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Ah yes another transfer portal qb, another savior to Georgia, the next Heisman winner(rolls eyes). When qbs transfer to the SEC from other conferences, their stats at that team do not reflect how they will perform in the SEC. If u play in the ACC you only play weak teams (other than Clemson), if you play in the Big 12 there is no word as "defense", if u play in the PAC 12 there is no defense or good teams. I won't say he's that good till I see him play in the SEC.
Too bad for the death, but why is SDS posting material about Tennessee Tech?
Who in the world is Patrick Surtain II?? Never heard of him but I assume he is good??
The one thing I admire the most about Pruitt Is his ability to suck, yet still be loved by everyone, as in uh, Brandon Kennedy and um, Georgia State fans Ok all kidding aside Pruitt is a good coach, no more like half decent. Great recruiter but CAN NOT get the results on paper to look anywhere as good as they do on the field.
Remember Brashad Smith was committed till 3 wks ago. Still think he comes back
Last official 40 yd time Ran a 4.8, but that was last year He also runs track.
Almost the exact same list of schools as his high school teammate Leonard Taylor. Does that mean anything?
Wow leghumper thought you do better research. Barry Sanders was 5'8 and was he not one of the best RB's ever? I'm sure all you Georgia boys just pick up 6'3 players
This Miami Palmetto team is stacked! 5-star DL Leonard Taylor, 5-star CB Jason Marshall, 4-star (83) S Corey Collier, and 3 star (350) APB (all purpose back) Brashad Smith. Btw the gators have made the top 5 (top 3 in Jason Marshalls case) for every single one of these guys. Sure they'd love to be college teammates as well.
The gators currently have all the picks on 247 sports crystal ball but this should be an interesting recruiting battle. Surprised Bama was left out. I believe ultimately it will be between the Gators and LSU when he decides
Yes Arik Gilbert is a very high rated TE, but he doesn't have the college experience like Pitts. Currently, Trask is the better QB simply because we haven't seen Brennan play in meaningful games, but with a loaded WR position he should put up big numbers. But just like Joe Burrow I wonder if he didn't have such good WR's would his numbers be as good? As for the running backs, who even is LSU's RB this year?? In the game both teams will use a heavy ariel attack and the running game won't affect the outcome that much. I am looking forward to that game!!
Nice versatile pickup by Mullen and crew
This is so confusing some people have Kyle Pitts as high as tenth while others don't have him in the first round at all. I think most people will have to " see to believe " before they put him in the first round. But boy will they get a show!!
WHERE IS KYLE PITTS??? This is so confusing some have him as high as tenth while others don't have him at all. I think most people will have to " see to believe " before they put him in the first round. But boy will they get a show!!
This will make the qb room at least a little competitive. Before it was just Bo Nix
I live 10 miles from the Wake Forest campus and watch a lot of deacons football. Jamie Newman is not one of the best qbs in the nation. Do I think Georgia can turn him into something using with their great coaching and supporting cast? Yes. Do I think he will have a better season than Trask? Abousultly not.
Love this guys name. But still not as good of a name as Stetson Bennett!!!