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Saban accomplished his goal with the Bama boosters and apologized publicly the next day. But this goes way deeper than the other "feuds" discussed in the article. The Athletic has a great in-depth article, for which the reporters interviewed several coaches and former players who witnessed the interaction between Saban and Fisher going back to the time at LSU. It is reasonable to conclude from the article that Fisher has deeply resented and disliked Saban since the LSU days.
From what I can see, he's an excellent route runner with quickness out of his breaks. That can more than make up for a lack of blazing straight-line speed. His high school videos have several long kickoff returns.
I don’ think “the best” means what you think it means. It doesn’t mean the best by virtue of having played some magical number of extra games. It just means the best team in a particular year. By your logic, a 16 team playoff would produce a more valid result than an 8 team playoff, and 8 would produce a better result than 4. I just don’t agree with that.
You keep harping on that angle, presumably because it's a debate point of difference in your favor. But it doesn't mean that Georgia wasn't the best team in the country in 1980, or that Florida wasn't the best in 1996 (Phil left out the Gators losing to FSU during the regular season, similar to Georgia losing to Alabama in the SECCG), 2006 and 2008.
Several Ivy League colleges, MIT and Stanford would like a word. But even so, UF has created many, many multi-millionaires who vastly surpass Muschamp and Mullen in net worth.
But to pretend (delusion) that the current staff's offensive line recruiting success will be similar -- over the next two to three years -- to the previous staff's success (or lack thereof) is preposterous and ludicrous.
Delusion and humiliation? Why? Because the last coach took Florida to two New Years Six bowl games and an SEC Championship game, the backslid? Most college fanbases would be thrilled with those results. Now, if it takes us 41 years to win our fourth national championship, or to have our fourth Heisman winner, that might be embarrassing.
Nothing to see here. He’s not working and is helping out at his kids’ private school. Something like three dozen college and NFL coaches have homes in Reynolds Lake Oconee.
Biggest thought running through my mind as I read the comments following this article? Glass houses. Stones.
BamaBone, 2008 chose his screen name because of deep insecurity about the Gators, thinking that a year in the 2000s somehow compares to 1980, and apparently not realizing 2008 was the year of the hilarious "Blackout" game in Athens.
While there have been gaps in Florida's defensive roster and players playing out of position (e.g., true safeties playing linebacker), the talent issue has mostly been depth, not the first 11 guys. When Miller got hurt, or a starting DB got hurt, there was nobody in the wings to adequately step up. Also, the defensive tackle with all-world potential (Dexter) was incredibly raw re technique coming out of high school. He's played two seasons in the SEC now. There were several talented true freshmen on the roster last season who just weren't ready for SEC play yet. This year, they should be.
Year 1 AG. That's good. I think Collier and McMillon both have pretty high ceilings and I expect both to play a lot of snaps and make an impact as physical guys. Wilson could see the field early, although it is easier to be a true freshman CB in the SEC than a true freshman safety. So we either see good Trey Dean, with more consistency, or we don't see him much at all. Agree that it will be hard to avoid throwing to Marshall's side with (probably) Kimber on the other side. I expect big things from Tyreak Sapp. He's just a quick, low center of gravity monster and the exact opposite of Dexter in terms of high school experience: a very mature player in his technique. Dexter should indeed reach the potential that warranted his high rating out of high school this season. Diwun Black could be a versatile third down guy. I'm looking forward to watching him play. The biggest questions I have are, can the 2s and 3s at ILB stop the run, and will Brenton Cox play with more discipline against the run? But overall, I expect this defense to be quite good if Miller stays healthy.
Oregon could have a pretty good first half because of Lanning's inside knowledge. But UGA should out-talent them in the second half.
If they go 12-0 and win the East, they'll be back in the CFP even if they get smoked in the SECCG.
OK, this is not in any way a defense of Urban Meyer, but if this lawsuit doesn't get laughed out of court, we are indeed all doomed. Suing a football coach for swearing at you?
While I say this with the taste of vomit in my mouth, I don't see much dropoff. They won't be as experienced at linebacker but they may be more talented. If they have a question mark at any position, it's probably safety. That said, the question isn't how good they'll be but rather how good they'll have to be, at least during the regular season. There's no way to know what the WLOCP rivalry game might be like until we see Florida play three or four games. I suspect the SECCG will be a replay of the 2021 game, in both match-up and result.
I will be shocked if the next NC game isn't Alabama vs. Ohio State. The thing about Florida and LSU is that if they have competent coaching, their athletes on average are just better than most of the rest of the SEC. I think Texas A&M could be amazing in a couple years if all those 2022 5-stars pan out and they manage to hang onto them. But I just don't see them getting past Alabama this year at Bryant-Denny; and Miami followed by Arkansas could be a tricky couple weeks. I think Tennessee's offense is back. I just don't think it's back enough to carry their defense. Kentucky is (always) underrated. Arkansas may be seriously underrated.
Levis has size and undeniable arm talent. His only bad stat last season was throwing to the other team. I can absolutely see him being drafted, perhaps in the third or fourth round.
Oh, you’re just hilarious. So the kid has fantasies about a career as a rapper. Just awful stuff. BTW, how are things going with Adam Anderson? Is he still vigorously denying the felony charge against him?
Always stuck to the high road. Wish him nothing but the best.
How do we know he isn’t the AD at Georgia?
247 in-house rates Whittimore the Younger at 0.90. Anybody remember the last quick twitch high school quarterback recruited as a receiver at Florida?
Give them time. The commitment was announced during their afternoon nap periods.
Yes. Decommitted from Florida when Mullen got fired. You’re welcome.
The big question is whether they run more 12 or 13 personnel. Inquiring minds want to know.