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If you knew more about who Jordan Rogers really is, you’d know that isn’t the case. I’m not saying I know him personally, but I follow his social media accounts, have read a lot about him, and have listened to those who work with him share their opinion of him to get a general understanding of his true personality. I think maybe b/c of his looks, how he dresses, and how he sounds sometimes may give the initial impression of him being stuck on himself, but he’s truly knowledgeable about the game and his color commentating really adds to the experience of the game.
TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS. I think the SkyCam view of the game is the future of college football. You can watch plays develop, get great perspective on pass rush or run blocking gaps, as well as missed assignments in the secondary just like you said. It just feels like you’re at the game with SkyCam. With that said, I have noticed that, when I watch the game with casual fans/family members/guests, they don’t like SkyCam at all. I believe this is the case because the play seems to happen so much quicker. Some people can’t follow the action.
Right on the last part; he was really looking for a reason to leave: he wants to be a HC someday and felt that path would be through getting an OC position at another school first. Don't see anything wrong it.
Of course not. Coker officially had one of the 10 best Quarterback debuts in Alabama football history, but you weren't really impressed? Well I hope you're prepared, because Florida football will fail to impress you for many years to come. ND made Texas look bad. It wouldn't surprise me if ND was in the National Title picture at the end of the season.
EXACTLY RIGHT. After OU beat us in the Sugar Bowl two seasons ago, I read an Oklahoma football article saying the win would be a "Program Changer" for the future of OU football, and would bring them back into the National Title conversation. Father Time, however, has shown otherwise, by proving their win to be a total fluke. But sadly, they'll resurrect the "SEC is overrated" chant if they manage to beat UT Saturday (which is not unlikely). I personally hope Tennessee stomps them in the ground, which is saying a lot coming from a diehard Bama fan. Go Vols.