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Let's just remember this conversation Tiger TD after we play this game? Kentucky as a program is further along than Missouri is at this point. We had a terrible Offense last year and got rid of an unimaginative OC to prove it. The new NFL guy Coen has to prove himself but he has a LOT of weapons. We'll just have to play the game, but I feel good about MY side :)
OK. So some clarification here. I'm old enough to remember when Joe B Hall was coaching Kentucky and I remember the 1978 team cause my brother had a HUGE Kyle Macy picture above his bed. Without a doubt this is the WORST Kentucky team I have ever seen. Way worse than the Hopeless Team that lost to Richmond in the first round of the NIT. But when the author went on about the recruiting ratings of the past years....that's a giant misnomer. There is only two players on the current Kentucky team (Keion Brooks and Dontaie Allen) that was even on the team last year. If we want to go back 1 to two years ago add: Ashton Hagan,, Tyrese Maxey, Nick Richards, Immanuel Quickley, Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro, Reid Travis, and PJ Washington. WAY different teams. If Saban had to deal with a completely new team every year I don't think you'd see Alabama where they are today. And they certainly are historically impressive. In football. And heck, have they EVER been #7 in the country in basketball before?! Congrats to them.....My team sucks.
I'm sorry. How are Cal's comments making this about him? Dakich is a Troll and has had issues with Cal forever. This means nothing to me. Go Cats!
I usually am like "Oh a hype video". But it NEVER gets old seeing the Vols get whooped :) LEETSS GOOOOOO
Don't know what the lil 12 is, but I think it's going to be a great competitive game! I usually like having some solid blue with blue/blue/blue my favorite. But I'm down with this :)
So my hopes for this season were that we would be playing MUCH better than we have. But I'm very grateful for a really good win over Mississippi State. UK's Defense has been non-existent till this Saturday, and it's very good to see that tightening up and performing as expected. I love Terry Wilson. Both his story and as the person he seems to be. But he has a history of being wildly erratic in his decisions in the game. He does have a superb overall record as a starting QB for the Cats. a 5th year senior his play on balance has been horrible. QB's are supposed to THROW at least half the time? I hope Gatewood is the answer. Kentucky hasn't had a decent QB in my mind since Andre Woodson. Go Cats
I am so happy for my Team! I was at the game and beating Penn State and James Franklin was one of my top sports moments of all time. Going forward it's nice to be on other team's radar as someone to RESPECT.
I agree with you LegendDD2. Everything you said is true. But Snell hasn't been himself for the last few games IMO precisely because my Offense hasn't had any other answers. I will say there are glimmers of hope in Lynn Bowdan. Your team is as talent rich as Alabama.
x iLoveMyDawgs x is not a Jerk then? There are others. But alot of GA fans on the board have been cool. I did say some. I would also say that KENTUCKY is the best team that Georgia has beaten so far this year.
Some of you Georgia fans are real Jerks...but whatever. We tried and failed. We couldn't stop your run game and I honestly thought we could. But you guys are absolutely on a different level....for now :) Congrats on the win. Make it count for the East in the Championship game. Peace.
So. My first time posting after reading this site for a long time. Looking at this if Kentucky can beat South Carolina next week I feel very good about 9 wins (Yay!). But looking at the updated ESPN FPI ratings they still have Kentucky as 35?! Florida is 21 and Miss State is 16.....How can they expect anyone to take their metrics seriously?