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Oh. forgot about the neutral field argument. ??‍♂️
This better not knock UT out of the playoff. They deserve it.
Very suspect short yardage play calling by the dawgs.
Let’s take this one step further. The west is falling off all together.
I’m old enough to remember when the other guys needed safe spaces and cancelled everything.
A school is actually in trouble over football related incidents and we aren’t really interested are we? I bet they’re driving fast at UT too.
Right. Fire the governor and eliminate speed limits. Easily done.
Opposite. If you’re touting Young despite his measures YOU’RE part of the problem. So many talented QBs dead end because of height etc. He’s no different in that regard. On the field he’s average at best under pressure.
I can see where being close to invisible did give UGA advantages last year. The predator does that for a reason.
Saban would advise these guys not to make a lateral move if they were on his staff. What’s that called?
Wonder what music they’ll put behind the speech in the movie? I’m guessing “in the air tonight” or maybe “lose yourself.” Goons be a great film.
Imagine if he said fried chicken and watermelon. Fighting words.
Right. Stetson with two nfl speed / size wideouts is 400 yds / game.