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Henderson lacks separation quickness on routes and has not displayed breakaway deep speed in games either. And I have not seen him make a contested catch yet. Pearsall gets seperation, gets open in zones, and makes contested catches regularly. And he has good enough speed in the open field to make explosive plays, something UF needs.
Pearsall, Shorter, and Whittemore make up as solid and experienced wide receiver starting group with Henderson now as the 4th receiver. Nice and much needed get for the Gators.
In the minds of UGA fans, UGA has been the best every summer of every year since 1980. They got it right 1 out of 42 tries, or 0.03 percent of the time.
Legdumper. Who's your positive role model? Whomever it is, you need to put him or her into the transfer portal.
If Sale and Stapleton offered and accepted his commitment, the kid is very good OL with a ton of potential. And he is the big body OL type they like for Napier's offensive scheme. Looking forward to his development and success as a UF OL.
UF recently had a 3 star OL recruit selected in the first round by the Jags.
Quick: One being the first to take the first couple of steps out of the blocks in the 100 meter dash. Fast: One being the first to the finish line in the 100 meter dash. One could be both or just one of the two.
It came down to Clemson, Penn State and UF for Creed. But, really, was this ever in doubt?
With the 22 tight ends UGA has on its roster, not sure any UGA wide receiver will even see the field this coming season.
Imagine the enormous and athletic Hartman, Waites, and Harris blocking for the Napier RPO offense in the UFuture. And more to come folks. And Whittemore is going to be an impact receiver at the slot position. Quick. Fast. Great hands (like his bigger brother) And smart.
I don't know. Why don't you go up to Knoxville and ask them, troll.
That former UF kicker you are trying to somehow insult was one of the best place kickers in the NFL last season and played in the Super Bowl. But yes, that was a big miss for him in the LSU game debacle.
The brand new UF baseball stadium was built with locker rooms for both teams, with showers. Not sure where the helmets came from.
The new UF baseball stadium was built with locker rooms for both the home and visiting teams. They are behind each dugout, you "useless dork" of a troll.
The posts on SDS are like most of the political posts on Twitter. Just rude and angry people insulting one another immaturely for self gratification and with little intelligence or worthwhile thoughts...about sports. But I will try to add one: There was a concern about Toney's commitment to football before the draft, as he is forging a career as a rap artist. NY interviewed Toney pre draft and he convinced them that he was committed to the sport. But that clearly turns out not to be the case, as Toney posted that "I don't give a f..." in reference to being traded. Sounds to me like Toney has little interest in a football career and is only using the NFL to help further his rap career. But I am sure the NFL has never used players for it's own purposes and gain.
247Sports has all the current transfer portal data. Go to their home site and then click on FBRECRUITING. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on TRANSFER PORTAL. List all the players currently in the portal. You can select COMMITTED or UNCOMMITTED. Emory Jones is in the UNCOMMITTED section still.
Headed to the perennial national champions, UCF?
Law enforcement officers wear uniform cameras now. You can't "friendly" football players anymore, but a few cops still become very "unfriendly" on camera still.
Using such words as "behave" when addressing people of color is what needs to be checked.
This certainly was a mature and responsible response from Richardson. Reminds me of what Ventrel Miller said after he was suspended as a freshman. Grew up and became a strong leader on defense...and an outstanding linebacker. I feel the same coming for Richardson at QB on offense.
You were clearly looking at a mirror image of yourself when you wrote this post, leeland. Other than the athlete part. That was a impossible wish for yourself. And what other time has Richardson not "behaved?" And I suppose black athletes are supposed to "behave." Hummmm......
I don't believe Golden is near done with the portal and next year's team. But retaining Reeves is big for his BB program. The kid is very talented and I think those talents will explode with White gone and an exciting and aggressive coach in Gainesville now.
Gatorfan. I believe Jack's issue has little to do with hair or a penis.
Rainey never assaulted a woman at UF or afterwards. He verbally threatened a woman on a cell phone, and even that charge was dropped.
You UGA trolls act like 8 year olds on here, and you can be a fan of a rival team and still post like an adult instead of a middle school kid.
It could have been a 105mph crash with people dead, including Anthony.
Richardson is just not some kid being stupid and immature in Gainesville. He needs to grow up. Quickly.