VFL ‘09

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Just for a little clarification, it's "anchors aweigh". But I like the devil's appearance lol
I like Fickell. Not entirely sure why, but I like him enough to hope he isn't foolish enough for the glitz and glamour of LA. Seems there are several big openings that are, or will be, open. Let Franklin get lured west and he could well be a top candidate at PSU. I could be SUPER wrong, but I think that would be a significantly better spot for him if he's not willing to wait for UC to join the B12... which would be an easy enough conference to own without TX and OU. Again, simply my opinion...
I just learned something new, despite the nonsense that made up the article and the rest of the comments. Good on ya Balkwyll, thanks for today's 'the more you know'. Really interesting stuff.
Fooley, sorry I mean Dooley (Derek), coached from the sideline on crutches. Then again, I'm sure we lost so maybe it's best for Prime to take a spell.
I would think that the 2016 hail mary from Dobbs to Jennings would be in UGA's top 6, but maybe not.
That's it olemiss333... 30 days in the hole!
This is just a bad look. Bowing to the fan base on the hiring of a coordinator due to previous employer and family ties is just sad, for Sark and the Longhorns. And I’m a Volunteer! I know a thing or two about hiring idiocy! Hope he gets his cajones back at some point
This is the epitome of fact, by a dawg mind you (no harm intended 90Dawg). Dumpster fires don't exactly scream 'STABILITY', to coaching candidates or recruits, right? I'm actually getting to the point that I question whether the SEC or even the east need us. The ship has to be righted. I don't think Pruitt is the man for the job, but SOMEONE (ANYONE!!) needs to douse the dumpster fire.
Just think about it... Corso has got to be close to calling it quits. Plug Spurrier into that spot and CGD just got a little bit more raucous than those guys have already mounted.
They would have then chosen to disclose. Not necessarily an issue of public record like those non-private institutions.