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And not to put too fine a point on it, but that three straight vs. Mizzou thing hangs on A LOT of help by the refs and your players intentionally slow-playing Mizzou (in what should have been a penalty) at the end there. Given Lock's success on long-ish balls, I don't think it's a stretch to say that adding a couple plays from the UK 30 yard-line is pretty darned likely to flip that outcome. It's obviously not your or UK's fault, but yeah, I'm still bitter about the way that game ended. Inexcusable.
I think given the QB situation at UK, and the fact that, statistically, they graded out as one of the worst bowl teams in 2017, it's a very reasonable projection. I have nothing against UK, but I think 6-6 is the ceiling, with 4-5 wins being much more likely. This feels very much like a step-back year.
Most of these seem pretty on point (including, unfortunately, the Missouri prediction, unless Odom proves to be a better coach than what we've seen so far, that could be a pretty rough year). With that said, given LSU's talent, I don't see them finishing below .500 in 2018. And I definitely don't see Auburn falling to that level in the next two seasons. On the other side, I pretty strongly suspect that Ole Miss will finish with 4-5 wins at least once in the next two years.
Also, does anyone know of any way to report posters to moderation on SDS? I think I need not clarify why I ask.
You are literally advocating for violence, even if non-seriously, on an internet forum. Think about the potential consequences of this, and be better.
To address this semi-seriously, most of my family tree is from the Missouri-Kansas border region, and I had ancestors on both sides of the conflict. Needless to say the Union sympathizers had the moral high ground, but both sides committed unspeakable atrocities. Even while being in the right in their anti-confederacy sentiments, many Jayhawkers were little, if any better than terrorists in their methods, murdering innocents who never owned slaves or did any of the things they supposedly objected to. So I am legitimately offended that they continue to use these terrorists as their university symbol. With that said, I am thoroughly disgusted by anyone who espouses the "Burn Lawrence" type hate. There is absolutely no place for that.
I want someone to ban you before you continue to make us look bad. You are in danger of making me defend both Tennessee and kansas in a 24 hour period. I did not think this was possible.
He may or may not be a Missouri guy, but I'd ignore him. He clearly has anti-UT flaming schtick for whatever reason, and unfortunately is using the Missouri banner to do so.
I don't think Odom gets fired if Mizzou qualifies for a bowl, but less than 8 total wins will leave him on the hot-seat headed into a likely rebuilding season. That's not a good situation to be in.
My prediction is 8-5, but 9 wins are possible, and 10 if everything clicks just perfectly. That would probably have to include a bowl win, given the schedule. There are two built-in losses in UGA and Bama, and I don't think we run the table through the rest of the schedule.
Is it bad that I'm actually starting to find this entertaining?
Man, Dan Devine's internet ghost sure came back to earth pissed off at UT.
I'm sure no one is going to fact-check this. Let's be real, UT football in real life has been plenty miserable. I mean, they're now 2-4 in SEC play against us, a team I get the sense most of their fans view as being roughly equal to the football version of the Washington Generals. So we don't exactly have to exaggerate.
Plus Drew Lock is really good and might more or less paper things over for a year.
Because he's finally due? Idk, weird hire.
No, I don't do Tigerboard. Rock M Nation all day. Maybe don't have posts like that if you don't wanna get banned from places.
Someone please ban this guy. Sorry folks, not all Missouri fans are this classless, I assure you.
@LSUSMC This "Dan Devine" fella may or may not be a Mizzou fan, but I sure as hell am happy not to claim him.
Damn straight! Tanklin's hit against several poor defenders (A&M 2011, Toledo 2013) will go down in history.
If you think Franklin wasn't better than Maty, especially when you factor in the way those two guys represented Missouri, I'm not sure what to tell you. I've interacted with both. Maty was a knucklehead who couldn't care less about Mizzou football. Franklin was the polar opposite. So, no.
Just curious, were you ever a collegiate athlete? I was, and I'm pretty much of the opinion that if you weren't you're not qualified to call a really tough, great kid, "soft" because he had the audacity to get hurt while representing the school you love with class and honor. I also happen to have been an acquaintence with JF1 and your comment is just so far off-base I can't begin to describe how angry it makes me. Great guy who represented Mizzou with class.
I don't think we are better off with Dooley than Heupel, but the sheer quantity of weapons, a true star at quarterback, and ridiculous experience on the O-line will make it hard for Dooley to screw this up. Not impossible, I am not trying to tempt fate here, but difficult. My expectation is that Missouri has a very good offense this year, a mediocre defense, and wins anywhere from 7-9 games. The real test ought to come come in 2019, when Missouri will likely be rebuilding on offense, and will need good coaching just to sniff a bowl game. We'll see if that's in the cards.
Please do not re-sign the Penis With Glasses, ESPN/SEC Network.
It felt like Georgia was cursed in 2013, between the injuries and the way that Auburn game ended. I felt so bad for Aaron Murray having to go out like that, he deserved better.
The Alabama loss was so expected that I would not consider it devastating. I thought we might make it more interesting than we did, but I did not expect a victory or even a particularly close loss. If we could go one year before the playoff era, the 2013 Auburn loss was quite a bit more disappointing, IMO. I think that team was good enough to beat Auburn, or anyone in the country, for that matter. If Missouri hadn't gone with that ridiculous three man front, I think they outscore Auburn, go to the title game, and who knows. That one still hurts a little.
And I know UGA was rebuilding that year. But a win over Georgia still resonates in CoMo.
For Mizzou, I'd go with the 2016 UGA loss. If Mizzou stops them on 4th and long, I think they use the confidence to win 1-2 more and be a solid bowl team. The feeling around the program now would be different -Odom would have two bowl seasons and a marquee win, instead of an 11-14 record and no really like big scalps (the closest would be the 2016 win over then 7-4 Arkansas, but the season was already off the rails by then.)