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This is why you guys are so annoying. You aren't our biggest rival. Rivalries are created by having long term competition from both sides. We own you guys for decades and all we here is 1-0, 2-0, 2-1. Blah Blah. You're not on Florida's level as a program. Never will be. FSU is a rivalry. One that sticks for Decades. You guys are a rash that it took 3 years to get rid of. Nobody takes UGA seriously except UGA fans. Half of your glory comes before the invention of the Air-Conditioner. 40 years would make anyone a good internet troll.
Agreed Waycross. I'm happy to see that we haven't played a complete game yet and sit at 6th. That's where we deserve to be with a clear path, and no "what if" BS scenario to the playoff. I HOPE the defense peaks at the right time, and I honestly think CDM is holding the offense back right now. No way we deserve to be ranked 4th from what we have seen so far.
Not talking trash or piling on, but I was honestly surprised it was so low. With the weather and Pruitt coaching for his job, I was fully expecting to pick UT this week ATS. Now at 17.5, I will probably go with UF. Keeping a close eye on the rain.
I agree with the first point. It was not a hail mary, but he was not THE intended target. The play was supposed to get 20 yds or so and get out of bounds. To set up for a FG. Franks got flushed out of the pocket and Cleveland caught the safety sleeping. Funny thing is, as I was walking out of the swamp that day I remember thinking, "we will talking about this for the next 20 years". So far so good.
Sure he has choice. He could pull out his teeth, marry his cousin, and yell Roll Tide at church.
Agreed, it's his version of the work softball league. At the end of the day he gets to be Tim Tebow, and Steven A Smith is stuck having to be Steven A Smith.
I think it is perfect. Rankings are (and have always been) week to week, starting with NOW. Klimpsin is legit. Indiana looks like a real team. Who has played who? Who is phoning it in? I am just glad that my Gators have their path ahead of them.
Jimbo Had time to Study Under Bowden. That is an entire different story.
Stop trying to be logical. Just wear your mask and drink the Notre Dame Kool-Aid
2011 Alabama lead the country with 8.2 ppg. My how things have changed.
I wonder what 19.3 pts per game would have you ranked 10 years ago? I'll see if I can look it up.
Could it be eligibility? I don't know this kid's story very well. Maybe if he didn't play they could get an extra year out of him?
I think alot of the focus issues came from the weird COVID protocol. Getting dressed at the hotel, putting pads on on the field. Spending less than an hour onsite before kickoff. I also think Vegas was a big problem. They should never have been -31.5. -24.5 and we would be talking about much different perception.
2 things: 1). He was kidding. 2). This is the same reporter that constantly tries to catch him on things. She asks questions like "do you think it is responsible to celebrate with fans after the game". She's always asking stupid questions about COVID trying to bait him into saying something Mike Leach would say. These are the same people who got McElwain fired. Not that I am against that, but they have a pattern of trying to find controversial story. They are not Gator Homers. Go listen to other coaches interviews and it's all about play calls and position changes or halftime energy. With Us its "WHy did you say 'Pack the Swamp'". They're in a dying industry trying to find gossip. Kind of like the guy who wrote this. No Offense.
You're in a UF article. There will be some commas and some capital letter. Possibly even a semicolon. ;)
upstategator.... We need a like button for comments. Well said!
Joe Marks... It's good to be back! When a 3 TD win is your worst performance of the year...
The announcers were so focused on the fact that he didn’t control it. But there’s no footage of the ball actually touching the ground. TD
Urban Meyer to South Carolina? I quit reading after that. Clearly you are delusional.
No kidding. If that ship sailed in Bama and Ole Miss, surely to god they'd give it a try in Columbus.
It do seam that the further northern you go, the worst the grammar get.
How many 4 and 5 star lineman do you think there are? You think the vast majority of them are going to go to SC? WHat you need is a guy who can find underrated prospects and turn them into solid players. Or someone who can use the transfer portal.
I hope this happens. Freeze at SC is a pain in the a$$, but Freeze at UT could be an absolute nightmare. You have a potential SC team that could beat us in an off year vs. a UT team that could be dangerous every year. I say we give Pruitt another shot.
Saturday wont be the time or place for Georgia Bashing for MSU. I can say that without even knowing what time the game is or where it is being played.
G Fan 43.. That's funny. Proves you can understand humor. So many on here can't. Maybe it's just me... I don't care.
Well it's the only way they are going to get one. And they are a blue state now. They would be all for a participation championship.
Well, that's it then. We should take his championship away and give it to Georgia.
FSU has never won more than 5 in a row. UF has won 9 in a row, and 6 in a row twice. 36-26-2.