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Agreed. It’s so much sweeter when Vawls actually think they have a shot only to have the rug pulled out.
Heard they supposedly let him “retire” because he would’ve caused as much damage as he could on his way out. Dude is such a douche
Exactly. No reputable and established HC will touch this dumpster fire of a program. And all of the criticism from Vawl fans on the potential candidates speaks to their delusion. They will be lucky to get ANYONE with head coaching experience at this point. Unless you count Jeff Fisher...which would be a beautiful disaster
Funny how Vawl fans act like he’s beneath them when he’s worlds better than what they will end up with
Agreed. They have brought this on themselves. Don’t feel Sorry for them in the least
Oh, I remember all too well. Also remember how insufferable Vawl fans were while we struggled through the Dubose & Shula years. It’s poetic justice that Phat Phil is responsible for possibly their darkest days yet.
Yours is the most spot on and realistic response I’ve seen on this site by a Vol fan. Shame that the majority of your base is 100% delusional
That’s rich coming from the most delusional fan base in the country.
Why would O’Brien do that when he can spend a couple of years with Saban, win a Natty or two and then get the job of his choice rather than deal with another dumpster fire?
Let's be honest, they used that as an excuse because he wasn't a sexy pick. They would've hired Charles Manson or Bin Laden if they could win games