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Robinson had an outstanding freshman season at Cal. I believe he caught over 50 passes. He got injured at UGA and never could work his way back into the regular rotation.
If Robinson gets with the right team, he could have very good year. A team like Mississippi or Mississippi State. I could see him landing at either school and putting up very good numbers in those passing scheme systems.
FYI. UF signed 5 star recruits in 2020 and 2021 classes (Dexter and Marshall). And Elam should have been a 5 star recruit. Better corner than any 5 star CB on the UGA roster.
The two coaches assigned to the Tampa area at the time and who recruited Dexter to UF (and beat out UGA for his services) were in fact David Turner (current DL coach) and Larry Scott (the then TE's coach). "Coop" was the in house recruiting coordinator assigned to assist with Dexter's recruitment. He is an excellent recruiter. Louisville paid him to leave UF last season. Must not have been a good fit.
Not shocked by Newman being released so quickly. I never thought Newman was NFL QB talent. Not sure he was good enough to beat out Bennett at UGA. But I am shocked the Eagles released Trevon Grimes so quickly since Brian Johnson is the reason Grimes signed there. You think that would have gotten him past mini camp. Must have had a bunch of drops on bad throws from Newman.
Seriously, this is what SDS reports on? I guess there was nothing negative to write about concerning UF today.
This guy got a free trip to south Alabama and simply said, "No thank you."
Stetson Bennett was your first string QB at the time. And the guy that transferred was your 2nd string QB. And UF played the 2019 game without their two NFL drafted DEs and their starting safety. And Toney was hurt on offense. UGA won by one score. So I guess the same excuse applies. And UGA's 3rd string 5 and 4 stars would start everywhere else I have read repeatedly on here.
Tdow. On top of everything else, you are lacking in basic reading comprehension. Go clean your punchbowl. It has another one of your turds in it.
Sort of like you UGA trolls were thrilled after being drilled by UF and Mullen 44 to 28,with Mullen taking pitty on you guys during the second half by going conservative to not run up the score to a point of utter UGA embarrassment.
The bowl loss and performance by UF had a lot to do with things other than players sitting out. COVID season had the players drained and disinterested. UF did not prioritize the game because of COVID (players instead went home after the Bama game to be with their families) and practiced for only 3 days. The loss was different than the Texas loss for those reasons. But UGA was also disinterested in that game as well.
Grantham had excellent defenses during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Last year was an outline, I believe.
Gray is not a good recruiter and was not seeing eye to eye with Grantham. The new secondary coaches Mulken hired do both well.
Of course FOXNews, Newsmax, and QAnon never try to create their own narratives, right? Geeezzzz. Stick to football.
I have a bigger issue with Mullen not having his team prepared and ready to play at a high level (including disciplined play) vs. LSU than anything he wears to a post game news conference.
I just read an article that Kirby Smart wants to win a national championship so badly that he is willing to lower the program's academic and moral standards to accomplish the objective...and because the 5 star players he recruits are not developed very well.
Florida gives Mullen an extension and makes him one of the highest paid head coaches in the SEC. How does Saturday Down South respond to the good news for the Florida football program and GatorNation? It posts a negative story about Florida and Mullen. I am starting to believe SDS is owned by a UGA troll and has an agenda.
Sounds like a CNN @Crisis response...sorry you missed the Trump pun.
Great deal heading into recruiting being opened back up. And the state of the art football complex will open up this coming early winter as well. Go Gators!
Someone please flush the smelly turd down the SDS punch bowl.
No one is going to call you clever...or funny. Just a turd in the SDS punch bowl.
Your tursness is especially smelly today. Anyone got any Chlorox?
Mullen never went public saying that. He did go public saying the opposite.