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Any indication which way he'll go? We could use a decent safety
True, but after the season he's had, Trask should at the very least be a finalist. That in and of itself is a place of honor worthy of the season he's put together with the help of his offense
We have a DC that they can have as a head coach. He'd do great. Already potty trained and everything
We have an absolutely amazing DC they can hire... Hate to see him go, but gotta do what best for the team, I mean him.
Radar, I don't care how many points we put up. When you boo someone that stuck with us through the dark times like Franks did, he should've received a warm welcome from everyone for what he did for this program.
I really hoped we would have more class than that... Franks gave it his everything when he was here. Can't be upset at him transferring after an injury because he knew he wouldn't start his senior year after watching Trask. Some people need to grow up
Can't argue with the top 10. TAMU deserves to be in front of UF until we get a chance to prove otherwise via beating Bama, which I am doubtful can happen.
As funny as that would be, we still have to finish the season off... I'm still not confident in our defense even though they are playing slightly better
It was... Hate seeing young guys get hurt like that. Hoping for a speedy recovery for both of those guys.
Just stop... There's no need to be nasty. Dishonor on you, Dishonor on your cow. This has been a brutal game already and there's no need to start fires
If I didn't make it clear, Bama should be at #1 over OSU. No question
Alabama shut out an SEC team whereas Penn state was within striking distance of Ohio State for half the game... Also, a 3-1 team ranked below an 0-2 team?
Put them at 2 if you're going to put them above UGA. They beat us due to a high school level defense on our side, but they still beat us. Until we can prove our defense is actually legit, we shouldn't be considered 2nd best in the SEC.
If our defense shows up, I agree with you. However, even against Mizzou, we gave up several big runs. They stopped several in the back, but we can't count on getting into the backfield against your O-line
Not sure of the thinking on this as well. Florida's loss is to the team behind them, whereas TAMU lost to Bama, higher quality loss than ours... No offense to TAMU
Townsend probably lost votes on account of his several botched faked punts... They have their place, but he made a few bad decisions with regards to timing them
As much as I wish it wasn't the case, LSU should be number 1... They have defeated 3? top ten teams vs. AL 1?.
Very possibly a troll/trash talk by LSU considering our last fake punt didn't go so well either...
Joe Burrow has been talking some, but I don't know that I would classify it as "trash" talk necessarily. Mainly the "we don't like them, they don't like us" thing
To be honest, he doesn't deserve it... Yes, the Gators had a phenomenal win and he was primarily responsible for that. However, he did not set a good standard in the other 2 categories... Leadership and integrity. You could argue it was his leadership that led them to the win, but where was that leadership when it came to showing his players how to man up and take responsibility for one's words and actions. Sorely lacking in integrity and leadership in calling out Davidson for the "dirty" hit on Trask and then not coming out and saying he was wrong. He's had situations like this before where he did the right thing, but this time he did not. I like you, coach, but you set a poor example for your players last week. "End rant"
Either way, I expect this to be as good as, or better of, a game as the UF vs Auburn game.
I hate that Frank's was injured, but the offence certainly looks better under Trask. They don't have the same run game, but there is so much more confidence in the passes and the calls. I like Franks' ability to run and force the defence to stay honest, but Trask is surgical with his accuracy in a way that Franks was not
Very proud of the defense for Florida... They did a great job forcing long 3rd downs and stopping short 3rd downs. Turnovers were bad like usual, but they were able to recover off of them on defense. I think the O-line did very well considering the front 7 they were up against. Well played by both teams, but glad the Gators were able to pull it out. Great game
Either way it wasn't a bright move... Have to give it to both teams, the defense has been very good
Unfortunately, as much as I hate to say it, I think Florida gets outmatched this game. The Online just isn't there and the run game is practically non-existent. Up to this point the toughest team UF has played has been what, Kentucky? Miami? They haven't been tested. Now, they may come out and perform, but I think Auburn is going to win this one