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If they want to hired by someone else and get a good rec from the UF administration, they better coach their butts off. But I especially feel badly for Jules. He gave up a fairly secure position at USF to come to UF for just one season. But Mullen looked like a safe bet at the time.
Why? To tell him how he got really screwed over by a classless Miami administration? But he could be offered a defensive analyst position, I guess.
So, only southerners invoke or read verses from the Bible??? Hell, Trump carries a Bible into the streets and invokes "2 Corinthians" and he ain't southern or spiritual.
Stricklin has already stated that he would give the next coach everything he needs to win championships. The recruiting budget and the recruiting will see a big increase. And Napier will hire top assistants, likely some already on staff.
Mullen was fired from a top Power 5 program. Napier was hired away to a top Power 5 program. I fully understand why Mullen did not want to be a distraction for the team, with ongoung recruiting, and with the transition to Napier. Mullen made the right decision as well.
You have no clue why he decommitted. But the coaches that were loyal to him and are aware of his injury situation are likely all gone soon. So him opening up his recruitment is not surprising. But Wright, Bowman, Lingard, and Etienne would be a very good RB rotation for next season.
"They will have to drag me out of here (Notre Dame) in a box." -- Chip "show me the money" Kelly "Me coaching this team in the conference title game was non negotiable." -- Billy "integrity" Napier
Bogle completely blew his TE assignment vs. South Carolina when he let a slow TE get behind him and could not catch up. Big play in the game.
My point: Bogle could not beat out Cox and had fallen behind Powell with redshirting freshmen Williams and Borders on his heals. And Diabate like switching back to the hybrid DE position. But I understand how UGA fans & trolls like attacking Cox. And there is a good reason Cox is returning. He played on a hurt foot this year and needs to show the NFL better play overall.
Bogle is leaving because he was not going to get much playing time next year with Cox returning and Powell, Williams, and Borders emerging at the Hybrid OLB position. And Diabate likely returning to that position next season.
But the difference will be...Napier will not play favorites and will play the best players regardless of their roster seniority or assistant coach favorites. The players will be able to earn playing time and be rewarded with it by doing so. Some do not feel that has been the case under Mullen and his staff.
Bogle has NEVER not acted right and has always bought in...until now. But his coaches are leaving. And the problem at UF is not related at all by players not buying in or acting right. They have and do. Discipline and play execution on the field has been an issue. And that is more coaching related than player related. Napier will find most of the players easily buying in and doing things they have been doing.
Don't think so. He has fallen too far on the depth chart.
Nah. More like Branden Cox is returning for his senior season, Antwuan Powell took over the 2nd spot in the Hybrid DE rotation at the end of the season, and Williams and Borders will step up as talented redshirt freshmen next season. And I can see Diabate moving back to the position from inside LB as well. He is playing out of position as an inside LB.
In limited playing time this season, Mincey committed multiple personal foul penalties and showed a lack of personal discipline on the field, including one on an extra point conversion vs. FSU this past Saturday. The lack of discipline by players during games has been an ongoing problem for UF players this season. UF needs players that will play at a high execution level with controlled discipline. Napier demands it from his players as part of his team culture. So maybe the weeding out process has begun.
Once a Gator, always a all kinds of weather. If Napier is the new head coach, Richardson will love his offense and will not transfer.
Truth: Not every person in the media is toxic garbage, but those who spread misinformation and lies as truth are toxic to those who don't know or can't figure out the difference on their own; or simply believe anything they hear from some toxic people in the media due to their ignorance or their own negative toxicity.
That was simply Jones survival, and I think the world of Emory Jones as a person. But he simply is not a starting SEC QB. I would love him to stay and flip to playing RB. I think he would be a good RB.
Kirk. Better than 5 and 7 and no bowl. Helps with state recruiting as well.
He didn't whiff. That is why it is funny for non FSU fans...and why UF got the ball without a motion penalty and re-kick.
Soon. But knowing his character, he may stick around until after the meaningless bowl game.
The graphics person is no doubt a UGA grad troll that can't spell and comments regularly on here.
Must say that I am looking forward to the greatest defense in college football history finally facing two top notch offenses that Bama and Ohio State have. And Ohio State actually has a defense as well. Roll Tide! Go Buckeyes!
What that means is that Napier has not signed the agreed up contract yet. I expect he will when he jets to Gainesville on Sunday or Monday.
It has been an issue with a lack of football facilities in the past. No longer an issue. And Stricklin will now provide the recruiting budget to compete on the recruiting trail with UGA and Bama for the incoming coach. UF is a diamond bed for football mining for a coach that knows how to take advantage of what the program now offers and will work hard recruiting and organizing to make it happen.