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And I'm sure you would criticize a player on your team too right? Yeah right? Who's your college team by the way?
Enough presence of mind to catch a 60 yard hail Mary to beat you in Athens, lol.
You are going to be very disappointed then bc he wont be suspended for that. And again, its bc that video cant prove it was an intentional act. And the hit was not flagged. Scuffles happen all of the time. There were no punches thrown and emotions are high. If every player on the roster played with the heart and emotion that Jennings does, then TN would be sitting at 9 wins right now. Get over it already.
If it was intentional he would have looked down and made a stomping motion. So why is that so hard to understand?
If it was intentional he would have looked down and made a stomping motion. So why is that so hard to understand?
He did not RIP his helmet off. What are y'all talking about? Everyone needs to chill out. Goodness gracious. You lost, streak is over and the streak is about to go the other way for a long time. Enjoy the memories of winning those three in a row.
Exactly. There were officials right there. If his foot was going down to find traction and the guys head was there... well hate that he accidentally mashed him.
Yeah and congrats on beating an 0-8 Vols team. Really shocked the world there!
Just like that starting center for UGA that intentionally broke Shy Tuttle's leg from behind while the play was down field, in a dawg stance on the ground. Then they go and put the dude on the season ticket for the TN game the next year. Coincidence? I think not! But we never heard about that from the media.
I'd rather have a little brush league from time to time and win then be pansies and lose all the time. Ask Bama and Saban about that. Win at all costs right?
Everybody in the country huh? Lol. There is a major overreaction by the media and the TN haters as usual. TN doesnt play dirty football. We played physical football to win 6 out of the last 7. And once we FINALLY start playing physical ball again, it's time for the haters to find the bad out of what's largely been good during this run. If I'm everyone else in the East, I'd be getting pretty nervous. Know why? Cause the pro style offense is going to put TN football back to TN football. That run game is going to be nasty next year!
Dude are you serious. He came all the way across the field to make that play. There is no way he could have stopped his momentum into that guy. He was heading toward the sideline but was not out of bounds. The line judge and another referee were watching the play. They clearly would have flagged that play had it been a late hit.
Awwww,BigBlu needs a tissue. He needs his blanky and wuvey too!! I've been a TN fan for 36 years. I have literally seen the great, good, bad and really ugly. Watching this clip from the only vantage point they have, there is absolutely no way you can tell that... 1. He ripped his helmet off. 2. That he intentionally stepped on him. He certainly did not hit him out of bounds. When he contacted the player, he was in the field of play. Jennings is the ultimate competitor and has made some poor choices in the past. If he did this intentionally he should be punished but all the TN haters gonna hate bc they turned their season around. Especially the UK and Vandy haters. BTW, a TN player had his helmet intentionally ripped off during a play on the field and they managed to call a 15 yard penalty on TN on the play as well. So if this were TN on the bottom of that sideline pile you know what would likely happen? Nothing. I'm sick of TN getting disrespected when all they've done is work to turn it around. And go watch this clip several times... its clear you will make up what you want no matter how many though.