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Society has become a giant participation trophy. Nobody wants to put in the time but everybody thinks they’re qualified to do everything. Here’s your YouTube degree doc!!
I’m old enough to remember when Dan Mullen was a better coach.
Expanding the playoff will need to make sure 1 and 2 get serious byes. You’re punishing the very best by adding more lopsided games and potential for injury. Bad for the SEC by most measures.
Think the stomach flu the team had was a factor? Hands on hips first quarter?
Steve Strickland, Bobby Napier. It’s a new world.
Fail. Hire away a proven coordinator or head coach. Write it down. Sorry it hurts your feelings.
Can we stop the devoting of resources to OSU now? Y’all never learn.
Reading the comments - did anyone who actually went to UF or even graduate high school- comment here today? Lol the sheepish political drivel.
Every excuse and reason except for the correct one- Mullen was a miss. Y’all going down with this ship to stand by him- I like it.
UGA only scored one defensive TD. Right?
Georgia should be allowed to rest their starters until the playoff.
Wow. Great gameplan for Grantham. Best coach on UF by far. I see a raise in his future. Otherwise awful.
They love the Bama boy play calls and Saban commercials though. Lol.