NC-Dawg 70

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At least the bleeding has stopped.
Leach has incorporated more running in his Air Raid offense than he used to at Texas Tech. Prime example- Max Borghi, the RB for Wazzu was ranked as second team All Pac 12 at the end of the season.
In all fairness, most of FSU's problems the last two years was Slick Willie trying to turn an FSU program from a pro-set offense into a spread team. I know FSU wasn't great Fisher's last year but they went from average to comedically bad under Tagrett.
Winning a National Championship is easier said than done. The coaches with the most championships Bear Bryant-6 Saban- 6 Woody Hayes- 5 Frank Leahy- 4 John McKay-4 Urban Meyer, Walter Camp, Howard Jones, Tom Osborne, Darrel Royal, Knute Rockne, Barry Switzer- 3 Considering most of these coaches coached for all long time at blue blood programs, just shows how hard it is even when you taken into consideration most of them minus Saban and Meyer had the ability to have unlimited scholarships. Which makes Saban's six even more remarkable. BTW- When are you guys going to dethrone Clemson in SC? Spurrier was 5-1 against Dabo.
We will be glad to wrap in some swaddling clothes and drop him off at Schembechler Hall with a note- "If nobody claims him in 30 days, he's yours."
Since Monday, LSU has lost: • QB Joe Burrow • RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire • WR Justin Jefferson • DB Grant Delpit • LB Patrick Queen • LB Jacob Phillips • OL Lloyd Cushenberry III • OL Saahdiq Charles • Passing Coord. Joe Brady • Defensive Coord. Dave Aranda WOW!
The silliest story after the game is the police were trying to arrest LSU players for smoking cigars.
Shouldn't OBJ be working with Baker Mayfield on his interception/TD ratio?
Tell Fulmer we appreciate him bungling the Mike Leach hire in 2018. Muchas Gracias
This is great news. Maybe he will use Hill like he did Max Borgi at Wazzu. Borgi's stats from last year Rsuhing- ATT 127 YDS 817 TD 11 Receiving - YDS 597 TD 5
As long as he doesn't bring some of his defensive staffers over from Wazzu, I am OK with this
So it ends up being a win-win for everyone. State upgraded their HC and Moorhead goes back to his comfort zone as an OC and he is in the PAC 12 which pretty much all run his style of offense.
Vol fans reading this are thinking of those immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, "So your tell me there's a chance? Yeah"
Well considering how Burrow's numbers vastly improved in 2019 over 2018, at the moment, have to think Brady was instrumental
I don't think he left you guys 'high and dry'. The problem was two fold. 1. Muschamp ran off all the sketchy players Meyer recruited. So the Gators lost alot of talent 2. Muschamp switched from a spread team offensively to a pro-set offense with Charlie Weis. When you switch offenses especially in a drastic way, its going to cause hiccups.
That is amazing that the 1995 nor 1997 Cornhuskers were not included.'s Chase Goodbread on the 1995 Huskers: "In this context, why not start with the team best remembered for shredding Florida to win it all? Tommie Frazier's dismantling of the Gators' defense couldn't have been more thorough in a 62-24 thrashing of UF in the Fiesta Bowl for the national title. The Cornhuskers went 12-0 and weren't held to less than 35 points the entire season, destroying every opponent on the schedule with an unbeatable triple-option offense."
Yeah that was the worst whippin' I have seen Oklahoma get since that beat down USC put on them 55-19 in the NC game back in 2004
Interesting Connor has UCF @ 22 but Memphis is no where on his list. Even though they lost Norvell, Memphis looked pretty good against PSU in the Cotton Bowl and they get most of their team back last season including QB Brady White. Substitute UCF for Memphis and this pre-season list is not bad.
I think because Kiffin went through Saban's boot camp for failed coaches and did a good job at Florida Atlantic. Don't get me wrong as a State fan, I hope Ole Miss continues to stay brides maids and never a bride in the SEC but I think Ole Miss got themselves a good coach. I just wonder if the Landsharks will be able to temper their expectations. Because Kiffin was Saban's OC, I think they are expecting Kiffin to beat Saban in within two years.
No. Clemson didn't have LSU's defense. That was the key. Aranda out schemed Venables.
Yeah the 2019 LSU team deserves to be in the same conversation with 1997 Nebraska, 2001 Miami, 2009 Bama and 2004 USC.
Nobody believes that. Hal Mumme 'invented' the Air Raid but Leach was with Mumme from Day One when Mumme started using it at Iowa Wesleyan and Valdosta State. If you are really interested in the history of the Ai Raid and Leach's place as part of the innovation- read The Perfect Pass: American Genius and the Reinvention of Football by Sam Gwynne And I am not sure how you can say he is a 'dinosaur' when more and more schools and the NFL(the most conservative play for football as far as innovation) are using Air Raid schemes. If anything, Leach is mainstream rather than an outliner.
With the Saints out of the NFL playoffs again, yeah this game is huge for Louisiana.
I think the whole 'strength of schedule' is overblown especially in SEC, ACC and Big Ten. For example, Georgia made it to the National Championship in 2017 and yet the SEC East was awful expect for them. SCAR 9-4 KY 7-6 Mizzu 7-6 Florida 4-7 Vandy 5-7 UT 4-8 Clemson has clearly benefited the last couple of years of having Florida State down in the dumps, not playing Notre Dame every year and Miami still trying to find their mojo they had in the 80s and 90s but Clemson, like Ohio State, has demonstrated they can slice and dice their weak schedule. If Clemson was beating their weak ACC opponents like 20-17 that would be a legit argument but when they are beating them 55-10 nearly every week, its shows that they are simply a big Tiger among Tiger pups
I wish Georgia could find away to cut off the spigot coming from the state of Georgia to Clemson. If Dabo had to depend on his play makers coming from South Carolina like the Gamecocks do, it would be a whole different story.
Luckily, Florida State should trend upwards starting this Fall, so Dabo will have some competition in the ACC with Mike Norvell running things in Tallahassee.