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Also for clarity, I'm referring to the GT/TN game Monday night. I imagine at least some chunk of FSU fans left before the end on Saturday? On Monday, the full house emptied out at once...nightmare scenario. Should crowds be expected? Long waits? Of course. This was different. At one point, the crowd was stopped on the 100 concourse to allow one of the bands to cross over, 2 band geeks at a time. Why would the marching bands not have access to a field tunnel? Ridiculous...
Emily's twittering was excessive, but she was not incorrect. If you were getting on a train 30 minutes after the game, you were not the last group to go into MARTA. My buddy and I spent half an hour simply trying to get out of the stadium from section 330. He eventually made it to MARTA but was still on a train at 12:51am when I was getting in bed. I drove, and once I got out of the stadium, the walk to the car and drive to the interstate were non-issues. I walked the entire length of the field without finding an exit. I saw multiple empty escalators. I saw multiple stair cases full of people who had no where to go because the stairs simply emptied out into larger crowds on the 100 level. There are no signs pointing to exits, no signs indicating which way to go for MARTA (Vine City to the west or CNN Center/Phillips Arena to the east), no directional signage at all. Apparently there are 4 gates, and 3 of them are on the same side of the stadium. It also appeared that each gate had a simple 2-door doorway like you're walking into an Applebee's, not a $1.6B stadium. I have tickets to a MLS ATL United game, and the upcoming Garth Brooks show, and am dreading the logistics of each event already...I hope they listen to the complaints, but I'm not optimistic much can be done to rectify them.