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Leghumper, I hesitate to break this news to you, because you're my favorite Georgia non-troll commenter, but the Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams is a Gator.
Sanctimonious hypocrite is right where he belongs.
Actually Trask got significantly more QB coaching in high school than Franks, who got pretty much none. There's no comparison between Manvel High School in Texas (Trask) and Wakulla High School in Crawfordville, Florida (Franks). All that said, Trask processes the defense and goes through his progressions better than Franks. He's also more composed.
Well, he is on the roster, but that's about it.
It's hard to get to the edge with a loaded box. The opportunity is off tackle, with a safety playing in the box who misses a tackle.
Boca Raton to Fayetteville. Talk about your culture shock.
Feleipe's only had about a year-and-a-half of good quarterback coaching since he started playing football, so more experience might help him see the field and process better. He might eventually be able to make a good living as an NFL backup, but he needs at least another year of college under a good quarterback coach. David Cutcliffe at Duke would be perfect. McElwain back in the SEC? I said he was a good gameday coach last week and caught some flack. But he's a good gameday coach. However, he's not a good major program manager and he has issues recruiting. Florida high school coaches didn't care for him, probably because he's arrogant. He also has trouble forming complete English sentences, which can be problematic for any field that requires interpersonal communication. I suspect he'd crash and burn at Arkansas or Ole Miss, but who knows? He was reportedly widely liked at Alabama, so maybe being a bigtime HC just went to his head. Or is over his head. He wouldn't work at Mizzou without a seriously improved focus on strength and conditioning. As for Arkansas vs. Missouri, both rosters are rebuilds. Provided the Arkansas boosters haven't become completely dysfunctional, Arkansas is the better job because it's within the natural SEC footprint where football is religion. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is about 300 miles away. And Jerry Jones's checkbook is always lurking in the background. Both schools have shiny new facilities. Columbia is about halfway between Kansas City and Saint Louis, about 140 miles from each. Kansas City and Saint Louis combined have about as many households as Dallas. But the state of Missouri is not a bigtime football area: It's mostly about MLB baseball. I lived about 150 miles east of Columbia during 8th and 9th grade in O'Fallon, Illinois, so I have some familiarity. Illinois to the east and Iowa to the north are Big 10 country. Mizzou under Pinkel had modest success by doing what Stoops is doing now at Kentucky: focusing on developing high ceiling 3-stars overlooked by the Big 10 (e.g., Cale Garrett), and making sure the occasional elite local kid stays home (e.g. Drew Lock).
Perhaps. But the statistics are what they are. And with all those freshmen playing tons of snaps this year, I suspect you'll be able to name a few in the next couple years.
I'm just talking about Eason's ability, which is as elite as it gets for a pro style QB. As for Fields, the kid has been an accurate long ball machine this year and he makes laser throws over the middle. He could have run Kirby's offense just fine.
This article makes for a fun discussion, but just about every premise in it is wrong. First, Alabama currently has the most talented roster in the country, according to the 247 Sports composite ranking. So it isn't a talent drop-off and it isn't Kirby leaving, as far as recruiting is concerned. Second, in the past 11 seasons, Alabama has won five national championships and played for two more. In the five championship years, opponents averaged about 61 offensive plays per game and 4 yards per play. In the six non-championship years, opponents averaged about 64 plays per game and 4.7 yards per play. The Tide's overall average opponent yards per play for the last 11 seasons was 4.4. The 2018-2019 non-championship seasons are virtually identical to the 2013-2014 non-championship seasons in opponent yards per play. Kirby was the DC in 2013-2014. Alabama's current problem is simply injuries. How many true freshmen started on defense this year because of injuries to upperclassmen? And how many total snaps have true freshmen played? The answers are several and a lot.
Trask is clearly number two, of the SEC quarterbacks who are still standing. Trask has turned out to be better than Franks and Justin Fields has turned out to be better than Fromm. Mullen is prejudiced in favor of dual threat quarterbacks and Smart is prejudiced in favor of reliable game managers (it wasn't just Fields; the ultra elite Jacob Eason couldn't get his job back after Fromm's freshman season). It's interesting to look back at the hard coaching choice Dabo Swinney made when he benched a winning quarterback, Kelly Bryant, for an uber talented but unproven true freshman in Trevor Lawrence.
Fair comments. Brown's about to be a rich young man, though. He'll manage.
What's missing from Georgia's offense? 1. Mecole Hardman 2. Terry Godwin 3. Riley Ridley 4. Jeremiah Holloman 5. Isaac Nauta
Actually, I was a safety in both high school and college and -- with respect to your previous misconceptions about what a prevent defense is -- you keyboard cowboys don't have a clue what you're talking about.
I didn't see any cover 2 or "soft zone" against Florida.
CEH might not hit 50 yards rushing against Georgia. But I'd be surprised if he doesn't have 150 yards of total offense.
Georgia's O-line has been better in pass protection than run blocking this year. But some of that might have been due to O-line injuries. They should be relatively healthy on the line for this saturday.
True, but if you "successfully contain" Swift he still rushes for 100 to 140 yards. He'll break off at least one big run no matter how many guys are in the box; in fact, loading the box makes at least one big explosive more likely.
Florida pretty much bottled up D’Andre Swift but Clyde Edwards-Helaire broke off several runs. The reason was simple: LSU makes you focus more on the pass. Georgia’s front seven are very gap sound, though. I suspect they’ll stone LSU’s rushing attack and CEH will get most of his yards through the air. As for Georgia’s rushing attack, their offensive line has not played up to their supposed ability against better defenses. LSU will be able to load the box and play man effectively given Georgia’s wide receiver issues. So I don’t think either team is going to go crazy with the running game. Georgia will probably have more success running the ball than LSU.
Georgia fans keep saying this. I went back and watched highlights of the Florida-Georgia game. Georgia was in the same defense in the last six minutes of the game that they were in during the first six minutes of the game, and all their defensive minutes in between: a hybrid man free/cover one with a free safety at 10-12 yards off the ball, strong safety usually 3 yards off Kyle Pitts, strong-side corner in tight man at about 3 yards and back-side corner backed off at about 7 yards.
Florida dominated time of possession against LSU. Didn't matter. One turnover and the game is over.
Relief for a change watching the UGA fans go after some other team. For what it's worth from a neutral observer (LSU and UGA are Florida's two biggest SEC rivals), I think UGA beating the +7 point spread is very possible. Kills me to hear UGA fans complaining about their roster injuries. I guess injuries to key players do matter after all. As for the great Swift versus Edwards-Helaire debate, one is a Ferrari and one is a 4x4. Swift is faster and has a great cut move. CEH is pure power, a low center of gravity bowling ball with excellent hands. Swift is the more talented player, but CEH will have a long, durable and productive NFL career. Best of luck to both teams this Saturday.
Georgia can win on Saturday. But it will take the best game Georgia's secondary has ever played, simultaneously with the best game Georgia's offense has played this year... without George Pickens for the first half, without Lawrence Cager for the entire game, maybe with a dinged up D'Andre Swift, against the best secondary Georgia will have faced all year. I actually think playing in Atlanta at Mercedes Benz favors a high-powered passing offense because it's a fast track. That said, I think Georgia's defense will play very well and should bottle up the LSU rushing attack. It shouldn't be a blowout in any event. I just don't think stopping the run will matter. I don't think Georgia can pressure Burrow as much as Auburn and Florida did. Alabama's wide receivers are great because they're lightning fast. LSU's receivers are great because if the ball is near them they are going to catch it, even if it's tipped... and because Burrow is going to find the one guy out of five in the pattern (including Edwards-Hilaire) who is open. Georgia has two potentially significant strengths: First, LSU will probably not be able to get to Fromm enough to matter. His pass protection should be excellent and he should have time to throw. And second, Fromm is at his best in big games. Just don't think his best can match Joe Burrow's best.
This article was on the SDS home page. Just saw from the other SC articles below that Dillman is apparently on the way out. It will make a difference.
Separate meeting with Rhys Plumlee may have been to gauge his compatibility with and opinion of Rich Rod. The interesting thing, in the wake of the Freeze scandal, is whether Ole Miss is willing to make a guy HC who lost his last HC job because of alleged sexual misconduct.
Freeze proved that when you have historically unlikely success, a bowl ban and scholarship reductions may follow.
This plan belongs in the Captain Obvious category in the areas of recruiting and closing the gap with Clemson. But it completely misses South Carolina's biggest issue. Strength and conditioning. South Carolina's program, relatively speaking, is following a similar trajectory to Florida under Muschamp. Too many injuries. The one decision that would cause the biggest and most immediate improvement for South Carolina is for Muschamp to end his long relationship with strength and conditioning coach Jeff Dillman.