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You had a lake? We had sand spurs and weeds, although donors built a luxury field house, at the west end of the practice field, since torn down for some reason, the year after I graduated at (Fort Lauderdale) Northeast.
Grabriel is also in a better position to win because of the average defensive quality he will face, compared to Beck and Ewers.
"Go west of El Paso (not the end of the world but you can see it from there)..." Pricelessly good writing, Doc. Although, I'm not sure penguins would be too happy to see ducks wearing their tuxedos. I am curious about the extreme geographic silliness of USC, Oregon, Stanford and the rest of their ilk traveling 2,000+ miles six times a year for conference football games. My guess is that with all the remote learning now, they'll bulk up traveling tutoring staffs and stay east a week at a time. Or longer when schedules allow.
I was kidding. But in all seriousness, it's both. The coaches need to be more on top of it and the kids need a heightened sense of responsibility. You're always going to have at least some issues at top programs because elite players have led entitled lives, wherein there's always an enabler ready to fix their messes.
If this occurs at Florida it's the coach's fault. At Georgia it's just boys being boys, bless their hearts.
Connor was on Jacob Hester's Sirius XM show yesterday and was aggressively critical of Florida, mostly focused on the procedural mistakes that cost games last year. Sounds like he's been fielding significant hate from some Gator fans.
Wow. $4,000 per month? Guess everything's relative.
Let see... Would I rather have a player picked #1 by MLB, NFL and NBA or natties in baseball, football and basketball? Hmmmm... Is this a trick question?
Arguing again just for the sake of arguing, Hump? You're arguing incremental differences in what seems like more of an "all or nothing" category. Florida has three NCs, three Heisman winners and eight SEC titles (arguably nine). That's blue blood status in my book, decades notwithstanding. The alternative is to freeze the definition in time and limit the list to Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Alabama. Although, on this basis, looking at the historical bases of geography, population and economic power, one wonders how Alabama managed their accomplishments.
Not really. Georgia is what it is. But FSU? Connor and everyone else is smoking crack, as evidenced by him completely glossing over that returning production stat. FSU's only 2024 strength vis-a-vis the CFP is the weak conference they play in. Even so, they could still lose at least five games this season.
This paid announcement is brought to you by the ACC League office.
D.J.'s numbers from Oregon State are remarkably similar to his numbers at Clemson. He is what he is. And agreed on McCray.
It's funny how Connor has no problem looking only at the future for Miami -- and disregarding the past -- but he's focused largely on the past with Florida. Cam Ward is statistically just an OK quarterback. Ditto for DJ U at Free Shoes U. And while FSU may look deceptively good because of the low average caliber of their ACC competition, I continue to think they lost way too much talent and that it has not, in fact, been replaced. Princely was a highly rated player and is talented, but his play was only average last season and him blaming it on coaching is ludicrous. He simply got beat in several one-on-one matchups. As I've said before, much for Florida depends upon the offensive line, but I'm starting to hear some good things about the new group. Oh, one other thing: I believe there's a chance Jaden Baugh is a breakout star at running back, much better than the guy who left because he has more power and may actually be able to pass block. I think Florida beats all three instate opponents this season, and I agree with Hump that Florida should be favored against Miami -- at minimum -- because the game is in the Swamp.
Are there 40 other states with 7 FBS programs?
Micah Jones is a big fella. Gaga is an intellectually and psychologically small fella.
Those freshman pitchers took their licks but will be around for at least two more seasons. Relying on the long ball is fun to watch but a low probability approach to winning a CWS. The Gators could indeed be better next year with the maturation of those young pitchers. Go Gators!
I agree with your argument up to a point. Cincinnati and TCU are excellent recent examples of lower talent-rated but experienced rosters getting into the CFP... until they got toyed with by physically superior rosters. Teamwork and skill take you farther in basketball than in football. In football, there's no escaping physical collisions with the other team.
Respectfully, StL, there is more talent parity in the NFL than there will be in the expanded CFP. The senior-laden squad dominated by 3-stars invariably gets smacked down when everything is on the line.
That's the most entertaining baseball game I've seen in a very long time.
I suspect that the only reason any of us stick with this site is the comment sections.
Tiderolls18, your comment about Joe Kines is fair and my mistake. As for Mike Price, he never coached a game because he was fired for partying at a strip club. Because this discussion is presumably about the quality of hiring decisions, he counts. DeBoer obviously counts as well, even though he is yet to coach a game. The point is not that Bryant and Saban had amazing careers, which they did, but that it is not unusual to have some misses, in between the legends, when your goal is championships. We'll see if Alabama can continue to lead the nation post-Saban, in anything other than teen pregnancies.
Watching the memorial service at Normandy this morning was truly moving. I strongly recommend finding it on YouTube and watching it with your kids and/or grandkids. I watched it with my granddaughter, a 15-year-old straight-A student, and was stunned at how little she knew about World War II. The best way to avoid a World War III is to educate young people about the causes of World Wars I and II. Something our schools have apparently made an optional elective. Sorry for the rant. Now, back to football.
I don't have a clue why anyone has FSU highly ranked going into this season. They lost way too much on both offense and defense, and their new transfer quarterback has been mediocre to average, at best.
New hires tend to be overreactions to the most immediate previous hire, unless you're replacing Nick Saban. Napier's perceived weakness is that he's in over his head. So the next Gator head coach, if Napier is fired, will be a big name from a big program, not a "hot" G5 coach. I believe Florida can go at least 8-4 in the regular season. 7-5 or better and Napier isn't getting fired.