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Pretty sure every DC that UGA has faced this year stacked the box against. They're 3-0.
UGA a 10 point underdog @AU? I'll take that all day. When is the last time AU beat UGA by double digits?
Lol, Reggie Wilkerson wasn't going to play a snap this season. A better choice would have been Rico McGraw. He would at least play some at the Star. Wilkerson was an extremely stiff athlete who couldn't cover or make tackles.
Team looks pretty good. One thing that sticks out to me is, all this talent was coached by one guy. That one guy won two conference championships and zero national championships in 15 seasons...
Thats my exact point. UF has owned us and we lose to Vandy or UT every other year. We are both also usually ranked high in the preseason and high expectations.
I personally think UGA should win the East, but it wouldn't shock me UF or UT wins it. UGA seems to "UGA" on themselves every year. And thanks for the 10-year history lesson. All I am saying is that, the last couple of years, LSU has been preseason top 10s and predicted to finish high in the West. But in the end, they lose to Bama and 1 or two other teams they shouldn't lose to. The last 5 years, LSU's record hasn't been too far from UGA's.
I don't get the love for UGA or LSU. Until we can actually stop underachieving, we should never be picked to win the East lol. I feel like LSU is the UGA of the West. Hyped all preseason just to drop a couple on the road, then lose to Saban at home.
The "put downs" as you referred to were directed at Mizzou all day. And its not about Georgia being revered as anything. But Mizzou hasn't been good since Micahel Sam played. And I'm pretty sure Georgia has had the better season than Mizzou has had the past couple of season, and will have a better one next year. So enjoy the bottom of the East for the foreseeable future.
@ captain quantrill, when does any of this having to do with Mizzou finishing with 8 losses? Where did you guys expect to be ranked in these kinda things? You guys can score, of course. But you lost your best player in your front 7 and your secondary is not good. I don't see how Mizzou fans are arguing these rankins.
@ Mizzou al day. How about based on a team not going to a bowl game and only winning 4 games. A team that didn’t even go to a bowl game is complaining about not having respect? When is the last time Mizzou beat UGA since you’re bringing up the past, 2013? Now all of a sudden, you deserve more respect?
@ captain Quantrill, the last time I checked...a win is a know, the same thing you experience a grand total of 4x last year. Since when did common losses matter? I thought it was about coaching and talent. Guess you guys don't know about either.
Lol, they weren't last lost your best players on that side, and you think you're gonna improve?
what do the last year teams have to do with this year? Do any Mizzou fans realize that they're one of the bottom two teams in the East?
You do know Jenkins is not playing Saturday right....?
Dammit can you idiots read? Of course not, you're an AU fan... "The Tigers marched into Athens as a potential national championship team."
Typical Kentucky fan... "The Tigers marched into Athens as a potential national championship team."
So is Middle Teen State beating Bama by 30 a bold prediction or just non-sense. I get the whole bold prediction concept but the team with the least talent in the conference beating the team is non-sense.
Exactly, I don't like bashing reporters but I don't think you should make predictions just to have something to write about...
UGA won't loose to AU and Bama neither. Maybe one or the other. Don't forget we beat AU 34-7 last year and teams are very similar last year in terms of talent level.
Chris, would you bet any significant amount of money that Vandy will Georgia? Probably not, so why write it? Vandy fans would not even take that bet.
The biggest question is D-line. WR is not a major concern. UGA has not had a dominate WR since AJ left. They just need to stay healthy at the position, there is plenty of talent there.
Nice write up Murf, do you think the run D will improve from last season? To me the D-line played C- football. I think if they play somewhere around B-\ B+ UGA will improve vastly on defense.
Good read. There is some real talent and depth at that position.