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There's no way Tua sits out a bowl game if healthy. That's the dumbest take I've heard in a while. It completely disregards the young man's competitive spirit and commitment to his teammates. Not to mention that there's plenty to be gained personally by putting one final impression on film for NFL teams looking for a franchise QB.
I have to admit that coach got me kinda fired up to see the Gophers. I'm with Kirk!
I agree with the sentiment of the article. I'm not 100% sold that JG gains a lot by leaving at this point in the season. But I hear the argument of getting ahead of the transfer recruiting cycle. And he definitely did right by Auburn imo. The blame here lies squarely at the feet of Gus. And the Justin Fields '18 comparison is spot on. It seems that some coaches are stuck on the idea that you can't interchange QB's without creating the sense of no QB at all. Interestingly, Jeremy Pruitt has proven that that is just simply not always the case. This shouldn't have and didn't have to end this way.