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I don't know. The SECCG certainly made your school look that way.
Alabama just loves to hear how "once in a generation" they are. Burrow is better.
Does the ticket come with a bulletproof vest? Asking for a friend.
Honestly our mascot had more fight than us this year. #HiretheCommodore
Oh it was never about winning. If Fields were at UGA, I think Vandy would've just shut down the program. Fromm gave us the sense that there was a fighting chance.
I love that a coach being "interested" is cause for excitement in Starkville. Happy for u!
*Eyeroll* What a homer pick. Almost as insufferable as LSU sportscasters
As a Vandy fan, I'm kinda disappointed. UGA was so predictable with JF. We'll see him on TV soon.
UGA will claim "standards" but we all know it's a sham. Without hype, UGA has nothing to show for it. Just look at the last 40 years.
"Scoring in the teens" pretty much sums up Burrow's experience in Tigerland