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I don't recall seeing any insults or name calling in this article from the Florida commenters, which is my definition of trolling. And this isn't DawgNation: Merely commenting on an article about another school isn't trolling. It's certainly possible some trolling may find its way in here. But for what it's worth, the very first comment about Florida and Mullen was not a reply.
Well, to be precise, I haven't been here since my first comment. I suspect that I'm like most frequent SDS commenters; I just go to my profile and click down through my comments to see any replies. But if it somehow helps you to think that I am camping out on an article about a kid who still has a year to go until the next ESD, then so be it.
In perfect 20-20 hindsight, I'm not sure keeping Eason on the bench after he was ready to play again was the right decision. Guess we'll never know.
Well, for what it's worth, I don't either. I suspect he will be bypassed by Anthony Richardson in 2020 or Carlos Del Rio in 2021. He may even transfer out after this spring. Who knows?
You really should spend more time composing your thoughts.
I read most of the articles on SDS. And wouldn't have commented on this one unless there were so many Georgia comments about Florida and Mullen... after an article that mentioned neither. Dude.
You do understand that Jones is two classes behind Trask, right?
Sincerely doubt this coversation did or would ever take place, since LSU just won a national championship, Oklahoma can't win one without a defense and Georgia hasn't won one in 40 years.
Trask and Franks were both recruited by McElwain and Nussmeier.
So many of these comments mention Florida and Mullen. Why is that? Florida isn't even mentioned in the article. Why not mention Clemson? The kid loves Clemson, but they haven't offered. Or why not mention Auburn? Auburn was the kid's favorite team growing up. Why the obsession with a program that isn't even mentioned in the article?
Auburn had the #5 recruiting class the year after they won their 2010 national championship. They finished 8-5. The next year they were 3-9. LSU probably only loses two games next season. Maybe three. But the idea that they'll reload and contend for the CFP is naive.
Most kids end up signing where they are committed. But anyone who thinks there's no way Sam Pittman can sign this kid at Arkansas should look at his record as a recruiter.
I guess Klatt didn't get the memo that Jamie Newman and Todd Monken have arrived in Athens to lead Georgia's offensive renaissance, which is virtually guaranteed to equal the exploits of Burrow and Brady in 2019.
He doesn't need a transfer. Rattler is the real deal.
Bo Pelini working for Ed Orgeron? Just when we thought the SEC West couldn't get more entertaining after the addition of Leach and Kiffin. Bo Pelini is a hand grenade.
Well, you made the comment I was going to make. Auburn with Cam Newton was 14-0. Under Gene Chizik. And Auburn had a least one #1 recruiting class after their NC, which is not unusual. LSU has always recruited well and will continue to. But the tipping point that made this season different was Joe Burrow.
He is a tough football player and a great teammate. Good luck Feleipe.
Every school would trade a national championship for a year or two of rebuilding. And LSU always has and always will recruit well because it's the only Power 5 in one of the most recruit-rich states. So LSU will be fine. But any suggestion that they'll just pick up where they left off next year is ridiculous. The real question is whether Coach O is good enough that they just lose a couple games next year, or whether they lose three or four.
The penalties are already there, but it's virtually impossible to prove even if a player talks because it's all cash or favors where motive can't be proven. And the morality is far from clear when these payoffs are often going to kids and families below the poverty line, while coaches and schools are making millions and conferences are paid billions. The FBI did precisely what you suggest in college basketball. The difference was that it was provable because of the brazen behavior of coaches, shoe brands and other high profile participants. It's more under the radar in college football and typically doesn't involve coaches or other people directly connected to programs.
Leghumper! I thought you'd gone into hibernation until spring.
Copeland is fast and flashed some excellent ball skills this year.
It's one thing for a defensive end to say that, who will typically encounter a running back who has only run three to five yards. Quite different for a defensive back, once Henry has a head of steam.
Yep. The big thing that's so critical with having a proven receiver returning at each position is knowing the playbook, having experience blocking, and having experience catching balls from Trask.
Yeah, guys like CEH and Perine could move up a couple rounds by showing versatility, but running backs incur more mileage on their bodies per season than any other position. He will probably be featured next year.