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I'm fine with these ranking. I think Kelly Bryant can be as high as #3 behind Tua and Fromm, but I'm fine with this as a starting point.
Seriously? You're okay with our conference mates trying to take advantage of a wildly unfair punishment and pick apart our roster? Personally I'm not, and I love that Drew Lock and Barry Odom have called them out. It comes across pretty desperate for UT. Although, if they got 1 of our players, I honestly think there's a chance they could only lose 48-17 instead of 50-17 ever year, so I get why they try.
Not much to take away from a fairly uneventful game, but here's what I've got. 1. KB looked comfortable and steady. He made some really nice throws on the run, which was nice to see. Since this was a spring game, we didn't really get to see him unleash his run game, but I expect that to be a big deal. He made one bad decision that should have been a pick (the other near-pick wasn't really on him) but overall, there was nothing here that made me less confident that our offense is in good hands for 2019 as long as he stays upright. 2. That's kind of a big caveat, though, and especially since he's just here 1 year. Lindsey Scott was far steadier than he was in last year's spring game, but still seemed to have trouble making accurate throws. Powell continue to not be overly impressive. I'll give Shawn Robinson a pass for now because he's been here such a short time, but again, not a ton to love. Missouri has enough talented options that I assume they'll develop a viable QB for 2020 (plus Bazelak isn't even here yet) but this spring game didn't answer the question. 3. Missing to <30 yard field goals was a bad look. Gotta work on that. That's about it.
This was the logo Mizzou used through much of the '80s, so it literally is a step backwards, though I would argue a good one.
See the thing is, I have no shortage of hobbies, and I didn't come to a sports site to be told to find one. Unless I'm posting something offensive, or, at least controversial (it was not) I fully expect to be treated as a grown adult. If that's a moderator saying that, I'd urge that moderator to evaluate the actual content here and maybe start sending those warning messages to their own writers. If it's an algorithm/automated thing, y'all need to lose that, like yesterday.
Okay, SDS, every once in awhile, I get a pop-up message that says "you're posting comments too quickly. Slow down." A couple things here: 1. I'm capable of determining the speed at which I should be posting comments, so, categorically no. 2. Then, after waiting a second, and pressing post again, the comment doesn't exist. This has happened several times. I'm asking for an explanation.
So y'all are just resorting to telling everyone who disagrees with you that they're mentally handicapped. Always a classy strategy. Get back to rolling Toomer's Corner after a loss.
@AUforever, someone having a dissenting opinion isn't license to be a jackass. Did you see me trashing Auburn basketball? No, I was very complimentary. Have a (not very) nice day.
I don't believe in swallowing the whistle late. People say "let the players decide the game." I agree. And Auburn decided the game by committing a foul. Tough break, but that's how it goes.
That foul was in no way controversial. The double dribble, yeah sure. But the foul was not even marginally debatable. This is less a controversy and more a thing where the facts are obvious and inarguable.
The double dribble was a missed call. I will say that I sure didn't notice it in real time, and I didn't see a lot of other people notice it in real time. It was a missed call and an impactful one, but also an understandable one. The foul call was very obviously a foul. In all, just a brutal way to go down, but Auburn deserves all kinds of credit for turning into one of the best 2-3 teams in college basketball at exactly the right time. This was a team that not long ago was a team people were worried might end up on the bubble because they couldn't beat good teams, which is pretty hilarious in retrospect.
In this case, if SDS's intention was to craft a headline around making people think Aaron Murray was arrested 5 times, let's call it what it is-it's not clickbait, it's outright slander. Other alternative is that people at SDS don't know what words sound like to people reading them. That's slightly better, but still not great.
Maybe. If so, it's weird click-bait. Say what you want about Murray, but it would be hard to believe he even got arrested once
Just FYI SDS, the way this headline is phrased REALLY makes it sound like Aaron Murray got arrested in Georgia 6 times, as opposed to what actually occurred.
Thank god it's benign. Really scary. Hope the surgery goes well and this is the end of that.
Oh my. You never know for sure, but this seems like an impressively terrible (potential) hire. Like, why? Has Vandy just straight given up?
I don't have an agenda. Please watch those clips again. There was definitely contact. Even Rick Barnes admitted that. I don't know what to say beyond that.
Hey, that's why I'm not joining in. Stones and glass houses and all that.
Yep. Literally about half of Turner's lower body was in contact with Edwards. I don't see how this is a controversial call.
Louisiana and Tennessee making fun of each other's states is kinda funny. Sorry, but it just is.
Eh, LSU benefited from myriad questionable calls throughout the season, and then a SEC ref involved in one of the worst instances was found wearing a LSU shirt and cheering them on on twitter. That's very sketchy and a giant problem. Not sure why that would be minimized.
His heels were clearly up and it was a very obvious foul. Painful ending for UT, but clearly the correct call.
Why are we talking about the the f@#&ing transfer portal? This is a tape allegation! Who is the hell cares what his status was with LSU.
Vanderbilt is the best available job and it's not close. They're the only school on that list where basketball is at the forefront. You can win there, and their roster is fine. Bryce Drew just did a terrible job coaching that team the last two seasons.
I hope Mizzou supports him in whatever it is that he needs. If he needs to come back, even if there's not a guarantee he'll play much or at all, I think you have to welcome him with open arms. We don't really NEED his schollie (I don't hear a ton of grad-transfer buzz around Mizzou, though it's early) and our recruiting class is already pretty set for next season without requiring Jontay's potential schollie. You might not even fill the spot if he leaves, opting to free up another spot for a potentially really good 2020 class.
I honestly don't know what you do if you're Jontay here. Jump now, and you almost definitely don't get picked in the 1st round. Come back, and well, good chance you're going to get injured again without having ever gotten paid. Just a horrible deal for someone who seems like a great kid. The Porter family is cursed in the injury department, it would seem.