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There are some intelligent and sensible policy makers left in Florida. Stickin is one of them, mainly because he is not trying to win votes in a highly right wing state. He is just following the recommendations of UF scientists and medical experts who are just trying to save lives.
Those are the words of the highly political motivated Texas governor after the big energy freeze. The White House has denied doing that.
And using your logic, we should remove all stop signs and traffic lights/signals and let people decide what to do when they approach an intersection at 55 mph. All Americas are wise enough to stop and look both ways, right? And expect the person behind them to do the same. Masks and COVID restrictions are no different than stop signs and road signals. They don't stop people from dying while driving, but they sure prevent a lot of people from doing so.
BlackandGold. The current variant is 10 times more deadly that the original virus and it just arrived here. But I am sure its impact on people will go from 15 to 0 fast if we just open everything back up and expect people millions of uneducated and ignorant Americans to make wise decisions that impact others more than themselves. I used to think America was a smart and highly educated country. It isn't.
@tailwhip. The debt ratio to GNP under Trump increased to its highest point since WW2. The national debt soared under Trump. He spent and spent with his control everything BIG GOVERNMENT approach. Truth. Not post truth.
Let's revisit this article after spring and fall practices are completed. Until then, nothing written holds much water.
You really should not share your opinions in public, as they tend to make you look not SMART.
The kid said Florida was the best fit for him, and he was going to be coached by one of the better tight end coaches in the country in Tim Brewster, who also builds great relationships with recruits and players. Gilbert deciding to not come to Florida was outside the boundaries of control by both Gilbert and the Florida coaches unless the SEC office told Gilbert he would have to sit out a year if he transferred to another SEC school. In that case, Gilbert did have a decision to make. Otherwise, the decision was made by others outside of his desire and control. In any case, I hope the young man gets his college and personal priorities in proper order and becomes a great football player and welcomed teammate...wherever that is. And Go Gators!
Georgia always wins the preseason. I like winning the regular season. I really like the talent and depth on this year's UF football roster. And that includes Jones and Richardson.
Nice article for a change for SDS on Florida, although the author threw in the usual negative slaps at the UF program. Then you read the comments section and you realize that the low level of conversion just gets more and more juvenile...and downright stupid.
Florida defense the last year under McElwain in 2017 was ranked nationally in the 60s. With pretty much the same players and some new recruits, Grantham improved the defense to being ranked number 20 in the country the following year. The defense improved to #7 in the country in 2019. Then, in 2020 with no spring practice and COVID, the defense struggles with communication and did Bama, UGA, Clemson defenses. And now some of you guys want to get rid of what is considered on of the best defensive coordinators in the country. It is almost laughable. I would say...let us see what the defense does this year with a spring and with what I consider a far superior DB coach in McGriff and hopefully the young LBs taking a step forward.
That was bad. LSU should not have to have played and beat Bzma twice that year...and basically back to back. It was a joke. A bad one. But Bama fans said thank you very much.
That was a great team from its time period. They could not compete with the LSU and Bama teams from the last two years.
The 2019 LSU team is right up there with any team that CV claims to be the best ever, including this year's Bama team.
It is about winning the SEC and not challenging to compete in a division. And Kentucky will not beat both Georgia and Florida in the same season any time soon. And I doubt they beat SC consistently enough to win the East either. But if a miracle did occur, it would end in Atlanta vs Bama, LSU, or A&M in a title game...big.
Not sure he graduated, but he has declared for the NFL and is no longer at A&M for sure.
UsmcDawg. I also believe dogs are going to find Gators very offensive and dangerous to their fall dreams again this coming season. Maybe even more so than last season.
The good news...UF's defense could not possibly be as bad as it was last year...could it? Actually, I think it will be much better. Just a feeling based on what is coming back and in...and the projected maturity of the young talent on defense.
Natedawg. Last 2 decades...UF 12 wins, UGA 8 wins. Much better UF winning percentage for UF vs UGA is you go back 3 decades. Say again???
Did you visualize all that in your own 44 to 28 personal nightmare last night?
Not if done with a combination of proper diet and exercise, it isn't. It wasn't for White, the current UF center either.
Funny take, but I was more impressed with Bowman's quickness coming out of the backfield and exploding to the catch. Good hands to go with that noticed explosiveness and speed.
Someone should put a boot on your computer and you can call DRob to the rescue.
Tide fan, UF's center this year, came to the program around 420 lbs. By the end of the summer, he was at around 350 lbs and pushing for playing time on the OL as a freshman. He is a really good OL for UF now. This kid was overweight in HS and was still quick and strong. I imagine the strength and conditioning team and proper diet at UF will have Watson down to about 350 or so by summer's end and he could also develop well as the Gators NG in the future.