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Mark Richt's problem is not that we haven't won a National Championship. We've been close to it 3 times I believe. It's the lack of competitiveness in the SEC. Bobby Bowden was a "god" at FSU because they won the ACC nearly every year from the first year they joined and had never been considered a top tier program prior to that. But when the conference titles dried up after 2005, so did his support. Just based on recruiting territory, Georgia and Florida should dominate the East every year. If UGA won the East every other year, most people would be very happy with Richt right now. But we have only won it outright twice in the last 10 years, losing in the SECC both times. Florida has been his Achilles heel. And that was the ONE series he was expected to turn around coming from Florida St. I imagine it was one of the significant reasons he was hired over other candidates at the time. He was the THE GUY from FSU who BEAT Spurrier 8 times out of 13 games during the same period that we only beat him once. But that expectation has NEVER been fulfilled in 15 years. Even the two times UGA won the SEC, we LOST to Florida in both years, costing us a shot at the BCS Championship in 2002. Those facts are at the core of the dissatisfaction with him. Every team deals with injuries. Ohio State won the National Championship last year with a 3rd string QB. Sound recruiting and the creation of depth on the roster is the hallmark of great coaches. And aren't we always told that continuity on the coaching staff is what leads to great recruiting? Well we've had that continuity for 15 years yet the excuse every year is "we're young, our star player got hurt, we had 6 guys from last year's defense get drafted to the NFL," etc. Why in 15 years with one of the best recruiting bases in the NCAA do we ALWAYS seem to be THIN at some key group, particularly on the OL? Yes, in 2012 we were 5 yards from going to the BCS Championship vs Notre Dame... in a game where we blew a 2 score lead in the final 20 minutes. While you might say we were on par with Alabama in 2012, the trajectory of the two programs since then was shown in stark contrast on Oct 3 with a healthy Nick Chubb in the game.