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Give UCF credit, I guess, for keeping their name in the media. But to the extent that they're serious, they are all suffering from the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
This will be a wild season. But in an area where a team has underperformed, I think you need to ask, is the poor performance due to rust or to inexperience? If the issue is rust or conditioning, it should clean up over the next couple weeks. If the issue is inexperience or lack of familiarity, that's more likely to stretch through most or all of the season (which remember, is two games shorter). I'm not sure time is going to help Myles Brennan and D'Wan Mathis. Both looked totally overwhelmed. I thought Collin Hill and Stetson Bennett were both serviceable, but it remains to be seen how they do against better defenses.
Yeah, I remember Blackmon's article a week or two ago asking "why not" Trask for the Heisman. Seems a whole lot less far-fetched after Saturday.
Ole Miss is going to outscore 5-7 teams on its schedule, regardless of how well its defense plays. Save for the long completion with the stiff arm, they couldn't really have covered Pitts any better unless they had just tackled him before the ball arrived.
Those Alabama and Mississippi State spreads look like easy money. And incidentally, MSU didn't just torch LSU through the air. They beat them on both lines of scrimmage. Florida will cover the 20.5 against South Carolina. The defense will clamp down but even if it takes a week or two to play into shape, the offense is still going to outscore everyone on their schedule. I think Ole Miss will beat Kentucky. Even though Florida's defense will play infinitely better this week, Ole Miss has legitimate talent on offense and Matt Corral is an elite quarterback. And Lane Kiffin is good. Kentucky is a solid team that turned the ball over against Auburn, but regardless of how the Ole Miss defense plays, the Kiffin-Corral show will outscore Kentucky. I was very disappointed in Myles Brennan. He did not look like a guy who has been in that system for two years and on campus for three years. I have no doubt LSU will beat Vandy, but I would not be surprised if they fail to cover 19. Auburn +8 is intriguing. Auburn's defense is going to rotate their front and ain't gonna get gassed the way Arky's did. Their secondary has a lot of experience. Georgia can hunker down in bunch sets and grind out 17-21 points with Zamir White and periodic shots to Pickens but even allowing for Arkansas tiring, they averaged 2.9 yards per carry rushing. I would probably still pick Georgia to win it, but I don't think they will cover and Auburn could win it with two or three big plays to Seth Williams.
Because Mullen was concerned about injuries with the roster restrictions in place for this season.
Yeah, the Mizzou fans trash him but he's a quality defensive coach and you could see the discipline Arky's defense played with in the first half.
Honestly, the outcome might have been only slightly different if they had played. The issues of tackling and fatigue wouldn't have been any different. They will be night and day better this week. Losing Davis was big though, and that was not targeting.
Georgia did nothing on offense until Arky’s defense got gassed. Bennett’s QBR was under 100. He did play to the limits of his ability though.
Maybe Torrance will develop quickly in coverage. He certainly isn’t shy about hitting people.
The low pass in the corner of the end zone may have been a push off. The DB seemed to think it was. But it also kind of looked like equal position fighting by both guys.
Ah, PFF. Two examples from yesterday that they may grade Trask poorly on. First, on the Pitts stiff arm play, PFF may grade Trask poorly for underthrowing the ball. In reality, he likely wanted to reduce the risk of an overthrow because Pitts had his man beat. Second, they may think he short-armed a sideline pass to Henderson. But it is just as possible that Henderson was supposed to come back but — as a true freshman— misread the coverage.
It’s normal for the defense to be really tired during the second half of the first game.
It’s hilarious if that stiff arm is the “push off” he’s referring to.
I rewatched the game in general and Pitts in particular. Which play did he push off on?
The tackling stunk against Miami last year and they probably had considerably more practice contact last year. Without film study, the linebackers were often flat footed, waiting for plays to develop rather than attacking. The tackling will be dramatically better against South Carolina. The front guys were in a base defense, bull rushing straight ahead and playing contain on the edge. And Corral is a for real quarterback with escapability. Looking over the schedule, he’s the best quarterback they’ll face all year. I’m sort of glad Kaiir got humbled a bit. You won’t see him getting beat like that very often moving forward. Dexter is clearly ready for SEC football right now. Wow. Safety has always been a question. It’s hard to know how much of yesterday was lack of film study versus lousy recognition. Glad Torrance got some quality reps. Davis was robbed on that targeting call, but the tweet was really, really foolish.
Florida just played a base defense up front almost the entire game, bull rushing straight ahead and playing to contain on the edges. The safeties were basically playing centerfield with no film study, but as expected before the season, that position may be our weak link.
Arkansas has a decent starting defense but they’re going to need to recruit some depth. They wore out. Tennessee has some receivers. They may be more balanced than I thought they would be. I rewatched Florida’s defense from yesterday. The tackling will be fine. The linebackers were flat footed at the snap, waiting for plays to come to them because they had no film study. Ditto for the secondary. No way Kaiir Elam gets beat like that moving forward. Davis got a really bad call but the tweet was idiotic. Georgia has two problems. Quarterback (for all his clutch heroics, Bennett’s QBR was under 100) and a team rushing 2.9 YPC (and that’s including the second half, after Arky’s D got gassed). Georgia’s defense will win them most games, but there are four teams on their schedule that have the potential to outscore their offense, even allowing for their defense. Interested to see the Vegas line on the Auburn game.
Alabama put 2s and 3s in for most of the second half. They could have easily scored 50.
Mississippi State would beat the five teams ranked immediately ahead of them.
Disney needs to fire whoever built the ESPN FPI algorithm.
I’d be willing to bet that the improvement in Florida’s defense in Week 2 is 10x greater than the improvement in Georgia’s offensive line. Florida had no game film of Ole Miss and minimal tackling in camp. Georgia’s offensive line is inexperienced.
Mix and Bennett are not remotely equal. Bennett could only dream about the TD pass Nix threw to Emerson in the back center of the end zone yesterday.
I’m interested to see how Vegas reacts to the Week 1 results. Auburn looked pretty much how I thought they would (more diverse and improved on offense). MSU now looks like they could roll into Tuscaloosa 4-0. I checked 247 and they do have two or three 4-star receivers. Kudos to Derek Mason. They might win one with the effort they gave yesterday. As expected, Matt Corral is for real. Even with some advantages yesterday (no game film of Kiffin’s offense, Florida’s safeties depleted) he still looked like he’s going to put up points in that offense. I think Vegas is going to take a hard look at LSU. There is obvious talent on the team, but Brennan often looked like a true freshman. Trask for Florida moved extremely well in the pocket and was pinpoint accurate. Looks like Mullen was right about Malik Davis being back and Toney being a true route runner. Toney ran a dig route yesterday that deserves to be on a highlight film, even without the catch. The defense will be fine. They had no film of Kiffin’s offense and had light tackling work because Mullen is concerned about injuries with the COVID roster restrictions. Alabama looked the part. Saban reportedly practices with more contact (which he can afford to do with his quality roster depth) so the Bama defense had less rust. Jones was very crisp and Najee Harris definitely looks like the third guy in New York. Bryce Young reminded me of the ridiculous hype that gets put on top true freshman quarterbacks. He’ll probably be great, but he needs reps and the idea that he’s going to push Jones aside this year is probably just hype. Kentucky’s 2018 team put five guys in the League, six including Bowden. This is a solid team, but not on the level of 2018. Collin Hill looked halfway decent. Of Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee, Tennessee appears to have the highest ceiling. Looks like they’ll have some pass catchers after all. Was happy to see Guarantano get the win. Georgia. Welcome to Florida’s 2019 offensive line struggles. That game would have stayed tight but Arkansas has no depth and its defense got gassed. Stetson Bennett came in and did a serviceable job but they need Daniels to get cleared. Looks like Jamie Newman was not concerned about getting beat out after all.
I guess losing the passing game coordinator, the d coordinator, the Heisman winning quarterback and 16 other guys to the NFL did matter.