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Four sacks of Trask --including three strip sacks, no less-- didn't keep the Gators from beating Auburn. The key to the game is that South Carolina's offense probably needs to score about 27-30 points to have a chance to win. That seems problematic with Florida likely to load the box. Mukuamu played fantastic against Georgia, but Fromm pretty much threw the ball right to him at least twice. In fairness, Fromm may have had miscommunication with his receivers.
Leghumper, I'm glad your depression was short-lived. You're hilarious. Actually, wet weather would benefit South Carolina, to the extent that it might slow our passing game.
Auburn will roll them and have at least 400 yards of total offense.
While Florida has had consistently much better rosters, Missouri has managed to catch the Gators in a state of disarray several times over the past few years. Last year, Franks had a terrible game and Drew Lock was on fire. Bad combination. This year Missouri has Kelly Bryant, but the loss of middle linebacker Cale Garrett is a really big deal. Without him last week, Ole Miss put up over 400 yards of balanced total offense. Fortunately for Missouri, though, Ole Miss hasn't bothered to play defense since the sanctions.
Well by all means then, don't tell us. We wouldn't want you to jinx them.
Add me to the "excellent article" comments. This Saturday will go a long way toward determining the state of Gator football. Do you win the games you're supposed to win? I'd love to see the various Greenard and Zuniga backups show some improvement this week.
But not before curing cancer and achieving world peace.
They're in trouble even if they do get to Trask a few times. It still won't be enough.
Finally, some intelligent analysis from sources who actually understand football. I think Alabama will beat LSU. Its receivers are faster and in a shootout, LSU is more likely to be stopped a few times than Bama. Burrow is really improved this year, but his receivers won't consistently get the same separation as the Tide receivers. The comments about the Florida-UGA game last year are exactly right. Vosean Joseph frequently busted pass coverage assignments and couldn't cover Nauta. This year, the UGA receivers won't be able to get separation. I suspect Elam will be starting sooner than later, getting him on the field together with Henderson and Wilson, with Wilson or possibly Burney moving to star.
@UGASB, you have absolutely no idea what Fields and his attorney did or didn't tell the NCAA. I don't either, but I wouldn't be surprised if the basis for his appeal was a desire to transfer from a pro style offense to a spread offense. The basis for Martell's transfer was reportedly the head coaching change at Ohio State.
@Gator73, I love Trask. I'm 100% behind him. I can't imagine any Gator fan who isn't absolutely thrilled with his performance. I was just trying to explain the very reasonable reasons why he might not have beaten out Franks for the job. I don't see where I wrote anything about "common sense." But I will make one more observation to try to explain how this stuff often works. You noted that many players have come into games in relief and never relinquished the position once the starter is recovered. That's true. I'll even give you a perfect example. Jacob Eason was injured at Georgia. Jake Fromm came in and Eason never got his job back. Does that support your point that better players often sit on the bench behind lesser players? Well, yes and no. Eason was a much higher rated player, bigger, stronger arm, accurate and perfect for Georgia's pro style offense. Fromm was a true freshman. While it's become apparent that Fromm is a great leader and game manager (and I mean that term in the most positive possible sense), that's not something you determine in practice. Most objective observers would probably agree that Eason is more talented (for whatever it's worth, Eason was a high 5-star and Fromm was a 4-star that Georgia didn't offer under Richt). Eason also had a year of experience as a starter. So why didn't he get his job back when he was ready? Fromm was winning and Smart didn't want to rock the boat. I'm not speculating about this, by the way. I'm paraphrasing, but that's essentially what Smart said when he was asked why Eason didn't get his job back. There's no way to judge a player's game day poise and performance until he actually does it. So a coach is going to err on the side of experience even if a backup looks equal to or marginally better than the starter in practice. The only exception is when you have a generational talent like Trevor Lawrence. Trask's play has been a wonderful surprise. But it wasn't necessarily predictable.
Greenard and Zuniga won't play even if they can, I don't think, unless South Carolina gets a two score lead. While that's possible, I don't see it.
Georgia's O-line is better than ours. And Auburn's D-line is better and deeper than yours. Mullen just schemes around it. We do need Trask to have better pocket presence when he's about to get sacked.
Well Legumper, I see you've gotten over this past Saturday. After watching the Gator offense I saw in Baton Rouge, I think we'll outscore South Carolina even if our defense plays every snap in prevent defense. But I suspect they are getting their butts chewed this week and will load the box and play man, which is what they should have done against LSU.
Those were Muschamp and McElwain teams. This is Mullen.
Well, it's certainly possible. But the Gator offense I saw against LSU will likely outscore South Carolina, regardless of how our defense plays. With a noon away game, it may take them a quarter to get going.
They were excellent on Saturday, but they're neither as good nor as deep as Auburn.
The biggest difference is that the Alabama receivers are faster. No team in America has four defensive backs that can cover them. And LSU doesn't have a pass rush to offset that issue. If they try to send a linebacker to get to Tua, he'll burn them.
I think the offense I saw Saturday night against LSU can outscore South Caroline even if the Gamecocks rush for 200 yards.
I think it was because the game was actually back and forth for three-and-a-half quarters, with Florida taking the lead in the third.