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I've always thought that O was a sleazy character. He got lucky one year and then reverted to his normal.
Don't you think that the character of the coach is a major factor? I think that reduces the chances of OM and LSU.
If your defense is good, not punting past the 50 makes sense in this era of aggressive offenses.
I suspect that now that all know about Clemson's sign-stealing prowess, it will be much harder for them to stay near the top.
It is a mystery to me why coaches including CNS refuse to give QB backups meaningful playing time even when the game outcome is settled. Handing off five times in the last 3 minutes is almost insulting. Yes it is a very different sport, but contrast that with CNO who plays deep into his bench. Meaningful pt means much less of a drop off/learning curve the next year or after an injury.
Seems very strange to me that Heuple would not keep a SEC-successful DC whose salary was already paid. Sure everyone wants his own guy, but this hints of a bull in a china shop approach. Total reconstruction might take much longer than hoped...
Freeze is the only one who could bring a quick (2-3 yr) turnaround and also have long term success. I believe he learned his lessons and will not fall again. Not being a Vol fan, I hope they pass on him.
Fulmer tried to destroy Bama. Talk about payback! Sometimes there is justice on earth.
My hope is that when CNS ties the Bear for wins, he retires.
Bama beats the top 2 teams, and you say almost nothing????
It likely was because Clemson wasn't able to steal the OH play calls.
"Clemson’s secondary looked lost all night." Just maybe they weren't able to steal the play calls.
Those who repent of their sins are often of better character than those who have never failed (or have never been exposed). I'd choose Freeze over Mullen or Ogeron without a second thought.
Remember when this system was supposed to end the controversy?
Kick of the Year: Cade York No, no no. That already happened at Vandy, remember? Or do you have to be re-educated?
It was a good pass, right into the receiver's hands. Tua can't be blamed that it bounced off into the hands of Mathieu. Sometimes receivers bail out the QB, other times they hurt him.
Gus was successful at the beginning because of his innovative offense. Once the rest of the SEC adjusted to it, he had no more tricks. He also was the luckiest coach around, but it turned when the potential interception against TAM ended with a TD instead.
He emulated his coach. You know, the guy who started a brawl....
Since the Mac Jones interception play was negated by the targeting penalty, it was erased. Or not?
LSU players are not disciplined. They reflect their head coach. It's not just on the field either. Lighting will not strike twice in BR.
Could be that Urban likes his ego stroked about every 2 years.
Probably every VB player could have kicked 30 yds or better. I guess when you have nothing you look for attention some way.
Well he did it to Johnny Majors -- because he was flat on his back.