My teams are perennial rollercoasters of emotion

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Never gunna happen and that's ok, just keep winning.
This is disgusting. Does he feel like more of a man for blind siding a guy without any arms?? wtf is wrong with people
Lol no one's keeping an eye on his assistant coaches
You "throttled" them in Athens? Must've turned it off before that happened...
and just like that, I realize how much alike Kirby and Bill Clinton sound lol
Ignore BamaTime, their internet connection cuts in and out at his trailer park so he only has 10 mins to sound out each word and sometimes skips over important info like "if their rotating crossover wasn't bama".
You're an idiot. UCF has 0 defense since they lost that 1 armed guy that single handedly beat Auburn
Bama is heads and shoulders above us but we are a lot younger all around so hopefully in a year or 2 it'll be closer to even
Can he score from the 2 yd line? W/ a healthy GA offensive line we should be pounding the crap out of the ball w/in 5 yds but we can't get any push w/ everyone hurt. Need a big back to truck some folks
Love having the low expectations/nothing to lose mentality but the fact is that UMass has a better chance beating us Sat than we have beating Bama :(
Jump ball to JJ, put cook out wide w/ holifield behind fromm and do a jet sweep to cook, get creative w/ the end around something other than the same stuff that aint working
I wish he was an SEC coach, would love to see him at SEC media days and hear more from him down here
Auburns pass rush is the only reason I think this will be a close game.
They'll string him along like yall did Jalen to where it's too late to transfer and he's played in 5 games before he knows it so he can't redshirt.
I agree w/ the idea GA controls it's own destiny. What if we lose to Auburn and then beat Bama? That's a huge wrench thrown into this equation.
Would Saban lose on purpose to avoid an SECCG again and still make the Playoff 2 years in a row? lol
Eh, it's still Kentucky. The East isn't great and like you said, Kentucky has relied on luck and most teams that do that end up running out of it in the end. Georgia has handled the East pretty easily and Kentucky has gotten by the skin of their teeth. Look to see things for Kentucky go about as bad as they did for Florida last week with fumbles, INTs and overall dumb mistakes on special teams. I initially thought this would be close but the more I think about it the more Georgia should win pretty handily.
I think Kentucky has a good program with some studs at a few positions but I just don't think they match up well with Georgia across the board.
Ya unfortunately I agree unless Tua some how has a bad game and LSU capitalizes but I think everything you said is much more likely.
i'm guessing this is going to be a low scoring game, UGA up with minutes left and Kentucky choking when they have a chance late. UGA W 17-13
Gus Bus see's the writing on the wall. Time to follow Chizik into the commentating biz
This line is EASY money! Take the points..hell, take Kentucky on the ML. Kentucky has lacked in the passing game, but Mizzou's DB's are the worst I've ever seen. Kentucky will look like they have a passing game and then Benny Snell will run all over them. I expect 2+ turnovers from Lock too. Kentucky wins 35-21.
Mizzou's secondary is so bad they'll make Kentucky look like they have a passing game. Kentucky wins in a blow out
I just love this. It was funny when I thought UCF was joking about claiming a Natty as a troll job but this has taken it to a whole new level of LOL now that they believe their delusions. Their schedule is so tough, no way they don't make the playoff this year.
Key in this IMO is disguising our coverages. LSU QB has impressed me with reading the defense, if we can bring pressure from where he's not expecting it I think we'll win by 3 TDs