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The dumbest people of all are the one's on Hogville who listen to porkrindjimmy, Mike Campbell. He went from Chad is fired - to safe - to fired - based on Twitter speculation. He passes it off as insider info but anyone with google will no and old truck stop hag when they see one. Jimmy your information is as bad as your breath.
that would have technically allotted you 10 meaningless apologies from Mutt. FYI, I'm selling an original copy of the bible signed by Jesus if you are interested. 10 Million over 4 years, financing available.
Mutt Morris would have benched Nix at halftime and gone with his dad. Thank god the hogs dodged Malzahn and his big salary.
Mutt is the type of guy who will take your 10 million dollars and try to tell you how to pronounce your own name. Mutt Morriss is the type of Aggie that Arkansans have always feared.
Well, he doesn't have to worry bout pologizin' much. Mutt is a deranged lunatic who couldn't coach himself out of a box of dildos.