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Class of 98. People preferred superstition over the development and findings of science and medicine in the 13th century as well. Millions of them died from plague as a result.
This fall and winter is likely to be a lot worse than last spring. Sad situation. I have my doubts that college football will be able to finish the season.
I respect your right to post on tge UGA page and not troll the UF page. But expecting respect from UGA trolls on SDS is like expecting water to mix with oil.
The medium age in Florida is in the low 40s, which is lower than Maine and Vermont, states who have managed COVID better than Florida with far stricter COVID guidlines.
Facts: Death rate per 100k per population: New York 182 Florida 72 California 42 DeSantis has not done a great job managing COVID.
@NashvilleGator. Thanks for sharing that about the three cabinet positions. I was not thinking of that and only as the Gov. as head of state. But like I said, more reason for her to speak up against some of DeSantis' foolish policies on COVID in his blind support of Donald Trump and not science or even common sense.
JTF. I knew who she was (and which party she is in) because I voted for her in the last election and why I was so surprised by her negative Mullen and Grantham comments on CNN and saying nothing about DeSantis. and @NashvilleGator. More reason for her to comment about DeSantis stupidly opening up stadiums 100 percent (in his support of Trump's agenda) and not try to embarrass the HC and DC of the Florida Gators, coaches of the school from which she graduated, like me.
She, as a democrat, should be on CNN saying what a dumb thing it is for the Florida gov. to be opening up public places in Florida 100 percent instead going on CNN and attacking the Florida head coach and DC.
JTF. Mullen messed up with his 90K fans in The Swamp comment, and he has apologized and knows he stepped over the line. Time to move on. And Grantham did not suddenly turn into a bad DC and he deserves a chance to get the D turned around season, if there is going to be any more season now. True Gators do not turn on Florida players or coaches overnight. Fire Grantham talk is just stupid right now. Ask Mullen, he will tell you that.
@Saturday Down South. Does your management think that Florida fans appreciate a Missouri grad publishing an article on the Gators page demeaning our head coach and DC? Not appreciated at all. I doubt you would see this type of article on the Georgia or Alabama pages.
The person in Florida that needs to be fired, Nikki, is your boss, DeSantis. He is the ignorant one who just opened the door to filling stadiums with fans. Maybe you should go on CNN and rip your boss instead of Mullen and Grantham. And thanks for allowing a Missouri grad to take a shot at Mullen on SDS with his article.
No way they are playing Missouri the following weekend either. Then, if they can play, they will play Georgia with a reduced roster and very little practice. This season is a lost cause for both sporting and healthcare reasons. And I think things are going to get this way with most teams as colder weather gets here. But the SEC, the coaches, and the players at least tried. Go Gators in 2021...hopefully with fingers crossed.
I truly admire and respect Scott Stricklin. Great AD. And I knew he would talk to Mullen. It is over the line things like this that made Stricklin hesitate to hire Mullen out of the gate. Glad he eventually hired Mullen. He is a really good football coach and has the Gators headed in the right direction. But Mullen needs to run his mouth less, have a friendlier relationship with the press, and primarily stick to coaching and recruiting Gators. If he doesn't, it will be a big and likely fatal mistake concerning his job at Florida. And that job is to win games and championships, not comment on or set university policy.
Bayou Tiger. These are student athletes, not professional football players. If the NCAA starts doing that, then pay the players salaries to play college football.
I did not read the entire article, so excuse me if it addressed this. But what happens if one or both teams have high tests two days before the national championship game? I would think, like with baseball, they need to play the playoffs in a bubble (all games) and allow fans in limited numbers only to the championship game.
You cannot prevent yourself from becoming infected by an airborne virus by what you eat or what vitamins you take. But doing that can keep you healthy and stronger to fight off the infection.
Yes they do. Laughable that they would post such BS. UF has one of the top healthcare teaching and research facilities in the world. UF knows what they are doing and intelligent people believe in science.
Not sure, other than concerns about the virus, why he would not go ahead and finish the season with the Gators and then transfer. He does not lose a year this season. But, then again, maybe he just wants to focus on completing the academics leading to his degree, which is a great reason now that I think about it, since he is not seeing the field at all.
Marshgator. Many of the other athletic programs at UF have already been put on hold or shut down completely. The football program is now on pause until Wednesday. I expect it will be, because of the numbers infected and contract tracing keep a bunch more players from playing Saturday (as well as coaches not being able to be on the field), shut down on Wednesday until the cases are cleared. I believe that takes 14 days. I personally do not see this season being completed as I believe cases will increase substantially when colder weather gets here and with the new virus strain being so much more infectious that the stain back in March.
Dan really put his foot in his mouth on this issue. Dan is a great football coach, but his ego and mouth sometimes gets him in social media trouble. Stick to coaching football, Dan. You do that really well.
Nobleman, it is 19 and contract tracing will make it more like 40 or more. Unless second tests come back showing false negative, no way will Florida be playing LSU this Saturday. And I think this situation is going to become commonplace for most schools as we head further into fall. CDC says the current mutation is far more infectious than the one back in March, and Johnson and Johnson has put the vaccine development on pause due to a severe illness developing in one of the vaccine volunteers.
My bet is FSU fires their HC at the end of the season and hires Kiffin away from Ole Miss. Or Auburn does. But some historically good program will. He is not staying at Ole Miss unless he gets a commitment from the Manning kid. He might soon.
Oh, and Trump is smarter and more enlightened when it comes to infectious diseases, too. Just like you are. Mullen should stick to coaching and expressing his thoughts about football, something he is knowledgable about.
Yes, all of you are so much smarter than Fuchs. That is why he is President of the 5th best public university in the country and your spouting the rhetoric of Donald Trump.
If your RB does not unfortunately fumble around the 50 yard line yesterday, no one would have yesterday. Football.
Just for the record. Grantham drastically improved Florida's defense from 2017 to 2018 and most were not players he or Mullen's staff recruited. Then it improved even more from 2018 to 2019. Florida obviously has played some very good offenses in Ole Miss, SC, and Texas A&M and that is the truth. The truth is also that the current players are playing far below their projected skill levels and changes to personnel and positions are needed. It seems Mullen will be heavily involved in those evaluations this week. Let's hope they come on vs. LSU and play more like 2018 and 2019 and not so much like they have in 2020.
Maybe a little better than our defense. Maybe a whole lot better. But certainly not in the class of Ole Miss and A&M.
Class of 98. Pitts is unstoppable, but he isn't when the offense does not have the ball. When they do have the ball, they score most of the time with major contributions by Pitts.