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Here's a prediction: if Texas A&M is #5 going into the championship weekend, the conference will cancel the A&M/Ole Miss postponement. If you're in Birmingham, why risk having the #5 team lose when you know either Notre Dame or Clemson must lose?
Can't get to year 4 and not have a QB ready to go. I can't believe that in year 3 JG is still the best QB option. That's totally on Pruitt.
For getting Matt Luke moved on, Ole Miss should build Elijah Moore a statue.
Phil Fulmer is a perfect example of someone who is loving something to death.
When you see Marc Curles, you know you’ll get at least one major blown call. This guy must have naked pictures of a Greg Sankey.
Totally a catch, but it's good to see someone from the league office so active in these comments.
I guess Shaw has naked pictures of Greg Sankey or something. How this guy hangs on to a job will forever elude me.