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Lol. Nice Freudian. I meant Jake but I’ll take that.
I’m old enough to remember when auburn crushed Jane Fromm and den...
Gotta love the obviously political guy who says “don’t be political.”
It does seem strange especially with how tight they are even letting media see practices.
I’m old enough to remember the late 90s and 2000s. It’s cyclical. Don’t hold your breath.
Nope nope. This is not how you do it. Under promise, over perform. Headed for a heartbreak.
Disagree with this idea. Those of us who can’t predict the future and haven’t seen the guy play a down in the league are ok to be skeptical.
But what happens if Georgia goes undefeated only squeaking out wins?!
Was unaware of the “Lombardi G” before this enlightening discussion. It was definitely different yet obviously highly influential.
This- Bama is putting it on the line this year. Respect.
Poor Dawgs. Heard their quarterback has a peg leg and an eye patch- ARRR they gonna be able go play with the vols?! SMDH
Hearing he’s academically ineligible and didn’t score adequately on standardized entrance test. Also off the field behavior. Offer has likely been made conditional.
The LSU team that beat UGA was a different and better team than they were most of the season. Starting with TAMU LSU transformed into a complete team. One of the best teams I’ve seen in 10 years, top 5 all time SEC QB likely. There is no shame in losing to that team. People just need to tell it how it is and recognize that LSU is a transcendent team this season. Props to the tigers- finish this thing up.
Coley was toast in week four. Pretending it would be ok was Kirby’s mistake.
Wow. Before the third quarter was over. Can’t say it wasn’t wrapped up but douchey move on all the butt hurts who missed on LSU calling it so soon.
At this moment in time I don’t disagree with these. All 3 of the top west teams would possibly beat UF and UGA if they played today regardless of previous outcomes.
Tough game for a young QB. That was the difference IMHO. Jake Fromm, despite the hate, is a winner. Many times over.
Not hearing any hate for anyone but the OC. Real talking heads know the issue is young WR core and timing.
Confused as to where folks think points are going to come from with either O. I expect at least 3 trick plays from Florida and no more than 15 pass ATTs from UGA. Will be decided with a defensive slip up.
GTFO. Let’s see if we watch 6-7 consecutive possessions with a turnover and then give them both A- ratings for an awesome game...
Auburn is at least a four loss team. Lucky they’ll hit .500 this year. Don’t crown a new king on their account.
Hey, its a good week when bama fans aren’t trying to bench their starting QB. They love that guy again...