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lol that lose was worth it to see the look on sabans face #GEAUXTIGERS
mhm true LSU lost to FL. but didn't arkansas just put up 30 on bama . which is a worse showing.? ‍♂️ js
ok i'll give LSU benefit of the doubt because I'm sure just about every school as thrown this kid an offer so y no LSU as well, right.. but damn dont i dont want us losing Brennan over something petty because i feel he's a better fit for us. we have a chance to have a good QB for a change, y worry about another tht we'll not get anyways. and besides if we gotta rely on our QB to score all of the touchdowns, then whts the point of building a team and whts tht say about our team..
lmfao u love attention dont cha, haha u posted this like 2 or 3 times. no 1 is listening. mike was born in captivity and raised in captivity, so not really a fully wild but get ur point tho. o and he's inclosure was better than any zoo that he could have possibly been in. ahh and as for the cooked gator, u do realize that cooking and eating gator is a regular occurrence in Louisiana right?! hell was even a show on TV about gator hunting in Louisiana, u mad about that as well?! lmao just saying
wow tht was harsh.! hmm they probably dont have anything worth Les spending his millions on no how lol
it's one thing for a bama fan and a lsu fan to talk smack about the others team. but when u start bringing tragic events into the picture, then its no longer about football. just because im an lsu fan and my arch-rivals are bama fans, doesn't mean i wouldn't help one if thy just happened to breakdown while drive through my state...
I'm puzzled... their playing good games, but i feel there are much more deserving teams. just opinion
all good and dandy, but feels pointless... these teams are some of the best. but I'm curious to see which has the upset lost at the end of the road, sorta speak lol
haha dang number 30 laid bama's qb out lol. cool vid tho
i understand what this guy is saying. but when it comes down to it watching LSU and BAMA when they meet can be pretty epic. especially when they go all in, about as good as watching a sec championship game..