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Have you ever looked into the history of car safety in the US? When "we" decided the numbers of car related deaths were unacceptable...guess what happened? Seat belt laws, mandatory insurance, more safety laws, forced safety regulations in manufacturing. The point is...the US acted when the rate of death due to car accidents was "too" high. After significant research into what methods would be effective. This is a similar health crisis. There isn't enough data to be careless here...but enough data to know the virus is dangerous. Something's are better off postponed. Football is an amazing part of our lives, but a year off isn't going to kill anyone. If anything it gives these kids time to focus on healing their bodies and their minds. The NCAA better give them ALL an extra year of eligibility.
I couldn't watch the game (abroad), but I would imagine he was super frustrated. When two of your QBs get taken out by leg injuries caused in're going to say somethings in the heat of the moment. All that said, it doesn't look like a dirty play and the video should vindicate him from any accusers.
Is it an ad if they're not available for sale to the public??? If anything, it's another recruitment tactic. Personally...the shoes are fire!
You guys are really gracious winners, ha. See you next season.
It's a valid statement. Those loses were earned wind by each of those teams. It's still incredibly clear the players execute at a much higher level against Michigan than they did against any of those other teams. Especially Kentucky and Missouri. Two teams the players foolishly overlooked.
We, as a team, have so much motivation. If there is one game this season that they should be wholeheartedly motivated and willing to push every limit's this game. Beaten down 5 years in a row by an in-state rival? The motivation should be endless. AND we are the more talented, better coached team. We just have to limit mistakes and execute. Put the motivation into execution and energy.
I can't blame him. Yes he has made some horrendous plays this year....a few,but he's still a lot better than last season AND our best option right now. Emory may be the solution next year, but he deserves this time to grow and learn. Frankly, I've never booed my team....and I never would. Not over a play, but that's just me.
Agreed. He just wasn't the only problem. Let's not forget where we were last season and how far we've come already. The progress is palpable. The roster needs to grow among other things.
Clearly....but don't be ignorant just because you dislike the team. The article describes the issue pretty well with Franks and how that affects the flow of our offense. You can see the huge difference between the games when Franks played well and did not. Emory is the likely answer to this issue NEXT season. It's not worth burning his redshirt.
Hopefully never. Don't think it would work as well with our primary colors.