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Neil, I believe the money was going to Florida -7. So much so that the line is trending to Florida -7.5 this week. I'm good with your predictions, except the C.J. Henderson one. The only reason I don't think he wins is because teams may not throw his way much (though he becomes harder to avoid with Marco back). Delpit plays centerfield, so he's able to get more involved. Henderson's extra effort plays are special, though, so we'll see.
Not sure what this has to do with the comment, but yes, we lost to Missouri. Georgia got smacked by LSU. And Texas. What's your point?
Hey there Vol fan, is Pruitt still posting the air temperature in Gainesville to motivate his players?
You Georgia fans always seems to over-value recruiting talent evaluation ratings and under-value experience and coaching. Which I guess you have to, to have kept some hope alive through the long darkness of the last 39 years.
Miami is a talented team but they have two weaknesses. First, they are starting a redshirt freshman quarterback in a new offense with two freshman tackles. Regardless of talent, they are bound to make some key mistakes. I expect Jarren Williams to be accurate and play well. But he is likely to get baited into an interception or two. And Miami's offensive tackles are virtually guaranteed to give up a few third down TFLs. Florida's offensive line is actually higher in average talent level across the board than we've had in quite a few years. And they've been practicing against a pretty good front seven. Incidentally, even if Brenton Cox never plays a down this season, practicing against him will still help our offensive tackles. Miami can't rotate its first team defensive front seven to the extent that Florida can. They don't have the depth. As long as the Gators can move the ball, Miami's first front seven should tire by the fourth quarter. Just remember, Miami looked pretty good against LSU in last year's opener. During the first quarter.
I would hardly call that trash talking. Trash talking would involve making a statement about some sort of statement about an outcome like, "he's going to spend the night on his back." The kid didn't say anything like that.
Actually, a big chunk of them are players he was recruiting to Alabama when he got the Georgia job.
I think Fromm might very well start for Alabama. Smart was recruiting him to Alabama before he got the Georgia job. Fromm actually fits the mold of a Saban "game manager" type quarterback better than Tua. And I do not mean that in any negative way. Tua is a better passer, but Fromm makes better read progressions and seems more durable.
I’m optimistic about an improved defense this year. Vosean Joseph was a big hitter but frequently got lost in pass coverage. Burney is built like a linebacker but has DB skills. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gators open in a base defense, rather than loading the box, to avoid giving up the big running play if a back pops through. Jarren Williams may have a good game in his first start as a redshirt freshman, going against two elite corners, but that ain’t the way to bet.
I expect his pass completion ratio and rushing yardage to improve dramatically.
Every quarterback should have better stats against lesser competition. The funniest comment in this thread is that Fromm played great against better competition... "except LSU." That's reverse cherry-picking of data. Feleipe Franks suffers from a perception problem. Everybody judges him based upon his play as a redshirt freshman. He never had any high school level quarterback coaching. McElwain and Nussmeier didn't help much. Franks will continue to improve dramatically under Mullen. It's his second year of quality coaching. He is as physically gifted as any quarterback in the country, with the arm strength to beat tight coverage with ball velocity. Are Fromm and Tua better quarterbacks today? Yes. But other than those two, I would rather have Feleipe than any other 2019 SEC quarterback. And don't be surprised if Feleipe has a better NFL career than Fromm and Tua. Especially if he has a third year under Mullen. Dak Prescott was a low three-star.
Please don't waste space with any more talk about Georgia's recruiting. Especially on the Florida section of this site. IT DOESN'T MATTER. It doesn't mean anything until you beat Alabama. And/or beat Clemson. Or whichever other team happens to show up in a national championship game UGA manages to make it to.
And of course Mr. Schematic Advantage, Charley Weis. And now his son, Charley Weis, Jr., who is Lane Kiffin's Mini-Me at FAU.
Sounds like somebody's feelings got hurt.
Just learned something new tonight. Manny Diaz graduated from FSU and never played college football. This is not a joke.
Football is about winning, not how you look while you're winning. Fromm does not have the talent of Matthew Stafford or Jacob Eason, but on the metric of winning, he's a better quarterback.
The Conflict Puppy's obsession with Florida and his excessive focus on star ratings blinds him to all else. The UF-Miami game will resemble the LSU-Miami game last year. It will look close at the outset, and Miami may even take a brief lead. But the Gators will pull away in the second half as the first string Miami D tires. They have zero depth.
Finebaum started out as a reporter. Today he's a professional instigator. That's his job as a call-in talk show host. He doesn't bother to mention that the top half-dozen SEC teams ALL had 8 to 12 players enter the transfer portal, and that Florida was actually at the lower end of the range. The Gators have had recruiting issues, but that's mostly a function of Mullen's staff having been in the first year at a new school where they couldn't just continue all the prospect relationships they had at Mississippi State. The players you recruit at Florida generally come from different high schools and generally have a higher talent level than players Mississippi State can realistically attract. So they had to start building many relationships from square one, and look for elite talent at the 11th hour that was still available. Frankly, they probably knew that some recruits had academic issues, but they had to go after what was still out there. This is dramatically different than the situation for, say, Kirby Smart when he took over at UGA. He was already recruiting the same state of Georgia prospects for Alabama. He had the relationships in place. He didn't need to start from scratch. Florida will be fine, especially with FSU currently down. But it may take an extra year or two because of the need to build more prospect relationships from scratch.
It's the first game for both teams. Miami likely has a key injury or two as well. Miami and UF both have very good defenses. The difference is that Miami's offense is starting a new QB, in a new offense, with a new coordinator, while the Gator offense has a year of experience in Mullen's system. Miami's first 22 are roughly the same talent level on paper as Florida's, but Miami hasn't has a year of Nick Savage and doesn't have the depth of talent to rotate. I expect this game to be similar to the LSU-Miami opener last year. May be very competitive and close in the first half, but with Florida pulling away in the second half as Miami's defensive starters tire.
I really wonder sometimes if you Georgia fans can read. This isn't a ranking. It's a scale of how happy each team's fans are or should be with their head coach.
Said the Georgia fan. Mullen has brought Florida back farther and faster than Smart did in his first season as Georgia's HC. Smart gets credit for building the best Georgia roster maybe ever, but the idea isn't just to look good on paper. It's all about the NCs.
Well I don't know about angelic, but Savage has been a clear difference maker.
Yeah, it was. Bell's a distant third to Shannon and Seiders when it comes to recruiting. Think he's at Miami now.