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Agreed. We should copy them. We should also look into UGA recruiting too.
I agree with Dan. Let's pack the swamp and see what happens.
See, the problem with your logic TDOW is that we know we are a "B" level program. The reason we admit this is because we aslso know what it is like to have an "A" level program. You and your cohorts are trying to act like an "A" and may very well be an "A". But until you get some hardware this century you should be a bit more humble.
Exactly. Everyone's grandmother lives here. Look at the ages. If you don't want to get sick stay home. Stop implementing your Tyranny for the rest of us. Desantis is doing great. He gets one phone call saying he's irresponsible and two phone calls saying he needs to open up. He is acting on behalf of the constituents. HE will win again in a landslide in 2 years. Before you pipe in your next silly comment about FL politics read that line again. HE will win in a landlside because he is doing what the majority of floridians are asking him to do. I don't need your opinion on it because I can't prove you wrong until the midterm elections. There is a mass exodus of NY and California right now. Ny'ers are moving here to get away from an overreaching Gov't.
Tennessee may win it all because they have herd immunity from Summer. The will be the only whole team come December. I hope every UF player gets it this week and we all move on.
I know a guy who flipped his car and got ejected from his car and landed in the road. His car rolled off of a small cliff and landed in a pond. If he had been wearing his seatbelt he would have died. This true story does not offset the overwhelming evidence that wearing a seatbelt is more safe than not wearing it. Because we have to look at numbers. We can all find a story of a teenager contracting the virus and dying. We can find a few cases of healthy people getting horribly sick. But the overwhelming majorit of evidence shows that athletic college kids are not even at risk of having symptoms. Let alone dying.
Nashville Gator: Nobody would stand out in a Golf Course with an Umbrella during a Lightning Storm for no reason. What is happening around us is almost like they are saying we are shutting down all golf courses because you could get killed from standing in a rainstorm with an umbrella (somehthing which kills 27 people a year).
LEGHUMPER is right. I hate that I agree with a UGA fan. Fear is more contagious than COVID
Research suggests coronavirus reinfection is unlikely But despite the anecdotal reports from doctors about patients becoming reinfected with the coronavirus, researchers say there's no evidence supporting the notion that people can become reinfected with the virus within a short time period I actually did look it up
Show me. Show me more cases of a person contracting it twice than the margin of error for False positives. It isn't a thing. Also, I would be fine with my 21 year old Superhuman Son contracting a virus that won't kill him so that he could continue to live his dream.
Well, IF this was inevitable... Now isn't the worst time to get it. I hope Dan treats it like a chicken pox party and secretly spreads it through the whole team, so it's over.
It is an unprecedented situation. It is possible that nobody old enough to remember georgia's last title will be left.
The thing is... You guys are better than Florida, and that is the peak of your program. You can't win a title, so you have to just punch down. Your program does not know greatness. Kirby Smart isn't a great coach. That is a fact. Your answer to that fact is Blah Blah, Dandy Mullet, 3 in a row, recruiting, blah blah. But your still have empty trophy cabinets. You guys brag like you've done something. You're mistaking mediocrity for success.
Very Impressive Class. I didn't realize that this was 3 in a row. This year should definitely be the year then. If not, the one after that DEFINITELY. I can't wait to see where these guys finish their College Careers. Hopefully it's not down here in Gainesville. I'd hate to see these kids get all hooked on the devil's lettuce.
I don't think any of this is even a crime in Florida. Poor Kid. Sounds like my typical weekend.
Does it bother you that our historically mediocre program, has won 3 national championships, and the Juggarnaut UGA program has not? Florida stats before the invention of Central Air Conditioning Units should not count. You can't survive here in the summer without it. Therefor nobody lived here. In the modern era, we have taken your recruits, your grandma, and your ass out behind the woodshed. Clinging to 1950 stats is sad, dude.
Not exactly true. When he shushed the crowd he made enemies. He has a bad attitude on the sidelines. I remember him yelling "I do Dis" several times at a camera and then immediately going out and throwing a pic the next play. Miami game I believe. I wish him well, but he will not be missed.
They walked him over to Felipe's locker and said "use what you want to".
Between this kid and Cox, they are definitely worth 7 points.
Why can't your cohorts on this website be as reasonable as you?
I think Kirby Smart is the Mark Richt of UGA. Y'all got 1 sec championship because you got to dodge Bama.
So is skipping out on the war effort. Quit following me around talkin crap.
Georgia will definitely play in atlanta this year. November 30th.
Oh let me clear that up... Mullen said there were some tricks he has left. That's not my opinion.
I am seeing NOTHING on Uni combos on the entire intermess.
And We don't play anybody until Atlanta, so there will be Tricks and Treats. Stuff Mullen has been holding on to.