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Golden inherited a mess of a basketball program and roster thanks to Mike White. Golden is an enthusiastic and good young coach, and he deserves the proper amount time to build his program with his players without unjustified panic (or over reactive articles like this one). I would not be displeased if Kugel and Richard were the only current roster returnees to next season's roster.
...or the depths of one, Akhil Crumpton, Legdumper.
It is unbelieveable how simple facts and concepts confound you, Legdumper. Caucasian people have never been forced into unwilling slavery in America, and race color (or people of color) is not determined by a paint swatch.
He's a power running with excellent receiving skills out of the backfield. He will not be returning kicks.
Napier jumped all over Mertz. He clearly sees something in him that he thinks he can develop a lot better than Wisconsin did. Watch his videos. He is fairly athletic and has an NFL arm. Just needs to get into the right system and get his skills developed.
Mizell, Wilson, and Jean are WRs. Really good WRs.
Mizell, Wilson, and Jean are three really good WR recruits that UF signed. WR is not a great portal need. But UF might take one if it is a good fit. But OLB and a 4th QB are greater needs.
...but both were replaced at OT and OG with better players from the portal.
They both got their desired NIL deals from USC. And they both are pretty good players.
Greg obviously thinks the people on Twitter represent GatorNation and the 90k people in The Swamp on Saturdays don't.
Obviously you don't get that, when Reese stops playing college football, he will have a bachelor's degree from UF and a master's degree from Cal, two of the top public universities in the country. I think education means something to Mr. Reese.
Who plays WR in the bowl game? Better question at this point after today's earlier news is: Who cares? But UF needs faster and quicker receivers and I guess Napier is opening up roster room for one or two from the transfer portal.
In America, people are still innocent until proven guilty. UF will currently restrict him from campus and he is suspended from the team. I am sure his full dismissal from both the university and the team is coming soon enough based on the charges filed.
Jalen apparently is mentally dense and morally perverted. What an embarrassment for his parents and the UF football program. And Napier. It had to just floor Billy when he heard the news. Sad and disturbing in so many ways. His excuse that he thought it was legal because it was on the internet shows a true lack of both moral and cognitive development.
What does black people murdering other black people, which is mostly a drug, cultural, and economic white people brutalizing and or murdering their female spouses...which is mostly a drug, cultural, and economic problem...have to do with a white kid using the "N" word and posting it on social media? Again, an apple is not an orange...unless someone tells you it is repeatedly and you start to believe an apple is an orange.
FYI, Foodman, if UF plays a rap the same exact decibel Tom Petty's song is played, any use of the "N" word in that rap song is edited out. Educate yourself.
When did standing against racial insensitivity become weak and pathetic? Oh. I forgot. Before 1970 and again after 2016.
Better not do it on social media. Yes, if a white recruit does.
The minority race did not enslave the majority race for 100 years.
A white person should not rap a black person's rap song in public, ever, if it contains the "N" word. Not hard to understand. Plenty of rap songs by white people to perform.
I have listened to Stokes on a podcast a few times. He is a good kid, but his personality was not a good fit for Napier's culture. The video gave Napier a legit choice to move on after Rashada's flip. Rashada is a good fit for Napier's culture. Simple as that.
Being sensitive to discrimination (woke) is a positive thing for emphatic human beings.
A what Boltray...go ahead, fully reveal yourself. There is a major difference between a white person using the N word vs. a black person using it. It is similar, but not the same, as if a white person called you a "cracker" vs. a black person calling you a "cracker."
"Good kids" don't get dismissed from their teams. Black cleary did not buy in to Napier's program of operation and expectations. And he did not do the necessary things on and off the field required to get playing time. A player has to know what he is doing to play. Black obviously did not immerse himself in the defensive playbook off the field (or simply couldn't learn it if he did) and could not consistently execute plays on the field in practice to the coaches expectations and standards. Black is a gifted athlete who lacks other things to get on and excel on the field. Napier basically said all that when he was asked about Black after the Tennessee game.
Other than Cox, Mullen recruits moving on who either have been injured or buried on the depth chart. Clears room for more players in the '23 recruiting class that Napier and staff have evaluated and want to sign.