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I was so hoping the Vols were going to hire Pittman instead of Pruitt. Knew he was gonna be a good coach.
They played 60 minutes of football, because the first few minutes of the game they were asleep. They played 60 minutes from that point until the end of OT. But not sure they played a "full" game lol. Especially the offense
Lol, yeah he just has kept Niedermeyer (the coach with the most serious amount of allegations against him) at each of those places. But yeah, don't worry, everything was totally above board at those places. Pruitt only did an about face when he came to Knoxville. Pure delusion...
You mean the one that said we did everything right and are the hallmark of how that situation should be handled...? Where it explicitly said that the relevant coaches and players were no longer with the team...? And the report that explicitly mentioned that the money in McDonald's bags was not true...? That notice?
Any longtime Vols fan knew it was coming. Real Vols fans weren't jawing to other fans because they knew it was just as likely they'd choke as anything else. I told my wife, "This team is most likely to lose game 3 of the Supers or the title series. There is no in between." I was prepared. Seems like most Vols fans came to terms with it pretty quickly, even though it sucked, whereas other fans of other teams still talk about it.
It was never his position to win, and no one with a brain ever thought it was... He was brought in to compete for the starting position, or as a rotational guy. Our OL was massively banged up, so at worst we needed rotational pieces. He is competing for a starting spot, which is what they wanted. We will know more after the summer, but no one legitimately thought he was clearly going to be the starter when he transferred in...
Blade didn't make his pitching debut this week? He's pitched in at least 2-3 games prior to this week.
And so is Tennessee...and then some. Since Tennessee made a bowl they are getting the same share as Vandy plus more for making said bowl. So...I don't think he or anyone at UT will care what money Vandy may make.
What I am hearing is that you want 1990s Alabama back. And, as a Tennessee fan, I completely support it.
Decent, but they suck against running QBs. I mean, we did hold Ole Miss to 31... And we gave up 41 to another top offense in Pitt. So I think 35 is not a terrible prediction, to be honest. The Florida fan who responded is basing his take only on the game against them and maybe against Ole Miss, both of which featured running QBs. We are fine against any offense not featuring a dual threat QB. And I think anybody is going to be fine with your defense giving up 31 to Ole Miss, so even that was a decent showing.
Bama's defense has a major liability in the middle in defending the pass. Vols fans knew it when they got Hank T from us. The guy cannot defend in coverage, like at all. Heupel will know how to expose that. I would really enjoy seeing us roast Hank T.
Hank T has always been terrible in coverage. He is an absolute liability in the passing game.
Our checkerboards come from Ayres Hall, the oldest building on our campus, built in 1921. It was a thing for UT long before Kentucky used it.
One pass (that was kinda high) to an uncovered receiver, and this is the reaction...? People need to temper their expectations, jeeze. I want him to do well, but if people are this excited over one pass to an uncovered guy, they need to bring themselves back to Earth. Who knows what we didn't see. Who knows what we will see in a game. Just cool your jets.
It's pretty normal. It prevents him from recruiting players via transfer. I agree, it seems kinda petty but it is normal for coaches leaving a program not to be allowed to address the team on the way out.
Isn't this guy not even starting for his JUCO team? I am pretty sure he is processed out.
Not sold on if it's intentional. But I definitely admit that it looks really bad, and could be perceived as intentional. But the way JJ celebrated after the game, definitely seemed like he didn't even know it happened. He wasn't looking down, got feet tangled, was looking the other direction, and tried to step away. Just an unfortunate incident, I think. But can see why people are angry about it, and why Vandy rushed the field. No flags thrown. As for "late and out of bounds," you are just blind. The hit was in bounds, every replay has shown that, and there was no flag. It was a clean hit. They slid a few yards away on a soaking wet tarp. That's all there was to that. Only issue worth discussing is the head stomp and whether it was intentional. I still don't by that it was anything more than accidental.
He was specifically talking about defensive line play. And in that regard said that Auburn would be the best team they've faced all year. In other words, Auburn has the best DLine they've faced all year. He's right. Paul, as usual, doesn't know what he is talking about and had he listened for even just a slight bit of context, he would know. But even that is too much for him. I cannot believe I am defending Saban, but this is so dumb. Even Bama fans can figure it out, and that's really saying something. Paul is too busy worrying about playing it off as some sort of power play to convince the committee to let Bama walk into the playoff. Not going to happen. In short, Paul is an idiot...again.
The funny thing is, everyone immediately started looking to the Preds, but they've somehow had a WORSE start to their season than Tennessee did. Thank goodness the Vols came back and look respectable now.
Knoxville has way more going on than Fayetteville... But more importantly, no one here is claiming Knoxville as some bastion of culture--Razorbacks fans for some reason are making that claim. Worse, they are making the claim because Walmart, of all things, is bringing it in. Even worse still, they only bring up culture as a sticking point for Kiffin's EX-WIFE, as if that will sway his decision whatsoever. Holy cow, saying "Walmart brings this place some culture..." Yeah, you guys really have hit rock bottom.
If LSU beats Bama this weekend, they will be number 1. If they lose, then even if they had been ranked number 1 this week, they wouldn't be anymore. So what does it matter. The CFP committee does this. They don't worry about having to set the top when they can set up a matchup that, by its result, will give them a definitive answer.
He had Chaney. The fact he went away from him was dumb. And Chaney's time at Tennessee is starting to show that.
I really, really hate this kid. I hope this play is eye opening to the coaches and he doesn't get a single other snap at Tennessee.
Any Vol fan that wants Fulmer to come back and coach is an idiot. They don't remember why he was fired. He got fired for a reason. He was old school and the game passed him by. And that was 10 years ago. Whoever thinks a man who didn't understand new offenses 10 years ago will come in and solve the issues now is just not paying attention. He cannot recruit today's kids either. None of the potential recruits was alive when Fulmer was a dominant coach... This would be an incredibly dumb idea. Not to mention it would highlight that Fulmer either made a bad decision to hire Pruitt or hired a guy he thought would fail (epicly by the way) just to then weasel his way in to the coaching gig again. Either is a bad look. Watch the games. The coaches greatly improved between the two. JG is garbage. Fulmer ain't coming in and fixing that. Time to move on from Guarantano. The older players on the team, who were brought in under Butch, continue to demonstrate that they never developed and continue to show hardly any effort, except for a small few. The new kids are playing hard and playing well. I don't know why people want Pruitt gone. When we hired him we knew it was probably at least a 3 year rebuild, if not more. So we go from our worst year ever under Butch, now knowing we are saddled with those same low effort guys, and it gets worse as expected. Why are people shocked? Because they aren't paying attention. Losing to Georgia State was a bit surprising, but not totally out of left field. Anyone saying otherwise is lying to themselves.
Mullen will build his program one recruit transferring out at a time.
I don't get why it was ever a story. Tennessee wasn't the only school that reached out to Mizzou players... The NCAA allowed it, so it's not like Tennessee broke the rules, and wasn't even the only one to do so. I don't understand why Odom decided to try to make it into some big thing at all.
He's already getting paid to play...but why not enter the NBA and get paid much more to play? If he stayed and the NCAA investigated and found something, he will be ineligible and be sat for a full season, so it's dumb to even risk that. This is not even close to a surprise.
"Most obvious." It's honestly an obscure call because it never happens... When I saw it in real time I told my wife "No kick because it's not intentional." That's all I thought of it. Chuck and Kenny said it best: "Wait, that's the rule..?" It's not something that happens very much. Calls get missed. It's unfortunate this happened to affect a Final Four game, but other calls were missed earlier in Auburn's favor without a doubt. It goes both ways. Don't foul a 3 point shooter and the game is over regardless...