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Walk-on. Doesn’t take a scholarship, no cost favor to former player. I guess the thought/loyalty is good for relationships. Nothing to see here.
SEC is the ‘Pac12 football’ of the tournament.
A ref not “refs” made the call and the article never names the culprit.
Conference tournaments are not good predictors. Top seeds often don’t show up; they’re in the NCAA, secured their seeds; a few extra days rest by losing early. Early non-conference wins are great but…, the good tourney teams get much better as the season advances. Tourney teams need to be able to play 6 games, 6 different styles, 6 different officiating crews. Must be versatile, play D, and play half court high efficiency down the stretch. Don’t see a lot of those games in SEC. I’ve seen more charge/illegal screen calls in one tourney game than all season in the SEC.
Miss published this. After the second day. Big 12. 6-0 Big 10 7-3 SEC. 3-3
After the second day. Big 12. 6-0 Big 10 7-3 SEC. 3-3
SEC keeps saying they want to upgrade the basketball image. Let's start with not getting to worked up about our reg. season conference champion beating a 15 seed in the tournament.
Lunardi got 100s/1000s of Aggies and SEC fans to click on this site and got a couple dozen of us to write on here. Over an issue of who is the 60th best team in the country. Mission accomplished.
The ole school eYe TeSt. We don’t need no fancy smancy analytics stuff.
Every year it’s someone. “We got cheated out of being the 66th team!!!” Lost 8 league games in a row that included home loses to Mizzou and SC. Conference tourneys where teams like Auburn and UK are better off taking a couple days of than advancing, didn’t hurt their seeds. Every year someone gets ‘screwed’-was A&M’s turn. Should get LSU’s tainted spot.
Add in the relentless police blotter issues, the handling of racial discord, one and done, transfer portal, NIL, exorbitant coaching salaries, conference realignment, TV dictating schedules and start times, ignoring recruiting scandals, hypocrisy of the NCAA, etc etc. Plus the cost issues laid out here. Viewing down for college fb and bb and MLB and NBA and SuperBowl and World Series and Olympics. Fewer in attendance, fewer eyes on TV but more money flowing than ever before. Just enjoy my teams, the greater landscape is a mess.
Doing away with divisions gives the league office more authority to maintain the status quo/promote agendas by scheduling. ESPN dictating matchups, second tier teams getting less favorable time slots and home matchups. Less upsets or emerging long shots.
Farmer is the worst. Can’t write his weekly “hate Danielson” article so writes half a portal article.
You got the non-offensive TD part right. Was the big play of the game.
Good luck Connor. Appreciate all you have done for Mizzou.
Lol. A week ago everyone in the SEC would have said Kelly was a Paper Tiger, resume is schedule/media creation, can’t win the big one, teams are soft, etc etc. I think it’s a good hire. Should be able to thrive with less recruiting restrictions.
She can meet up with all the folks who were leaving if Obama got elected or if Trump lost or if Bush won or if Brady leaves or blah blah blah.
How many SEC coaches have been in their current job for 10 years? Saban. How many current coaches do you think will at their current job 10 years from now????? Maybe the SEC doesn’t offer much job security.
Or he wanted to make a boat load more $$$ and live in So Cal.
Finished writing the Danielson sucks article yet?
Every week a questionable official call decides a game in this league. It always seems to benefit the team the network or league office would prefer. Either they are the nations most incompetent officials or something fishy is up.
Why is it that defenses, trying to slow down offensive momentum, seem to get cramps and ‘one play’ injuries 10x more often than the offense that is driving?
Have you finished your “fans upset at Danielson article yet?”
Huge SEC showdown??? Wouldn’t gameday want a close compelling matchup? It’s GA/Auburn not Georgia St.
The usual ESPN/SEC haters. Anything he does they are going to blow out of proportion. Give him a few more games and there will be plenty of legitimate football reasons to fire the guy.