number 5 in all-time bowl wins, a .700 plus overall win PCT, went almost 2 season's without allowing a point, top ten in overall wins, and 2 uninamous natties. No disrespect to LSU, Florida, or Georgia, but your history doesn't compare. Miami and Florida St are you joking! I guess the last ten years have scwed people's perceptions of Tennessee!
Same for Metro Nashville's population. It stands at 1.9-2 million people. Plus Nashville pre metro government population was well over 200,000.
All the bama fans can make every excuse there is for Satan. He is an awesome coach,but a terrible person. He should have let the kid go when he first asked. What secrets was he going to take with him that Smart didn't already know. Forget the competition it's about being human!
That sounds like a child's statement! Ever notice that he is really the only gator continuesly talking trash. The first couple of jabs was cute, now it's just petty! You Florida fans are getting to big headed with only 3 championship rings! Talk when you have 6 or more!
LarryMunson can you read? It's been documented for the past two years how Josh Dobbs doe's in school. He would not have gotten a internship with Boeing or JPL if his grades were sub par. Yes Tennessee's aerospace program is very good. We have produced several astronauts! Guess you never went to college or you would now about internships! You are a true hater! Grow up and be proud of this young man's accomplishments!
Rest in peace Mr.Saunders! You will be missed this season!
Sorry to inform you that no broker is allowed to purchase more then a 1,000 tickets at once. I assume that you are not a VT or UT fan. My caravan will consist of 8 families or 25 people. So I think it will still be over 80% full.
So bama has no problem letting one kid transfer in conference and they didn't mind taking a graduate transfer for themselves! This is ridiculous! Saban dumped LSU,and the Dolphins, yet he won't let this kid transfer to UGA! I thought this was the Bible belt! Saban is acting like he is king. To all you bama fans what if this was your son or daughter would you still feel the same way. Just remember Karma! So sad I thought bama had more class! Throw stones all you want at UT bamatime, but I bet you are a bandwagon fan. Let's not talk about the skeletons in bamas closet! Oh Fulmer told that. Saban grow up and do the right thing! WWJD!
Two teams in the 30's went unscored on. Combining to produce over 17 games with a shutout. The 69 team that won the SEC and the Sugar Bowl. A lot to choose from!
Why so harsh? They made a stupid bonehead move! They are 18 years old. Can you remember when you were 18? They need to be punished, not have their careers destroyed before it gets started. I don't condone what they did.
Why would you want to watch a college game in a high school stadium?
It's a Tennessee thing others won't understand! I like the concept. They just dropped the ball!
Not to troll on an UGA article, but you guys are putting to much stock in if a kid is a 5,4,or 3 star. I'm just saying. I lived in metro Atlanta for 8 years. It's the only SEC team other than my VOLS I actually wish success!
Wow a refreshing comment fromban Old Miss fan! Thanks brother! Too many of your fellow fans just troll on other teams.
You quoat a lot of history, but seem ignorant! No one outside Alabama can compare to osu and ou! Please Tennessee's history is as deep if not deeper then OU and OSU. Your so called tigers have one of the top 15 schools football history. You are a troll. Name when LSU won it's first Natty? Bet you don't know. Trolls are for bridges! VFL
A proven Dobbs! I know what I have in him. Reason is a complete unknown! He may get hit by Derrick Barnett and get the love of football knocked out of him! He is unproven. Sorry this is just premature to put a true untried freshman on a list like this. This is stuff that the ACC,and Big10 does. Not the SEC!
Please UGA fans stop using Chubb getting hurt as an excuse! He is a dynamic player, and so is Michael! Wish them both speedy recoveries! If one goes down the next man up! No one wants their team to win due to an injury. Sorry for the idiot Vol fan remarks! GBO VFL!
How about UGA win anything! You had a top ten recruiting class for the last 15 years with only one sec title and no natty! Crawl back into your cotton field and kiss your cousin! Wish this young man a speddy recovery!
I thought trolls belonged under bridges! This has nothing to do with Mizzou, there is no history for you to discuss! True history, True legacy! Don't hate just read and enjoy! GBO VFL!