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Not sure what happened with weird, random capitalizations in above post. Autocorrect is weird.
I thought it looked mostly pretty good. Few really bad breakdown's in the secondary, at least from guys likely to see the fIeld a whole lot. Very solid rUn defense against some bacKS we know are above average in the SEC.The nature of spring football makes it tough to evaluate the D-line/pass rush, but Terry Beckner make a big play was probably the least surprising thing that happened.
Very vanilla offense, as expected. Nothe much we can tell. Lindsey Scott has plenty of work to do to get in the conversation to replace Lock in 2019, but he's had just 15 practices. So that's pretty unsurprising.I thought Lowary, Wilson, and Powell all did some good things. Mizzou may not be totally sunk if (heaven forbid) Lock goes down.
At least Wolfman's post had some thought behind it, even if I disagree with some of that. One liners mostly featuring the word "garbage" are pretty easy, on the other hand.
You care a lot about Missouri. No one devotes this much time to something they don't care about.
College football spring games might be the only scenario where the phrase "Win, Lose, AND Draw" is applicable.
What I want to see: 1. Nobody gets hurt 2. Nobody gets hurt...bears repeating. 3. As few dropped passes as possible. 4. Defensive ends being able to get off blocks...obviously they can't wreak havoc on the QB tomorrow, but I'm worried about that position and would like to see anything positive. 5. Few if any horribly blown assignments in the secondary.Not much we can tell from a spring game. You just wanna see relatively clean execution of what will be an extremely vanilla playbook.
I really believe Mizzou is going to win this one.
Agreed. It should be a very important game for both teams.
We'll be up for the Georgia game big time that early in the year still thinking we can contend. Should be a packed house, which we can't always say lately.We tend to either play way over our heads (2010 OU, 2013 UGA, 2014 SC, 2016 UGA, still a loss, but a positive outlier for that disastrous season) or totally collapse (you're a Georgia fan, you remember 2012 and 2014.)We tend to get really excited for early season games against y'all, even if the evidence suggests it probably won't end well.
Please don't burn down the Purdue stadium. I live abour a mile from it, and I will probably get caught up in it.That said, basically, screw Purdue football.
7-5 is definitely not the goal for this team, but it's a reasonable, unbiased prediction. The schedule is challenging, with three quality (but certainly beatable) non-con opponents, and games @Bama, vs. UGA, and @SC.If I were picking it (as a somewhat NON-objective observer) I'll say we go 8-4 (5-3). We drop an annoying game to Memphis, get revenge against my current grad school institution (Purdue), and win SEC games against Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida.
Thank you for your contribution. Probably not hard to tell from my username that not everyone agrees.
Lol, typos gallore. Long post +phone=trouble."USA"=UGA if you didn't get that.
In terms of the NCAAs,here's how I see it: Locks:Auburn, Tennessee.Both are in the top 16 according to the committee update today, and they're obviously not b going to have to worry about the bubble.Good Shape:Florida, Alabama, Texas A&M, Missouri, KentuckyAll of these teams are safely in, and are currently anywhere from 5-9 seeds, but can't afford total collapses down the stretch.True ubble:Arkansas, Miss StateArkansas is probably in for now, but the committee really cares about road performance, and they don't stack up well. Miss State is a good team with a terrible non-conference schedule. And the committee LOVES to penalize that.Fringe bubble:LSU, USABoth need crazy runs to close out the season, but aren't all the way done yet. I could maybe see it with LSU, but I just don't think UGA is playing well enough to rip off 5-6 straight wins. But technically it's in the realm of possiblility.
LSU has been much better than I expected. Still a tenuous route open for them to get in the big dance, although it would require probably a 5-1 run to get to 10-8. The NIT looks likely with any kind of a decent finish.
Based on this comment section, I'd say that Georgia fans aren't at all excited about NSD. :)
This is a legitimate plea to find something else to do besides hang out on the Missouri boards on SDS and, if not quite, account to close to half of the comments. If you want to be friendly, I retract that, we're happy to interact with other fanbases, but if you just want to keep screaming "Hunger strike/crybaby/whatever the hell else" at the top of your lungs, you are not helping yourself, you are making other honest to goodness sports fans, and in generally, it's kind of hard to understand what you are trying to accomplish. I had to lead a bunch of prospective graduate students around campus in the cold all day long today despite being sick as a damned dog, so you'll pardon me if the filter has come off. Take it somewhere else if you can't be civil.Have a fantastic afternoon.
He sure spends a lot of time hating on Missouri. Which is frankly super weird, because of the few SEC schools Mizzou has developed any sort of sports-hate with, bama is not even on the list.I would say the only schools a decent chunk of Missouri fans dislike are Ole Miss (that's 100% basketball related and mostly a remnant of Marshall Henderson) and Tennessee, who, (NOT Arkansas) is the team most Missouri fans want to beat more than any other every year on the gridiron.
Dude, on the men's side, Frank Martin's style is literally called "Murderball" and with good reason. Maybe SC hoop fans should stay away from the soapbox on this one.
Enough.I'm tired of your hunger strike BS, and am going to call you out on it every single time going forward.
I know people who were at the game. It absolutely did happen, at least the n-word stuff, for sure.
Have to say I agree. He was not a very good college QB, despite his very real physical skills. This is the kind of guy GM's fall in love with that end up burning NFL teams.
Well, SDS, I'll give you this: if Jake Fromm gets a shot against Georgia this year, the Dawgs are probably in trouble.
Mizzou will have a hard time surging to 10 wins with that schedule. The team should be better, but I think an 8 win regular season would be an excellent performance against a brutal slate.
I don't agree with his point, but his math was fine. You're not helping.