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All I hear is "The Score looked worse than it was. The Vols were in it most of the game. If it wasn't for those garbage points at the end we would have only lost by 2 scores instead of 3"
Franks was throwing it away and got hit. He said there wasn't even a route over there and was getting rid of it but couldn't get enough on it when he got hit.
At least the internet makes it so we can't hear barking through missing teeth. I can read the trolls in comfort and silence. It's when you're in a traffic jam under an overpass that the Georgia fans are just impossible to get away from.
I haven't read a single article about UGA on this site. I just won't. I now know that beating UF twice in a row is the highlight of their program. It's sad really. I cant imagine sitting around with fellow gators talking about a UGA win streak and that being the pinnacle of our program. That is why they are here. They have no idea what real success feels like.
I love how that is how you describe the place's positive qualities.
Really? I was going to point out that they were irrelevant in 2006 also, but I guess I will let it go.
It could have been better. There's nothing like a hype video that starts with the fact that this hasn't been a rivalry in 25 years.
LSU is the only clear "L" I see on Florida's Schedule. Now I know all the UGAly trolls on here just spit their dip out their nose, but that Extra Home game in Jax has been known to go either way. Many times the better team loses the cocktail party. So I wont count UF out just yet. At Mizzou is a bit scary, but I think UF will be betting favorites headed in to it.