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I never would have noticed... I wonder if they will have a winning record through that stretch of goliaths?
That's a question no matter who gets the job. Auburn just burned down their own house with this fiasco. They trashed their recruiting class in a situation that was already going to be a rebuild. Auburn should have thrown "offer they can't refuse" money at Cristobal. If he failed, you would atleast have top 5 classes every year to bring in a better coach in 5 years. The UAB coach is the best person for the job, period. He knows how to rebuild and has enough credibility to get momentum. If there was a big name interested in this job, they would already be there. This is looking like the Tennessee disaster 2.0.
There is no team I hate more than ND. Also, I 100% think the Aggies got shafted on name recognition. You guys would crush ND.
Ty. It was an amazing game! Hope we both take care of bud in the post season. SEC!
Bro, you're so inlove with him you came to a totally SEC based website to talk about him. He mightvnot have been your coach literally but it seems he was in your heart... WSU has the least money to spend out of mostvif not all the PAC. He did what he could with a highly restrictive budget. He will have better players and resources than he has ever had at MSU. No coach is winning championships at WSU. Goodjob beating a team with nowhere near your resources. You guys are awesome. And the funny thing is, Washington making fun of WSU all the while never doing anything that matters, either. You're all garbage. Watching the PAC belittle eachvother is like watching a recess fight in elementary school. Just by coming to the SEC, he is closer to a natty than Washington will ever be in the playoff era... Roll Tide!
Agreed. He uses his magic horseshoe every once in awhile. It cost us a playoff spot this year but it guarantees that Auburn will always be a "B" player as long as he's there. Roll Tide and long live the Gus Bus
Believe it or not, i don't want him. I think there is some dirty pool going on at Auburn with a Lake.
Agreed. It would be nice to have an all SEC championship again.
Definitely pulling for the bayou! Roll Tide and keep it in the SEC!!!
#20 I think actually winning championships is a better tradition than rolling your own trees...
Not against this 3 loss defense... wait. You guys are not a good football team... Another playoff for Bama and another trash bowl for Gus and the bus...
Bama fan here. We definitely should be left out and we need a new coach asap. I love Avery. He is a great recruiter. But he has to hand the coaching to an assistant or move on.
Apparently, it was a raid on human trafficking. They were literal sex slaves. Not just a girl trying to make a buck.
100% correct. That has been the thorn in our paw for many seasons. I don't understand how such a fundamental skill can be such a struggle for so long. Good game. Roll Tide.
Kirk move from Ohio because of harrassment by fans. That's probably why. I wouldn't want my kid to go there either.
That doesn't matter to tv ratings. The dogs are great, but they don't draw the interest of a Notre Dame.
Dude. I firmly believe Georgia is one of the top 4 teams in the country, but a second loss is too much this year.
Not so fast! Auburn still loves to chop block!
That is fair, but I think it would be smart to get through the early signing period before leaking this. Don't destroy the good you have.