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Yes, even the impenetrable Georgia defense had a poor showing today. Is it just me, or are there more early season shockers and nail-biters this season than usual? Is this what increased parity via the current transfer portal rules looks like? Or that plus the one time weirdness of some teams loaded up with 5th and 6th year seniors due to the extra year of eligibility? If someone wants to provide some stats to either support or discredit my hypothesis, I would greatly appreciate it either way.
Wow! I would love to eventually attend that many stadiums. And yes, the unique traditions at each school are what makes college football so great. The few places I have been for games have all been very different, yet wonderful in their own way.
You sir, are a class act. Thank you for your succinct, and very truthful, posts. We would all do well to lead by your example on this site.
Yes, it would be accurate to say good defensive play and great special teams play (minus the one muffed but recovered punt return) won us the game. The offense played just well enough that we can say they didn't lose us the game. I still think the poor offensive play is less about the players and more about a variety of offensive coaching deficiencies. Jimbo would do better to delegate playcalling duties while he focuses on how to bring the entire team (and especially the offense as a unit) together. Offensive assistant coach shuffling in the off-season seems to have caused more harm than good. It was great to see Bryce Foster start at center again, but our O-line still seems like the weakest link on the entire team. All that said, this was a much needed win that sets the team on better mental footing moving forward.
A veteran-studded App State team with a very good experienced QB played their hearts out today and had an excellent game plan. Our offense (especially the O-line), played putridly. That's no excuse though. The team was not properly prepared to face a veteran App state crew with absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from a big win over a ranked opponent. I do not blame our young team for this loss. I do blame the coaching staff. In particular, our new O-line coach should be on the chopping block if there isn't marked improvement over the next few games. You can't have a serious run game with an O-line that porous, and A&M needs a solid run game to play competitively. Offensive playcalling and overall decision making was also questionable and that falls squarely on Jimbo's shoulders. The important thing moving forward will be to see how the team responds to this devastating home loss.
There is simply not enough in-game data to claim anything significant about King (good or bad). We will simply have to see how he's progressed following his injury and through the off-season and camp. However, I do think the author of this article (and others) are being overly critical of Johnson. He is a very good QB
There's just not enough in-game data to make a reasonable comparison between King and Johnson. Plus, it would be foolish to forget that King never left the Aggies. Even while injured, he was getting plenty of work on the nonphysical (i.e., mental) aspects of his game with his teammates and coaches providing support. The most obvious things in favor of King that can be assessed are his familiarity with Fisher's system/his teammates and his raw speed. Both of these advantages were noted in this article. King has been been cited several times as the 2nd fastest player on the team the past couple of years, just behind Achane. I think anyone who's seen Achane play knows what that speed looks like. Cannot wait to see King light it up with his legs and his arm!
Which Pappadeaux restaurant do you go to? I didn't realize they even existed outside Texas until I just checked their website. Still mostly just Texas, but with locations in New Mexico, Colorado, and even Illinois now
I wish you were wrong DallasAg, but you are 100% correct about that fact. They aren't all powerful, but they have a larger and more widespread fanbase with more revenue than any other program, giving them more power in business negotiations than any other school. Not all powerful, just more powerful than everyone else...
I suspect TU cannot hack it against Notre Dame. However, if there is an Aggies v Wronghorns matchup, I look forward to the beatdown the Ags will put upon TU.
The following is an excerpt from a Houston Chronicle article by Brent Zwerneman [“That’s the entire season,” Tom Burnett (NCAA Selection Committee Chairman) said of the 23-12 Aggies entering Tuesday night’s National Invitation Tournament (NIT) opener against Alcorn State. “That starts in November. That’s not just a week in March.”] Translation - The committee couldn't look past the 8-game losing streak in the middle of the season. Or at least that's what they want us to think. Doesn't change the fact that increased transparency would be greatly appreciated by all NCAA teams and fans...just not by the committee members.
Also agree that letting 9 big schools in is heinous. Michigan and Rutgers are going to get routed pretty early on.
Sad but true. Expected ticket sales is a single criterion that clearly explains why Michigan and Notre Dame got in, but the Aggies did not. But it's not all about ticket sales, but that does seem to be a major factor when comparing schools with similar size and financial resources.
My cynical side tells me that THE "Alliance" of big and acc was lashing out against the fact that Oklahoma and TU will soon be joining the SEC against their wishes. Please, by all means, make them regret their decision.
Amen! Nothing would make me happier than for the SEC to dominate the whole bracket. So SEC teams, go BTHO everyone else!
Go win it all, will you. I won't be watching the tournament this year. I just cannot support the tournament after this insanity. Clearly, recent success is meaningless and so is the SEC tournament. I think these people are just lazy. They don't want to have to actually look deeper than wins and losses - full stop.
Yep. But I think it's not just bias against A&M. I think it's also that people are still viewing the SEC as a second-rate league in basketball relative to the ACC, B10, and others. But I think there is also some bias against A&M here. I'd love to see all SEC fans make a huge stink about this. Tennessee is worthy of only a #3 seed? I don't think so...
Truth. But it seems like many in the media are only looking at the win loss ratio. The idea that SMU and Xavier are in a better position right now than A&M is ludicrous! Anyone have a better idea of what the general consensus is from media overall on A&M making it regardless of how tomorrow goes down?
Frankly, even I was stunned with how fired up the every Ag on the court was today. Hogs definitely did not play up to the potential they've shown this season today, but hopefully that will fire y'all up heading into the big one.
San Antonio is definitely great. I highly recommend a trip. Texas cities have all been growing so rapidly during the past several decades, so expect it to look a lot bigger this time around.
While YouTubeTV has cost-sharing friendly policies, Disney definitely does NOT. Disney+ forces you to register individual devices and makes the deregistration process obnoxious seemingly just to crack-down on cost-sharing.
One of the biggest advantages of streaming alternatives to cable is the possibility of splitting costs across multiple households. I do this by sharing a single YTTV account with a friend who lives in the same region as me. As long as both parties are in the same regional zone and rarely stream on more than 2 devices simultaneously, you are unlikely to ever need more than the 3 simultaneous streams YTTV provides. A single YouTubeTV account can easily be shared with local friends to cut the cost in half (or possibly even to 33%). YTTV policies allow this and I have never heard of YTTV trying to prevent this practice in any way.
I was thinking exactly the same thing. Nothing is stopping him from playing a season there to see what he can gain from having Deion for a head coach before transferring elsewhere.
I certainly hope not! Although, we did have a 9OT game this year even after changing the OT rules again, so who knows? Lol
One thing is for sure. This is going to be a defense-heavy battle with both teams highly motivated to win. For LSU, getting to 6 wins means they can go bowling and finish their extremely tumultuous season on a high note. For A&M, the opportunity to beat LSU in Death Valley for the first time in almost 30 years is huge. Also important is the opportunity to have their first 10+ win season since the Aggies' first year in the SEC (2012). I expect this game to look similar to our game against Auburn this year, except with a much smaller margin of victory. LSU always has a great football team, and this year is no different.
You make a valid point about Calzada. He hasn't been tested against serious competition outside of Bama. However, as an attendee of said Bama game at Kyle Field, I can tell you that home field advantage is going to play a big role in this game. The loudness of the 12th man was instrumental in getting pressure and ultimately some sacks against Bryce Young. Furthermore, Calzada's amazing performance in the 4th quarter against Bama was certainly bolstered by the incessant chants of Cal-za-da echoing through the stadium. There will be more than 100k at Kyle Field this weekend at another sold out game. Even if Auburn is unphased by the 12th Man's loudness, I can guarantee you that Calzada will benefit from playing at home.
I agree. Anyone saying Mississippi State isn't worthy of that ranking didn't watch them play. Also, as much as it pains me to admit they beat the Aggies at Kyle field, MS State did just that. A road win over #14 Texas A&M on top of wins over Kentucky and NC State is very solid. Also, I wonder how much influence Alabama's dominant road win over MS State had in elevating them to #2?