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Nice job man! The Jets may be getting more of a high round 2 pick IF he stays healthy
Um sorry to ask, but where again is Georgia in the recruiting rankings? BEHIND UF!!!
Soon he'll be making up nicknames for our defensive coordinator... so idiotic
Seen this one coming since March #3 star recruiting machine...
Agreed. Savion Collins and Brashad smith also are Gator targets from Palmetto. Both are highly rated 3*
You're joking right. Caleb Williams at 10th??
And the kid who started the UT recruiting rush flips to as Leghumper would say "gatorbaitorU". Exactly what's gonna happen to most of TN recruits, they're gonna realize they made a rash decision and will flip to another school. With no racist intentions : Gator Bait!
Honestly I think this is a two team race between Georgia and UF, currently with Georgia having a slight lead. LSU could also be considered in the running.
As he said : "Committed! Respect my decision" He knows he's going to a bad school. But good pickup for the Hogs anyway
With all respect to Leghumper, Yeah we'll grab another 3 star and 4 star and continue to climb up the recruiting rankings while Georgia sits at 15th talking smack to everyone. Unfortunately UGA will end up higher than 15th at the end :( but never said they would pass Florida.
Y'all know he's coming to UF and he bringing Christian Leary with him!
Of course the SEC hade the most picks , we're the best!
You guys see they closed down the comments on the 1st Jake Fromm article. Soon we ain't gonna be able to comment on any of them
Because they turned off the comments on the article about coaches doing things to help the protests I'll just say it on here: good article Conner; appreciate the opinion
But both qb's should be interesting to watch this yr
Trask! Trask! Trask! You know saying Nix 3 times in a row is much easier than saying Trask 3 times In a row but oh well ;)
25 comments on this article in 2 hrs 1 from LSU fan 1 from Alabama fan 1 from a Mizzou fan 2 who don't state what team they root for (rolls eyes) 2 Auburn fans 2 UF fans 16 Georgia fans The stats don't lie
You know that same phrase you use on every post is getting old
What's so amazing about this again? Just a very large kid trying to Odell a ball