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This makes me laugh out loud. "NCAA rules" is an oxymoron.
What a laugh! Bammers complaining about how $$$ has ruined CFB. Several years ago Saban ordered that every player they were recruiting be sent a full size wall poster with a montage of NFL "signing bonus" checks from past players. The term hypocrite isn't adequate to describe that lack of self-awareness.
Two words: “Ya think?” Now that’s some revealing analysis.
Oh come on ladies! Enough with the pearl clutching! Do any of you believe these kids are going to "your" school because of "tradition" or "academics" or because it is a "special place". It's the wild wild west now and not one of these "coveted" recruits is going anywhere if the price isn't right. Puhleeeze...for middle aged white guys to delude themselves into these kids are going anywhere for "atmosphere" is pathetic.
Looks like a dumpster fire, smells like a dumpster fire. "Judge not lest ye be judged...."
Any one who doesn’t respect what Alabama and Saban have done simply doesn’t understand the sport. His message is pretty simple, many (not all) Bammers simply can’t bring themselves to “enjoy” success. The really amazing thing is the Tide fanbase is almost always unhappy about something: Margin of victory, criticism of the quality of some of their opponents, not “respected enough. Bama fans…some advice…just enjoy it for what it is!
Just keep tapping those ruby slippers Dorthy…. And the word is “buy”…
You must be joking. A rammer pointing a finger about a sensitive fan base? Yikes!
Speaking of are a few numbers for you. 39. That's 39 total players TN plays for both sides of the ball. Do the math. That's not even 2 deep at every position. 35+. That's the number of players who transferred. Do the math on that number. For a typical D1 school...that's about 1/3 of all FB scholarships. 400. That's the number of yards this team put up on your "best of all time" defense. Jawga fans...keep reading your press clippings. Yup, we've got some more losing to do...but they fellas are a joy to watch compete.
Whooo boy Jawga…you crushed a team you were supposed to crush that plays 39 players total on both sides of the ball and lost 35 plus players to the portal. That is cause for celebration.
The transfer portal is a salary cap and free agency rolled into one. Over the long haul it will encourage parity for those teams who can mange NIL and can keep solid assistant coaches who can really teach. No surprise the current “have” programs don’t want or like it.
Hopefully optimistic but realistic as well. If we compete I'll be satisfied. Just not enough "Jimmies and Joes". Interesting stats from Kentucky game. Only 39 TN players played...if you do the math that's not even 2 deep across both sides of the ball. Defense played 99 snaps with 8 total DL, 3 LB and 8 DB. I don't know what CJH is telling these young men...but keep doing it. Win, lose or draw...they are fun to watch.
Never thought I would say this but win or lose Tenn is fun to watch. Hope it’s as entertaining to play in these games as it is to watch ‘em.
Probably not the best place to bring this up…but why isn’t there a story adjacent to this one on Henry Ruggs? He rear ended a RAV 4 with his corvette at 125 mph. BAC of .16. Woman burned to death in the car. Barely a peep out of SDS. C’mon guys…take those crimson glasses off for just a few minutes. This allegation is indeed horrible but still an allegation. Although his legal situation is the same…innocent until proven guilty, the facts of Ruggs’ case are not in dispute. Guess you don’t want to lose crimson land clicks?
This comments section is hysterical! Every fan of an SEC school that HASN'T rescinded a scholarship offer...raise your hand. Yup...that's what I thought.
With all due respect to my fellow Tn fans, now is not the time to compare ourselves to our SEC brethren. When we return ourselves to respectability (which will happen) then we can chime in. And for our SEC brethren, if you don’t think it’s important for Tn to be relevant, subtract all the Tn TV markets and the accompanying demographics from the SEC network footprint and then look at your revenue distribution checks.