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No mention of Mark Ingram as a 2008 "ranked lower"? I would say he had an OK career.
Tressel has a show cause order stemming from OSU debacle, I think. That is why his name has not come up for other hires. UT should seek out Jim Leavitt, former USF coach, now with the 49ers. I also think Franchione is available.
Robert, you're nothing if not predictable. I had no doubt LSU would be your pick. I'll go 21-13 Bama. Mettenberger is the key to this game. If he plays well and moves the chains, the Tigers probably win. Roll Tide.
Are you kidding me with Van Gorder? Did you watch any Falcons games? There was a reason he was forced out of Atlanta. His defensve line was a turnstile. As an Alabama and Falcons fan, I am overjoyed he is gone from Atlanta and landed on the plains,
Your pain makes me happy. Roll Tide Roll!!
Really? That is your astute analysis of the affect Knile Davis will have on the Sugar Bowl? I'm not a fan of the Hogs or Buckeyes so I don't really have a dog in this fight. But I will say that if Saturday Down South strives to be the preeminent landing place for SEC fans, then they might start with editing. I've seen better insight on chat boards at 3am after a loss to a directional school. Stats anyone can find in 5 minutes? Check. Juvenile vitriol towards others teams and coaches not associated with the game? Check. Completely lacking in the "why" aspects that might give this article a fighting chance? Check.SDS, please find somebody with some writing chops who didn't hone their skills waiting for their 15 seconds on the phone with Jim Rome. Weak.