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Wow Toney is high and Pitts a little lower than expected. I think Pitts will go to the Cowboys at 9th
Pitts will be higher I think, but the Cowboys might trade up to get him as they have no good TEs. Toney as a first rounder is a little high, but I can see the reasons. Guaranteed kick returner unless he’s going up against Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs. With some good coaching on his routes, Toney could become complete. Already has great speed and agility and catching skills. Good luck to all SEC players. BEST CONFERENCE IN THE NATION!
I still think Tennessee should be on top for know. Better overall play so far, but not by much. If UF beats Bama I think we go up top even with a Tennessee win bc we beat Bama which beat them. Arkansas in my opinion is a little overrated. They have a good record but I don’t think they could run with the rest of the top 5.
Tonight’s matchup against Bama will be huge. Their fast paced offense will test our conditioning and depth. True Bama isn’t the best in the league, but they’re sertainly top 5
Well we all knew Auburn was gonna lose, and the Gators if we’re being honest. Congrats to the SEC. Best conference in the nation, no argument!!
Agreed. Mullens recruiting has been a sore spot on otherwise a pretty good coaching job. Hasn’t landed a top 5 class yet, and this year is barely managing to stay in the top 10. Misses on lots of local talent including 5 stars Terrence Lewis, JC Latham, and Leonard Taylor. Only landing one 5 star a year ain’t gonna cut it. To be like Bama you have to get 4,5,6 5 stars a year. Now that doesn’t define your team, AHEM KIRBY SMART, you have to coach well also. But a great team starts with great talent which comes from recruiting
The same way they hate on Kirby for not knowing how to use quarterbacks? (Fields and Daniels)
Sarkisian had some brilliant play designs in the SEC Championship game. I think he’ll definitely improve Texas. I mean after all it’s Texas, what could possibly go wrong??
That’s the only way the Jets can get worse. Even Jake Fromn could play better than Sam Darnild and that’s saying something
Grantham got some head coaching chatter after last year and boy do I wish he would’ve taken it! Mullen is starting to implement himself as one of the top coaches in the nation, not the best, but definitely top 10. He has his flaws like anyone, but his qb skills are very good. I think if he can turn Emory Jones into a he is an contender sorta like Lamar Jackson, he will get a big offer and take it. For now, he stays in Gainesville and hopefully fires his defensive coordinator!
I think you misspelled UGA, didn’t they trash talk the Gators all year and still lost?
Well I hate both teams. But I think Georgia needs to prove the SEC is best. Not exactly rooting for the dawgs, but definitely not Cincinnati
Yes because South Carolina is a “Powerhouse”
Nope just some time in concussion protocol
Negan supporting the Falcons was your first of many problems....
No you just wanted another of your safeties to commit an illegal hit
Thanks for being a gator great. Big time $$$ for you in the NFL
Pitts, thank you for 3 years of great football. Your leaping catches and “interceptions” of balls that cornerbacks should’ve caught had me on the edge of my seat. You will always be remembered at gator nation as the best TE to play for us. I wish you well in the NFL. Keep amazing us all!! 84 out!
Seemed like his teammates really respected him. Always hate to see a guy get hurt. Still not sure why there was that incident after he got hurt last night, looked like he just landed awkwardly, no foul play.
How is Kyle Trask not in? Trevor Lawrence definitely doesn’t deserve to be ahead of Najee Harris. I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I would bet 100$ that Najee finishes higher
And Clemson will beat an inexperienced Ohio State team that only played 6 games
Only bad clock management was taking timeout for the two point conversion.
Mrtruth you don’t really speak the truth. Grantham hasn’t done a great job this year, but his second half defense proved that he isn’t terrible. His defense gave us a chance and we came up just short
Good, the gators shouldn’t drop more than 2 spots. But Georgia’s ranking??!! What the heck??
Agreed. LSU has the #3 class in the nation according to 247 sports. Even with a losing season, Coach O is recruiting better than the dawgs, A&M, and UF