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I rewatched it a few times because I thought the same. It was close. But he managed to get his knees off the ground before he recovered it.
Some guys just aren't HCs, but can still be good coaches if they don't Peter Principle themselves. That might end up being Derek Dooley.
Yup, just the Big 12 outcast that beats the ever-loving crap out of traditional SEC powers on a regular basis. I can see why SEC fans want us gone.
Who the hell came up with Duke for that game? Granted, they've improved, but just within the ACC, they'd be like my 9th pick for that game.
UCF is a solid team. They are just inside the top 30 in FPI. That'd be good enough to put them 10th in the SEC. So if you're proposing a game against South Carolina or Kentucky, I'd buy an even matchup. But even sub-.500 in conference teams like Mississippi State and Missouri would likely outmatch UCF on a neutral field this year.
In retrospect, Louisville probably would have been fine with cancelling the whole season, let alone the opener.
You're a jackwagon. I disagree with her. I'm still not going to be a misogynistic prick.
FPI: Notre Dame"#7 UCF:#30 UCF is getting really annoying. They are good. They are nowhere near a playoff team.
For one thing, I think both Kevin Sumlin and Jim McElwain are still SEC HCs if Murray and Grier had stayed.
Book it: Tennessee is going to finish 7-6, be ranked in the preseason, go 7-6 again, and then be talking about firing Jeremy Pruitt. That's how this goes in Knoxville. We've seen this movie, and I'm not going to pretend that it's going to be any different. Still, at this particular moment, UT is very dangerous as a home underdog. It doesn't mean I think they're "back". They are just better than they were last year.
I see this less as a "can Mizzou take care of business against an inferior opponent" situation, and more "can Mizzou beat another quality team on the road?" Tennessee is inconsistent, but on the whole, dangerous as hell. Mizzou absolutely is capable of winning, but they'll have to play well, and it would be an impressive road victory. I'll take my Tigers 27-20, but if a few things go wrong that could flip pretty easily.
I live in West Lafayette, and have spent quite a bit of time in Louisville, and I could not disagree more. West Lafayette is a charming college town. Louisville is just another city. He'll probably leave. And it'll be a huge mistake.
I am more worried about the UT game than I normally would be as a 5 point road favorite.
I feel like if Albert O can't play, the Mizzou/Vandy game will be a little bit low scoring. But if the same Mizzou defense that has showed up lately takes the field, it PROBABLY doesn't matter much. Something like 24-14 sounds about right.
Mizzou/Tennessee is SEC on CBS? I'm not complaining, but the Vols last "desperately try to make the Independence Bowl" stand getting prime billing means it's a pretty rough week.
I don't understand how attributes like "forgotten" and "we beat these guys, so we're obviously better" keep getting applied to computer rankings. Rankings like FPI, S&P+, and Sagarin use per-possession data from the whole season to gauge which team is better than which, and by how much. By only using head to head information, you throw out 8/9th of the data for the team in question, which doesn't strike me as a good approach. Kentucky beat Missouri by 1 in a fluky game that Missouri wins 9/10 of the time. It's not the only fluky win for UK this year. You guys are having a better season than us, and you won because Derek Dooley forgot how to call plays and the officials forgot that PI could be offensive as well. Missouri, over the course of the season, has been the better team. That's not even really debatable unless you choose to thumb your nose at the entire season's worth of evidence in favor of one extremely controversial play.
No, you just don't understand how computer metrics work, and you should do your homework before making comments that make you sound less than incredibly intelligent.
We're playing freaking Vandy, my friend, in what even they consider to be a bit of a down year for them. We're you expecting that to be another night game on CBS, a la Bama/LSU?
7th feels about right. We're good, and better than our record, but we need to show consistency and win out. Then I'll be clamoring a tad of we're not a bit higher...
I hope Kentucky wins out. Every team deserves a magical season once in awhile, and they can still have it. In fact, not having to go to Atlanta to play Alabama might be a positive. Going 10-2 gives them a better chance at the NY6 than 10-3 with their last impression being a loss (probably by a healthy margin) to the Death Star. As long as Missouri finishes at least 8-5 after the bowl, I'll be pretty satisfied, now that it comes with a couple of signature wins both on the road. It has been a frustrating season, but still, overall has a chance to be a positive step forward for the program. Not every bounceback can be a 2013.
That's outrageous. SEC refs would NEVER be considered qualified to ref a JV HS game.
We were overwhelmingly pissed off and confused when he got hired. I literally have no idea what you're talking about.
I can't begin to describe how much I'd prefer to retain Odom rather than hire any of those people.
Mizzou's student section is not anywhere near the Rock M, attempted an insult, and that's something, I guess?
Also, no offense, but this is coming from a Kentucky fan. Sure, y'all are good, and so the game atmosphere is decent. But I've been at Mizzou games at Kentucky in more typical seasons and it's not like that at all.