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5-10 against Florida. Despite having the better team in at least 8 or 9 of those 15 years. No amount of excuses you make can change that.
At this point, do you see him turning things around, though? I don't. I'd love nothing more than him to stay around and win a NC in the next couple of years. But the last half of his career, this current type of season has become the norm; 2012 was the anomaly.
You must not have watched georgia play Saturday. We looked terrible.
"it has been since Urban Meyer was at Florida since anyone in this division flirted with a serious national title run." This is not accurate at all. UGA was 5 yards away from playing for a NC in 2012.
The winter Olympics and fighting professional mma isn't good enough for you?
Setting the world record in the 60 meters, competing in th
Why does everyone keep saying that bo was faster? They both ran track and herschel had a faster 100 time than bo. Herschel also set the world record for 60 meters. Not for football players...for human beings. (Carl Lewis later broke it)
Most defensive talent richt has had in Athens? Did you start watching football in 2008?
I couldn't believe georgia -Florida didn't make the list
Besides herschel fighting mma, you should have included his Olympic bobsledding
Good topic, but I don't see any actual rankings? Surely you're not ranking miss st and Kentucky ahead of Florida -lsu?
#6) Georgia needs to learn to stop the run.
As a uga fan I always thought Brandon coutu was better than Blair walsh. Walsh was abysmal as a senior. Coutu was money his whole career and hit two 58 yarders
I don't know why everyone is so high on Ole Miss and their defense. Did no one watch the peach bowl this past season?
For uga I would have had nick chubb for Todd gurley this past season.
*List subject to change in a few months when Todd gurley takes the field
I'd have Johnathan Sullivan on here over Seymour. Seymour was obviously a much better pro than Sullivan but Sullivan was more disruptive than Seymour in college.
I watched all 5 of these guys play in almost every single game they ever played in. And as good as Terrance was, he couldn't hold AJ's jock. AJ is hands down #1 and there is not even a close second.
Herschel is also top 10 in all purpose yards. His career is very underrated, mainly due to expectations and 'the trade'. But his two 1000 yard seasons are still 2 more than Bo had.
And I wasn't saying Jamal Lewis shouldn't be on there. He definitely should be on there, especially over Bo, along with several other SEC RBs who had much better NFL careers.
The point is that there are several guys who should be on there over Bo. Why didn't you address the Charlie Trippi snub? "Yeah, this guy was a #1 draft pick and an NFL Hall Of Famer, but let's stick some guy with less than 2800 career yards on there instead." He also mentioned that Bo had 3 runs of 88 yards or more. As impressive as that is, it is also pretty damning. That means that a nearly 10% of his ENTIRE NFL PRODUCTION came on 3 runs. Bo was a freak athlete; no one is denying that. But greatness isn't what I think you could have done. It's what you actually did.
Every time I are a terrible list like this, I look at the author and it is usually this clown. Bo Jackson? Nfl career? Less than the 2900 career yards? GTFO You put Jamal Lewis on here because he had a 2000 yard season, then left off Terrell Davis who also had a 2000 yard season (with 21 tds and only 2 fumbles I might add) and was a super bowl mvp. But let's put Bo on there instead. Garrison hearst, Fred taylor, kevin faulk, herschel walker, James brooks, etc... all had better careers than bo. Then you acknowledge that tripping was a hall of famer, yet omit him. If I ran sds, I'd fire you for incompetence.
That was instincts as a young player. Chris conley might be the most intelligent wr in the conference. Look up some of his interviews. He tore up the combine, but he is a guy who will be a wildly successful individual even if he never plays a down in the nfl.
Ray Goff went 4-18-1 against Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and Auburn. He lost to Vanderbilt twice. He went 23-23-1 in the SEC. Georgia fell from being an SEC contender to not even belonging on the same field with Tennessee and Florida. I don't see how he is not on this list.
Blue's last year was 2005 and he probably his harder than just about anyone on this list. Leaving him off is a joke
Obviously, because he would be hands down #1 if he qualified
Odell Thurman deserves mention
Sean Jones and Thomas Davis were both a LOT better than Rambo Also no Scott woerner makes this list a joke
Any list with Julie above AJ Green is a joke. He proved better in college and continues to do so in the nfl.