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Right. We hear bitter complaints about CEO's salaries when they produce washing detergent and gas for our cars and food, but nothing about these astronomical amounts given to entertainers.
A strong sport will bring in more resources and attention to help the weaker sport. I don't understand why anyone would even think that one dominant sport would dampen the others. It mostly depends upon the caliber of the coach. There can only be a few great ones at a given time.
Freeze is a good coach. Auburn will improve. This conversation would be 100% different but for 1 completed pass.
Sark is good, but has shown nothing yet that would make him great. I expect Texas was about as good as it will ever get this past season.
What you say is true. But this is not a major re-build, just minor. What might be lost on defense should be gained on offense -- and more. So I expect the Tide to continue right where they left off -- Final Four.
Rees was mediocre at Notre Dame and the same at Bama. We can expect more production even if there is less talent. That is the history of DeBoer. As for the offensive line, it can only get better. Why the GOAT tolerated such underwhelming performance is a mystery.
I think the rejoicing by the competitors will be short-lived. Maybe it's already ended.
What does it truly matter where your recruiting is ranked but you are in the top 5 on the field? All it does is say that you are excellent at developing talent. Recruiting in the top 10 will be much easier at Bama than at Wash. As for success of coaches by geography, remember CNS from Michigan St to LSU and Nate Oats from Buffalo NY. Excellence shows out regardless of location. The other fans are grasping for straws, the writers for something to say.
LK had a lot of the wind knocked out of his ego. A heavy blow but it made a better man of him, taught him that we reap what we sow. He still has his personality, but tempered. From the little we've seen. he gets my vote (the deciding one, of course!). It would not be surprising to learn that CNS suggested and contacted his successor once he decided, maybe even annointed him.
About Bama, the TWO things I don't like: TR is still around and KS is not.
I watched a couple of those losses. The 3 pt shooting was abysmal. Their % against cupcakes raises their average. Inconsistency gets you nowhere.
This could well be a ploy for more NIL money, to see what the others will offer and whether OM will match it. "Maybe the loyalty to Kiffin and Ole Miss will win out." Maybe loyalty to $elf will win out. After all, players are preparing for the Pros, right?
Many now follow the $$$. NIL is destroying character.
It's not either-or. Does anyone truly think that SOS and QB play were not BOTH considerations?
NIL is perverting all decisions to be $$$ only. Loyalty is history. The corrosion is even invading high school.
Could the Hype be ended in Knoxville? Next year will determine it.
How in the world can you justify saying that even if Georgia loses it should still be in???
Please take him! We won in spite of his playcalling.
1. Simpson could have been as good as Milroe had he been given the opportunity. He had one half to adjust to live play and then was pulled. 2. Saban's weakness is not preparing the next QB with real playing time. Either Milroe or Simpson should have been ready before Texas but were not. 3. Heupel is following the Malzahn script.
Last year you had an exceptional QB and a new style. Now an average QB and the other teams have adjusted.
It could be that UT is following the Auburn script, where a new coach with fresh ideas and a super QB launched them into orbit. But the super QB left and the other teams adjusted and so they fell back to earth.
I suspect that Milroe got tired of being legcuffed and decided that Bama were to win, he needed to run often. It certainly seems like our OC is a blind man with the imagination of a stone.
Why the tears for these coaches? They knew the risk when they took the job, and the reward is great even if fired after 2 years -- set for life. Which one of us would not trade places with any of them?