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To state this more clearly, WWII claimed 405,000 American lives in 4 years. The more conservative estimates I'm reading estimate approximately 500,000 lives lost to COVID-19 in 1 year. How you can compare this to "Normandy" where a tiny, tiny fraction of the Americans who will perish from Coronavirus died, and come to the conclustion that we are soft, or panicky, is just something that would have to be entirely based on falsehood and delusion.
There is a very, very real chance that more Americans die from Coronavirus than died in WWII. Minimize this at your own risk.
Yeah, the Missouri one is all too correct, unfortunately. I was a sophomore at Mizzou at the time. I swear I had a bad feeling and looked away right before Baggett kicked that FG. The poor guy was a pretty good kicker, too, but he could never live that one down. That is the last thing I remember about that night, as I'm fairly sure I was blackout drunk within about 30-45 minutes.
No, frankly, we're NOT 'all supposed to have our opinions'. What your opinion might be, based on the categorically false assumption that this is no worse than the flu, might cause you to take actions thaty transmit this disease to a vulnerable family member of someones' (or your own), who could die from it. This is not a discussion about funding for a new highway or a library. For old and sick people, this is life and death. Frankly this isn't a 'choose your own reality, my own opinion is what matters' situation. This is a situation where the actual hard medical facts matter and could be the difference between you spreading a deadly disease to a vulnerable member of society or not. I suggest you do some research.
"My point isn’t that those people don’t matter. My point is that this virus is no more deadly than the regular flu is to those demographics." @kaudyaufan2: Your point is forking wrong. Do research before you say stuff that is incorrect by orders of magnitude, please.
I can't argue with the Mizzou pick. I just hope we are actually building towards something. I continue to fear that firing a coach we knew could conisistently get us to bowl eligible records in Barry Odom and hiring an absolute unknown was a mistake.
Interesting take. Coming into the game, Arkansas was #34 in Ken Pom and projected to make the NCAA tournament. Mizzou was 122nd. That is, to state the obvious, a giant gap. I think this is much more "upset win" than "two bad teams".
Bad take, Herbie. OBJ was a total jackwagon and made it about himself. Everything from the team itself falls totally within what I'd expect any team to do after winning a Natty. You're telling me you're offended at them smoking a victory cigar, or, in the highest moment of their life, not immediately throwing the money back in OBJ's face? Come on, man. It's how literally any 18-22 would react to that situation.
Eh, he wanted the Memphis HC job, didn't get it, and took the next best opportunity. It's not a slap in the face, it's just business.
Yep. It's the sort of statement one only makes if they are willfully ignoring fact. I don't know what to say beyond that. A 43rd ranked class is better than the 80th ranked class, even if both are 13th in the SEC. This is not a difficult concept to grasp.
Missouri never ranked below 43rd nationally in any of Odom's classes, per 247 sports. This one currently ranks 80th. There is no discussion to be had here.
There is no legitimate, quantitative way of measuring class quality where the above statement is not wildly incorrect. But I agree that we should give Drink a chance.
Gracious. It's really hard for a new coach to put together a half-decent class in, what, a week before early signing day. There is still time to fill more slots. The sky is not falling. Today's outcome was largely expected by anyone paying attention.
Respectfully, that makes sense from an LSU perspective, where recruiting top 10 classes and winning 10 games is the perennial baseline. At Missouri, a coach who can consistently get the team bowl eligible may not be a great coach, but trust me, it can absolutely be so much worse. We've had entire decades in the not-so-distant past where we didn't have a .500 season. So yeah, it can get much, much worse than 7-6, 8-5, 6-6. Not saying it will, but it's silly to say that it could not.
Definitely high risk/high reward. Sterk will either look like a genius for hiring the next great offensive coach, or he'll get fired because of this. No idea which.
Nah. It's not the hire I want, but he's a proven head coach who win the SEC East twice in a 2.5 year tenure. There are certainly red flags, but if we go that direction I'd be inclined to give home a chance to show he learned from his late-Florida tenure mistakes.
Pro: Without the fake death threat thing, his overall resume is good. Not great, but good. And he's as SEC as it gets Con: I just had to say the words "without the fake death threat thing", which feels a bit like asking Ms. Lincoln what she thought of the play otherwise.
I'm happy these guys have something to feel good about in the off-season. This year wasn't what anyone wanted, but at the end of the day, 6-6 isn't any great disaster. I expect Odom will more likely than not be retained since we at least avoided an outright losing season, and I hope we can surprise people in a good way next year for a change. Odom will have plenty of pressure on him if he's retained.
It's exactly what I got out of the article as well. I suppose there are a lot of 5-year-olds on SDS.
What is your evidence that he has not? He seems not to make the minimum salary required to void the buyout. You cannot just breach a contract because paying money to people no longer working for you is annoying. You do need some legal basis. It seems that Arkansas likely has none of that, and is depending on Bert caving. I hope he doesn't.
I don't understand the legal basis or Arkansas doing this. Not a huge fan of Bert, but contracts are contracts. Arkansas must meet its legal obligation, and I hope they lose in court.
How about nowhere? How many times can he become enveloped in scandal, talk about health concerns (which I honestly do believe are real, at least somewhat) and then just hand-wave it all away and come back. He is very good at winning football games, but not so good at everything else that comes with running a good, clean football program, and his healthy may not be up for it. In terms of winning, he has nothiing more to prove. He should call it a career. Be an analyst, get a big paycheck for doing very little, and just call it a day.
Dang. You are considerably more confident in Missouri than I am. I hope you're right, though! I think we might win, it's probably better than 50-50 but I'd expect something more like 24-20 either way.
Well, suffice it to say I hope the last one is wrong, but I'll be waiting until tomorrow night to say anything further.
Goodness I hope so. I fear what will happen to our season if we do not. 6-6 would suddenly be on the table.
No picks this week. I just really, really hope we beat Kentucky.