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Apparently Georgia is on your mind! Article has nothing to do with Georgia.
Come on man, you are making all Georgia fans look bad
What you talking bout bruh? What does this article have anything to do with race? There was no mention of couples race. You need to go outside and get some fresh air snowflake
Did I miss something? Did LSU win the NC this year? Dam sure sounds like it from the way this dude is talking.
I hope you are wrong sir. Hopefully Georgia shows up this year.
Being a Colorado fan why are you even here?
Dude why are you talking about Florida and Justin fields when this article is about uga and auburn?
Well South Carolina had their 3rd string QB in and still beat us. It doesn't take much plus kirby is 0-3 in sec west away games.
Yea they are everywhere. Where were these fans when shula was head coach?