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And yes, I miscounted. Yes, that's a little embarrassing. And no, that is not a viable counter-argument to what I laid out.
So, let's just address this entire string of posts: 1. The SEC East was good in 2013. It was down in 2014, and we took advantage. Guess what? The east was EVEN MORE down in 2015-16 when Tennessee was peaking with Josh Dobbs. They never managed to take advantage. 2. I believe that UF may be on the way back. UT has being "BACK" every year since Phil Fulmer left. It has never happened. Maybe wait until it actually happens? You guys don't have any real recruiting location advantage, and recruits were not even born when your program was good. There is no guarantee Tennessee will ever do more than occasionally peak around 9-10 wins. OCCASIONALLY. Just like Missouri. UT is no longer relevant, and the burden of proof is on that program to change that, not repeatedly call back to 2000. 3. You're calling us out for, apparently, choosing to play Ole Miss and Arkansas, and ask "Why don't we play a tough team?" Is it your understanding that Barry Odom makes the SEC schedule every year? We play the teams the league assigns us to play. 4. What do you mean "since UGA was at full strength"? I'll admit, they had some injuries in 2013, but what's the excuse in '14? And in 2013, we lost our starting quarterback for most of the 2nd half of the season, including a tight 4th quarter AGAINST GEORGIA. What does that even mean in this context? 4. Calling all southerners racist is stupid, and Missouri fans who do that are silly and it should stop. 5. "Liberal education"? Are you flipping kidding me? Have you ever looked at an electoral map (you don't actually have to answer that)? Missouri is LIBERAL? Are you kidding me? We are deep red. And dang straight, I am a liberal which I do not in any way consider a badge of shame, but that does not really relate to college football. 6. 100-34, Missouri. Not really relevant, just the score of our last two games in case you maybe forgot.
It's a bad look because he cannot beat Missouri with his own players, and feels a need to resort to trying to steal players from a program most UT fans are very publicly disdainful of. You can't say Missouri is a trash football program, and then drunk dial our players 24 hours/day. It's really one or the other on that one.
Not sure why UT is even trying this. UT is banned from the postseason as well almost every year, due Level 1 Losing 7 or More Games In the Regular Season violations. UT is most definitely not where you want to go if playing in a bowl game is on your mind.
Yeah, I agree. This IS a pretty bad look for Jeremy Pruitt.
Also, why can't we expect another win over Florida? We have their number and it's at home. I am absolutely penciling that in as a win.
If you're predicting 5 wins, you're predicting Kelly Bryant to go back on his word and transfer. Given our schedule, and a #15 S&P+ projection, Missouri is much more likely to win 10 games than lose 7.
@MIZtv I'm gonna be honest and say I can't tell what you're trying to say here at all. I think you're trying to disagree with me, but it remains unclear. Have a nice day.
I am not a troll. I post actual things that make sense, and generally speaking, I do it on my own team's page. I called you a troll because you troll other team's pages and say they should be banned from the conference because a tutor was too helpful. And because you brought politics into it with the "liberal idiot: comment. The content of my post history will support the fact that I am not a troll, and I stand by the fact that you are. Have a day.
Honestly, I'm going to do the unthinkable and take KU's side here. I'm not saying there shouldn't have been some punishment, but a two-year ban and effectively forcing him to the pros is way, way over the top. Given the timing of Missouri's insanely over the top punishment in relation to this, I've actually seen this bring some Missouri and Kansas fans together against a common enemy in the NCAA. I don't think I have to stress how awful something has to be for two blood rivals to drop their differences and join a fight together, but honestly, I'm down in this case. Screw the NCAA. That runs deeper for me than even a rivalry literally born in war.
We've beaten you 50-17 two years in a row. That does not really relate to this, but you are not allowed to say anything about Mizzou not belonging in anything. If there is any program that deserves the boot from the SEC right now, there is no question that it is Tennessee. They are the worst program in the league right now, with the possible exception of Arkansas. No, you are not ahead of Vanderbilt. Not even close.
We'll let you sit at the Big Boy table when you no longer have a losing record against us in conference play. You do need to actually beat us to talk trash. Ask Tennessee fans if you need tips.
You know, I agree. Those wins over Florida were so easy it's hard to say they even mattered.
If you think beat writers can't cover the team of the school they graduated from, your understanding of sports journalism needs some work.
11. It's actually possible to watch and follow the college basketball season prior to the end of college football season, and if you're actually a fan of the sport, you would have started paying attention before mid-January and would not need the first two months of the season summarized for you.
You can go with Missouri, or Mizzou, but Missou has nothing whatsoever to do with the University of Missouri-Columbia.
He has serious issues. Hope he can get it together someday. But his football career is likely over.
It was dumb, but mistakes happen. I'm sure it will be a matter of paying a citation of some sort, and then as far as I'm concerned this should probably come down to a stern talking to from Odom/Sterk. People make mistakes. Once I was driving through Illinois in driving rain, and accidentally went through the E.Z. pass lane when I should not have. I just couldn't really see. I failed to follow up on the matter and realized (not by actually BEING arrested, which was nice) that I had a warrant out in the state. I paid up and it was ultimately a non-issue, but if I'd been pulled over while driving through the state (which I do frequently, I live 30 miles from the border) I would have had a very embarrassing situation.
I'm not sure if I want him. Our receiving corps looks fine heading into next season. If Odom thinks moving to Columbia will solve whatever his issues are, fine. But we're far from desperate at WR and there is no need to reach here.
If he had WON those games, we'd be an incredible 10-2 and it's be a A freaking +. Since we "only" got 8 wins (with a chance for 9) a B+ is understandable,, but you couldn't go any lower and have your position be tenable at this point.
I hate to be like this, but those Tennessee fans that were telling us that we'd fall on our faces in spectacular fashion with Derek Dooley, only to see him do a good enough job to not only keep Lock in the first round conversation, but bring in Kelly Freaking Bryant, have to be wondering about those #HOTTAEKS right now.
Yeah, if you think he deserves to be fired you have been asleep or not paying attention to the events of the past 5 weeks. It's just not even remotely a tenable stance anymore beyond just sticking to your guns because you thought he should be fired after the Kentucky game and are not willing to incorporate new information.
Given the way things are right now, it's not a stunner that he might value his kid's well being over going to his alma-mater. Clemson's just a better, more stable situation right now.
I think with Bryant, Mizzou is an 8-9 win team with a potential to get to 10 wins and at least make UGA somewhat nervous. If we weren't losing Lock, there would be no reason to not expect next year's team to be better, and since that is at least partially mitigating, that easier schedule may well allow us a higher win total.
We HAD no QB of any note. Now we have one that's started a season that ended in the CFP. Even if he ultimately sits a potential bowl game, I'd say that's a trade Missouri fans are okay with.