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If LSU beats Bama this weekend, they will be number 1. If they lose, then even if they had been ranked number 1 this week, they wouldn't be anymore. So what does it matter. The CFP committee does this. They don't worry about having to set the top when they can set up a matchup that, by its result, will give them a definitive answer.
He had Chaney. The fact he went away from him was dumb. And Chaney's time at Tennessee is starting to show that.
I really, really hate this kid. I hope this play is eye opening to the coaches and he doesn't get a single other snap at Tennessee.
Any Vol fan that wants Fulmer to come back and coach is an idiot. They don't remember why he was fired. He got fired for a reason. He was old school and the game passed him by. And that was 10 years ago. Whoever thinks a man who didn't understand new offenses 10 years ago will come in and solve the issues now is just not paying attention. He cannot recruit today's kids either. None of the potential recruits was alive when Fulmer was a dominant coach... This would be an incredibly dumb idea. Not to mention it would highlight that Fulmer either made a bad decision to hire Pruitt or hired a guy he thought would fail (epicly by the way) just to then weasel his way in to the coaching gig again. Either is a bad look. Watch the games. The coaches greatly improved between the two. JG is garbage. Fulmer ain't coming in and fixing that. Time to move on from Guarantano. The older players on the team, who were brought in under Butch, continue to demonstrate that they never developed and continue to show hardly any effort, except for a small few. The new kids are playing hard and playing well. I don't know why people want Pruitt gone. When we hired him we knew it was probably at least a 3 year rebuild, if not more. So we go from our worst year ever under Butch, now knowing we are saddled with those same low effort guys, and it gets worse as expected. Why are people shocked? Because they aren't paying attention. Losing to Georgia State was a bit surprising, but not totally out of left field. Anyone saying otherwise is lying to themselves.
Mullen will build his program one recruit transferring out at a time.
I don't get why it was ever a story. Tennessee wasn't the only school that reached out to Mizzou players... The NCAA allowed it, so it's not like Tennessee broke the rules, and wasn't even the only one to do so. I don't understand why Odom decided to try to make it into some big thing at all.
He's already getting paid to play...but why not enter the NBA and get paid much more to play? If he stayed and the NCAA investigated and found something, he will be ineligible and be sat for a full season, so it's dumb to even risk that. This is not even close to a surprise.
"Most obvious." It's honestly an obscure call because it never happens... When I saw it in real time I told my wife "No kick because it's not intentional." That's all I thought of it. Chuck and Kenny said it best: "Wait, that's the rule..?" It's not something that happens very much. Calls get missed. It's unfortunate this happened to affect a Final Four game, but other calls were missed earlier in Auburn's favor without a doubt. It goes both ways. Don't foul a 3 point shooter and the game is over regardless...
Or he would have suffered a career ending injury and would be making way, way less... It's not such cut and dry. I don't know why people refuse to see how hard a decision it is. Injuries happen all the time.
Kinda feel like Tennessee should be on there, but I won't complain. That's a tough list. Vols were undefeated up until last week and just won the series with SCar. Entering the tough part of SEC play, but things are looking up finally for the Basevols.
The hook and hold on Grant is the biggest. It was the purpose of the rule. Guess who was in charge of reviewing it and not calling it? Yeah... Also thought there was a make up call to appease whiny Will Wade after the flagrant elbow on Grant (by the way any other coach gets a tech there 100% and guess who the ref was he complained to and called the make up call on Pons off the ball on the ensuing possession--but I'll let that slide). He also reviewed for time at the end of the game and seemed to indicate to put 1.4 on the clock then didn't correct it when it was not put there. 100% affects Grant shot, just not sure it affects the outcome. Don't know if the extra time means he makes it but it does mean he takes a higher percentage shot. Those were pretty big issues. He was the head official so he had a hand in every review. More reviews affects the rhythm of the game and always favors the team that is behind (more so when it's the home team). Vols lost it due to mistakes but the officiating definitely favored LSU. They capitalized so congrats to them. But this never should happen, especially in a game affect the SEC race.
Not overly worried about losing out on Wright, who has been as close to a lock as it gets for most recruits. That said, I've been hurt way too many times to not be at least a little worried.
He can just reenter the portal, I think. But typically these post season bans will allow recently signed athletes to opt out of their LOI. I would assume that is doubly true for grad transfers or others with limited eligibility left.
We were in the same quadrant of the bracket with them last year too. We would have had to face them in the E8, iirc, had we progressed.
The Vols going to Mizzou will be their first big test of SEC play. Something about Cuonzo teams...
It's sounding like he and Fulmer were ready to hire Freeze, who seems to have been the top choice most of the time, with Lindsey as #2. Then the administration and some donors started pushing back. While they waited for it all to get cleared, Lindsey got poached away by Kansas. That's not Pruitt's fault. It's the administration's for standing in the way.
He won't want to go somewhere where it's THAT much more difficult to recruit. Especially when the NCAA will be watching him closely to recruit the right way. At Tennessee he can at least use facilities and tradition to recruit without cheating. At GT, it's a way harder sell.
Wasn't it really just 1 down after Dobbs' helmet fell off? Just call a timeout or go to the wildcat. Jesus. I think he played more after his redshirt was burned.
Kind of a bail out for us, probably. I think Helton can be good, but our OLine has been so bad this year that he basically couldn't develop the offense at all. Next year was always going to be the year for him to show what he's got as OC. However, I saw very little from him in scheming with what he had to show me much promise for the future. Especially for the price we pay. I'd rather he take the WKU job, we save that money, and drop it on a proven OC who has shown he is worth it. I'd take Hugh Freeze in a second.
When DJ Durkin was fired, I assumed he stood no chance at being rehired and Canada would be hired on full time. See no reason for that not to be the case still...
Winning should matter. And it does in the latest CFP poll... Florida has won games against better teams and lost games against really good teams. UCF has won games against absolute cupcakes. If the Vols had UCF's schedule, they very well might be undefeated and with only one loss. If that were the case, they'd definitely be ranked. But could we really say they were a top 10 team? No. That's laughable. Same deal with UCF. If you want respect, play better teams and beat them.
Telling the obvious truth doesn't generate clicks, though. (You are absolutely right, of course).
Manchin is the last of the Dixiecrats. He's a conservative through and through, but more so he is just a political opportunist. His state is historically blue so he keeps the (D) next to his name, but he votes literally any way the wind blows. He is not a real Democrat and he is probably the absolute worst in terms of what people hate in politicians.
Well Taggart has always been an incredibly overrated coach that has somehow proven less than even Butch Jones. This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone.
It's nuts to me that Cade Mays actively wanted Butch to be retained. Had Butch stayed, Mays was an absolute lock to come to UT. That is nuts to me.
Trying to offer my totally unbiased opinion here: it was clearly no good. Any ball that sails over either upright, must be clearly inside of the upright from the vantage point of the official standing directly beneath it and looking straight up. Any ball that sails above the height of the upright is not reviewable. Regardless, all camera angles seem to show that the ball is directly above the upright. This is not like baseball where a ball hitting the foul pole is a homerun (there, the foul line is considered in fair territory). In football, the rules clearly state that the upright is the outer bounds of a good FG. If it hits the upright and caroms inside, it is good. But typically, if it hits the upright it will doink right off and be no good. That's why the rule is written that way--because when a ball sails over, if you raise the uprights up, it is likely to just doink off and be no good. The rule is clear, the ball was not entirely within the upright when it sailed over it. It's no good, plain and simple. It's not reviewable, but every camera angle they showed, it sure looked like it was directly over the upright--not inside of it. It was the right call.
Headline: "Schiano continues to field questions about his near-hire at Tennessee" "Schiano, would you like to comment about the Tennessee job? I will answer that, but will not do so now." Don't really see how that can be considered "fielding a question." It's like saying "Hey, you want some cake? Yeah, sure! Okay, well we are gonna have it some time, but not now." The headline is disingenuous at best.