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Jimmy S_xton is about to rake in millions more in fees, getting raises for several of his clients. Should be an interesting carousel this year with both USC and LSU open.
On the Torrence injury, you've already got a problem if one of your safeties is a leading tackler on plays between the D gaps. I try to not ever make snap judgments, and there are usually multiple reasons when something doesn't work out as expected. The defense has been much better this season and they had to deal with short fields after the interceptions yesterday. But Grantham's failure to adjust to a single play that was repeated over and over was inexcusable. A simple alignment change stops that play. If that opens up another opportunity for the opposing offense, you cross that bridge when you come to it. Grantham should be fired.
Florida's BCR is up from 33% BCR for McElwain's last roster to 65% this season. The top 100 versus 0.8901+ argument you've made in the past (average player rating) has some validity, but your transfer portal argument does not. Was Derion Kendrick disgruntled? (No, he was dismissed.) J.T. Daniels? (Maybe; he foresaw losing his job.) Tykee Smith? (No. Probably just seeking greener pastures.) An OSU fan friend of mine says Jameson Williams had a case of the drops at OSU. He seems OK at Alabama though. I truly do not understand why it matters where talent comes from as long as the talent performs. High school recruit or transfer; what difference does it make? Of course, just as with high school recruits, the more you have the more busts you will have. Blades was a zero. The rest have worked out pretty well. BTW, Florida got beaten by an illegal rub route (a charitable term for a direct collision) on the TD pass to Billingsley in the Alabama game. We may do it, but we're not alone. Monken likes him some rub routes too.
Statistically it was much better, until yesterday at least.
It's hard to see how we would be better off with Scott Frost or Chip Kelly, the two candidates who were pursued prior to Mullen. Stricklin has said that he didn't want to steal his alma mater's coach and I take him at his word. I don't see any reasonable probability that Mullen gets fired. I am now firmly in the "Grantham has to go" camp, even though Florida's defense was much improved coming into yesterday's game. He refuses to adjust. The only coach out there who might be available and could definitely improve upon Mullen's major deficiency (top tier salesmanship) while matching or exceeding his greatest strength (offense) is Lane Kiffen. While I would be perfectly happy with that, I just don't see it happening.
Levis played well. With one or two more guys that could catch the ball, this would have been a closer game. There are no moral victories but Kentucky played tough. They are a better team than I thought they were. Old biases die hard.
Some truth to that, with the short fields. But even if you take away the INTs, Florida couldn't adjust to a single play (which they easily could have, by changing their front and forcing Johnson to beat them through the air).
I wasn't trying to be clever. Must have been a Freudian slip.
Hard to remember all the observations I wanted to make. but a big one is that Grantham doesn't doesn't seem to promote a culture of discipline (e.g., gap soundness). And that's on Mullen.
It is a fact that the roster talent has gotten better each year under Mullen. While he is not a Tier 1 salesman, he has recruited well. In addition to the above fact, it is objectively observable that: 1. The offensive line is a glaring weakness on the team that has not been fixed in three and-a-half-years. It appears that their early season apparent improvement was due to the competition. 2. Emory Jones is a talented runner with a good arm and decent accuracy. But the jury is now in on whether he can read defenses and quickly pick the correct receiver. He can't. This isn't a coaching deficiency. It's a processing deficiency that likely can't be fixed. 3. Anthony Richardson, in addition to having ridiculous physical talents, appears to be a "gamer" like Tebow. He needs time to get into the flow of the game and when he does, he just makes plays. 4. Our linebackers are talented but on the smallish side. The reason for the offensive line problem is quite simple. There is a much more limited supply of those body types and skill sets than at other position groups, so if you aren't recruiting at the very top tier, you're going to struggle. And given the finite supply, the momentum of programs in the top tier makes it tough to get into the top tier. Schools like Kentucky and Wisconsin have done a pretty good job with development in this area, but it's an uphill battle. Mullen likely believes in his staff. The game he is playing is too high stakes to let "loyalty" get in the way. And he likely decided somewhere along the line that Grantham's high risk, aggressive defensive style was a force multiplier against more talented rosters. However, Grantham has shown a fatal inability to adjust that outweighs any value from his aggressive style. Mullen and Grantham are each smart enough to change. The question is whether their hubris will let them.
For better or worse, Mullen will not be on the hot seat. But the failure to stop the same play repeatedly was inexcusable. It wasn’t about talent or lack of talent. It was a failure to adjust.
The only question at a few minutes into the third quarter: Which team wants to lose this game more?
You can win with a mediocre offensive line and a good quarterback. You can win with a good offensive line and a mediocre quarterback. But you can’t win with a mediocre offensive line and a mediocre quarterback.
Sometimes things go the way they should based upon the talent and matchup differences. We’re all wondering which Florida team shows up next, but this should be a big Florida win. Might be different on a Saturday night, but this is an 11:00 am Baton Rouge time start.
Why no, Hump, I did not know that! But here's what I think. You can count walk-ons and busts (Clayton), but Florida has lost one player to transfer who would probably have been a significant contributor: Chris Steele. Lukas Krull was a valuable contributor but he was already a transfer-in (Arkansas) grad senior who was going to be behind Pitts. Georgia has lost at least seven: Brenton Cox, Justin Fields, DeAngelo Gibbs, Cade Mays, Divaad Wilson, Jermaine Johnson, and Tyrique Stevenson. I realize Mullen made I dumb comment that stick in your craw, but the portal is going to be a fact of life from now on. It's college free agency and says pretty much nothing about a program.
I don't care for the all orange, but it's what they wore in Baton Rouge for the "hurricane game," when they beat LSU 16-10 with the goal line stand in 2016.
I didn’t particularly care about this article, but I knew the comments would be littered with Georgia buffoonery, like moths to a flame. And it was.
Didn’t Georgia almost beat Alabama a couple times? And I think they almost beat South Carolina a couple years ago.
I don’t think the answer to “where are they now” requires that they still be enrolled at their transfer school.
I thought you might, just maybe, have a meaningful comment, so out of curiosity I checked his 247 composite rating. 0.9303. So I guess not.
The most significant difference between Alabama and Georgia this year is the average years of experience of the starters and heavy rotation players. Georgia is more experienced. The great wildcard for both teams is the quarterback position.
Mountain, I have said before that Stetson Bennett is basically a coach on the field at this point. He has played well. Has he improved? I think he looks pretty much like he did last year. His CMP ratio is 69% this year. It was 69% last year against Arkansas and Kentucky, 61% against Auburn and 59% against Tennessee. But it was 45% against Alabama and 31% against Florida. I believe Georgia needs a healthy J.T. Daniels to close the deal, and I suspect there are more than a few Georgia fans who would agree. Do I have a blind spot about Georgia? Maybe. I wish only the worst for Georgia, from the bottom of my heart. But only in the W-L column. It's kinda funny that when you say a couple positive things about a team and one critical one, it's not balanced analysis. It's bias.
The SDS Greatest Hits: "_____________ Gets Shredded for Postgame Comment" "Gary Danielson Getting Called Out for ______________"
No, if Florida pulls off the upset it will be because our defensive line plays well and Mullen exploits individual matchups in the passing game.
I think you are correct that Mullen has no shot at an NFL HC job, and I think you can detect a subtle shift in his attitude about "being at Florida" this season because he realizes he has no shot. If he had a window, it has closed.
Mountain, make no mistake, I do indeed hate UGA. And I realize there is a quite significant chance that UGA can play ground and pound offense and win the SECCG. But I do not believe Georgia's secondary can stop Alabama's passing offense. Maybe that is a rationalization. And maybe it is a reasonable opinion. We'll see. And I have seen with my own eyes -- as I am sure you have seen with yours -- what happens to Stetson Bennett against the Alabama and Florida pass rushes. And I have questions about what would happen to J.T. Daniels. There is no transitive property in football. The fact that Arkansas whupped Texas A&M, Texas A&M beat Alabama and Georgia whupped Arkansas means, quite literally, nothing.