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I looked for J.T. Daniels in the quarterback statistical rankings at, and He was not included in any of the rankings.
I'm a UF graduate and it's news to me that Chris Wright graduated from UF. How do you know this? And other than Neil Blackmon (who pretty much just writes about UF) and Matt Hayes (who I rarely agree with), who are the "many other UF grads" "he has hired" as writers? I'm genuinely curious.
Could you kindly point me to the horse's mouth where he made the statements you refer to?
I guess that's why he was at MSU for nine years.
Schefter made this comment on an ESPN broadcast. It is likely based upon nothing more than Mullen's open-ended answers during his postgame press conference. He could leave tomorrow, but Schefter is just speculating. "He is open to" is sheer speculation.
Did anyone else have the same experience watching the Clemson defense trying to get lined up yesterday that I did? ...Wait, did Grantham take over for Venables at Clemson?
You have some fairly sensible comments on SDS from time to time. The first paragraph above is not one of them.
Mullen is ultra competitive, with an arrogant streak. And he has no filter. Spurrier said much more outrageous stuff, but it played better in SEC circles because of his aw shucks, Northeast Tennessee good ol' boy persona. And speaking of the Head Ball Coach, having him in the football building is likely to help keep Mullen in the college ranks. Spurrier had a horrible experience coaching in the NFL and working for Daniel Snyder, and I'm sure at some point he and CDM either have talked about it or will talk about it.
Yes, J.T. has an excellent rating in CFB Stats. But for how many games? He's not even listed in ESPN's total QBR standings because he didn't play enough. Anthony Richardson played in five games (sparingly) this season and has a passer rating of 228.40. Does that mean he's better than J.T. Daniels? See where I'm going with this?
There were stretches last night where I thought he had taken over for Venables at Clemson. They couldn't get lined up to save their lives.
VANole, what's happened to Florida State football? Are they going to field a team this season? Do you guys need a GoFundMe campaign?
The top defensive recruiters for Florida are Christian Robinson and David Turner.
With Georgia's defense and SEC East competition, probably not. But with the same sequence of games and circumstances (8-2 regular season, SECCG against a Saban Alabama team and every starting receiver skipping the bowl game against a good opponent), entirely possible. Georgia came within a hair of losing yesterday to an extremely well coached but vastly outmanned roster. And no, Cincinnati would not beat Notre Dame.
I don't think Saban want to run a high school offense.
Ohio State doesn’t deserve to be in this game with the number of games they played, but they are clearly one of the two best teams in the country. They absolutely have the roster to go toe to toe with Alabama on both sides of the ball. The game may depend upon whether Fields has cracked ribs. I know he continued to play, but he’s gonna be a hurtin’ puppy and may have limited practice. Skalski is a thug.
I know what Saban said. I watched his press conference. If the penalty was for simply entering the field, to yell at one of his players or otherwise, not involving an official (the well known "sideline infraction"), the first occurrence would have been a warning. The second and third occurrences would have been delay of game penalties (5 yards). The fourth occurrence would be 15 yards assessed against the team, not the head coach. Saban's tirade came immediately after an interception by an Alabama player, close to the sideline, which was ruled out of bounds. Saban was upset with the call. From the NCAA: Coaches who enter the field of play to question, protest or otherwise demonstrate disagreement with an officiating decision are subject to an immediate 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. You can believe Saint Nick's story. I'm not the least bit surprised that you do. But Saban was incensed at the official who ruled the interception out of bounds and he got flagged for "entering the field" to protest the call. And because the official who threw the flag was only a few feet away from Saban, it is not likely that he was confused about who Saban was yelling at.
If Little Nicky said it, it must be true, right? Well, here's something else he said a few seconds after he claimed he was yelling at a linebacker: "I've been a head coach twenty some years and I've never been called for that." Know what's hilarious about that? Not only is it not true, but the last time he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct wasn't 20 years ago; or 10 years ago; or five... It was just last season. Against Duke in Alabama's season opener. Cue your next childish insult.
Well, you do understand there's more than one ref on the field, right? Oh, never mind, just type your next insult.
Well, you finally have an original thought. It's completely false, of course, but at least you had one. That's progress.
Straight up would be 180 degrees, genius. And personal insults about his appearance, even if inaccurate, say more about you than about him.
I'm talking about Prince Avenue Christian on the competition, not Pinson Valley. The parallel is both players being bumped up in rating because daddy is their high school coach.
Nature, Mullen doesn't begin to approach the classless things Spurrier used to say, including bad-mouthing his players by name (primarily his quarterbacks). And no sideline behavior Mullen has ever exhibited comes close to Saban screaming at the officials today. Nobody cares if you win.
We don't say it doesn't matter. We say it doesn't seem to matter for Georgia.
Ah, Leghumper, overrated coach's son 5-star QB Brock Vandagriff who ran up big numbers against small private school competition... just like overrated coach's son 5-star QB Bo Nix... When will you ever learn?
The "Georgia's offense is completely different with J.T. Daniels" bubble, of course.