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I like this. Good to see these PAC 12 vs SEC match ups. Since there aren't any PAC 12 vs SEC bowl tie ins, this is the only time the two conferences can play each other. (minus a playoff meeting like Bama-UW a few years ago)
Haha.....true. I was thinking more of the beach and bikinis.
I don't know - I think you would have to break it down by football prowess and college & town itself Just from a pure college town appeal Athens GA Chapel Hill NC Madison Wisconsin Ann Arbor Michigan Austin Tx Boulder Co Coral Gables, Florida
I don't mean this as a shot at the Vols. But Tennessee always recruits well. Butch Jones had a # 7 recruiting class his 2nd year at UT, three spots higher than Pruitt's 2020 of # 10. In 2015, Jones class was # 5, ahead of LSU, Auburn and Georgia. Every year these sports writers do a great job of gaslighting Vol fans with these recruiting classes prowess a new coach brings to the table. Maybe Pruitt is better than Jones, but he hasn't done anything yet to prove otherwise. Butch also took UT to a bowl game his 2nd season also.- Beat Iowa 45-28
Stanford doesn't run an Air Raid offense so yeah I kinda get the skepticism about Costello. But Leach also faced and schemed against Costello for several years in the PAC 12. At this point I am trusting Leach sees something in the kid's skill set that meshes with his offense.
Difference between being a HC and an OC. Some guys are better cut out as coordinators than head coaches. Morris updated Clemson's offense to what they basically run today. And it will be still Gus' offense at the end of the day. This was more likely a mercy hire from Gus kinda like what Saban does with failed HC's
Yeah cause Air Raid concepts have permeated both college and pro football. Anybody done a Y-Cross or Mesh pass play is borrowing from the Mumme/Leach handbook.
Especially considering we all known, there is one standard for regular student and another for athletes. And even the academics, cut corners. Vanderbilt has Peabody college to enroll athletes and I live in North Carolina, it is common knowledge that Duke always their athletes(read basketball players) to take their elective courses down the street in Durham at NC Central State.
I can see both sides here. Dak wants to get paid. He is been loyal to Jerry and has done his best. But at the same time, despite all the weapons and good OL the Cowboys have, their offense was not great last season. Hopefully McCarthy will upgrade the offense schemes
Leach has always been his OC everywhere he goes- TT and Wazzu. I kinda like the DC hire- Zach is a young guy who improved SDState defense.
True. The problem with the PAC 12 is most people in the East and South are hugging their pillows when their games are played. One reason why its hard I believe for PAC 12 players to win the Heisman. Christian McCaffrey for sure should have gotten more votes for the Heisman a few years ago as should have Andrew Luck.
Look all of these reports like US News and World Report rankings of universities have very flawed methodology. Has very little or nothing to do with a school's admission standards, or the actual academic and extracurricular experience of students, or their outcomes after graduation. As best selling author and New Yorker writer- Malcolm Caldwell wrote a few years ago "Determinations of ‘quality’ turn on relatively arbitrary judgments about how much different variables should be weighted. Asking deans and MBA program directors to rate other schools is less a measure of a school’s reputation than it is a collection of prejudices partly based on the self-fulfilling prophecy of U.S. News’ own rankings. It’s extremely difficult to measure the variable you want to rank because of differences in how a specific metric can be compiled by different people at different schools in different countries. Rankings turn out to be full of ‘implicit ideological choices’ by the editorial chef who cooks up the ranking’s methodology. There is no right answer to how much weight a ranking system should give to any one variable." Also I would add, it is common even in some Ivy League schools that students can drop classes 24 hrs before the final exam of the semester without taking a ding on your overall GPA. I am not suggesting for a second that State is better or equal with Stanford for a second. But let's be honest, engineering is engineering. The laws of science don't differ in California than they do in the state of Mississippi. The reason people go to prestigious schools is the social connections after school, it isn't to a large part what they learned. It is common knowledge that some of the big NY law firms hire mostly Ivy League law graduates. Is it because the law schools in New York don't teach law? Of course not it is because the 'prestige' and the fact the managing partners are probably Ivy League graduates. This obsession with credentialism is large flaw in our society. Google-cofounder Sergey Brin went to the University of Maryland Elon Musk went to Queens University orginally Brian Chesky- founder of Airbnb went to Rhode Island School of Design Gordon Moore- founder of Intel went to San Jose State Oprah Winfrey went to Tennessee State Univeristy Etc- etc-
You forget Dabo instate. Spurrier retired right at the time Dabo was starting to get Clemson rolling. Unlike states like Alabama, Florida, Texas, Ohio, California etc- South Carolina just doesn't produce enough instate recruits to maintain two good football programs at the same time. Plus after the debacle in Florida, not sure why SCAR thought Muschamp was the answer to the question. The only way out of the hole with Clemson instate firing on all cylinders is some innovative offensive coach like a Leach or a Kiffin to shake things up.
What former assistant of Saban's has beaten Saban?
Muschamp and Mason are Dead Men Walking.
Fun fact. The Dallas team's OC is Hal Mumme. Those guys will be slinging the ball for sure.
This is the first time I have heard Brice as a potential candidate for State. Last time I read something, Vanderbilt was hot and heavy for Brice. I like the idea but I haven't seen any news that we are in the mix.
He must be basing this off the fact that FSU beat the breaks off # 3 Clemson 51-14 that year. The 2013 FSU team was very good but not sure if they are better than the 2019 LSU team. That would have been a heck of game if somebody were to invent a time machine.
Pellini is a great defensive coach. This was solid hire for LSU. It is funny that Nebraska ran him off because he it was leaked he said some things about the fans. He didn't say anything no other coach hasn't said to himself or to his coaching staff. He averaged nine wins a year at Nebraska which is far better than what Mike Riley did afterwards or what Scott Frost has managed to do in the last two years.
Too bad Joe Morrison has passed away cause he would my my pick to lead the All Star Defense. His defenses back in the 80s were salty. Fire Ants!!
I also believe the other nail in the coffin for Johnny was he gave a speech at a UT booster meeting in Memphis and when he got some heat from some boosters, he basically told them don't tell me to how to run my program.
Lot of that though is the big swings in offense philosophy. Petrino ran a spread offense. BB comes in and does a 360 and tries to implement a Wisconsin style scheme. BB leaves, they bring in Chad Morris who does another 360 degrees and goes back to the spread. The new guy seems like he will do it again and try and run a Georgia style offense. I am not suggesting BB and Morris were not bad hires but it doesn't help when Arkansas keeps starting over, time and time again on offense when as we all known, takes time to get the skilled players and OL in that can run the offense. But by the time that happens, the fan base is salty and ready to fire them- Florida State under Tagert is a perfect illustration.
NBA draft lottery is a good idea. The first fourteen picks are given out differently so that teams will not lose games on purpose to get higher picks.
How many first round picks have the Cleveland Browns had over the years, yet they still are Lovable Losers. It is one thing to get the talent, its different story if you don't have the coaching staff and Front Office that can turn talent into winning teams. The 2019 Cleveland Browns, on paper, were one of the most talented teams in the NFL. They finished 6-10.
If the Bengals bungle this one, there maybe riots in Cincinnati. The owner will have to wear a mustache and wig to go anywhere.
I think the easy schedule thing is overplayed. 1. Clemson has no control over the other ACC schools being more focused on basketball than football. It would be like Kentucky basketball having to defend themselves years ago cause nobody in the SEC cared about basketball like they did. 2. Other programs in the past have had similar situations. Pete Carroll's USC teams ran the PAC 12 like a Feudal King. Ohio State under Tressell and Meyer basically did the same thing in the B1G. There has been several years when Alabama was clearly head and shoulders above anybody in the SEC. The 2009 14-0 Bama team as an example. 3. In the long run, soft schedules hurt those teams in the long run. Look at how Clemson struggled in the 1st half against Ohio State in the playoffs. Ohio State punched them in the mouth and they were jittery. They pulled together at halftime but no doubt part of that in the 1st half was Clemson wasn't used to getting punched in the face by their competition. Ohio State weak B1G schedule hurt them when they played Florida and LSU in the BCS Championship games
Bobby Bowden admitted he didn't want to play in the SEC and was happy being the big fish in the little pond back in the 1990s. Miami on the other hand, I believe tried to apply into the SEC and got shot down.
At least the bleeding has stopped.
Leach has incorporated more running in his Air Raid offense than he used to at Texas Tech. Prime example- Max Borghi, the RB for Wazzu was ranked as second team All Pac 12 at the end of the season.