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There is absolutely nothing "new" about the Volunteers being the arch enemy of Kentucky. There is no more gut wrenching experience than losing to the Toxic Mustards. But everything you stated in your article is spot on. Realistically, UK fans just wanted to consistently be 3rd in the East as Florida seemed to far out of reach. But with their fall and probably Mullin's it's absolutely a gang fight for 2nd. I'm so VERY disappointed with my defense, they've done nothing but get worse. We've had several key players hurt but the secondary has just been atrocious all year really. How is Brad White supposed to be this defensive genius?
Corch. I laugh out loud when I read your posts. But if you lose....I'm totally telling you... YOU ALMOST BEAT KENTUCKY!!!!
Pure woke idiocy. His comment was harmless from an old dude.
Always hate UT the MOST....and Duke in basketball!
Yes. We are significantly better. I attribute the slow start to all the brand new pieces we have: New OC, New QB(Penn State), New WR(Nebraska), New OL(LSU), New LB(Ole Miss) and a solid #1 RB Rodriguez(Thanks old OC who lost his job in part because of this). For all REAL intents and purposes (and no matter that I LOVE Stephen Johnson who finally beat those hated Vols) UK hasn't had a QB since 2008. While he's not perfect, he's the best overall we've had since IMHO. Terry Touchdown did get us a win in the Swamp, but was downhill from that point. Thus far? I see us improving against quality opponents every week. We absolutely got lucky against Florida, but we won. Looking for that same magic this saturday too my Man!
Of course I am a homer and I will wear my blue shade glasses till they are ripped off my head! I got a small bet with Kentucky +23.5. Looking back I should have hammered that more! I also got a small bet on UK to win that was +1200. Since the beginning of the week both of these lines have decreased to +21.5 and +980. Got a parlay going too. If it all hits I'll have a little folding money :)
I am genuinely sorry about this Georgia fans. It's terrible that a young man with so much promise gets injured like this. And then on top of that it happening in practice! Condolences to the young man, his family and team mates.....
We'll see. I think we will be able to pass enough to open the run and just do what we do.
We'll see about that Mr. Tiger! I'm about to head out from Nashville to go watch the game with the Missus. I think it will be a close game but it will be UK that pulls it out. And it will all be due to the Run not the Pass. We will strangle your run game (even without Bully McCall) and we will run on your Defense behind C-Rod and Smoke. The pass will be important but not the central theme of either team I believe. UK 27 LSU 24
I'm younger than you Blueman but not by much. I've been in the stands when Spurrier beat us by 70. SCREW Florida and Tennessee too! Don't expect in any way to get past Georgia , but everyone else? Watch Out!
You calling my coach fat?! Well, yeah he is. I think he's gained some weight for sure. He recently got divorced so probably stress eating.
And yet you still lost and had ZERO points from all these gifts given to you. Without these turnovers the score would have been 30 something to 10. You seem to not understand that you are an inferior team and program to the University of Kentucky and have been for 5 years. Accept it.
Where's that Black and Garnet feller that's been running his mouth about destroying my beloved Cats? I think you'd best apologize your just be quiet from now on my friend :) CATS
Whenever this happens to another program I'm always ready to point the finger and say the integrity of the Program is worth more than ANY player(s) bad actions and in no way should be sheltered or condoned. HOWEVER. Upon hearing some more items beyond the headline I'm going to reserve some judgement as some items are a bit "hinky". There was an altercation at an off-campus frat party between some football players and frat boys. The players left and came back with reinforcements and possibly a gun. It was at this time they committed forced entry to a home and reportedly a witness said a gun was pointed at them. The players were removed from the team while the University investigated. After some time the University reinstated all the players and didn't find credible reasons not to. It took the Lexington PD 4 months to come to a point to raise charges. And the talk is that several of these will be dropped. And also that several witnesses are now refusing to testify. So. If there was wrong doing, ANY player found guilty of this should be removed. If there wasn't then suitable sanctions should be made. Violence should never be tolerated in our society. I just think some more time and understanding should be made of the situation before judgement. But it's not a good look and one I NEVER want associated with my team.
So grateful to get Jacquez Jones to UK. We were very light on LB's due to some injuries and he came at exactly the right time. I saw him interviewed and he seems VERY glad to be at Kentucky, which makes me wonder why he had such a bad experience at Ole Miss? Anywho, VERY glad he's in Lexington, and I hope he gets all kinds of INT's :)
Well. I take it as a complement to be considered a "middle of the road" SEC football team now. I was in the stands when Spurrier came to town in 1994 and put 73 points on us. But hopefully we never go back to that level of play in my lifetime! Joey Gatewood's body language and his responses after the scrimage where he ultimately lost the job were not good I remember thinking. I'm pretty sure he knew then that thing's weren't going to go his way. I think given a chance he could be a good QB at a Group of 5 school, or at an SEC school that just couldn't find anyone else unfortunately. I feel very sorry for him. But QB is the single toughest position in all of team sports IMHO, and it is what it is. I'm hoping Levis doesn't just have the looks and holds on to the ball when he gets hit.....He got replaced in that Nebraska game for losing TWO fumbles. Maybe he has learned....if not it's Coen who will be responsible. And honestly I have faith that Beau Allen could come in and take charge. Just please God let my Cats have a decent QB for once. It's been since 2010 that we had 20 passing TD's in a season.
Nothing but love for Terry. Wishing him the best for him and his young family at New Mexico. I was frustrated with him not quite being the QB he started out as, but he gave me a win in the Swamp against Florida. Which is still my screen saver on my iPad :)
Glad to see this pick up. We've had some recruiting misses lately. If we can ever show that we can actually develop a QB and score points by passing we should be able to get more of that next tier offensive talent.
This wasn't really a surprise to anyone. Joey Gatewood, while highly touted, never made the cut at Auburn. And and badly as Terry Wilson played the UK coaching staff STILL didn't put Gatewood in. He was not impressive in the playing time he did have last year, although that could be because our OC Gran was falling apart. Beau Allen has promise but physically is still a boy among men. The new OC Coen knew Levis was going to be the guy, but he had to prove it during on the field practice. I think the WR's knew it too and of course then Big Dog confirmed it so Stoops had to come clean. I'm excited about the season and think if things click and we get lucky can win 9 games this year. Go Cats!
Let's just remember this conversation Tiger TD after we play this game? Kentucky as a program is further along than Missouri is at this point. We had a terrible Offense last year and got rid of an unimaginative OC to prove it. The new NFL guy Coen has to prove himself but he has a LOT of weapons. We'll just have to play the game, but I feel good about MY side :)
OK. So some clarification here. I'm old enough to remember when Joe B Hall was coaching Kentucky and I remember the 1978 team cause my brother had a HUGE Kyle Macy picture above his bed. Without a doubt this is the WORST Kentucky team I have ever seen. Way worse than the Hopeless Team that lost to Richmond in the first round of the NIT. But when the author went on about the recruiting ratings of the past years....that's a giant misnomer. There is only two players on the current Kentucky team (Keion Brooks and Dontaie Allen) that was even on the team last year. If we want to go back 1 to two years ago add: Ashton Hagan,, Tyrese Maxey, Nick Richards, Immanuel Quickley, Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro, Reid Travis, and PJ Washington. WAY different teams. If Saban had to deal with a completely new team every year I don't think you'd see Alabama where they are today. And they certainly are historically impressive. In football. And heck, have they EVER been #7 in the country in basketball before?! Congrats to them.....My team sucks.
I'm sorry. How are Cal's comments making this about him? Dakich is a Troll and has had issues with Cal forever. This means nothing to me. Go Cats!
I usually am like "Oh a hype video". But it NEVER gets old seeing the Vols get whooped :) LEETSS GOOOOOO
Don't know what the lil 12 is, but I think it's going to be a great competitive game! I usually like having some solid blue with blue/blue/blue my favorite. But I'm down with this :)