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Tom Arnold, the be all, end all of college sports insider news.
Looks like the NFL doesn't want another Johnny Football. Can't say I blame them.
Someone needs a wah burger to go with their french cries
He is the second coming of Johnny Manzell. That is why he was not invited.
It's something people who understand sportsmanship do. Just like shaking hands after a game and saying "good game".
He should have found a better artist.... that is some awful line work, and looks like it will fade in a week.
Yeah, An Ohio State University might make it back.
Yeah, karma came and took a bite out of this cheap shot specialist's butt.
No surprise here. The heads of the NFL hate Beckham because he enjoys the game and celebrates scores. Or, showboats as they call it. And they can't figure out why no one watches the NFL anymore. Well, good on 'em. I prefer college football, anyway.
I agree with Coach Richt. Your team helped put you in the position to be drafted. Injuries can happen in bowl games, but they also happen in regular season games. I could see not including bowl stats in season stats, but if you helped your teammates get to a bowl, you should play in the damn game. Personally, I think if they voluntarily sit out the bowl and bowl practices, then, their scholarship should be revoked and they should be held liable for the cost of their education.
What video? You're crap never includes a link to the video.
As he should be. Bailing out on your team should be a mark against these kids with the NFL. They have no team loyalty. All about that dollar.
Both of them too busy focusing on childish behavior to do their jobs.
Sounds like he's all about the $. Good luck to what school he picks, I foresee NCAA investigations and sanctions in your future. He'll take your golden handshake and the tweet it to the world.
So, John, explain how Cam Newton was a 'gap filler'. There are many more examples that point towards your idea that juco players are untrustworthy is so much bunk. Sure, some may be bad apples, but this is also true of some athletes that never attend a juco. Don't stereotype.
Maybe he's going to Bama. Maybe he wants to win championships. Maybe he is good enough to win a starting job.
What a huge waste of time. Slow day in sports news? Everyone who read this is now dumber for the effort. Do people actually get paid for writing this drivel, and if so, where do I sign up for it? I'm surprised you didn't change one play and have LSwho beat Alabama, also. I wasted time on this crap that could have been spent productivity twiddling my thumbs. Thanks.
Just jealous because all auburn has is a broken down Gus Bus.
I'm a lifelong Alabama fan, but, John Crist needs to give credit where it is due. Alabama is NOT the only undefeated team in college football. There is another, Western Michigan. Give them a little credit, why don't you? It's very difficult to go undefeated on any level, so share the love. And ROLL TIDE!
Chad Kelly loses 4 games a year. Just saying.