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It's not technically an MVP trophy. "The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. The winners of the trophy epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work." That sums up Stetson pretty well if you ask me.
You have nothing better to do than post unfunny drivel?
?? MSST rose 22 spots to now be ranked 35. I think they should be higher, but that's what the linked article says.
Wow. That is a good stat. Speaks a lot to his character, too.
While I hope your week 1 prediction is incorrect, I like the idea of Kentucky being good.
Under his ranking, the first sentence is "a ranking based on potential."
Remind me again what happened to two of Mac Jones' three interceptions?
Honest question, and pardon my ignorance, but what does an OC do in situation where the head coach calls the plays?
Wisconsin has 3 losses. Virginia has 4 losses.
Agreed. It is essentially "you suck" money, because it only gets paid if the coach sucks.
Nix and Fromm have almost identical stats while at home.
I forgot about oil money. We have to sell lumber to come up with buyouts.
Oh man (censored), Texas A&M better hope Fisher starts winning. Paying $7,500,000 a year and a $60,000,000 buyout will get painful if they go 7-5 every year.
If people say "anyone can win at Alabama", they're too young to remember the years between Stallings and Saban.
I think I'd have it 1.Orgeron, 2.Mullen, 3.Saban.
Yep. Nix has thrown the ball 37 more times this year than Trask has his entire career.
Before last year, how many true freshman had won a natty?
"It is another thing when you have 90,000 fans screaming when your offense is on the field" There were 102,000 fans screaming while the offense was on the field in College Station and we saw what happened there. Texas A&M is probably better than Florida, too.
Because it will be easily exploited. Booster: "Hey kid, come play for USC and I'll buy one jersey from you each year for $250k a piece."
Those 25 offside penalties last week didn't help.
I don't know. I noticed they got quiet pretty quickly. An imposing stadium should have loud fans even when the home team is losing. And the stadium was half empty in the middle of the 3rd quarter.
Man, the swamp used to be tops in this. They don't even make the top 5? Who has the highest home winning percentage for the last 20 years?