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I don't like the ranking, but the guy who does SP+ is a huge Missouri fan and ran a Missouri fan site for over a decade. There is no anti Mizzou bias i promise.
Yup. Arkansas is pretty safe right now. They obviously COULD fall out, but they're in the field with room to spare for now, and I think a .500 finish will seal it. LSU is on much shakier ground. They have enough talent that they should be able to win enough to get in, but at this moment they are at or near the cut line. They need a good finish.
I think these are pretty much what I'd go with. If Missouri had completed the blowout, I think we'd have a strong case for #1, but as it stands Alabama is still #1. It's just a bit closer. Really any of Alabama, Mizzou and Tennessee are good enough to make a deep tournament run if the breaks are right. Florida has a high ceiling but a lower floor. They are a team that could make a surprise Sweet 16 run out of a 7 or 8 seed. Let's call them tier 1B. Arkansas will most likely make the tournament, but I don't see them past the first weekend at all. LSU is trending dangerously close to the NIT if they aren't careful, but for right now are a tournament team. Don't see anyone else getting in. Georgia, Ole Miss, abd Mississippi State still have a chance at an at large, but would take nearly winning out. So either a 5 or 6 bid league depending on how LSU finishes or if one of the long shots can make a huge late push.
I've tried this. It works for a bit, but the radio feed always lags after a few minutes. I always have to reset the audio feed/re-sync everything every 5 minutes, which is just too much of a pain. Maybe I just have crappy wifi, idk
It was funny. I am sorry if a silly tweet offended you
It was hilarious. Also one of those tweets is mine lol
Bama made half their threes against UT. Good for them; might be the game that ultimately gets them in the NCAA tournament. But that is an outlier. UT is still the best team in the league imo
Look, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but A, you're insulting Pinkel, which makes all of what is below fair game, and B, try to spell a name somewhat close to right every once in awhile. I mean, good lord. Did you really type out "Heupple" and think "yup, that's right! That is the correct spelling of this person's name!"?
Definitely on board with Outback Bowl vs. Iowa.
For a bunch of people who seem offended about the SDS writers talking about Sarah Fuller...do the commenters on here actually ever talk about anyone else?
It's about TV rights. Sounds like ESPN may get the game of the week instead of CBS sooner than expected. Meh.
You can just say you don't want to go to Birmingham this year, LSU.
I don't know who Bill Landiss is, but I strongly suspect I don't like him.
Yeah, I think most people outside of this particular SEC bubble would laugh pretty hard at someone from South Carolina insulting Cali, but okay
I have absolutely no idea if he will take the Texas job, but Urban Meyer's word RE whether or not he is going to coach again is pretty worthless at this point.
I wonder if since obviously there won't be other games to shuffle, they'll allow bowl games to be postponed instead of canceled if necessary? Would be a bummer to get to a good bowl game and then have it slip away.
I am just surprised Maty Mauk never did that when he was at Missouri. That seems like something he would do.
And I'm calling out Sam Pittman for faking being a legitimate SEC COY candidate