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Knowledgeable football minds are just starting to really dig through the tape. Fields needs another year, he just does not look that great.
I’m old enough to remember UF and UGA in the mid 80s- early 90s. This is just a rough patch.
I’d consider being more humble; especially when the only way you can go is down when you’re on top.
Certainly can’t beat the ladies like those tigers do. Don’t throw stones boss.
Nah. I like that call better than any love action ejection. Straight dirty. Later.
The Auburn void has been filled. Your new perennial 4 loss team.
Welcome to the family. Nothing more appropriate from a crime family.
New precedent. If you try you get a mulligan and playoff spot based off your “full season of work.” As real as development and momentum are in late season sorts- this is a farcical concept.
This seems like a bad year to part with established HBCs - looking at you AU and USC.
Nah. If they were UGA they’d get into a decent bowl game against a mediocre team, complain about the opponent, then lose.
Begs the question they haven’t done this one of the last 3-4 years.
Lol. Nice Freudian. I meant Jake but I’ll take that.
I’m old enough to remember when auburn crushed Jane Fromm and den...
Gotta love the obviously political guy who says “don’t be political.”
It does seem strange especially with how tight they are even letting media see practices.
I’m old enough to remember the late 90s and 2000s. It’s cyclical. Don’t hold your breath.
Nope nope. This is not how you do it. Under promise, over perform. Headed for a heartbreak.
Disagree with this idea. Those of us who can’t predict the future and haven’t seen the guy play a down in the league are ok to be skeptical.
But what happens if Georgia goes undefeated only squeaking out wins?!
Was unaware of the “Lombardi G” before this enlightening discussion. It was definitely different yet obviously highly influential.
This- Bama is putting it on the line this year. Respect.
Poor Dawgs. Heard their quarterback has a peg leg and an eye patch- ARRR they gonna be able go play with the vols?! SMDH
Hearing he’s academically ineligible and didn’t score adequately on standardized entrance test. Also off the field behavior. Offer has likely been made conditional.