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Toothless hypocrite. SEC admin is just like the useless NCAA. What would the penalty be if Shaw struck back in self defense?
Playoffs have done their job. Best team in country (Michigan) is going to be crowned.
1.Mich/Wash. 2. Mich/Wash 3. FSU (Had Jordan Travis not been injured, had the team not all left, had they showed up at the Orange Bowl, had they beat GA by 20.) 4. Mizz (had they beat OSU by 21, had Ole Miss, Oregon and GA lost, had Bama and Tex lost by 21.) etc etc
Mizzou just signed Baker to an extension. There’s always been a portal for coaches, no one seemed to care. Now the players are doing the same and everyone cries and whines about it.
Michigan will win because they beat the great Saban and Alabama….hmmmm. Bama was a flawed team that coaching was not able to overcome. QB looked like a freshman at times, ie: Unable to locate receivers early resulting in multiple sacks, bad fumble late in game. Bama Oline unable to generate consistent running game, allowed multiple sacks early and pressure later. Huskies present an experienced QB, great Oline, and a consistent and down field passing game that Bama lacked. I look for a great game that Washington wins late like they have time after time all year.
Poor clock management for Washington. Third down pass incompletion before FG gave Texas an extra timeout. Closing out game chose to snap in shotgun formation and handoff instead of kneeling down, risks something weird happening…injury to RB gave Texas an extra timeout. Stupid return interference penalty. Gave Texas 4 chances to win game.
Thank you for the grammatical interlude. The rest can please continue your troll fest.
Football coaches. They’re all lying, dishonest c*nts. Good grief. He’s playing.
Is there a rotation for future schedules or are we to expect fairness (????) from SEC admin and ESPN to randomly set future schedules.
Great kid unwanted by D1, works his butt off, chases his dream, graduates, excels, keystone to best Mizzou season in a decade. As we suffer through all the CFB BS these last couple weeks think of this guy, he’s what it’s about.
Finebaum and SDS calling out “Fake outrage”, what a joke. Everyday they have some grave injustice to whine about. If SEC left out of playoffs it’s a farce, if Daniels doesn’t win Heisman the world will explode, Michigan scouting signs is crime of the century!!! What hypocrisy. For some reason this didn’t get posted 1st try….hmm.
Finebaum and SDS are calling out “Fake outrage”?????? What a joke. Every day on here that’s what you see. If SEC not in championship it’s a farce, if Daniels doesn’t win Heisman the world will explode!!!, Michigan scouting signs is crime of the century!!! What a hypocrite.
Well of course A isn’t going to take on his bosses at ESPN/SEC. He’s such a shill. No integrity at all.
If Bama wins Sat. Both they and GA will be 12-1. Why should AL go instead of GA? GA only loss would be #8 Bama. Bama’s loss was # 11(then, 7 now) TX. Head to head you say? Oops TX beat Bama.
Daniels certainly leads in the analytics department. Helps that he was in a track meet every week and played late into games due to a historically bad defense. 8 TDs against Georgia State including a 4th Q TD in a 56-14 rout. Sometimes trying to showcase your guy hurts him. Been a while since a non New Year’s Day guy has won the award. He’s an exciting player, he’ll be fine with or without a statue.
Spends more time trolling Urban, Harbaugh, now Riley than he does talking about half the SEC coaches. I guess hate clicks more than covering SEC schools.
13 years since Urban was at FL. On your 4th coach since. Firing a coach after 2 years doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy.
The best part of SEC leaving CBS is I don’t have to see Farner write this same story every week.
This is Mizzou’s 6th home game this yr. No other team has cried about the turf. Mizzou plays on it all yr and has not experienced an unusual number of injuries. It’s the same turf dozens of other teams and pros use. Maybe Mizzou is just more physical than your team and is kicking your ass?
What would Tebow or SDS know about journalism? This is sports talk.
Eli is so full of it. “Honestly, we’ve decided to ignore the noise.” Then how do you know what the ‘haters’ are saying? How do they motivate you if you’re ignoring them? Why do you know what all the predictions were, what Vegas was saying? Aren’t you the guy that every year is trolling your opponents on line? This fan base has decades of reasons to be skeptical or critical. Instead of calling them names and taunting your fans, celebrate them, appreciate that they care enough to say anything. Instead of hating on your own fans, rally them, lead them, win them over. You have something good happening this year, why turn it into a taunt or some petty ‘I told you so’ fest. Rise above the darkness, be the light. Why stop now!!!! M I Z!!!
“Should have no trouble against South Carolina”. “Missouri should get an easy win…” “put the game away in the first half…”. This is the SEC, this is Mizzou, have you not been watching the last 40 years? We lost to Auburn, Fla, UK, Wake Forest last year. This program can take no-one for granted.