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As much as people don't like him, it'll be weird watching the games on CBS with out him. He's been doing the games since before I started watching football quite a few years ago.
He's had our number at FSU, so I'd wanna see him at LSU. If he was to catch well against us, I'd rather lose to LSU than FSU.
Same ole florida, offense plays like ass and defense gets tired then gassed.
Florida now has TAMU, LSU, UT and FSU all at home next year. Good for ticket sales and recruiting visits
First time I've seen an article with more than 5 comments that wasn't an argument. Good job guys.
Florida was begged to cancel the game. As far as the weather conditions go, the hurricane made a unforeseen shift to the east while coming up the coast, spareing inland cities such as Gainesville. Remove the shift and we are not having this conversation because Gainesville is trashed. Majority of emergency personally were in St. Augustine and Daytona which were devastated helping get the cities ready for evacuees to return. That takes precedence over a football game. Families and friends of the players as well as many Florida fans come from the areas hit hardest. This comes down to more than a game. No one seems to understand that.
Kinda stupid, growing up playing football, fights happened all the time during practice.
As a Florida fan, this make me happy. This makes me very happy.
Alumni always like to make jokes after their Alma mater beats a rival. What does it matter if he's riding the bench. Made it further than anyone on these boards.
LSU might win without LF7, Florida night win with Grier. Totally different game with line up changed. But can't make either a guarantee.
Hell of a game. Hats off to LSU, they did what they had to do. Fun to watch down to the last snap.
According to the team records, it was only 20ish pounds.
Agree with Proguy28. Florida looked stellar, but I'm still not,convinced our offense can play that caliber every week. And as for Ole Miss, I hope they do well the rest of the season. It will make that game look better. And I'm not convinced by LSU, they have the best running back in the nation, but if he goes down, how far will they drop off?
I knew Florida's d could keep us in it, but honestly never expected Grier and Co. to step up like they did. If florida keeps building off of this week, the sky's gonna be the limit for them.
Poor play and bad decisions are indicative of stingers? Then I had a shoulder stinger the one season I played JV QB in high school.
Went to the swamp for the first time for the ECU game on the 12th, I thought it was a great time.
Florida's defense in our standing. But were gonna need some sort of offense to beat Tennessee, Ole Miss and LSU
Why delete it? I actually thought it was funny.
Kentucky scares me as a gator fan. Of ECU takes us into overtime last week we would be 1-1. The only thing that relieves me about Kentucky is the big leads they have nearly fumbled away both games this year. Still kinda scary.