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You will be fine as long as you're not trying to cheer for the Dawgs in the student section. Even then, you're okay, it's just you're going to get ridiculed non-stop and that's just the way it goes. There will be a number of other UGA fans at the stadium I'm sure.
Kansas and Kansas State are the "home team" for the KC Star, and they tend to loathe Missouri.
I think Vandy beats SC this week, and Kentucky takes MSU to the wire before falling. Other than that, I'll go with chalk this week.
Look, there aren't that many great games this week, so they're hyping this as an UPSET ALERT type game. Most Missouri fans know we need a whole bunch of things to happen to get the win. Everyone knows that. It's not an insult. Your team is good, and every time they play someone who is likely going to a decent bowl game, it's going to get major hype. That's all this is.
I'll also be there Saturday, but I do not expect a win. :) That said, I'm for sure hoping for some Drew Lock fireworks and a fun quarter or 3. And if we do win, we can help each other drag the goalposts over to Harpo's!
That wasn't what you said, though. You said "wait until he plays some SEC games first."
No, it honestly makes me a teensy bit curious why you can't come up with a new/better insult. Come on, we know you're going to keep posting on our boards, so at least entertain us with some new material. I have faith in you.
No, I don't think we are going to win. This post is to preclude the 100000000000000000000000000000 fans of SEC schools from coming into this comment section and saying "MIZZOU FANS REALLY THINK THEY"RE GONNA BEAT GEORGIA, NO THEY'RE GONNA GET CRUSHED." We know that. Leave us alone, please.
For the 40,0000000000000000000000000000000 time, STFU about Mizzou and hunger strikes. It was 3 freaking years ago, bud. Find something else. It is is not creative, witty, or hurtful to Mizzou fans. It just makes it sound like you have nothing else to talk about. But do what you do, I guess.
Hot take: Sandwiches are good, and so are game winning field goals.
Look, we didn't write the article. Most Mizzou fans are not holding out more than a puncher's chance for this game in case Lock just goes nuts. We know the odds. Sure, there are a few wildly optimistic folks, but most of us are going to be hoping for the best while understanding the extreme odds. There are going to be a million posts like this on the CFB internet over the next few days, because there aren't that many great games this week, and this one will be heavily hyped. And everyone will be saying things like this. But those of us that have been watching the games are not the ones out there making wild predictions about Saturday.
Tigurr, no actual Mizzou fan talks about Gary Pinkel like that. Or if, by some off-chance you actually are, you're an exceptionally terrible one, and please go find someone else to cheer for. I suggest those fake birds off to the west.
I'm having a hard time adequately describing how hard this post made me laugh.
Drew's a good kid. Glad to see him having some fun now after such a rough start to his career.
I am, uh, curious to see Bill's explanation for why LSU dropped a significant amount after beating the #14 ranked team in his ratings.
Man, if Mizzou gets a B+, I want you grading ALL of my tests for the remainder of grad school. That said, we'll take the W, and gladly.
If anything our ranking is generous. Missouri will almost certainly make a bowl game because we're already halfway there and have a very soft second half schedule, but I fear we are going to be a team that only beats the bad teams and stumbles against anyone with a pulse. Drew Lock is amazing, but he can't beat Alabama, Georgia, or even South Carolina with this defense unless the unit improves dramatically. Could be a 6-7 win year.
At this point it sounds like a broken record, but I picked Vandy to win this week, too. Let's say 21-20.
After last year, I hope (and honestly, am quite confident) that Mizzou will be up for this game. To me, in the scope of the season this is bigger than UGA. The Dawgs are probably gonna beat us, and a close loss or a 14-17 point less isn't that big of a difference. But beating Purdue is critical to a 8-9 win season. Lose and another 6-6 or 7-5 season becomes our reality.
Of course it was. Trolls gonna troll, though.
Whatever the hell else happens, you'll give us a game. I don't care if we're 8-3 and y'all are 3-8. Doesn't matter much in our series, it seems.
Yeah, if it was Stephen F. Austin, that would make sense. They're the lumberjacks. As a forester/previous part time logger, I know too much about this crap probably
It was an interesting choice to respond to his just wildly incorrect pick by throwing some completely out of place 2015 shade, but hey, always double down when you're wrong!
Ya' didn't start a protest, Michael. We were mostly just worried if you were okay, seeing as how you picked a 20 point underdog of a MWC team to win in a SEC stadium for no reason that made any sense. :)
As a Mizzou fan, and a long-time reader of everything Bill Connelly, I approve of these rankings.
Craig Bohl is a heck of a coach, and any compliment you get from him is a big deal. Barry Odom may not have gotten off to the world's fastest start as a HC, but he continues to represent the program with class, while building this program and roster into what we thought it could be given his defensive prowess. I'm more hopeful than ever that he's learning and will be in CoMo an awful long time.