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If 1970 to 2010 is a sarcastic reference to a period during which Florida has won more games overall than Georgia in the series, it's actually 1937 to 2021.
MSU has a really, really weak schedule next year. It’s possible FPI — the worst model out there — is picking them to beat LSU based upon last year’s game. And Auburn based upon a head coaching change. FPI could have them at 10-2.
Hump, you do understand what an average is, right?
0.7984 -- Kyle Trask 0.8790 -- Kadarius Toney 0.9334 -- Kyle Pitts
So I guess it's time now to pretend you Dawg fans didn't point out, ad nauseum, the PFF trashing of Trask throughout the 2019 season. So much for those with a clue.
PT, you make some solid arguments. I believe rushing yards per play could improve dramatically even if the offensive line does not improve (though I believe it will be better for reasons others have noted). Why? Three guys with elite breakaway talent (Jones, Lingard, Bowman) will be getting more touches. Trask's yards per attempt were, to some significant degree, a function of route design and yards after catch, which is also impacted by play design. A lot of Jones' 2020 CMP ratio was due to circumstances, including a lot of drops against Oklahoma and throwing on other occasions after coming in for just one or two snaps, without having been in the game much. During his first couple seasons, he would come in late in games and get to operate the offense for entire series, allowing him to settle in. It would be fair to argue that to the extent those series were garbage time, or against lesser opponents, those completions might mean less. But I believe Jones will be north of 65% in 2021 for several reasons, not least of which is the guy who will be coaching him. As for Leghumper's usual comedy act, every successful offense runs the ball more late in games they are winning. And there was not a single game last year where half the running plays -- or even close to half -- were quarterback scrambles. That is abject silliness.
If only having the most talent on paper won national championships regardless of coaching.
He's definitely in the wrong place. He thought he was submitting a question for Football Guest Host Week Jeopardy, and that Jeopardy answers are multiple choice. The correct question is, "which Georgia defensive player has most underperformed his high school recruiting rating?" What he should have written, for correct Jeopardy format, is Nolan Smith.
The top half dozen SEC offenses ran 68-70 plays per game last season. The top four offenses in yards per play were Alabama 7.81, Florida 7.28, Ole Miss 6.97 and Texas A&M 6.48. I think 2020 Texas A&M is a reasonable proxy for the 2021 Florida offense. So 2021 might be about 6.5 yards per play. If Florida averages 68 plays per game and 6.5 yards per play, the Gators will average around 442 yards per game. I think they'll average more than that, for two reasons: 1. Emory Jones paired with our running backs is going to give defenses fits. 2. We'll be adding back four out of conference opponents, and Florida should significantly outperform its SEC yards per play average against all four (FAU, USF, Samford and FSU). If you ask the average fan what Florida's pass to run ratio was in 2020, they would probably guess 60-40. Maybe even 65-35. In fact, it was 56-44. Mullen likes to strive for 50-50, so don't expect the offense to look tremendously different next year. 56-44 at 70 total offensive plays per game is 39 pass plays. 50-50 at 68 total plays per game is 34 pass plays. Not exactly a night and day difference. We may actually see more deep balls because Jones does indeed throw a beautiful deep ball... and we have a couple guys who can get behind a defense. One thing that may look similar to last year: A Florida slot guy running sick dig routes, only in 2021 it could be Malik Davis, who started to look like true freshman Malik Davis last season. Finally, on Emory Jones' passing. His career CMP ratio at Florida is 67%. A lot of accurately thrown passes were dropped in the Cotton Bowl. Nowhere near that many will be dropped in a game after spring, four months of offseason quarterback/receiver workouts and summer practice. Jones' mid-range passes have more velocity than Trask's and the ball is spinning faster. Catching a 15-20 yard throw at 60 mph literally stings your hands. It takes practice familiarity if the other guy doesn't throw it as hard. Emory's mid-range velocity aside though, Copeland does drop too many. We'll see if he puts in the time this summer, getting ready for his money season.
The guy that kept getting burned on the wheel route will be your starting Mike linebacker this season. Just sayin.'
I'd say 2020 was the year Kirby couldn't get the quarterback position figured out, or that he underperformed his recruiting rankings, but it's so hard to pick a single year.
Everybody focuses on Kyle Trask's origin story. What gets lost -- and what doesn't necessarily translate when watching games -- is that he's the size and build of Ben Roethlisberger.
The things that are so interesting about Pitts, compared to guys like Kellen Winslow and Tony Gonzalez, are that he is a bit faster and has more catch radius. But he still has to get to the NFL and produce the numbers. There's usually a lot of recency bias in "greatest ever" comments, when applied to current players. But is the raw potential there? Absolutely.
This is the protracted version of winning the press conference. I'm guessing Connor is living in the metro Orlando area now, where Gus is getting a ton of airtime on local media. Let's wait and see if he can figure out how to produce a passing offense.
JTF, I can't argue that. Like other successful SEC football programs, UF had boosters and coaches who were out of control during the 1980s. But just to correct a point of information, Robert Marston never uttered the quote you cited. That quote was from Jon Roosenraad, a tenured journalism professor who, like many professors at many universities, resented the football program and was putting words in Marston's mouth.
Yes, Georgia is a good school. I do suspect he is a better than average student though, given that he's in Nevada and got an offer from Vanderbilt.
Now Upstate, that's funny. Reductio ad absurdum.
I think if Mullen were to go the NFL, he might be on a short list of offensively oriented coaches who can recruit. It could happen. And honestly, I can't think of another coach who would be on the list. Well, maybe Matt Campbell.
While the UF-FSU game and UF-Tennessee games had national implications during the 1990s, the Georgia game has always been the main rivalry.
Box, you're absolutely right. You start to bump up against a practical ceiling at 75-80%. Alabama was around 82% last season. Georgia just needs to maintain now.
UGA has won more games in the 100 year historical series. Eight more, to be precise. My point is simple: Florida is the more successful program in the last 40 years. Period. It isn't debatable.
Yes, JTF, you are correct. It is only my opinion. And Box, when I take the recruiting momentum Kirby inherited from Richt (48.2% BCR) and how long he has been on the job (sixth year) into account, versus the momentum Mullen inherited from McElwain (32.9% BCR) and how long he has been on the job (fourth year), I think Mullen is doing just fine on roster building. While these numbers are subject to change, I currently estimate that Florida will be at a 64.7% BCR for 2021 and Georgia will be at a 78.8% BCR. Georgia has a higher average roster score per player, but I tend to discount that. And while I've pointed this out before, LSU's 2019 BCR was 60%. Incidentally, if you do some simple math, you will see that Mullen will have slightly more added BCR percentage in 2021, since he took over Florida just over three years ago, than Kirby will have since he took over Georgia, just over five years ago. Monken's NFL experience suggests he should be able to produce points this season. Lanning seems like a solid DC. Mullen is the OC at Florida. And I probably have more faith in Grantham than most Florida fans (and infinitely more than UGA fans), although he should have realized in August of last year that his scheme was too complex for the shortened practice schedule. I am very happy with Florida's assistant coaching and S&C staff. I think Billy Gonzalez may be the best receiver coach in the country. Hump, as usual, you are making comparisons that are simply not relevant. But do I think Georgia will have a letdown in Kirby's sixth season? No. It would be almost impossible with their schedule and circumstances (Tennessee, Auburn and South Carolina all rebuilding with new coaches and depleted rosters). But do I think that they could lose to Florida again? Yes, I do.
More likely he's interested in education in addition to football.
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Kirby is a better recruiter. Mullen is a better coach. We'll see whether Mullen recruits well enough. So far it's looking pretty good, especially when you factor in how he has handled the portal. And you might want to look at all those camera angles again. While he could have behaved better, Mullen did not start the melee at the start of the Florida-Missouri game halftime. The fight was started near the south end-zone by two Missouri players taunting Kyle Trask after a late hit at the end of the half. Zachary Carter and a couple other Gators went after the Missouri players.
@Bobby, "Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me!" --Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights
I suspect the Alabama-Auburn rivalry might be more intense to the extent that you have neighbors, family members and nut cases who take things too far. But for pageantry, spectacle and the general year-round level of back and forth, I don't think there's any question that the Florida-Georgia rivalry is the biggest rivalry game in the SEC.
Not really. The UF Administration has historically been pretty sanctimonious. It's why Hugh Freeze was never coming to Gainesville after Muschamp was fired. There's always a lag time in the administration learning about systemic problems (improper benefits during the Charley Pell era; Urban Meyer looking past off the field issues and coddling Zach Smith).
The metro Newark-New York City and Camden areas are big northern urban areas, but Central New Jersey from north to south is actually quite beautiful.