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Leach is the 6th winningest coach among active coaches. It'd be interesting to see him at a top job. I think he's more of an outpost guy, but it would be entertaining.
If the guy is arguably not the best player on his own team, it seems logical that he's not the best player in America.
How can you have a "Heisman Moment" in a game where you scored 3 whole points against a 6-5 opponent up until the last 90 seconds of the game? He's a good QB, but he went less than 50% on completions with a pick. They won, but it was hardly an impressive performance.
I’d rather hear Ed Orgeron read Finnegan’s Wake than hear Gary Danielson call a game.
"Then again, week-to-week consistency isn’t the worst thing in the world." Consistency is only a virtue if you're not a screw up.
$4 million for a coach is chump change these days. Hell, Matt Luke made $3 million and he couldn't coach lemmings off a cliff.
Playoff expansion. If the playoff expands to 8 to 12 teams, Ole Miss can be a factor.
It’s easy to bag on Calzada, but those WRs are nothing to write home about either. Lots of drops Saturday when Calzada put the ball in catchable spots.
Auburn probably loses to Ole Miss as well if the Rebels hadn't been so plagued with injuries. Harsin's done a good job at Auburn this year. They're a pretty average Power 5 team with average talent.
Plus, Saban can't live forever. Eventually things change, and no one's going to want to follow up a legend over there.
I'm not entirely sure why Saturday Down South is so obsessed with seeing Kiffin leave Oxford. It's clearly something they're into, big time.
The biggest reason--Ole Miss has suffered a rash of serious injuries to both skill players and the offensive line. It's the major reason the offense looks how it looks. Still, the running game for Ole Miss has helped tremendously and the defense has made major strides since the Arkansas game. This combination of factors is the reason why the Ole Miss offense has "slowed down." It's not a track meet, but it doesn't necessarily have to be.
Bryce Young is an interchangeable part. Matt Corral isn't.
When I was in the Ole Miss band in the early 90s, Lewis Grizzard came to an Ole Miss/Georgia game and directed the band in the Grove after the game. He was clearly overserved and loved every minute of it. Super great guy and fan, as well as a clever, gifted writer.
“Boomer here. How may I direct your call?”
If LaTech was smart, they'd join Southern Miss and Marshall in the Fun Belt. CUSA's TV deal sucks and the conference made a fatal error when it expanded with most of the worst Sunbelt teams in the last round. It was a very baffling move.
I was glad to see him get drafted, but regretted seeing him and Yeboah end up with the Jets. It's just a franchise that squanders talent annually, much like the Raiders.
The interception was on a tipped ball, and it was his first INT of the season at the halfway mark. The big question is what impact injuries will make for Ole Miss. I like Ole Miss's chances at home against LSU. The matchup seems to favor us.
He must have naked pictures of Greg Sankey or something. I don’t understand why the league puts up with this guy embarrassing the league season after season.
Memphis is the worst fan base in America. They make State and LSU fans look like a bunch of cosmopolitan sophisticates.
That win probability for LSU in conference--yikes. I doubt it goes that way, but still, that's pretty shocking.
I don't know how much Lane Kiffin will ultimately win at Ole Miss, but he wins social media every day.
Doesn't matter who Georgia has at QB, Smart will make them worse. He has the same skill with QBs that Houston Nutt does.
Bama will boatrace Florida, who might be the #3 team in the East.
Texas looked like about the 12th best team in the SEC this weekend.
The longevity of Stephen A. Smith on ESPN will forever escape me.
It's because he's not a really a head coach or even a coordinator. He's a position coach that's a fantastic recruiter. He handles adversity by micromanaging, with poor results.