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Here's the problem with your're only going into wins and losses. What many of these schools do is provide a demographic. For example, Rutgers opens the Big 10 to the Eastern market, Arkansas' potential rivalry with Missouri with the upper South, Colorado for the Pac-12 in the Mountains. If you really want to contract, delete schools that have no market whatsoever...such as Ole Miss. Ole Miss has brought shame and disgrace to the State of Mississippi with its recent shooting of Emmitt Till's marker and the murder of a coed, as well as refusing to abandon most of its White Supremacist traditions. You keep Mississippi State in the SEC because they've shown the world they are a haven of racial tolerance in a sea of Racism (dodging the Ole Miss legislature in 1963 to play an integrated basketball team in the NCAA basketball tournament, the first school to hire an African-American Head Football coach in Sylvester Croom, home to the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library). Not only that, but The Mississippi State University is competitive in all major sports.
Notice he's got his Uncle's Number 12 on. He was number 10 at the university of ole miss. Just shows that he's ASHAMED to be associated with that scandal-plagued, corruption-ridden school.
That's the only way he'd get into the end zone.