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Agreed. The guy is basically Morris v2.0. He inherited an already successful Memphis program. It’s not like he turned them around, like he’ll have to do here; in the toughest conference in the country...with the toughest recruiting competition in the country. We don’t need another Morris or Bert. Who’s out there who has actually proven that they can 1. Turn a program around? 2. Competitively recruit against top tier schools?
Sadly, the Arkansas species have weakened greatly in recent years. They were once feared for their strength, speed, and aggression. Predators such as tigers, elephants, bulldogs, and many others have contributed greatly to the destruction of the states’ native species. Hope for their re-emergence is all but lost. Perhaps the only chance for their survival is to relocate the species to a new habitat which contains milder predators such as longhorns, horned frogs, Jayhawks, & wildcats.