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The Gators were terrifying in the postseason. I honestly wasn't too worried about which team A&M would face last night until I watched Florida take Kentucky to the woodshed in the first inning with absolute domination from thereon out. I have no doubt the Gators will continue to field formidable teams for years to come.
Honestly, I was really angry with how the ESPN broadcast treated Neely after the end to his outing in Florida's game vs A&M last night. He was understandably very emotional and was given the space his team felt he needed in the dugout while he processed his feelings. For the broadcasters to zoom in on his face again, and again, and AGAIN after his exit was just wrong! These may be star athletes in the making, but they are also young people that deserve respect and privacy just as much as anyone else. It is sickening that the broadcasters would spend that much in game time focused on one player's raw emotional turmoil IMMEDIATELY after his finish for the night!
The fact that the SEC was 5-0 vs the ACC in Omaha was as loud a statement of SEC baseball dominance as one could hope for. With the strides SEC teams have made in both men's and women's basketball of late along with the inclusion of the unprecedentedly successful Oklahoma softball program to a league already loaded with stellar softball programs, the SEC really is the ultimate conference of champions across so many sports. Obviously, I could also go on for many paragraphs with the accolades in tennis, track and field events, golf, gymnastics, swimming,and more that SEC teams have earned in recent decades. Excited to see Aggie Baseball get the opportunity to play for their first Natty. I'm also looking forward to the Olympics this summer, which will of course showcase the many current and former outstanding SEC athletes on a global stage.
Congrats, Gators! That was a game for the ages. It should be a great one when we play y'all in Omaha. Dawgs, get that win tomorrow and make history with an all-time high 5 SEC teams in Omaha! That would be the most from a single conference ever.
I think you're right here. Also, I am rooting hard for the Gators to dine on tiger tails today! I have a conspiracy theory that the NCAA intentionally juiced the bracket to get a record number of ACC schools to Omaha in hopes of delaying the demise of the ACC, which will further weaken the already weak NCAA. With 3 ACC schools already headed to Omaha, the prospect of having an all-time high 5 ACC teams into Omaha is a rather repugnant possibility. Needless to say, I'm rooting very hard for Cags, Condon, and their respective teams today to avoid that outcome.
Tennessee will get the win they need. I think your team is mature enough to slug back very hard following yesterday's defeat - especially with so many talented batters.
At long last, Addazio is gone! There's only one word in his job title that man earned at A&M and that word is offensive.
Couldn't agree more Boxster. Most A&M fans have been bemoaning the contract extension if not the insane original contract. To one up an already unprecedented contract with an even more ludicrous one based on good but not great on field results was incredibly stupid. If Jimbo wanted to leave for LSU prior to the contract revamp then we should have let him.
I watched your game in Death Valley, and the hogs are DEFINITELY underrated. KJ Jefferson is an absolute beast like your beloved Tusk. I anticipate a rage-filled brawl this weekend in Arlington. I don’t bet, but anyone who thinks A&M vs Arkansas is a safe game to bet on this upcoming weekend is foolish.
I watched your game in Death Valley, and the hogs are DEFINITELY underrated. KJ Jefferson is an absolute beast like your beloved Tusk. I anticipate a rage-filled brawl this weekend in Arlington. I don't bet, but anyone who thinks A&M vs Arkansas is a safe game to bet on this upcoming weekend is foolish.
I was thinking the same thing. Seems like A&M should be more like 6ish in the overall rankings. Florida definitely deserves to be before A&M at the moment. Also, KJ Jefferson is scary good right now, and I expect the hogs to bring their recent pain to bear this weekend in Arlington. I'm anticipating one hell of a slugfest between A&M and Arkansas this weekend...which is actually normal for this series!
Clearly, they did NOT have the ideal footwear for the surf and turf field of Hard Rock Stadium. Couldn't agree more about the game. First and foremost, Durkin needs to go. The decline in on field execution and solid play calling since Mike Elko left is astronomical. Sad to say, I guess we should have pulled a Miami and gotten both a new (real) OC AND a new DC in the off-season.
It makes Ron happy to troll everyone on here all the time. Why should we deny him the joy of ripping on everyone at every opportunity? Heck, just the other day I thought I saw a comment from him that was marginally positive about another team. Does Ron often seem unstable, unreasonable, crude, and mean? Sure. But it makes him happy, and it seems he needs that happiness to make his life a meaningful one. So let's let Ron have a meaningful life
Our defense is being blundered by a bad defensive coordinator with a bad defensive scheme for this team. The dropoff between Mike Elko and Durkin is insane. Our defense didn't lose this game. Durkin's inability to adjust scheme, lingering OL issues apparent since Addazio took over as OL coach, and the defense's regression in fundamentals like tackling did. All of the above plus kudos to Miami's new OC and DC for calling an excellent game. Despite the kick in the teeth, Weigman looked good and showed grit taking the heat and hits. The offense looked pretty good, but you cannot win games when you give up that many points to your opponent.
"The SEC West sucks yet again". No. Just no. You're going to make this horrendously erroneous statement based on one bad loss by LSU to a quality opponent in week one. If we are comparing divisions, count your many blessings for having your beloved Dawgs in the SEC East. Very few years in the past couple of decades has the SEC East been able to hold a candle to the overall strength of the SEC West in football. Use any major metric you prefer: national championship wins, SEC titles, etc. In every case, the SEC West has outperformed the SEC East this century. So please, inform yourself of the facts before you embarrass yourself further.
Yep. I'd love to hear the explanation for A&M's seeding from the committee. Any answer that doesn't involve, it was the highest probability way for them to ensure a ratings bonanza with an A&M vs tu matchup is 100% BS.
Agree with you on the time between games needing some revision. Obviously the addition of tu and OU to the SEC will necessitate a conference tournament schedule revision anyway, so I hope the conference takes the opportunity to move the tournament start date at least a day earlier and also spread time between games out a bit more too. Although, since we all know game times are set based on how much $$$ stands to be made, I doubt a longer time between games would ever be guaranteed.
I feel for y'all here. You have an excellent argument too. Additionally, your very tough SOS should be a major factor that the committee considers heavily. Unfortunately, the committee seems to weight games played at any point in the season equally (except for conference tournaments which they seem to not care about at all unless you win it and get an auto-bid). Vanderbilt deserves to be in based on their play over the last 5-6 weeks. However, I fear that the committee won't see it that way. If y'all don't get in, please go win the NIT! A&M's last second one point loss in the NIT championship still stings a bit in my heart.
Then why should teams like Alabama, Texas A&M, and Tennessee even play in the conference tournament? What's the point? So they can wear themselves down more and potentially have nasty injuries occur?
So true. The fact that A&M has no real solid wins out of conference combined with the not so stellar OOC records from the SEC on the whole this season are holding A&M back. That, and possibly a grudge from the NCAA tournament committee members irked by how vocal Buzz Williams and Greg Sankey were about A&M's exclusion from the tournament last year. Fortunately, I think A&M is well positioned for a solid run into the tournament this year. And if they do make it all the way to the Final 4, they will basically have a home crowd with those games being in Houston, which is always good news!
Amen. We need to get everyone else in the SEC prepared for tu shenanigans. Horns down all day everyday
Yes, even the impenetrable Georgia defense had a poor showing today. Is it just me, or are there more early season shockers and nail-biters this season than usual? Is this what increased parity via the current transfer portal rules looks like? Or that plus the one time weirdness of some teams loaded up with 5th and 6th year seniors due to the extra year of eligibility? If someone wants to provide some stats to either support or discredit my hypothesis, I would greatly appreciate it either way.
Wow! I would love to eventually attend that many stadiums. And yes, the unique traditions at each school are what makes college football so great. The few places I have been for games have all been very different, yet wonderful in their own way.
You sir, are a class act. Thank you for your succinct, and very truthful, posts. We would all do well to lead by your example on this site.
Yes, it would be accurate to say good defensive play and great special teams play (minus the one muffed but recovered punt return) won us the game. The offense played just well enough that we can say they didn't lose us the game. I still think the poor offensive play is less about the players and more about a variety of offensive coaching deficiencies. Jimbo would do better to delegate playcalling duties while he focuses on how to bring the entire team (and especially the offense as a unit) together. Offensive assistant coach shuffling in the off-season seems to have caused more harm than good. It was great to see Bryce Foster start at center again, but our O-line still seems like the weakest link on the entire team. All that said, this was a much needed win that sets the team on better mental footing moving forward.
A veteran-studded App State team with a very good experienced QB played their hearts out today and had an excellent game plan. Our offense (especially the O-line), played putridly. That's no excuse though. The team was not properly prepared to face a veteran App state crew with absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from a big win over a ranked opponent. I do not blame our young team for this loss. I do blame the coaching staff. In particular, our new O-line coach should be on the chopping block if there isn't marked improvement over the next few games. You can't have a serious run game with an O-line that porous, and A&M needs a solid run game to play competitively. Offensive playcalling and overall decision making was also questionable and that falls squarely on Jimbo's shoulders. The important thing moving forward will be to see how the team responds to this devastating home loss.
There is simply not enough in-game data to claim anything significant about King (good or bad). We will simply have to see how he's progressed following his injury and through the off-season and camp. However, I do think the author of this article (and others) are being overly critical of Johnson. He is a very good QB
There's just not enough in-game data to make a reasonable comparison between King and Johnson. Plus, it would be foolish to forget that King never left the Aggies. Even while injured, he was getting plenty of work on the nonphysical (i.e., mental) aspects of his game with his teammates and coaches providing support. The most obvious things in favor of King that can be assessed are his familiarity with Fisher's system/his teammates and his raw speed. Both of these advantages were noted in this article. King has been been cited several times as the 2nd fastest player on the team the past couple of years, just behind Achane. I think anyone who's seen Achane play knows what that speed looks like. Cannot wait to see King light it up with his legs and his arm!