Hogs fan til I die!!!! WPS

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Aww... Petrino.....He gave me a glimmer of hope and BAM! The Razorback curse got em. I knew there were tough years to follow.Oh well! I'm still happy as hell! We held a lead in the fourth quarter! We couldn't say that very often the past several years. 1-0 Undefeated right now son! WPS!
Please don’t tempt us with your screen name! Lol WPS!
Please don't tempt us with your screen name! Lol WPS!
We just can't live up to Georgia's conduct standards.....btw Who is your governor now?
It may be a bias opinion, but, Who the HELL would NOT watch the EXTREMELY competitive MO vs AR? Here's a hint, if ya had to look up what states I was referring to you would agree with the ones who didn't! I know LSU or Texas doesn't feel this way but...WPS!
It's hard to buy this as a rivalry game for me but it is quite satisfying beating the hell out of a MO team that made jackasses out of themselves this season.
I'm not getting into the long and useless argument on here. I just have a question. When does my white privilege kick in? Do I need to go pick it up somewhere? Because my broke, white ass is tired of working for scraps.
How about hire the most qualified regardless of color? I hire a man not his skin.
Great moment and awesome posts on here. SEC class.
WPS! Gonna be a great game! Lets do this HOGS!
This is gonna be a fun game to watch! Mizzery as an underdog is a stretch. Tigers are a quality team and my Hogs are running wild right now....I think its a toss up! Let the best team win! WPS!!
Thanks! I would hate for Arkansas to get credit all by themselves. Unspeakable....
With exception to a couple, Im glad everyone is keeping it classy on here. Naturally with my bias I pick our HOGS (WPS) to win. I am concerned about our lack of punching the ball in the endzone when were on the 1 yd line though. Fun Game! HOGS 17-14 my pick.
Where you at now TSUN?
Ummmm....Casey Dick? Arkansas? LOL Dems just jokes!