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Honestly I tend to agree. A&M is far from a playoff lock, even if they win out, but they are 100% in the conversation, and deservedly so. And if they go 9-1 against any sort of SEC schedule, they'll get serious, serious talk in the committee room, as they absolutely should.
Mizzou will be in a bowl game, barring an epic collapse or a mass cancelation of bowl games. I just do not care which other SEC teams do or do not participate.
I really, really like Derek Mason, and I think he did some good things in a very tough set of circumstances. Getting to two bowl games is no easy feat at Vandy, and most years his teams were at the very least salty. With that said, the last two years have just been a bit too rough. Can't go 1-7 in league play one year and then open 0-8, even at Vandy. I wish him well but they had to do this if they want to look like they value winning at all.
I don't really care who does or doesn't play in bowl games this year, but oen thing to remember is that teams records are going to look worse than they normally would. Kentucky, with only 3 wins in league play, would almost certainly be a 6-6ish team with the usual non-con slate. Ole Miss, Missouri, and Auburn would have 7 or 8 wins now with the normal non-con offerings. Even teams like Tennessee, Mississippi State, and basically everyone except Vanderbilt and South Carolina would at least be in the conversation for 6 wins under normal circumstances. So if you are okay with a 6-6 team playing in a bowl, the idea that currently 3-5 Arkansas (a SEC record that would almost definitely get them bowl eligible in a normal year) may get in probably shouldn't be an issue.
She won a danged SEC Championship. What have you done?
You will put me in no place whatsoever, but thanks for the thought anyway.
yup. It makes me sad. Can't even read about SEC football without being subjected to this nonsense. What she did was awesome. She executed the kick she was supposed to. Most of the negative commentets would have done far worse.
No, it's evidence that he didn't take time to do a Google search before spewing a dumb hot take.
I've read some of your posts. You should not necessarily think you are in a place to insult others' ability to think.
easy to tear people down from behinda keyboard. Mason asked her to step in and she did. I thought it was really cool.
Sarah Fuller seems like a really cool person. That was a nice moment. Mizzou also played its most complete game of the year by far, albeit against an inferior opponent. Good day at Faurot Field.
He is very experienced in losing games to a national title contending arch-rival, so that would be a job skill he'd be able to utilize at SC.
It wouldn't be a bad hire, but it's not exactly like he's lighting the world on fire at Louisville. 3-6 overall and 2-6 against a pretty soft ACC slate is nothing to brag about. And both of their wins are against the absolute dregs of the ACC, Syracuse and Florida State. Not the guy I would throw a big check to in order to get him to move, I'll say that.
Like, I am seriously wondering if you are a Russian troll. Not joking at all. That last line makes me wonder.
You're owning us for not showing up the rest of the year when we beat y'all by 10 in the finale at your place? Granted, Arkansas is a competitive team this year, but this just isn't a game we lose. The only time we've lost to y'all in league play our team just figured out our legendary coach had cancer and was retiring. That isn't gonna happen again. We've won every other game including in years like 2016 where we had not business even being competitive let alone winning.
I'm nervous about the Vandy game. First game all year where we are a significant favorite (I think we were slightly favored last week against SC, but everyone saw it as a tossup game really) and Vandy has been feisty for several games in a row now. If Mizzou's offensive line isn't any healthier than it's been the last few weeks this is likely a competitive game. I'll take Mizzou to win but Vandy to cover. Something like 24-17.
JT Daniels was injured, which t h is article ignores, and is very likely why he wasn't playing. I really don't get the point.
No eligibility requirements. Not saying that they should necessarily but some losing teams are definitely playing on bowls this year. Keep in mind that a SEC team that goes 4-6 this year would almost always normally get bowl eligible. Everyone's record except a few will look worse because no cupcakes to pad things.
@roboinks There is one way to express the sentiment you are expressing: Evil. You do not care if people die. That is the definition of evil. I'm guessing you don't care.
Tell that to the people planning funerals for their family members right now.
The Mizzou/UF game is not really predictable. We have no idea who will be playing. If UF has a significant majority of its starters and key reserves available, they're a clear favorite, though Mizzou still has a shot. But the safe money is on UF by 7-10. If they roll out a rag-tag roster missing 8 starters? Missouri might win by 3 TDs
Florida better get things in line or we shouldn't play this game. I don't want them to infect Mizzou and cause us to have our own outbreak. I'm honestly very nervous to have our team come anywhere near a team and coach that has clearly struggled to approach this well at all.
I'm not interested in people who immediately rejoin with rude responses. Sorry. Explain your argument. Do not ask me to "Dude, chill". From that point on I am not listening to anything you have to say.
This is a weird response and i have no interest in furthering this interaction.
Interesting that we don't move up even one win after beating a team against which we were an underdog. The only way that would make sense is if us beating UK made us less likely to win one of our remaining games than if the expected result of a loss had occurred. Not sure why that would be the case.
Arkansas and Missouri are why preseason punditry in CFB is nearly pointless. A month ago these were two free wins for all the teams fortunate enough to catch them on their brutal schedules. Now they have both beaten ranked teams and established themselves at worst as solid middle of the pack teams, and at best as fringe division contenders. No, neither of these teams will win the SEC, but they might both finish at or above .500 in an all SEC slate. I don't think either team was picked here to finish with more than two wins, the number each already has 40% of the way into the season.
Vandy is bad and has a very depleted roster, I get it. Mizzou is the better team, although I was not as certain of that before Saturday. But getting north of two TDs against any SEC opponent makes me very nervous especially coming off a hugely emotional win. If Mizzou really does come in and dominate like this line suggests it might be time to really believe in Mizzou, and think about making a push to. 500 or better that would have seemed unthinkable a week ago.. But there is danger here, I think. Mizzou had better approach Vandy exactly the same as LSU, or forget covering, they'll be the one taking a huge upset in their turn.