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Between Brady and Burrow's leaving, LSU will return to being good, not great. Burrow was the equivalent of Cam at AU, a once-in-a-lifetime player.
Excellent logic. No one ever said all football players are terribly smart. A difference with politicians -- he doesn't have the MSM defending him.
Gus was at his peak when his innovative offense was new. Now that people are accustomed to it, he is middle of the pack. Orgeron realized that he's not that good of a coach so surrounded himself with excellence. And he got lucky with Burrow, another Cam, once-in-a-career talent. If he keeps up the success this year then I'll believe, but I expect a major drop-off.
Now that both are gone, it may not be interesting at all. Most likely regression to average.
If TN has any character, it will boot him from the team and school.
Doesn't matter if the school or business pay; the courts will control it.
It would certainly be taken to court, and in our era of socialists and "anti-sexist" mindsets, the money would be required to be split evenly between women & men, maybe among all players.
There are lots of yards available if they would run counters sometimes rather than running into the pack 100% of the time. Incredible.
Maybe Saban did not want to humiliate his former team. What's so special about playing in ice and snow? You'll be in a heated press box of course.
This is Saban's Achilles Heel -- not giving backup QBs enough real experience like he does all other positions. Sure, the rest of the team is usually good enough to cover, but it will bite someday. We were just lucky that Hurts did not transfer a few months earlier.
In this case, Hopson embraced his responsibility of oversight. He was the one who evaluated Briles and gauged his demeanor; his neck would have been on the line. Those who fall and repent are often better behaved than those who have never fallen (or never been caught). All you who have never needed a second chance, go ahead with the stoning.
CNS lost the IB and almost the NC because of his stubbornness in keeping Jalen in. And he almost lost Tua.
If If If hope Every team thinks the same about now. Fulmer's follies as detective and would-be executioner earned them permanent basement status.
His innovation worked when new but everyone is now familiar with it. Maybe he is a one-trick pony and doesn't realize it. Neither did Auburn at signing time.
His innovation worked when new but everyone is now familiar with it. Maybe he is a one-trick pony and doesn't realize it.
1. QB performance has a direct correlation to pass protection and receivers. At this level all QBs are good-excellent. The supporting cast and schemes make the difference. 2. If CNS intends to promote Enos to OC, surely he would have told Freeze that he won't have the position. Personally I hope he gets Freeze, a great offensive mind who is more likely to have learned his lesson than Lane Kiffin.
It was a prophecy which completely surprised the family. They had the same reaction: "Alabama???"
How can you give a B+ to the defense line with those comments and stats? Sounds like C work at best. I've said it elsewhere -- we should eliminate kicking (not punting, although with Tua it may not be needed). Always go for TDs and 2 points. Stop wasting the headcount. We learned nothing from "Kick-six", from the NC game?
The Tide "explosive as ever on offense"? What??? Should read "explosive as NEVER on offense". Statements notwithstanding, Saban loves low scoring shutouts. If the defense scores the points,even better. He's unhappy that the offense is so good, prefers "safer" Hurts but cannot justify it.
I think there's more than "normal loyalty" here. Maybe stubbornness, maybe something else. Any other coach would have tried to salvage the IB like he finally did the NC.
Mooning as communication. Great class. "Opens students’ eyes to things they might not have thought they’d be able to do.” Lab required.