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Florida invested time and money into preparing him for football. Imagine it this way, had Florida known ahead of time that Grier wouldn't have to serve out the full suspension, they never would have told him his starting job was up in the air and he never would have transferred. They invested heavily in Grier as the star of their offense, then were forced to sit him because of something totally out of their control. That in itself is not unfair to them. What is unfair is that they lost out on him to a transfer, and his new school, knowing he carried the suspension, gets to start him anyway. Totally unfair.
How? The NCAA is beyond baffling in how they apply their rules. So Grier admits he took a banned substance, claiming it was by accident, despite not checking with trainers first. He may or may not have played multiple games after taking the substance. And Florida may or may not have known at the time. He gets a year suspension under the zero-tolerance policy of the NCAA. The NCAA talks about how it calls into question the integrity of the game and all that...then just says, "Nah, it's cool. We can let the zero-tolerance slide this time."I have no lover for Florida, but this is totally unfair to them. By most indications, they had no idea Grier did this. It's totally on him. Yet, they were punished by being saddled with his punishment. Then pretty much as soon as he transfers, he's eligible to play game 1 at another school. That's beyond absurd. Totally unfair to Florida. And beyond unfair to all other players that the NCAA punishes but doesn't give leniency, when Grier who admitted to breaking the rules that carried an automatic 1-year suspension for the first infraction, gets off almost scot free.
How is Archie Manning above Peyton? Peyton was a much better college player and quarterback. Sort of weird for both White and Peyton to be as low as they are. Wuerffel seems low too. And Cam Newton seems low, if we're going to put Tebow at 6. Tebow should be higher, definitely, considering his career numbers. I don't think he's 24 spots higher.
Man, what a hot take from the reporter predicting that Chad Kelly could start... Basically saying, "Yeah I think he could start. You know, if he gets a shot and basically looks like a hall of famer, all time great. Just look at this very small sample size of games he played in college. Of these two games, he looked great in both! So you know he can be hall of fame caliber."Really? You think a guy could start if he basically looks incredible and almost untouchable. In depth prediction there.
I figured this was always the plan this season. But let's not kid ourselves. Teams don't take QBs in the fourth round unless they intend to either start them or run them as a backup. Dobbs has a lot of work, and Big Ben is aging. There's a bit of urgency in getting Dobbs set up to be the next starter. What point is there in having him be the second-string when he needs to spend the time prepping and learning the playbook and working with his coaches? This is the first time he will be in a pass first system. They want to work with him first.But let's not kid ourselves. Landry Jones... is not good. Like at all. He's cost the Steelers far more games than times he's helped the team. So, yeah, he's gonna be second string, and if there's an injury in a single game situation, Landry Jones will come in. But if it's a case of Big Ben being out for extended time, then expect the coaches to more seriously consider whether to let Dobbs get some play time. But there's no point in playing him until he's had PLENTY of time to get used to the system and work with his coaches.So Jones is going to probably be second string on the depth chart. That in no way means he's better than Dobbs. Because he's probably not, even with Dobbs' shortcomings in passing the ball. Jones just isn't good. And the team long term is grooming Dobbs to at least attempt to take over as the starter after Ben retires. They aren't even considering that for Jones, because they already know he's pretty terrible as a starter. Teams don't take QBs in the fourth round unless they have some ideas of keeping them in mind to be an eventual starter or consistent backup.This is precisely as I expected.
It's not in response to discussions about realignment. It's in direct response to a Knoxville sports columnist (used very loosely) and all around idiot (used very specifically) John Adams, who wrote an article stating that Tennessee should drop Bama from its schedule. No other Vols fans want that. Our rivalry is too important.
Not really sure what VM is talking about. The reason Spurrier left is because he was so successful, that NFL teams were more and more willing to pay him more and more and steal him away from Florida. I hate Spurrier, but even I've got to admit that he left Florida because he was so successful there that the NFL wanted him. Sort of insane to argue otherwise.
Man, John Adams is an idiot. He's always been an idiot and always will be.
I doubt recruiting would play any role in Chip's decision where to go... He notoriously hates recruiting and lets his assistants handle all that. I'd say he'd be more likely to choose Tennessee because he wouldn't have to face the gauntlet of the West on a regular basis.
Greenberg is sort of turning his back on the show. To Golic, I can imagine that's like getting stabbed in the back by one of your best friends. All because ESPN basically pushed him into starting another competing show. It's beyond stupid. Why would you destroy easily the best thing the network has going each morning? Typical ESPN. It's all about the drama to them. That's why they're doing this and why people like Stephen A Smith continue to get air time.
Can't imagine MSU's secondary was worse than Tennessee's. Our whole defense just fell apart. We could use him, but I fully expect him to go with you guys considering he's followed Grantham everywhere.
He was always going to FSU. Vols fans who followed the scene had tempered their expectations. I was surprised he committed to us at all. Best of luck to him, but it's whatever at this point. This early in the cycle, there's nothing wrong with changing your commitment. I think it's dumb personally to commit somewhere only to decommit, but it's their choice. What I can't stand is a kid changing his commitment really late in the cycle.
I'd say more like 2 seasons. This season and the next. If he misses extended time due to injury, which has happened more and more to Big Ben in the past few seasons, I wouldn't be surprised if he hangs it up after this year. I think 2 years of Dobbs as the backup would be ideal, but at least 1 is almost necessary. I think Dobbs is in a great position at Pitt.
Really flaky. Obviously, he'd be a huge help to the Vols defense, but I never mind when players like this, who back out at the last minute, go elsewhere. He can do what he thinks is best for him, but I personally think it's pretty messed up for him to back out of a commitment that he made this late in the cycle. Hope he stays but whatever at this point.
Because he's constantly injured. I'd pretty much expect him to go into coaching now. He was widely considered a great leader and pretty much a position coach for the Vols after his senior season ended due to injury. I think he'd make a pretty good coach somewhere.
I don't think anything short of the man coming out and openly admitting it's him and reenacting the photo could convince many in the CFB world that this isn't McElwain. Because it's totally McElwain.
I don't have a problem with teams giving their players rings for bowl wins, even when they don't win the championship. It rewards the players at least for a good season, and it's not like people get confused about them winning the title. It says on the ring what it's for. But it's really stupid to give rings for winning minor bowls. Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl? Sure. Music City? No.At least it's better than Kentucky, who gave rings to their players when they LOST their bowl...
Discussions of sports media and the term "real journalists" should not belong in the same sentence. There are plenty of respected sports journalists, and some are better than others, but at some point or another, every sports journalists has had to cover inane, dumb stuff like this. The fact is, whether or not that's McElwain, is a story. You might not like it, but it is. It's on the same scale as Butch saying idiotic stuff all the time. At some point, it's a non story, but it's always covered. Why? Because it's actually a story. Sports media covers the sports world, and this by association falls into it. It's a legitimate question because that's legitimately a picture of McElwain nakedly riding a shark in the weirdest fetish I've ever heard of.
Not surprising at all. He very likely was never going to get any serious play time, and if he did it was only going to be as Guarantano's backup. I wish him well. He pumped up the team on the sidelines and was always a team first guy. Hope he can transfer, fight for a starting job, and do well.
Why would it...? Any NFL organization that wants Saban has enough money to throw at him to potentially lure him away. Saban may want to go to the NFL, but he won't leave until an NFL team pays him more--Bama is too attractive of a job in CFB to leave for something less. So really, it's just up to NFL teams to see if they're willing to pull the trigger and offer him enough to come back to the NFL. When the Colts fire Pagano this season, you don't think Irsay will at least consider offering Saban a ton of money? It's going to be on the table, and Saban will consider it at the very least if offered.
Can't wait to see the damage he can do running alongside AP and catching balls from Brees. Gonna be the next Darren Sproles in New Orleans, as well as a decent back once AP leaves or retires.
I think coaches that have been around the block for a while look at Dobbs and see a lot of like. As I see it, and I'm far from a great judge of NFL talent, all Dobbs needs is the chance to work with a QB coach and a chance to learn a system. A year with a QB coach, a HOF QB, and a great OC will really bode well for him. Dobbs has been successful in college as a QB without a dedicated position coach. Imagine how much better he can be as a passer with coaches dedicated to making him successful. I think he can be very successful in Pitt. Not a Steelers fan, but I'll always be rooting for Dobbs. Gonna miss him a lot at UT.
You wouldn't know it if you had watched them play the Vols...
On third or fourth down is when he produced the most. That's why our 3rd down offensive production was through the roof. Our offense always got behind the sticks and forced him to either pass or run, and he usually got the first downs. You sound idiotic.Also, a lot of teams are raving about him. He's consistently shot up draft boards since the combine. That's because a lot of teams rave about him. Just be quiet.
For the "answered" questions, why are they answered...? We don't know how good this coaching staff is together. It's our OC's first year calling plays. I don't see how all these unknowns can mean it's an answered question. You don't explain why any of them are answered.As for the QB battle, you say the gap is narrow between Dormady and JG. I'd generally agree. But after watching the spring game, it sure doesn't seem narrow... Dormady looks like the clear front runner. I expect in the coach's minds he's the current QB1, but they won't name a starter until fall camp. JG could develop a lot over the summer. I hope they wait until fall camp to let the battle continue--them battling for the start makes them each better.
I didn't go to Tennessee's spring game. Had no plans to when I saw the weather. I assume most other people had the same idea. It rained pretty much non stop from Friday afternoon through Sunday night. And during the game, there was a hard rain, lightning, and hail. The game was being shown on TV, so why put myself into those conditions. Any other time and I'd be there, and I know others would to, but I doubt many showed up, knowing it would start pouring rain again.
I think Dormady has all but solidified his place as the starter for the Vols next year. We all though Guarantano would be the QB1, but he's still pretty fresh in college, despite redshirting. It's a new OC, so there's some new things to learn, but Dormady had already gotten plenty of reps with our current receivers, so there's a chemistry there. Things can change over the summer, obviously, and at fall camp, JG could get the starting job back. But I think Dormady has shown enough at this point, and in his limited time over the past 2 years, to deserve the starting spot. He's a very good passer. I hope they name him the starter and Larry Scott starts prepping his offense for his style of play.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Dobbs is a potential great QB, and could be another Dak Prescott-esque QB. I don't think he's first round, or even second round, material. He needs at least 1 year under his belt in the NFL, sitting behind another seasoned QB and working with an NFL QB coach. He has the intangibles, but he needs to work a bit more on his mechanics and learning the system for the team he goes to. For that reason I doubt he's first round. Maybe second or third, but this kid has wowed people throughout the draft cycle. He's far better than his stats at Tennessee show, where he had no QB coach and lackluster offensive support with the exception of a good WR every once in a while.He will be a steal, but don't expect him to light it up until he has some time in the league.
Is it upsetting that he killed himself? Yes. But let's make one thing abundantly clear. Hernandez's death is not the tragedy here. That would be the person whom he murdered, and for which he was serving the life sentence he was apparently too cowardly to serve out.There's a tragedy here, but it is not the one your fixating on. I, and plenty of other people I've talked to, aren't losing much sleep over a killer's death. Sorry if that offends you. Guess I could make a Mizzou safe space joke, but I won't.