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I wouldn't mind Tee being our next coach. It's certainly a huge upgrade over Butch. However, Tee only has one full season under his belt. For the first 4 or so games of last season, they struggled until they started Darnold, who turned it all around. I think people can safely say that Darnold saved Helton and Martin's jobs last year. That's not to say that Martin didn't run a good offense, but it wouldn't have won him as many games without Darnold calling snaps. Then you come back to this year and Darnold is playing terribly. So if Darnold isn't going to save him this year, will Martin's offense look nearly as potent? I have my reservations. Sure, he's an upgrade over Butch, but he's not an established coach with tons of experience. He's not even as established of a P5 coordinator... I'd prefer Brent Venables if we want to hire a coordinator.
Why...? We've worn the smokey grays for every UGA game for the last 5 years.
You're right. But they've also worn them the last 5 times we've played UGA.
I don't advocate that JG should just be given the start or thrown into the offense. But I do advocate that the QB competition needs to be reopened. JG needs to get first team reps and the opportunity to develop chemistry with the receivers just like Dormady has. JG gets thrown into games at random times, stuck with play calling that doesn't make sense for him, then when he does throw it on target, the receivers drop it. That's a lack of chemistry. Dormady has been given first team reps as the starter and still looks bad. JG only looks worse because he's not be given the opportunity to seriously improve in practice. Open up the QB competition again. If Dormady wins, then we will know he's better and that we will be a bad offense. If JG legitimately wins, then we can at least see if he can breathe new life into a nearly dead offense.Also I think that Butch needs to start calling plays on a few drives. It cannot be worse than Larry Scott. He may be able to improve the offense. If not, then stick with Larry Scott. Cannot get worse than it is now, but you need to take a shot on improving it.
I don't think he's saying that Mike Hamilton hired Butch. I think he's saying that because Mike Hamilton totally botched the hiring of Kiffin, but more so Dooley, that we were forced to settle on someone like Butch rather than getting a bigger name like Mike Gundy, who had been considering it before backing out.
What? Tennessee sold out every game last season. And the year before that. And I think the year before that. And our stadium is like double, if not triple, the size of Kentucky's. Sellouts happen all the time at schools with bigger stadiums...
Defense really wasn't the problem. The defense has steadily improved with each game following GT. And the defense looked really good last year before the injuries started decimating our depth (look at before TAMU last year--granted, App State was a bad game, but it was our only really bad one). I expect the defense to continue to improve. We will see when we face Georgia how good the defense can be, and we will know then and there if we can handle South Carolina's and LSU's offenses and to a lesser extent Kentucky's and Missouri's.
LSU's struggles remind me of Tennessee's defensive struggles. They go out and hire highly sought after coordinators on defense and offense. And they still struggle this season. It's like Shoop's hiring. Highly touted coordinator but trouble delivering the results everyone expects from him.
The Vols will struggle to make a bowl game? Really? I mean, I get that we looked not great offensively against Florida. But we could have easily taken that game and that was against a tough defense. We ran at will. And our defense has steadily improved from GT, although it still can look much better. That said, right now I'm not worrying about Kentucky or Missouri, or the cupcakes on our schedule. Kentucky has struggled with a lot of things this season, and Missouri's offense is choking as we speak. And the LSU game will be a "who wants to lose it more" type game. I don't see us struggling to get a bowl. Not the best season, but certainly not struggling to make a bowl. Anyone that said that even in the preseason was idiotic. I still want Butch gone this year, and maybe it will happen, but it won't be because he doesn't make a bowl game this season.
At least one coach is coming out and defending his players and not spouting bull crap coach speak.That said, I don't blame Shoop. I actually blame the players. The call was correct. You don't have guys on the goal line. Why would you? With Pineiro's leg, Florida only needed to complete a 15-20 yard completion to get within makeable FG distance. So the defensive play call SHOULD be exactly what we saw. You line up your DBs deep to defend against a 20 yard pass and completion. Shoop called it right... The problem is that the players totally messed up. You never let someone get by you. Ever. And they did. That's on the players on the field. At that point you have to just tackle the guy for a PI penalty... In college it's not a spot foul so it's only 15 yards. That puts the ball for an untimed down on the very outside of Pineiro's distance. But the worse thing is that the defenders needed to know that only 9 seconds remained when the ball was snapped. After about 5 seconds, the DBs need to drop back regardless to defend the really long ball. The key is not to allow anything past you. And they did. That's on the players on the field. Not on Shoop. Shoop defended against the most likely called play--the 20 yard quick pass to try to get into FG range. Our D-Line destroyed any chance of that, so Franks had to evaded and by that point their only option was the deep pass to the endzone.You can't let anything past you. I don't understand why that's on Shoop. That's entirely on the players. But Shoop is too good of a coach to come out and throw his players under the bus. He's not Brian Kelly. He's going to be a man and take the hit so his players don't have to.
I think it was pretty clear that Butch was saying that JG hadn't taken snaps from under center during practice this past week. I don't understand how people are missing that.I'm not here to defend Butch. You shouldn't put the ball in the QB's hands to sneak it in regardless. The ball should be given to John Kelly and let him run it in. Give it to him 3 or 4 times on the goal line. But he is the one who got you there. You have to let him try to run it in.
I guess I can actually buy that. But why even put it in the hands of your QB at all. Regardless of the look you're getting from the defense, you let Kelly run the ball there. He had run it fine against similar looks from that defense and he made them look silly. Just let him get into the endzone after he's run you down the field to get you on the goal line. I get not wanting Dormady to sneak it if he's hurt and not wanting JG to run it without more snaps under center. That's understandable. But why even be thinking of letting your QB run it in when you have an RB that had run the ball well during the game? Just give him the ball on the 1.
I feel like John Kelly and Nick Fitzgerald should have shared Offensive Player of the Week, like two defensive players shared the defensive title.
If Dormady continues to stare down receivers like he's done in the first two games, they should be able to force 4 or 5 turnovers.
How is beating Kentucky the measure of being a "contender" in the East. Kentucky nearly lost to Eastern Kentucky... South Carolina should expect to dominate Kentucky.
When a stoppable force meets a movable object: the rivalry.
I think it's a long shot for Chip to come to the SEC at all. But if he did, I don't think he'd coach at any West team. I think, if he even wanted to come to the SEC, he'd prefer to come to a place like Tennessee. Let me explain why. It's a traditional program with rich history. It rakes in money, in fact, it made the largest profits of any school last year for football. It already has incredible facilities. But the more important point is: Chip would not have to deal with donors. It was the single thing he hated the most at Oregon--dealing with donors meddling with his program. We've just hired a new AD, who appointed Phil Fulmer to basically be the liaison between the donors and the football team. Any major issue a donor has would go through Phil, who has a longstanding relationship with each of them, then might be funneled down to Chip. The other key is, since he wouldn't be beholden to the donors, Chip could operate the team the way he wants...meaning he could hire the coaches he wants to do the recruiting he hates. That, and the fact that Butch Jones has actually left the program in a pretty stable spot. With a better coach, the program is ready to improve immediately. And Jones already has a stellar recruiting class in the works that would give Chip great recruits immediately. And the last point is...he's got Guarantano on the team already, who during his recruitment was likened to Marcus Mariota way too much. Lastly, why would Chip want to go to the East? Well, it's an easier division. But he still gets Alabama every year. His main criticism as a coach was "He's good, but he couldn't beat Bama." Well, now he will have that chance at least once, maybe twice, a year, without the additional pressure of dealing with the West gauntlet. Lastly, Tennessee has no income tax. People down play that, but it's a really important point for a person who will probably be making 5+ million a year.Tennessee is a perfect storm to get Chip Kelly, in my opinion. And for that reason, Tennessee will mess it all up. I think Jones survives this year, for better or worse. And I don't think Chip comes to the SEC anyway. I think he will end up getting hired at UCLA, who rumor has it made a push for him this past offseason.
First off, stop with the autoplay videos. They are really, incredibly annoying.As for the third down song, I like it. It's something. It will certainly get the crowd into it. I am a big believer that having the crowd so pumped when the defense was out there, that it really helped the defense. Was sad to see Third Down for What ever leave. This isn't as catchy. Heck, we had Lil' John himself endorsing our use of his song, and he actively rooted for us because of it. This will do, but nothing will replace Third Down for What as a cool little tradition.
JG came out on twitter and in interviews after the game and said that he was happy to be there and ready to help his team and was there to support his teammates (paraphrasing, obviously). He may have looked like he was pouting, but for a lot of the game, most of the Vols sideline was... They didn't really show him when we were fighting to tie it back up. I don't put much stock in the way he looked when the team was playing terribly. I was pouting too.
Well now they can go to another school, then just transfer into Bama when Saban wants them. Honestly, the transfer change might look good for athletes, but it's terrible for the game. It was implemented for a prevent situations like I mentioned.
I would think it would be the latter. Georgia looked good this week. Of course, we don't know what we look like against a traditional offense, or how good Georgia will be with Fromm moving forward. But from what we saw from Florida, it feels like it's a two dog race for the East now.
They are slightly above average. I think A&M can be a better program. But Sumlin has pretty much peaked and is stuck in this rut of 8-4 type seasons, and the program won't get out of it until he's gone. Now that they start with a loss, it might be an even worse year for them.
Not in the poll that is decided by people that actually know and have worked in the game for years... Vols are ahead of the Gators in the coaches' poll.
I agree that it should have been reviewed. But I don't actually think he's bobbling it at all. What people are seeing and calling bobbling looks like control to me. I think he catches it, has control, and gets his foot down. That is a good long as he maintains control and completes the catch. I think he has control and bring the ball down, and as his momentum carries him, the hand with the ball in it hits his left leg. But I don't think he actually "bobbles" it and loses control. I think by that point is other hand has come down and grasped the ball, so that he actually maintains full control of it.Just because his left hand hits his knee, doesn't mean that the ball is bouncing around and he's losing control. I think it's just hitting his knee but still within his full control.If I were reviewing it, I'd confirm the call. But I think it'd at the very least stand.
I mean, even if they pay it back, they still committed a federal crime... I think that should at least be a multi-game suspension. By the looks of it, McElwain doesn't have control of the team. He has to regain it, and one way to do so is to send a message with tough suspensions for serious infractions. This is pretty serious. My personal opinion is he should suspend them from team activities for at least 4-5 games if not more, even if the university says they are cleared to come back before that. It's his team, he needs to put his mark on their punishment, rather than just going by what the school says. If he thinks it should be short, then I have no respect for that, but whatever, it's his team. I think he'd get raked over the coals for a decision like that, but it's his to make.
Pretty much. It's cute seeing Georgia fans thinking they can ever be really good with Jim Chaney on the staff.
That's what everyone thinks, but word is that both JG and Dormady have had great camps, so honestly it's still up in the air. Obviously they've made a decision, but we can't know for sure. Dormady became the front runner after the spring game, but both were getting first team reps and both were doing well.
You're severely underselling the value of the RB they just lost. Since kicking him off the team, they are returning a total of 14 carries from last year. Only 14 CARRIES. They are a triple option offense, relying heavily on having weapons that are experienced in the system. Not only do they have a new QB, but they have a totally unexperienced stable of RBs to help. That's a lot of that "triple option" that don't look like very strong, experienced options anymore.
I still maintain that the Champions of Life belt should go to the loser of the game--not the winner. Being a Champion of Life is all about moral victories, not real ones. Butch made the comment after it was clear that the Vols weren't going to make it to the SEC Championship, not regarding winning a game. So it should go with the loser. So the Vols kept the belt when they lost to Vandy, and the Huskers took it when they lost to the Vols. Nebraska currently holds the real Champions of Life belt.
I'm not really sure it's as good as it sounds. Most of the prep leading up to now has been with him in mind. I guess ultimately it may be of benefit, but the coaches will be scrambling to make sure the players get enough film on his backups.