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I give up on this site. Over half the time I press "post" the page refreshes and it does not post. I don't know why you're trying to remove comments picking the spreads of games underneath an article about picking the spreads of football games, but this is a consistent issue, and sufficiently bad that I'm done with SDS.
Are you suggesting that coaches no longer try to develop raw players? Or that every star player comes in as good as they're going to get as a freshman? That's not a very good strategy for winning games if you're not a blue blood.
Yeah, Vandy got the FCS no-line treatment in Nashville. I mean, Georgia's going to win, but it's not like Vandy is the worst team in the world, or even in the SEC. It's weird that they didn't put a line out for the game.
Yeah, just having another big to throw out there if we run into foul trouble or injuries is probably needed. Getting JT back obviously helps, and Nikko and Mitchell Smith are capable of being perfectly serviceable. With Trey Jackson a true frosh, it's unclear what else if anything we have in terms of bigs. So it's a sensible addition, even if we have no idea if it'll pan out.
It's a pretty high expectation. Word is he's got potential but he's REALLY raw. You're probably hoping to develop him and maybe use him strategically a little bit in 2019-20, and then try to develop him into a force by Year 2. Nothing I've heard indicates he's an immediate impact player. But he could be good down the line; he's 7 feet tall, and has great physical tools. So the potential is there, but patience and low expectations are probably the name of the game here.
He's tall and he has a cool name. That's about all I know here.
Very nice. Now we just have to hold on until signing day.
I don't disagree, but they weren't all that great outside of that game, either. They were just 8-6. Though to be fair, S&P+ and other metrics absolutely love them for 2019.
Dang, Memphis -6 against Ole Miss? Memphis didn't seem to play any defense last year, at least against us. Weird to see them almost a TD favorite against a SEC team.
It's not that Georgia isn't good, it's that ND was a playoff team last year, even if a relatively weak one. It seems like it should be a really good game, not a blowout.
It was the funniest thing ever when our coach tried to use Louisville to boost his salary. LOL. No one wants to go there. Not even the Louisville incarnate Jeff Brohm wanted to go there.
I don't see ND/UGA as being a blowout. I don't know why it would be. They were a playoff team last year and return a ton of talent. I think the spread is close to right and if anything, a little high. I expect Georgia to win, but by a TD or so.
Eh, it's good for SEMO, a fellow state school because they get money, it's good for Mizzou because they get a win, it's fun for the fans who (call me unrefined) don't mind showing up to Faurot for a night game and watching our team put up 7 or so touchdowns. The rest of our non-con is solid, so I don't mind having one easy game in there.
From mid-October, or whenever it starts getting chilly and the leaves start changing, I generally go with rum mixed with apple cider (if I'm going for any sort of a mixed drink, and not beer). I'm still working on the exact right combination and adding a few things in, but it gets the job done and feels seasonally appropriate. Early season, always just beer. But I'm more likely to get fancier with my tailgates, even with coffee liqueur (especially for early kicks) and such things as the season starts to progress into November. If I'm going to a game where it's going to be 24 degrees at kickoff, I'm tailgating the right way, at least.
Athens is really nice. Probably nicer than CoMo, but it's very subjective as you say. Except Nashville is #1. That's really the only inarguable point here.
I will never understand the disparity between UT fans in real life and on the internet. I work closely with UT, and the people I know are great. But online, there's this insane superiority complex in regards to your school, team, and town that is unmatched even by fans of places like Alabama and Clemson. It's surreal. What happens to you all when you connect to wi-fi? It's honestly confusing.
I can understand why you don't like coming to CoMo. In three games between UT and Mizzou in Columbia, it's Missouri 89, UT 39. I can see how that might sour you on the whole place.
Nice series. Previously the source of the Moe Miracle.
I don't think it will be 51-3 or anything, but I don't think it's a game where Alabama fans are nervous deep into the 4th quarter, either. Quality teams with salty defenses can at least make the score respectable, but I don't think Jake Bentley is going to have too much success against that defense. Something like 31-14 or 27-10 sounds about right.
Well, it certainly is a story, and I do trust Alabama to end it really quickly.
This is true, but a vintage Bill Snyder team would have at least put up a fight and made it a game. Last year's was the worst team he had in his second tenure, or at least the only one that didn't reach bowl eligibility. He tailed off towards the very end, but at his peak, his teams were capable of putting a scare into anyone.
Arkansas/CSU could easily be close, although I think "good" is probably an overstatement.
That's definitely better. Kansas State is the football version of PBS programming, anyway. Generally not awful, and there are some good moments, but you can pretty easily tell it was put together on a shoe-string budget.
RE the low buyout for SEMO, they're both state schools, and they at least have the option not to fly (or make a short, inexpensive one) as opposed to trying to get from Ypsilanti, Michigan to Columbia, Missouri. The buyouts are always going to be smaller when we play state schools as opposed to bringing in someone from halfway around the country. I never understood why we schedule teams like SE Louisiana or Murray State. Just rotate between SEMO, SW Missouri State, and maybe bring in Southern Illinois every once in awhile, and call it good.
Florida/Kentucky is really the only interesting one there. My assumption is that Alabama will handle SC and that K-State won't put up too much of a fight against a decent SEC team in year 1 ABS (after Bill Snyder), though we'll see.
meant to say that half of SC's non-conference schedule is against the ACC.
Some of the same teams that are playing cupcakes that week are playing other marquee matchups in the non-con (half of SC's non-conference schedule is against the SC, including Clemson, for example) and teams like Missouri, who are playing quality games, are doing things like playing SEMO the very next week. There's nothing wrong with having one easy game in the non-conference per year to get your backups a chance to get in the game and allow the fans to enjoy watching their skill players run wild. Sure, they're not marquee matchups, but I generally enjoy attending the cupcake games and I just don't have a problem with them, as long as its 1-2/year, max.
I forgot about that one, TBH. But I think Texas is overrated because of close game luck last year (32nd in S&P+ last year, projected 35th this year). I'm not convinced they can hang with LSU. Their win against UGA came after UGA had cashed it in already after losing in the SECCG.
Some pretty good games for Week 2. A&M/Clemson is obviously the headliner, but Tennessee/BYU, Missouri/WVU, and even Vandy/Purdue could also be really fun, close games. And every Arkansas/Ole Miss game lately turns into an absolute disaster in the most fun way possible, so that's always checking in on in the last two minutes or so.