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Self-reporting and showing “exemplary cooperation” by Mizzou when a rogue tutor help 5 athletes (across multiple sports) got Mizzou FB a post-season ban, scholarship reduction, and other penalties AFTER Mizzou suspended all the players from multiple competitions on their own. The lesson: NEVER cooperate with the NCAA. For more evidence see Kansas basketball.
Did you write this article before the weekend? Jake Garcia (Miami) is transferring to Mizzou, I think that adds more competition at Mizzou other than just Sam Horn. Research. Journalism.
#11. Who will be the OC next year? You heard it here first.
Gotta love her statement "now that 2022 is very much a lost season for the tigers". I thought that is why we play the games - to see how they turn out. Although I greatly doubt it, there is still the possibility of ending 8-4. (I think realistically it will be 5-7, but just sayin')
Remember that the Hogs have SEVEN (7) home games plus one neutral site game this year. Only four (4) true road games this season. How many other teams have that home field luxury and still struggle so much?
BTW, don't forget that this will actually be Vany's SECOND game of the season. They have a Zero week game against Hawaii.
What a bogus ranking! At #7 is AL vs Utah State with a 38.5 spread! You call that "interesting? That is probably the LEAST watchable game of the week.
Joe Cox: sports journalism at it's finest. Can't even do a google search to identify ALL the SEC QB commits for his article.
Umm, you missed Mizzou QB commit Brady Cook. He has been committed since 2018! But of course you would not do a simple Google search since it is Mizzou....
WTF?! You left Mizzou out of your graphic! They are the 5th best and should be between just behind State and before Arky!
It's amazing that your authors don't seem to see the same thing in Columbia, MO that so many national publications do. COMO is repeatedly ranked in the top college towns in the USA.
Brendan Scales flipping from Alabama to Mizzou tonight would probably be considered a pretty big NSD surprise, especially since he has been a Bama commit since April.
Mizzou's Kentrell Brothers was second in tackles in the game. I am amazed at the frequency he gets overlooked by sports writers.
You need to do better research. Even a lazy search can discover that Mizzou has 3 players for 2016 already enrolled for classes.