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Very much agree. Moving in the right direction. Recruiting is the key to keeping it up.
Totally agree. She took this award from some other deserving player.
Whoever posted this is the first sort of fan. Totally classless and stupid. It's 1 win that's it 1 win. LSU should reply with a photo of their NC ring.
Exactly. The official that blew his whistle will regret that for a long time. Auburn lost, Hogs won.
Finally. Let's spend some cash and get a proven winner who can recruit!
These players are gone in a year or two. Dump the guy after Arkansas and get a coach that can handle the SEC. Enough is Enough
Or, more simply... I'll have my office cleaned out just after the Arkansas game.
I agree. I think he didn't have the team in the right mindset. He let them go to Vandy thinking about KY, GA and FL. Worse, they might have been thinking about SC and Ole Miss. If he's "out coached" her needs to return this week's paycheck.
I wonder how the Mizzou penalty will be affected by the college entrance scandal that recently hit the press. Not all of those incidents involved NCAA athletes, but USC, Texas and others make the Mizzou infractions look like child's play.
100% agree. I can't imagine he'll leave, but he is in over his head. Really wish MU would spend some $$ and get a big name coach. It comes down to recruiting and a big name makes a difference.
Very well stated. Odom's job and possibly his next job are riding on Lock's arm. If Odom can produce a reasonable defense and Lock continues to produce Mizzou could surprise a lot of folks. That's a lot of ifs though.
The Longhorns would definitely be good on the recruiting end, especially in H-town, which is really TAMU country. K-State has no appeal to me, we've been playing them since the Big 8. FSU would be the best match up.
100% agree. I can't see giving him an extension until he is over 500. He's turned things around, but he needs to beat the likes of UGA, UK & SC.
Give the money to the kids that lived through the nightmare at Penn State.
100% agree with your Sandusky comments. If Schiano had any idea as to what was going on, he should be in prison. Beyond that he's a .500 coach +/-. Vols can and should do better.
David, I think you're correct here. For Mizzou to pass up a bowl game would cost the school and the SEC too much cash. Also,Odom needs a checkmark for his resume, which isn't great. Getting better, but not great. All of that said, Mizzou likely ends the season with 6+ wins, so it's not an issue.
You can't seriously be throwing stones at Coach Saban? Look at the man's record. You're not paying attention to the only stat that matters.. Winning %. Odum has so many mistakes that my head spins. Winning %, that's it...
Interesting way to look at the games. Mizzou gets an A, but we still need a new HC. If Mizzou expects to win consistently, the man needs to go. One good grade does not offset his winning percentage. Just not an SEC caliber coach
C-. Heck I graduated from MU with an identical performance...LOL. Odom is a 2nd year coach. If they don't go bowling, he needs to go the woodshed. Missouri State is over now the test begins. Coach, fix it against the gamecocks, or dust off the resume.
I think 'soon' refers to the start of the season. I'd love to see my tigers win the NC, but I live in the real world. I just want a great season and a big bowl win. Zoucat needs to remember he's not on the field this fall. Maybe a little good sportsmanship is in order.
I agree. TV is a lot easier, but winning cures all ills. The "coach" is a joke. I can't stand the guy, but maybe he's better in person than I think.
Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. The Tigers are performing about as expected. It would've been great to see an improved team.
I'm still mad at the coaching staff for that 4th Quarter against UGA. MU should be 3-1, would be if they had just kicked a field goal when up by 6. Running it up on Delaware State is another example of poor coaching. Should have pulled the starters mid 2nd Q.
The play calling in the 4th was proof that we need a real head coach. After running the ball 13 times a row, he throws ANOTHER interception? Why not run it another down and worse case scenario, kick the field goal? Lock had thrown two picks at that point and has no confidence. Why in God's name pass? A field goal at that point puts MU up by 9. Game over.
Not sure I'm your compadre, but I'll react. I think you're a bit of a dolt on your analysis here. The reality is that the article is correct.. He's very strong, but that isn't the only, or most important, NFL factor. I think the fact that he tore a muscle and never missed a game says a lot. Also, I like that he tried wrestling, which is a totally different type of sport. Former wrestlers do well in the NFL. McGovern seems like a future NFL talent to me, but I'm not a scout or owner, so my opinion doesn't really matter. Neither does yours by the way. Nice article Crist -thanks
GP is a solid guy with his head on straight. Mizzou made means that he is churning out great men. He makes me proud to be an alum.