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Well injury bug hit Tennessee and the coaching carousel at Georgia and SC. Florida is a little consistent now with del rio and Kentucky is surprising; but on our side beside the perennial bama (hate yall jk but y'all just too good), I think everyone just switch spots. Ole miss and state are back to the old days after a stellar recent years and auburn and lsu are doing a second half resurgent. And we are no longer mediocre. I feel that the ACC is definitely overrated
bahahaha love it. I'm pretty sure I aged 3 years over the 4th quarter and double OT.
I'm inclined to agree. Knight is a little too inconsistent with his passing and for some reason, S Coralina banged up us pretty badly. Here's to a greatly anticipated game. As always BTHO Tennessee and I dig SDS fans comment, no trolls or a-holes.
Well not just bama but lsu too; yeah lsu is kinda crappy this year but 3 years in a row and still so much talent I feel better this year but still cautious. the arkansas game will be a good test.
I got to say I love SDS commenters better than most other places. It's so cordial. And I agreed with the SEC who knows. Last season when Auburn finish last, they came in and dismantled us at home. So who knows because the talent is there.
lol agreed. im still not 100% sold on our offense; not quite sure im too spoil from having the recent years.
Nah Florida, A&M, & Arkansas have top track and field teams lol.