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I just enjoy seeing the SEC dominate the first round each year because it means Danny Kannell's head will explode.
Not often you see a near-consensus here on SDS. Poor Herbie, life must be tough when your skin is that thin.
Dawg nation, there's no love lost between our two programs. But I don't wish that on anyone. I hope this kid is able to rehab and come back 100%.
Can't figure out which is the bigger buzzkill. Seeing more basketball stories than football stories on SDS, or seeing more people arguing politics than "My team vs Your team" in the comments section.
I used to question the journalism here on SDS at times...then I watched that clip. I'll stop complaining about SDS. Lord.
He hire a DC yet? I know one he can have...
Did I miss something? I thought this was an article about Peyton Manning breaking down game film from the Super Bowl...
Appreciate that tip of the hat, Leghumper. Enjoyed watching both of them in their college days.
Wait...will the BUG GAME be televised? I'd tune in for some insect thunderdome action.