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Ole Miss has played Memphis every year for as long as I can remember, so there is somewhat of a "rivalry" there already. Do your homework.
Agreed. Treadwell most definitely should be on this list, near the top. He won't play the rest of the season but that has nothing to do with his outstanding performance against Auburn, which may have been the best of his college career thus far.
Well there was that facemask at the beginning of the tackle by frost that was never called, among other things...
Alabama alum at an Auburn paper - even with those circumstances, publication is no less disgusting, although somehow not surprising. Where does the classlessness end in Alabama?
It's my understanding that the Auburn Opelika News is a small paper struggling with financial issues. This is not surprising given that this is the trend with newspapers in general, particularly with small, unknown publications. Printing this photo along with this offensive and inflammatory headline is clearly this fledgling, podunk paper's blatant attempt to use classless sensationalism to sell papers. That said, I'm appalled at the lack of class and tact, even for Auburn. Ultimately this publication will get what's coming to it, hopefully sped along by the response to their recent actions. It won't be a surprise when this paper shuts it's doors.For perspective, no Oxford paper used a similar headline with Kenyon Drake's picture after his injury.