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I thought I heard that he didn't know Mizzou had as many guards as they do and as a result he wasn't getting the minutes he expected he would. I'm not sure though.
I mean, Mizzou lost to Wyoming. That's why the ranking isn't there yet would be my guess.
Not to mention that the majority of Columbia revolves around either Mizzou, Stephens, or Columbia College and the population seems to grow by 50% every time that a new semester starts.
Actually Puma does sponsor NBA players. Michael Porter Jr is sitting on a Puma deal right now.
I thought that weeks ago Lock said he was going to play in the bowl game...
And if things are the same as they were when I was a student, the University mandates that dorms are closed over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks. So anyone living in dorms would certainly be out of town.
I suppose you could call two season ending knee injuries valleys. But I hope Mizzou doesn't need Beckner Jr to beat Stec...
"Tigers were inconsistent in either handling man coverage or protecting Lock"... How were they inconsistent in protecting Lock when the O-line lead the conference in 2016 in Sacks Allowed (1.17 per game avg) and TFLs Allowed (lead the nation with 2.92 per game avg)? If that's considered inconsistent then the rest of the SEC (and most of the rest of the country) must have been terribly inconsistent last year.
I dont know why they knock Lock for only averaging 248 yards passing in conference and then praise Bentley for having just a few more than that (at least one of those games he was mentioned for was against Mizzou and we know that defense was terrible).
National media blew the protests out of proportion. If the football team didn't get involved its likely nobody outside of the city of Columbia, Missouri would have known that there was even a protest.
Charles Harris never played with talent on his level? Maybe never started alongside but he definitely was around with Ray and Golden.
Oh damn. A two-star long-snapper changed his commitment. Better just scrap the entire recruiting class and the program and everything. Surely we'll never find anyone capable of replacing that commitment...
I think they're mad because Mizzou allowed the second string qb to throw a 2 yard TD pass to a walk on receiver who's in his senior year and I think it was his first TD reception. Might be his only TD. Its not like Mizzou wasn't going to score on that play regardless or anything.
Yep it was really awful watching Mizzou score 61 points on EMU with 647 yards of offense in 21 minutes of possession. We get that we played EMU so we're not expecting that to mean our offense is fantastic or anything, but combine the idea that Mizzou might have an offense with the fact that UGA has played close with their two opponents and especially that UGA struggled a bit with Nicholls, and suddenly the game looks like it could be close. That being said, I still think UGA is the better team and should win.
Agreed. In regards to football, it's been ONE unusual year, not any more than that really. 2013 was perfectly fine and 2014 was maybe unusual simply because of the manner in which we won games in spite of a terrible offense. Protests were exaggerated by the media last year anyway. The only team really that's had issues for the "last few years" is the basketball team because of the mess that Frank Haith's coaching staff left behind.
Well good job putting up a quote about TCU when they're not even in the conference.
If Tennessee is so good, why did they almost lose to Appalachian State...
Same scoring offense, I wouldn't quite say the same offense. Managed a lot more 3rd down conversions than the old offense would have, and also a lot more yards. Just couldn't manage to get points out of the opportunities that were there.
I've never heard of anyone going to McNally's.
Showed that Florida won the East? Yeah.
That's a dumb question to ask Odom. The events at Mizzou this past fall were a distraction, but had nowhere near the turmoil that people think. Come on SDS, you have to have better questions you want answered because that one is stupid.
I could agree with this... I know Missouri isn't exactly the farthest South, but the first 2 weeks of the season always seem to be excessively hot. Having games even earlier would likely be dangerous to both players and fans in attendance across the South.
A fair article aside from one major issue, which is Malik Cuellar. Cuellar left the team earlier this spring around the same time that Chase Abbington did.
He'll just have to get used to hearing Tweet Tweet.
I want to know who it was that forced GP to retire? I'm pretty sure that was a decision that he made himself due to having follicular lymphoma... Yes, GP retiring was a big thing, but nobody forced him into it.
Oh sure, Shane Ray gets charged with a marijuana possession misdemeanor and suddenly he's no longer a top 5 pick... Nkemdiche stays at #3... I see you McShay.
Couple of things, I've seen confirmed reports that Hill is most certainly staying at Mizzou. Also, Barry has said that there WILL be a DC, meaning that he has given indication that he himself is not going to do that job.
There's more than that... So is this recent accepted invites or are we forgetting the rest?
Who really knows who Barry has in mind. I would kind of like to see Christiansen back in. He was a key figure in creating the offensive success we had during the Chase Daniel years. But lets be honest, anyone can surely do a better job than Josh Henson.