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I think Kirby Smart is the Mark Richt of UGA. Y'all got 1 sec championship because you got to dodge Bama.
So is skipping out on the war effort. Quit following me around talkin crap.
Georgia will definitely play in atlanta this year. November 30th.
Oh let me clear that up... Mullen said there were some tricks he has left. That's not my opinion.
I am seeing NOTHING on Uni combos on the entire intermess.
And We don't play anybody until Atlanta, so there will be Tricks and Treats. Stuff Mullen has been holding on to.
The only thing better than a win will be doing it with less than 50 rushing yards.
Yep, then smile when you get pissed. If we don't have any relevant content to add, we just make stuff up.
So, what do you think this is? Please 'splain it real good fer me. Sos I kin understaind it.
No, you really do need to get some better comprehension. The Article and my comments are about rivalry. Then he posed the question who would you rather beat, which (and you should look this up) the exception makes the rule, so that means you'd lose to the other.. With me so far? I'd rather beat FSU this year.
Boy, there is just no fooling this group of geniuses. This is called Parody. I now know that once I "admit" that this is made up, you guys will pat yourselves on the back for solving the mystery, and even though you won't understand why, just know that calling this out as BS actually makes you look dumb as hell. Of coarse it isn't a true story. I would never go to Georgia.
Of Course they know the truth, and they choose to brag anyway. There's actually a plaque in Athens that celebrates the win and how happy they were to not support America. It even draws similarities between UGA and SS uniforms. I have lobbied several times to have this removed, but they claim it is part of their heritage, not hate. Until 1976, the restaurant across the street from the plaque serves burgers that look like normal burgers but when you open them up and look, they arrange the pickles in little swastikas. This same restaurant originated the term "French Fries" to celebrate the Nazi occupation of France.
Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to lose to FSU this year?? After UGA drops two games to Auburn and aTm we still go to Atlanta. I would much rather beat FSU if I had to pick. Luckily UF will take both.
He said it was his biggest rival. The question was posed as UF's but he said it was his when he answered. Because he lost last year. FSU is our biggest rival. Period! I am not trying to act like what Georgia has done these last couple years hasn't been impressive, I am trying to undermine their entire program/fan base's legitimacy as a whole. Look, I get it. It is hard to even get to the woulda coulda shoulda status that UGA has ascended to. I know what it feels like to have a Natty Slip through your hands (see Nebraska 1995). Almost winning is the peak of UGA's program, and you guys did a good job of holding down the fort while we were away. You are like the women of WWII. You deserve to be celebrated... But Daddy's home now!
And did anyone even verify the Attendance Number. 39 is an easy one to do, but with Cancelled Games and added playoff games along with missed bowl games, 11 game seasons, SEC champ appearances, etc. Did anyone verify that number? Or we just went with some D-Head on twitter an ran with it. With all that being said... I'm not doing it.
I read the Blind Squirrel comment as a shot at McElwain. Almost like "look even we went to 2 of those, and were nowhere near a dominant program, so getting one definitely doesn't qualify you." I really think that was more what he was getting at. He had a ton of accidental McElwain jabs when he first took over. You'll still hear a little of it when he speaks about the progression of Franks and Trask.
I kind of like the idea of being the nail in the coffin.
FWIW They haven't played anybody yet, and still have a loss. Let me save you some time Class of 98: (Notre Dame Comment) Me: (Laugh and talk about Harbaugh Eating his boogers)
Your argument would be valid if We didn't beat the team you lost to, and Keep it closer than people thought against the best team in the country. CoastRoad is giving matchup analysis which drastically changes the way the game is played without key players.
This is a cool memory and what it is all about, but it sort of proves my (and Nashville Gator's) point. You can look on this game as positive memory and something you are happy to be a part of. I can't even get my wife to go back to a UF vs. FSU game. She can't stand to be in the same stadium as them. I think it's because she's sensitive to smells. That rivalry is pure hatred. This one on Saturday needs much more UGA relevance to even be noticed for me. I get why they hate us, but one glance at all that blue on the wiki page just makes them seem adorable. With their lovable little mascot and the simplicity that comes with their program. Hail Hershel... And Then??
As far as the east goes, Vanderbilt is just as important. The only reason we are entertaining this nonsense is because georgia is at an all time high right now. A program defining back to back SEC East championships. The MackleChump era of Florida Football lead to an imbalance, but the ship is righting itself.
First off, this was an extremely well written article. But this just isn't the case for me. I realize that UF is UGa's biggest rivalry. But They simply aren't ours. They are the biggest game this season, but the big rivalry is with the clown college. They may be down this year which has added extra fuel to this game, but Georgia is riding a 2 game winning streak and acting like it is the height of their program... Because it is. Our National title hopes have ran through Tallahassee far more often than Jacksonville. In my lifetime Florida has absolutely owned Georgia. I think we were 16/17 at one point. We may be 0/2 but were also 2/2. I get that this is the height of their program, but we need to stop feeding this monster by continually acting like this is the biggest game on the calendar in July. On saturday we will reestablish our rightful place in the SEC east and clinch a birth in the SEC champ game a week later. All will be right again and we can focus on getting healthy and ready for the National Spotlight while UGA potentially drops 4 in a row. It's not that you were over-hyped and overrated all preseason. It's that fact that you are Georgia and will always just be Georgia. Just accept that fact and be glad you're not Kentucky.
Came to say this exact thing. Sad that an Alabama fan had to be the one to beat me to this comment.
It was only raining on Georgia's side of the ball. Not Kentucky's.
One thing that nobody is talking about (because it is a tough subject to approach) is the fact that this injury likely puts Toney back on the roster next year. He hasn't done enough to show NFL talent. After Mullen got handed the J. Polite situation where he told him not to go, it would be hard to imagine any gator leaving when Mullen says not to. The receiving core will likely take a step back next season, but with Pitts, Toney, and Copeland all on the field together... I ain't scared.
2037 and 2038. That is a long time to wait, but if that is all they can do I say lock it in. Scott is looking to fill the 26, 27 seasons right now.