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Nice to see the arrogant AF Florida fans back in the game. Hopefully they aren’t the new TN fans. Champions of next season...
Very humble team focused guy. He’s the man you want slappping your ass with a wet towel after a shower for sure.
The fact that UT is a basketball school is definitely a huge plus.
Clemson is a good team in the worst ACC for decades. They’re almost guaranteed a playoff spot if the refs show up.
I think I’m one of the few dawgs who isn’t buying Kirby Smart- at this point in his career he is Richt- just losing bigger games consistently. He needs to hire someone to teach him how to manage a clock too. The CFP semifinal win was nice...
Often times these decisions are not really the player’s- school is cooling on them, looking at others for position or player is just not performing as well this season and all of the above.
This. The games have been entertaining for maybe 5 minutes each? Better things to do in your free time than battle the SEC crowds for peanuts.
At this point these articles are pretty much writing themselves.
Wait... why don’t we expect credit card fraud this season since it’s the only tangible thing mentioned?
Lol. The missed calls. Blatant face masks and at least Four holds on the Tua first down run. Keep it classy.
Yep. Michel was the hot hand. He needed at least 10 more carries.
Lol. Desperation and the win. Choke city by UGA coaches. Good career Jalen. Nice hair too.
No doubt the UGA / USC game has started do take on meaning in the last decade. Personally I think it is a rivalry and expect it to grow as each team becomes consistently successful.
Many would agree that Auburn’s two biggest wins were because their opponents didn’t show up. Far from any certainty.
Linebacker play has to be better. Too many wasted steps and wrong first steps. The first quarter the middle was easy pickings.
UGA already left ATL with a title this year. You might have missed it through drunken tears.