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Nah. It's not the hire I want, but he's a proven head coach who win the SEC East twice in a 2.5 year tenure. There are certainly red flags, but if we go that direction I'd be inclined to give home a chance to show he learned from his late-Florida tenure mistakes.
Pro: Without the fake death threat thing, his overall resume is good. Not great, but good. And he's as SEC as it gets Con: I just had to say the words "without the fake death threat thing", which feels a bit like asking Ms. Lincoln what she thought of the play otherwise.
I'm happy these guys have something to feel good about in the off-season. This year wasn't what anyone wanted, but at the end of the day, 6-6 isn't any great disaster. I expect Odom will more likely than not be retained since we at least avoided an outright losing season, and I hope we can surprise people in a good way next year for a change. Odom will have plenty of pressure on him if he's retained.
It's exactly what I got out of the article as well. I suppose there are a lot of 5-year-olds on SDS.
What is your evidence that he has not? He seems not to make the minimum salary required to void the buyout. You cannot just breach a contract because paying money to people no longer working for you is annoying. You do need some legal basis. It seems that Arkansas likely has none of that, and is depending on Bert caving. I hope he doesn't.
I don't understand the legal basis or Arkansas doing this. Not a huge fan of Bert, but contracts are contracts. Arkansas must meet its legal obligation, and I hope they lose in court.
How about nowhere? How many times can he become enveloped in scandal, talk about health concerns (which I honestly do believe are real, at least somewhat) and then just hand-wave it all away and come back. He is very good at winning football games, but not so good at everything else that comes with running a good, clean football program, and his healthy may not be up for it. In terms of winning, he has nothiing more to prove. He should call it a career. Be an analyst, get a big paycheck for doing very little, and just call it a day.
Dang. You are considerably more confident in Missouri than I am. I hope you're right, though! I think we might win, it's probably better than 50-50 but I'd expect something more like 24-20 either way.
Well, suffice it to say I hope the last one is wrong, but I'll be waiting until tomorrow night to say anything further.
Goodness I hope so. I fear what will happen to our season if we do not. 6-6 would suddenly be on the table.
No picks this week. I just really, really hope we beat Kentucky.
/puts life savings on Kentucky +11
I do not know that it happened in Brice last year, but that wasn't the game I was concerned about. IT happened in 2016. SC fans threw a water bottle at Drew Lock. If you could post gifs on here, I would post it.
So the refs were terrible, and screwed over SC. Full stop. South Carolina fans have a right to be mad. With that said....South Carolina fans have consistently developed a pattern of throwing objects onto the field when things are not going this way. It's happened against Missouri, and just way too many times in general. Bad calls happen, believe me. That's not an acceptable reaction, and it must stop. Learn to handle anger/disappointment without throwing objects on the field. It should be an unsportsmanlike on SC every single time it happens. Even though it actively hurt Missouri, after seeing that I was cheering like crazy for Florida. Those fans did not deserve to see a victory today.
If Joe Moorhead willingly leaves the SEC for Rutgers, he needs to enter concusssion protocol, because I'm worried about him.
Do you not understand his family situation even at all? In that light, come on, man.
Dang, now I'm wishing I'd pulled the trigger on the upset pick! Go Gamecocks! (nothing against UF, just for SEC East positioning reasons)
The comparison between this Wisconsin team and 2015 Iowa is an extremely poor one. Yes, both are in the Big Ten West, but that's about where the usefulness of the comparison ends. 2015 Iowa was, simply put, not that good of a team. They got EXTREMELY lucky in close games. They won 5 won possession games, all but one against unranked teams, and were regularly in dogfights with the types of teams Wisconsin is destroying this year. Meanwhile, through have a season, Wisconsin has played exactly zero one possession games (Iowa had already played in two to this point in the season ihn question) and absolutely destroyed a top 20 Michigan team that hasn't lost since. On top of that, 2015 Iowa Hawkeyes S&P+ ranking: 42nd. 2019 Wisconsin's: 4th. I have no dog in this fight whatsoever, but that was such a fantastically lazy comparison that I had to point it out.
I was about to be REALLY mad if UGA really planted kudzu, one of the most invasive plants in the south. Like, I was about ready to start sending angry emails to their grounds crew, but according to UGA's extension, department, at least, this is not the case. The bush is in fact Ligustrum sinense, a type of privet bush that is not native, but not near as invasive as kudzu. Whew, close shave, but I guess UGA can continue to have a football program.
You keep coming back to "numbers/rankings mean nothing" argument. These things are based on what happens on the field, while attempting to eliminate human biases. I'm not super sure why you have to consistently neg Mizzou/KB. If you think that's going to counteract the "Mizzou curse" it doesn't work that way, I don't think. It's okay to recognize we have a very good, if very imperfect team, and just enjoy the ride, instead of constantly worrying if the other shoe will drop. If that happens, it happens. Might as well enjoy a really good football team until then.
Why in the name of holy heck did they choose bama/Texas A&M over LSU/Florida? That's practically broadcasting malpractice.
We're 10th in SP+, 18th in FPI, and 22 in the AP poll. I think you're underselling this team by a wide margin.